Xperia Z STAMINA mode not working with latest 10.1A.1.434 firmware?

by XB on 5th April 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

2013-04-05 13.38.57We are hearing of a number of reports that the STAMINA power saving mode found in the Xperia Z does not appear to be functioning properly with the latest 10.1A.1.434 firmware. Switching STAMINA mode on/off does not make a difference with the estimated standby time i.e. there does not seem to be any battery saving when switching STAMINA mode on.

We have experienced the same with our resident Xperia Z, so we hope a fix is incoming from Sony. Clearing the data from the ‘Eco mode controller’ in Settings > Apps does seem to rectify the situation, albeit temporarily. Further details can be found on Danish site

Thanks Palle!

  • SonyFan

    It didn’t worked with .350 but now with .434 it works perfectly :D

  • xperiancer

    Works fine on my Z on .434.

  • E.D

    mine works better after update.
    thank you Sony.

  • Raymond

    Where is the 4.2 update we were supposed to get at the end of March?? i mean come on atleast let us know Sony.

  • kolan

    You’re new to Sony arent you? xD

  • neverlearn

    Its sony so what do u expect? FALSE PROMISE AND OF COURSE, LATE UPDATES!!

  • I donno about the stamina mode, bt camera has brighten up. I need to reduce the exposure level to get it right…… Though night mode has improved, bt noise level still high…..

  • hmm for me it still works fine…
    40% battery loss after one work day wothout Stamina… 20-25% battery loss with Stamina (normal usage)

  • xperiancer

    Who ever said it’ll be coming end of March. Blame the media for suggesting so. This is not Sony’s fault as they never said anything regarding the release date for 4.2. So stop babbling nonsense.

  • Raymond

    I am only saying what i heard and at the end of the day, if i chose to buy a phone i should atleast have a say in any issues i more want the update because ive had that dropping dead issue and if you think me or anyone will pay for a phone that just bricks.. tch forget about it.

  • Ylli

    I was thinking to buy this phone but what I read from people in computer it’s not good as Sony says

  • Raymond

    No, ive had a sony since i had a D750i lol.

  • Raymond

    Never meant to offend, just saying what I heard man.

  • People have a tendency to get all pissy on here. Just ignore them bro. Not worth it :) and yr right its what most people heard

  • If u dont Like sonys Update poliicy u Know Where U Can Go…. ;)

  • NikAek

    For me works too ,with Walkman running saves a lot with screen off ,it does the job

  • Xyor

    You’re amazing…how are you using your Z…mine was like dropping 40% after 4hours or even less

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  • it is not working well on my xperia zl too

  • lolas

    xperia s jellybean update plz plz plz

  • Kim

    For those where the phone lose fast power, turn you facebook twitter etc updates at 1h not 15min then the standby time is mutch better. The stamina mode works fine on my sony Z, it activates automaticaly on my Z at 25% of batterie power, and the power safe mode at 15%. Then I have enought power for 1day.

  • jag

    Working well with me too.. I think my battery lasts longer now than before

  • It’s been working fine on my ZL.


    Works well on my phone. STAMINA mode is an amazing piece of work. Used to have 2x Batt Saver for that but this works better imo. Am still at 100% after an hour’s motorcycle ride.

  • madao

    shut up!

  • until yesterday stamina mode works well but today my stamina mode doesn’t work at all. with or without stamina mode, standby hours remain same.

  • mork day means about 7 to 8 hours away from home ;) so it is not THAT amazing… but enough for me… i have a lot running… Facebook, twitter, gmail, smartwatch, tapatalk, Exchange and a few things more… this night at Party with making Videos and photos, writing at whatsapp and so on i used about 50% batery after 6 hours with very bad Network availability… after the same time my Xperia S was at 20% or less

  • rus_media

    Sony really needs some expert software developer

  • rus_media

    Backdated people has nothing with the update is is fast or slow. Just ignore them :P You have the full right to ask. They don’t have to ans…

  • rus_media

    Have *

  • Sony android devs are incompetent really, underestimate issues users have.
    I wonder how much longer untill sony CEO takes action against their android team because its clearly not functioning properly………..

  • loler

    plastic land :P

  • Benjoy

    Mine still working perfectly!

  • SOLUTION-This again due to some apps. This has happened with me too and it was
    because of Twitter & Facebook. I just had to re-install and after
    that I never faced any problem. Infact Sony Android UI tells you which
    apps come against Stamina Mode.

