Director Tarsem Singh’s pictures of India with an Xperia Z

by XB on 4th April 2013

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Xperia Z India Tarsem SinghSony Mobile’s latest ‘Best of Sony’ TV ad for the Xperia Z was directed by Tarsem Singh. He has directed feature films including Immortals, Mirror Mirror, The Cell and The Fall. Singh was born in Punjab, India making him perfectly placed to capture the Holi scenes from the TV ad.

Singh recently went travelling through India and captured his experiences through the Xperia Z. The videos below show Tarsem Singh talking about the journey, his colourful photos and the people behind them. He also gives a few tips on taking better shots, Check out all videos below.

Via Sony Mobile Blog.

  • His pictures are fake. He should have taken my Z. Horrible compressed photos and when you zoom in the pictures look like sketches. Can’t believe Sony is bragging on about the z’s camera


    WE JUST ANT JELLYBEAN ON XPERIA S!!!11!1!!11!!!1!!1!!!1!1!11!!1

  • sfordesign

    sony has been bragging on its actually shitty camera since 2012, not just the z’s

  • Rishi Rathod

    !ncredible !ndia and SONY! :)

  • Maxman

    Whoever watches these videos and is considering to buy a Xperia Z : These Pics are fake. At least my european Z takes pictures much worse. The device itself is awesome but the camera quality is devinetly inferior to the one of my recent phone, the Xperia P.

    I hate these guys bragging about Sony needs to do this, Sony needs to do that, but Sony seriously needs to do something about the camera of the Z. Everytime I take a Picture and view it afterwarts on my Z or my PC I am like :

    “Did you even try, Sony?”

  • Schamoo

    Learn how to use the settings! I have seen great pictures taken with the Z!

  • NikAek

    trolls trolls ..some of them they are just pathetic ..

    i dont think that Sony fans do the same round the blogs and forums ..

  • Mate I’m a pro and I own many DSLR cameras. Don’t tell me to use the settings. I merely just stated a fact. The camera on the Z is rubbish. Sony needs to do something about it

  • Couldn’t agree more. My x10 took better pictures

  • AHM

    I disagree, Z can take very beautiful pictures and I often do that using it. The noise reduction does cause some loss of details indoors though. One of the best cameras on a smartphones with its shares of flaws

  • Anukul

    its just the image processing algorithm that sony went wrong with in the z, not the sensor. so cheer- a software update might just make it better

  • James Earley

    Haven’t tried my Xperia Z outdoors yet but inside the photos it takes are awful, noisy and grainy. My Xperia miro (£110) took far better photos. I would imagine the Exmor RS sensor is great but the software ruins it. Lets hope for a fix.

  • Thanks anukul I know that which is why there’s still hope for Sony lol but their compression gets worse with each flagship. Just wish they did something about that. I don’t want to wait ages for 4.2 so they can sort it out. By then the phone will be old

  • Next Week it will come.

  • sfordesign

    ofc i tried, but no matter how i set it up it still took terrible terrible pictures compare to the good old x10

  • sfordesign

    makes me miss sony ericsson recently, at least SE really made some phones that could take decent pictures..

  • afzal

    A pro dslr user that really annoying.. Lol.. Get a life dude.. You should already knows how the smartphone sensor works with megapixel.. You are not the only pro dslr in this world so do the xperia user. Not all of them facing that common problem you mention. Not saying xperia z had the best quality in image processing but that can be overcome with a better software update and good technics to create a stunning image.

    Ps: having lots of dslr dont make u a pro. Its just a hobby i assume. :-)

  • If you look at the detail of the photo, yes. I owned an X10 once. That was the ideal imaging quality for a phone IMHO. But then, I can get a good printable photo with the Z with one click which I would have taken 4-5 with my X10. I think this is the whole point of Sony’s strategy, to get normal users happy and satisfied and no doubt it is faring well with such target group. On top of that, handling a full on DSLR is very, very different than a point and shoot such as Xperia Z with unseen before settings on a mobile phone. Maybe you should get to the basics and master its handling if you really want to use it as a primary imaging device to get the best out of it.

  • Shamateur

    Of course the pictures are “colourful”, due to Sony’s aggressive filtering. However, I’d prefer REAL looking images to XZs overly artificial looking ones.
    Noise reduction is just broken, I want to make photos, not modern art.
    And why one compresses 13 MP photos into 3 MB jpeg is beyond me.

