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by XB on 5th April 2013

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Xperia SP Sample_1UK retailer Clove has published some sample pictures and video from the upcoming Sony Xperia SP (C530X). The handset is using the 8MP Exmor RS camera sensor, the first to do so along with the Xperia L (C210X). The Xperia SP also supports HDR for pictures, strangely the less expensive Xperia L will support HDR for photos and video.

We have attached some pictures below taken in normal mode, but check out the source link for some HDR samples too. We have also attached a quick sample video from the handset, testing both the front and rear cameras. The pictures and video are from a pre-production model, so we may see improvements in the final retail version.

Xperia SP Sample_1

Xperia SP Sample_2

Xperia SP Sample_3

Xperia SP Sample_4

Via Clove (1 and 2).

  • Michael Chen


  • Moozz

    It’s really bad …. It’s worse than my Neo.

  • rickro(ss|ll)

    Great camera, but where is the jb update for Xperia S ? :troll:

  • not really’s just also awesome. acceptable!

  • Dean

    um….the blue is beautiful

  • Okazuma

    Good quality, better then other Xperia….

  • boosook

    Bad, IMHO. Worse than the 8mp sensor from the 2011 lineup (Neo/Arc/Ray). The third pic (the only panorama in the batch) shows that detail is really low, if not completely washed out by heavy noise reduction.

  • Bad! First doesn’t have saturation, car +/- ok, street dark, bush too light.

  • José Luís Andrade

    The SONY should provide a software inside the box to reduce noise ;)

  • twit

    sony’s camera technology seems to be going backwards. compare them to the previous xperia’s camera results and you’ll be very disappointed. what’s going on with sony?

  • Xyor

    I would consider the weather

  • amol

    yeah… None of the xperia has great camera ..images are blurr, noisy,,…..Realy Sony, Neo v takes better images @5mp..than @8 @12mp..u need to workout on camera.

  • LancerEX

    Is it just me, or the pictures are somewhat purple-ish? :(

  • Cody

    have problem with pic noise and chromatic aberration

  • hans

    Burst Mode On please! (You know even my Razr has the same effect when Burst is used i.e. better quality. Talk about post processing)

  • sony ericsson K series camera are better than these xperia camera ..

  • White Walker

    There’s no sugar-coating it, these pictures are pretty bad. Hopefully it’s because they were taken with a pre-production unit.

  • indeed, my ex arc was equal or even better than my xperia z!

  • roeshak

    People complaining about the Zs camera should stop using superior auto and normal mode when not in very good light. For lower and low light situations, night portrait does a decent job.
    Stop kidding yourself that the arc takes better pictures. Ridiculous!

  • Jaouad El A

    They have the best camera technology. With their NEX series they have something great as well as their top DSLR’s and cheaper Cyber-Shot cams. Only not in phones since it is held back because of poor software. Xperia phones with Android mods have much better results than stock Sony software.

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  • freanzy

    Name that Android mod.

  • Not me

    Very very very disappointing. Software may improve compared to these “pre-production” models, but they’re all stuck with the Exmor RS hardware. After looking at THESE pictures, it’s quite obvious that the holy Exmor RS is just plain crap. No software will ever fix this, and the Xperia Z is proof enough.

    Note that the SP is considered the “big brother” of the Xperia L, which is officially marketed as “Experience Sony camera expertise in a smartphone”.

    Sad, just very very very sad, Sony….

    Too bad Nokia won’t do an Android phone.

  • phillip

    well, do you think so? I doubt it… I am not impressed with these samples, but I still dont think they are no better than the one from previous se phones. i have a SonyEricsson k850

  • phillip

    and I do think these pictures are very purple

  • Fir

    I don’t know whats wrong with SONY but photos taken by SONY smartphones always seems to be like a painting when you see it on a full size, but when you see it on normal size it looks so amazing. If SONY just keep doing sh*t like this, i think im going to move myself to other brands. Im Very Big Fan Of Sony, but i think i should move now because Sony lack of support and the services getting worst.

  • The noise reduction’s what’s causing all the image blurring and detail smearing in the provided images above actually

    It is in this case where you actually want less noise reduction

  • “The Xperia SP also supports HDR for pictures, strangely the less expensive Xperia L will support HDR for photosand video.” ???? Oh Sony, you’re doing it again.

  • “The Xperia SP also supports HDR for pictures, strangely the less expensive Xperia L will support HDR for photosand video.” ???? Oh Sony, you’re doing it again.

  • well in 2013 at least xperia series should done better than old timer K series.. just look at these xperia series spec with better resolution, but to be honest, we all know that bigger resolution it not good enough to create quality images at the end. ,. in the past, i owned W700, K800,W960, and comparing picture taken from my xperia z, i think that xperia series need more hard work in terms of image processing.

    I guess it depends on personal preferences because sometimes when i want to take picture, it takes more than 2-3 times for me to see which settings on camera apps that provide better image.

    let’s we hope that in the end of this year sony will release a new xperia that can be called cybershoot phone and win against others flagship

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  • Ashua

    Iutf you Listen To The Guy In The Video He Says he Is Using A Pre-production Unit Of Xperia Sp. So Of Cause The Camera Is Going To Be Mediocre At First Before Production Of The Phone Is Complete So How About All of you Guys who Are Saying The Camera Is Terrible And Comparing Them To Old Xperia Phones Stating They Are Better Then The Sp, Grow Up And Shut Up Until The Phone Is Release!

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  • Quark Gluon

    Shitty camera or shitty photographer? What do you think?

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  • I do agree i got K800i and it was 3.2 mb pixels cyber shot cam and this phone what changed my mind to change from nokia to se and since then till now i’m buying only sony mobiles till i got the Xperia S and through time i found that old K series was marvelous with pics than next series and all phones cams now they were the best mobiles cams ever was done in mobiles history …. if the problem for sony is the software … change it use windows use whatever … sony users using sony mobiles for years cause the mobile quality compared to prices not the software just bring back the cybershot quilty to ur mobiles cam that will really do a difference … big one believe me

  • hiszpanski

    the pics are too violet :/

  • george

    This is worser than my xperia T, I thought exmor RS would help but it does not seem so.

  • As soon the camera moves quality become crap, is this sony problem or just camera problem because if seen it with every sony camera having this issue.

  • When sony ever gonna release proper firmware update anyway, not to forget release update on time……………
    One of bugs i noticed is when i try take picture when take of thumb it go out of focus then shooting picture out of focus, while it was so nice and sharp when i held my thumb to focus.
    Sony needs to replace bad people in their android team.
    And hire some more people, they have more products then people on their team.

  • XcDcS

    Then why don’t you buy one insteed of whining here?

  • White Walker

    I’m not disagreeing with you but a bit of advice here. Initial caps make people look insane, you should knock it off.

  • PRo

    I think actual results vl b much much better than this….. Sony can give lesser result dan the competition bt dis is too much bad…… It is just impossible :(

  • Ashua

    Thank you and also its my tablet is currently having problems the sony xperia tablet s, can’t wait to replace this, getting xperia tablet as my next tablet!

  • idiot, i have xperia z, & iphone 4s.. my old K800 already sold 3 years ago but i still have all the pictures were taken with K800. i’m just saying that with bigger resolution and more advanced tech, xperia SP should done better thant old tech cybershoot phone.

  • XcDcS

    U still whining ^_^

  • Chu

    Photos on my Xperia SP look ridiculous! Quality is a total bust! Noise and blue are present and also the colours are to intense


    yes.. you’re correct.. maybe they should rebuild the K series and make it smartphone.. rather than this xperia with low camera performance

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