  • Kregore

    Xperia Z battery indicators need to be looked at, all of them. Normally I’m getting 2 and a half days indicated under the stamina mode after a full recharge. Yesterday I forgot to unplug my phone and left it charge over night. When I checked the battery indicator from stamina mode it was showing 6 days left and the battery did indeed last allot longer than it normally does. I think after a full charge the battery isn’t actually fully charged, although the indicator shows 100% battery.

  • lolsomany

    sony should go straight to 5.0 rather than 4.2, if sony release 4.2, we will get late 5.0 than others smartphone…

  • agile

    what the fuck where is xperia p jelly bean

  • rickiking

    Actually its the other way around with me – It wasn’t working properly before the update, now its working just fine.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Strange, it works for me :

  • Babylonbwoy

    what the fuck are you sayin’ ? Even nexus user don’t know when next android version will be available for them, and you want us to wait 6 month for v5 but not another few weeks for 4.2 !!!

  • Babylonbwoy

    you should not trust everything you read on the interwebz, I’m happy with my Xperia T and Z. They work as they supposed to, just few improvements will be better.

  • Jens

    after update to .434 display show Stamina ON 12h/ off 7h @100%, stopping the eco-controller app, delete data and hard restart phone by pressing Power+Volume until vibration feedback. take new settings for stamina mode&co. now time increase up to 4 days

  • sabz

    dude whts do mean by .350 nd .434 can u please explain me as iam new to android thank you

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  • SonyFan

    after i updated my xperia z to 10.1.A.1.434 stamina mode worked

    10.1.A.1.434 is the build number of the phone…if u have an android device go ti settings–>scroll down–>click on about phone–> and then u can see the buildnumber of your phone…if u wanna more ask me…thumbs up if i helped

  • Giuliano

    Shut up or speak somewhere else about this fuxxx update

  • Giuliano

    who the fxxx gives about your xperia P jelly bean here?? We’re talking about different topics, you are both OT and annoying

  • Mark

    There’s an update?! Not for me. My phone is still on 10.1.A.1.350.
    By the sounds of it though, it’s not a big issue.

  • this site is amazing, incredible… 1) question “cracked glass?” xperiablog users: “100%: no problem”. 2)question “stamina mode not working?” xperiablog users: “100% working”.

  • Frozen

    If i move the slider left or right , makes no change on time remaning ? I Think it worked in the begining when i recived the phone the first time ????? but now?????

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  • ProWeirdo

    Great, I was almost about to replace my S on Z, but now I know that it sucks. It’s better to wait a year for Xperia A etc. I hope Sony will set an attractive price if it’s gonna be great.

  • Giuliano

    A me non pare….

  • 4.2 update is May at earliest!

  • oOgA

    is the notification light bug fixed for build 434 when stamina mode is enabled ?

  • hiszpanski

    My notification LED didn’t work when Stamina Mode was enabled, that was one of the reasons why I sent the device on warranty…

  • hiszpanski

    I mean notifications from missed calls and sms.

  • Guest

    choose settingsmenu

    choose “apps”

    choose “all apps” by swiping two times to the left

    Scroll down too “controll for Eco-mode”

    Stop the process and clear the Memory

    Reboot the phone


    it should work now! =)

  • dimos

    Create it yourself if you want and shut the fuck up!!!

  • Jezz, stamina mode doesn’t work at all. Yesterday i try to factory reset my xperia z but stamina mode still giving same standby hours just like without stamina mode.

  • quinks

    I have this problem here… 6 hours with 36% and with stamina ON the same 6 hours. After some reboots the problem still here…

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  • Apple

    Every bitch that bitch about the Xperia S update makes me 1 dollar, please keep it up so I can buy 1000 iPhones <3

  • it’s working with me , and it’s really amazing how it saves my battery for at least one more day !!

  • monzer hazim

    i meet the same problem after update of build number stmanina mode deos not work well i do 2 times factory reset it works 1 or 2 days and return to do not work well i have a batery loss even stamina mode is on

  • krish pandya

    Been using Z for over a month now… It does have very serious battery issue…the same thing happenin. With stamina mode on my Z…and that also before the update..battery is draining in every minute…it looses battery points even while charging( on normal surfing and gaming) hope sony fixes this issue soon

  • Talha Adnan

    Yea its not working properly as yesterday before updating its 1 day 16 hours on 43 % battery today only 12 hours on 100%.:(

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  • Talha Adnan

    I just did the same as mention on the top to resolve the issues and it worked the only problem is the page is in deutsche language but can use google to translate page.:)

  • Bassanova

    Hurry fix it ! Felix !
    Forget the budget. Prove the software! PLEASE!

