T-Mobile USA to carry the Xperia Z?

by XB on 8th April 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Xperia Z T-MobileTmoNews is reporting that the Sony Xperia Z (C660X) is being tested on T-Mobile’s network in the US. We imagine it would be a new C6606 SKU that would make an appearance, bringing support for North American LTE bands much like the Xperia ZL (C6506) which supports LTE Bands 1, 2, 4, 5 and 17. The important one here is Band 4 which supports T-Mobile’s LTE network. The C6606 SKU has been spotted before of course, such as this PlayStation Mobile listing, so we’re sure it is in the wild, even if only on a prototype level.

TmoNews has also revealed a leaked picture of the Xperia Z with T-Mobile branding on the back glass. Apparently they confirmed with three separate sources that the phone is being tested with T-Mobile. Despite this, there’s no guarantee that the phone will see a launch. Time will tell if anything more comes of this, we’ll keep you posted.

Xperia Z T-Mobile

Via TmoNews.

  • John-Mark Christmas

    One step at a time Sony.

  • = Go fuck yourself with your beautiful locked bootloader…

  • Who wants anything from sony ever again anyway, in a year every fanboy be rampaging on sony facebook or forum about why updates take so long…………
    And when issues gonna be fixed.

  • Wut? T Mobile locks it?

  • most of the carriers have a locked bootloader phones!

  • Oldie

    Aaah i remember when i had the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc, xperia x10, xperia x10 mini and many more of the Xperia range but last was xperia arc, and the problems i had and said I’ll never buy another xperia product, but after a long time i decide to buy the Xperia z which i bought 2 months ago, i pleased to say I’m happy with the changes, i actually won’t even have to upgrade to jelly bean 4.2 cuz the standard version is fine, but yeah i hope the Xperia s users get their jelly been update, good luck :) thanks

  • Herman

    Couldn’t the uploader of that image have cleaned the back of the Xperia Z with water first? ;)

  • Bayhas Kana

    Yay… best news of the day… that C6606 will materialize one way or another… I am willing to buy it NOW… Tmobile or unlocked… I dont care…

    Lets hope an unlocked 6606 does exists, so we can debrand tmobile ones without losing LTE band4 (if 6603 rom is used)

  • crazychef

    Im excited to hear that. But i just bought my xperia z and Now that i read this it kinda upsets me. Now sony just has to fix the stamina mode on the x z because its not working after the new update.

  • Lunkz

    In germany I bought a T-Mobile Arc but I was able to unlock it.

  • Ziich

    i dunno maybe people on a site about sony phones

  • Ziich

    yea that is the only thing that stopped me from getting the 6602 especially since they just launched their lte network. it should also support aws bands and might even be cheaper with that new “uncarrier” plan. (the $650 iphone is $580 from tmobile)

  • In germany you are lucky

  • sfordesign

    people having no xperia x10/s/sl/ion/acro s, having no idea how we feel, and being an apple-fan-style sony fans are pressing vote down

  • zerocools

    Only the ones that can’t flash a simple rom with an already simplified method, updates take a long time even updates from Google. it’s the same from every oem and worse if it’s rebranded by carriers.

  • Bayhas Kana

    Yep, Ditto here.. Keeping my Ion L28i until then…

  • jjghj

    You should have said i’ll never buy a Sony Ericsson phone again :D
    These good changes are down to Sony, and Sony alone :)

  • Matt

    And At&t??

  • I can understand that pain, i mean xperia tablet s has a random shutdown bug since launch, and the sony tablet s1 has had this random shutdown bug since launch asswell like 2 year old tablet that has yet to be fixed, and the xperia tablet s has this bug asswell i mean come on.
    I actualy started petition hoping sony will do something with these issues.
    aka making fixing issues priority one before they pile up on the list of issues.
    not to mention releasing updates much faster…….

    I’m actualy considering still to buy a sony smartphone but only to keep my nagging rights so i can keep pushing sony to fix their issues with their android team their clearly a bunch of slackers holding sony mobile back……
    I mean sony makes great phones they should least have a good team working on android asswell.

  • i like how americans complain about not getting the XZ yet, im like come on your americans ur suposed to get it first, before anybody else. but you dont hear me complaining..im loving my XZ in holland

  • wait..

    how do we know that this is the Tmobile in US?…

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