New Google Play Store design rolling out

by XB on 9th April 2013

in Android

Play Home - PhoneGoogle has started to roll out a revised version of the Play Store with new UI and checkout process. Google is emphasising the ability to find and purchase content both quickly and easily. The new UI uses larger images and groups themed content together for better discovery.

The new Play Store is rolling out to Android smartphones and tablets running at least Android 2.2 (Froyo), which applies to most Xperia phones. Don’t expect to see it today, it could be a few weeks before you see it hit your part of the world.


    I havent seen it there, so what about XS update? :D

  • Ri

    No Jb for Xperia S …..?

  • Ambroos

    Can’t wait for the update? <- APK :)

  • Michael Chen

    jelly bean for ion,where, where,where?I wanna use google now.

  • Hai Long Hoang

    Thanks, it look brighter than the old ;)


  • this is not the official sony Xperia blog you idiot Xperia S users, STOP WHINING HERE!

  • get used to it. in 1 year there going to be xperia z users. thats the sony style. take money and let them be

  • Giuliano

    No. Sell it and stop bothering

  • Nabil


  • Z user will meet the same fate as S…

  • Herman

    I’ll never sell my Xperia S! You hear me? Never!!

    Okay, in all honesty, I’m just looking for a great cameraphone. I’ll sell it when that is released. I’m hoping Jelly Bean will make it run fast again as long as possible, until I decide to get another.

  • Herman

    Never heard of Custom ROMs, it seems.

  • Rimas Flyil

    How does the update coming via its?

  • anon

    It seems to me that the majority of people who bought the xperia s should have they’re internet connection cut…

  • Babylonbwoy

    I never thought that they think it’s an official sony blog, if you’re right then they are really dumb as f…k

  • Babylonbwoy

    Available on XDA with multiple mirrors :

  • Babylonbwoy

    it will update itself, you have nothing to do.

  • Looks like it’s not fully optimised for my nexus yet or is it suppose to be like this

  • ProWeirdo

    What does Play Store has to do with XPERIAblog? Sometimes they can’t miss opportunity to write about popular topic, just to get readers, even if it’s not related with Xperias.


    Just wanna point out how silly it is to vent any JB related rage here, not only in THIS thread (Google Play) but XperiaBlog too. Its XperiaBLOG. Not Sony Customer Service or Software Engineering Dept. XperiaBlog compiles all Sony Mobile related news into one site so you don’t have to Google it yourself. You know where i’m going with this right? Like I said; want updates? Sell the phone, buy Windows PC. Plenty of updates, more games, more programs, multitasking, specs etc.


  • Giuliano

    Play store will be delivered on Xperia as well. So now can you please shut the f up?

  • Giuliano

    You want camera phone? Excellent! Go buy a Nokia then go asking Nokia for updates on their forums, so we’ll not read your woes anymore.

  • XperiaBlog

    Last time we checked, all Xperia handsets run Android since 2010. We have always posted updates on new versions of Android, Google Maps and anything specifically related to the native Android ecosystem.

    It’s natural that Xperia users would want to know how their Android experience is evolving.

  • Asa

    Sorry, but that was plain stupid.

    On what OS was Xperia running again?
    Yeah, I thought so too.

  • nykang

    Fark that shit nokia… Sony rules nokia sucks….

  • Giuliano

    You like Sony? Excellent, same do I. But stop crying everywhere with these fucking uupdates.
    I cannot read comments without having to scroll between hundreds of children asking for updates even if the topic is completely different.
    Just behave, if you are able to.

  • Herman

    Stop crying with these complaints about people crying about the update.
    Do you see the irony?

  • Giuliano


  • Thanks, just updated my XZ, XTX & XS

  • XperiaBlog: 1

    ProWeirdo: 0

  • jag

    There’s an error parsing the package?

  • Cheng

    LOL…u guys -.-“

  • jag

    This new version of play store eats a lot of data. I was just browsing the store and it already ate about 60+MB of my so very limited 3GB data plan.

  • Got the new play store in New Zealand along with Google Music :) good day

  • Carlo Lim

    I actually liked it! Nice move google. Errr, nice UPDATE

  • ProWeirdo

    My point was that Play Store is related to Xperias the same as Xperia S Jelly Bean update to this article, since it’s XperiaBlog. I didn’t mean only this article, but also something like “Samsung Galaxy S III is out, do you regret buying Xperia S?” Sometimes you try to relate very popular topics to Xperias to write article about it.

  • ProWeirdo

    Funny, but part of my reply was to Nabil. I know that Xperias run Android, but I also meant topics involving Galaxy S3 – “Samsung Galaxy S III is out, do you regret buying Xperia S?”

  • ….and what? Give me a book that says “A blog is forbid to write anything other than its own story” in this case “XperiaBlog” AndroidAuthority writes article about iOS/WP sometimes, i see nothing wrong with that. PhoneArena some time review tablets, they can’t do that as well since they’re “Phone”Arena?

  • ProWeirdo

    I didn’t say it’s forbidden, but it relates less to Xperias. Learn to read with comprehension. As you said they can do it, then I don’t see anything wrong in asking Xperia S JB update on this article. Nabil told Xperia S users to stop, and the discussion started from this. If you do not understand what I wrote, read it again because discussing with such a person like you makes no sense. Learn comprehension and get some arguments because I proved you my point, and you just go off topic because you probably have got no arguments.

  • ProWeirdo

    Once more: I didn’t say posting such a posts is forbidden. I didn’t say (if not, then mean) that it doesn’t relate to Xperias AT ALL, but less. I didn’t mean only this article, but also involving into other for example Samsung Galaxy S 3 because of it’s popularity. You really think I do not know it’s OS? I do, that is why I didn’t mean NO RELATION AT ALL.

  • It’s less relate to ask for JB update, i know but writing an article about Play Store and asking for JB update in the comment is different. What you said in the beginning sounds like XPERIAblog can’t write anything other than Xperias and that they just made this article to get readers

  • ProWeirdo

    I didn’t write that they cannot, doesn’t matter how it “sounded” like. People ask for JB update here because almost nobody come back to the older articles which relate more to Xperia S.

  • Keon Fraites

    I’m wondering if this means that they also have encorporated a wider list for using payment methods in different parts of the world. Can’t buy stuff from the caribbean… :/

  • FolkCleric

    Well.. I just received the update but it has green theme. I liked green colour more. :/

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