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  • Since upgrading to the latest version of Android, I’ve been watching the Stamina mode does not work, or uninhabited enabled estimation of the battery is the same.

  • I found the fix……. Charge your Xperia Z at the same time on your stamina mode……. after it reach 100% ,Your stamina mode will works…………. Raymond Thomas….

  • syre

    thx. this step solve my issues.

  • Rh@n


  • pvn

    bro please fix my problem which i am facing is when i on my 3g data services my service provider sends configuration messages after installing those my xperia z is showing system setting have not been updated what shud i do??i updated my phone yesterday and reset all the settings still facing the same problem

  • Dan3928

    Stamina mode has been a must for me since day 1. At one point I had it at 1 day and 6hours on standby, then one morning the best I could get was 16 hours. After the latest update I toggle it on and off and it goes from 7 hours to 5. Please put a leash on the mediaserver and whatever else is killing me. I cant even run half the stuff I want to at this point.

  • dan8988

    I did a backup this morning and reset to factory. Completely fixed it, back to 2 days normal standby or 4 days stamina mode. Better than it ever was.

  • BillyTheKid

    thinking of getting this phone, but is there anyway of removing those 3 onscreen buttons?

  • dan3928

    Well that lasted about a day. Now I’m back to 20hours with no difference between normal or standby modes.

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  • John Peter Berdat

    When will the stamina mode be fixed

  • Oday uheby

    i didn’t find it

  • suraj sahu

    thanx for information ya it should word

  • Same here !!! I have checked the whole list, nothing like this sort !!!

  • I dont have “Control for Eco mode” in my ” All Apps”

  • Preet Kamal

    Same problem arises in my Sony Xperia SP.

  • suraj

    find all app

  • suraj

    some time working down volume button and some time not working what i will do? help

    i already masterreset tryed not effacted plz help

  • suraj

    My xperia z
    some time working down volume button and some time not working what i will do? help

    i already masterreset tryed not effacted plz help

  • suraj

    My xperia z
    some time working down volume button and some time not working what i will do? help

    i already masterreset tryed not effacted plz help

  • Chetan Hatipkar

    in SOme phoneS it written as Eco mode controler ! Even i waS not findinG the Controller mode :P So go Search Properly !

  • Kevin

    The extended standby mode/stamina is fine when you go to sleep. Saves you alot of %. But during the day, when you’re constantly turning the screen on (checking the time, answering or making an sms), causes the background apps to start up as if they’ve been turned off which uses a lot of power. Imagine your numerous apps starting up everytime you turn on the screen. So during the day the mode is actually bad for your battery from my own experience.

  • Umar Khan

    search for Eco Mode in All Apps, force stop it and then clear data. Now restart your Z, I just had the same issue and did the procedure, now it is giving me 4 days on stamina and 2 days on normal

  • Chun yew

    Is it “extended standby mode controll “?

  • Chun yew

    I can’t find the “controll for eco mode ” can you help ?

  • Chun yew

    The ” eco mode controller “in some country is called “extended standby controller ” ! such as Malaysia

  • Xperia

    Just try.. it works 4 me
    First Enable Stamina mode, then go into
    Setting > Apps > All Apps > Eco mode controller>
    Now Force stop & Clear data,
    Then restart your xperia Z.

  • Zeus

    Thanks bor!

  • zeus

    find eco mode controller

  • Tobi Rychlik

    You sir deserve a medal ! I had in stamina mode only 11 hours and 17 in standby !!! after your tip i have 3 days and 9 hours on 87% battery life :) Thank you very much

  • nick

    Thnx. Also works for Z2. At 75% battery I had 1 day + with stamina mode but after your tip got 4 days +

  • ievgenii

    Fix works some time. But each day I have to stop Eco process, clean cash and reboot. It is really freak me out. Do you have another solution?

  • Miki

    “Control for Eco mode” is named by local language settings at your phone. Try to find it as phrase translated to your native language…

    At Sebian language, this is marked as: “Kontrola Eko moda”

  • ????? ????

    I found the stamina mode app named as “Extended Standby Mode controller” in my Z1, killed app and wiped data and my battery went back to normal giving me 5 days on stamina mode (it was 1day 17 hours before), hope this helps

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