  • pnxda

    I don’t know about Z, but I know that my ray with XZ libs can take pictures that are better than NEO V, XS, XT and XP. Results showed better colors, lesser noise and better sharpness. (all images viewed in both a led pc monitor, and XRay)

  • BobbyClark

    People have been using that software update excuse since Xperia S’s camera having the same compression issues. It never got fixed. It’s a Sony thing. The Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 both use Sony sensors and don’t experience the same compression issues.

  • BobbyClark

    They probably want to make it easier for consumers to upload it to Twitter and Facebook.

  • Guest

    stop spewing crap… go back to your Samsung or nokia … Pro my ass… even novices like me are getting great results from xperia z’s camera

  • i am a novice and i am getting some very fine results with xperia z

  • inspire

    you’re a pro, Usman ?
    hahaha, nice joke man, just checked all your fb pics and not even from one photo it seemed that you’re a pro. baby you are just a coffee and sony lover, not a cam pro!
    so, understanding XZ’s camera or any other camera, is beyond you.
    BTW, your XZ pics are not looking bad/compressed at all !

  • afzal

    Even it was using same sensor, but comes with different focal galaxy f2.6 and xperia f2.4 . Based on that xperia focal can create over expose image. At this point software and image processing playing a big roles to create final image. But some of the problem can be fix by the user itself ( normal mode ) like control amount of light using metering ( 3option ) noise reduction ( iso selection ) but in auto/ superior auto mode, i find it a bit slow detecting suitable scene and setting selection to scene we try to capture. And hope it will be fix soon. I believe sony not providing a pure cyber-shot xperiance inside xperia. If it does maybe we no need cyber-shot camera anymore. ( might effect cyber-shot sales ) maybe….

  • Babylonbwoy

    We don’t have the making of, maybe he used the SXZ to take photos/videos but with a team of professional for additional light, post treatment of the videos/pictures and all. So to me it’s almost false statement…

  • Babylonbwoy

    Oh! You’re not fair, he can take pro photos, look this one :

  • Ziich

    it is not a dslr, it is a phone so you cant compare the two. if yours are so bad can we see some samples mr “pro”?

  • Bloody hell some people are really stupid. I never compared it to a DSLR. The other guy said learn to use the settings as if I don’t know what I’m doing or talking about so I just stated as a guy that takes professional photos and then sells them online’ don’t try to teach or tell me what to do. Ill show you some samples when I upload them but a quick Google search will show you what I mean. Mr pro lmao that made my day.

  • I’m not even going to bother replying to your silly comment.

  • Omg your stalking my fb. Hahaha. All my fb pics. Not possible. I have over 10000 and all my professional photos are hidden. The ones you can see are the ones I’ve been tagged in and not taken myself. So quick to make judgements. A coffee lover Sony lover was. Understanding a camera? You know me so well by checking my fb profile hahaha wow. When someone takes and successfully sells photos for part of a living, don’t tell them understanding a camera is beyond them. My xz pictures are bad when you zoom in a little

  • Your stalking my fb too pfft

  • Good for you

  • Your not just a novice. Pretty stupid too

  • Thank you my point exactly

  • Ziich

    my quick google search gave me results that were quite decent for a smartphone camera. i have seen it compared with other phones and i agree that it is not the best out there but it is pretty good

  • shawn

    these are of jodhpur, and i am proud to be in jodhpur. :)

  • Shamateur

    13 MP are pretty pointless then. 640×480 would surely suffice Generation Facebook.
    I really don’t know what to do. I was waiting for a next generation Sony smartphone that would finally do some decent photos in dim light situations, but ALL new Exmor RS phones are just totally disappointing…
    No Sony this year I guess…

  • afzal

    :-) lol…

  • Babylonbwoy

    sorry, just joking.

  • BobbyClark

    Buy a S4 or iPhone 5. Problem solved. Sony’s never going to improve. There was a 65 page thread on the Xperia S’s camera issues on the Sony mobile forum, and it still didn’t get fixed. I guess no one from Sony bothers to read that forum (other than their marketing / support department).

  • Well, Xperia Z camera is not that strong according to the well respected DxO. You can check the review here:

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