How far would you go for an Xperia Z?

by XB on 12th April 2013

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Xperia Z bugsOkay so you’d like to own a Sony Xperia Z, but it’s a bit out of your price range. No problem, French operator NRJ mobile has you covered. They were handing out Xperia Z’s to anyone who was prepared to do battle with mice, bugs and snakes.

They placed an Xperia Z inside a transparent box alongside vermin and snakes and asked members of the public to try and fish the phone out. If they grabbed it, they could keep it. We’re not sure we could do it, especially with the bugs. We wouldn’t mind trying it with the snakes though as they looked a bit placid, we reckon some ninja reflex skills could win us that prize. Check out the video below.

Thanks @Babylon_Bwoy!

  • challenge accepted

  • Ani

    lol… i could use a bug spray first to kill n then pick it up :P , but still nice way to tempt people

  • JG

    Oh please do the same thing here in the Philippines…. please please please!!!!!

  • jag

    woah… easy as ABC! i wish they will be having like this in Singapore.

  • i can do it but not with the cockroach!

  • vortex0307

    White mice? So not challenging.

  • Xyor

    I’ll rather pay…since that’s what money for/_

  • solidpig

    Ninja reflexes would work. Or gloves.


    Easy peasy. These critters are probably trained. Envy the French for having this promo. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that model in the shower though. :P

  • Bring it on to India….. I vl have two Z’s then :-P

  • TrixzD

    This is something I would try. Easy all you have to do is get use to what your putting your hand in and keep going till you get the phone.

  • in hong kong plz

  • ron3000

    damn wish it was me that phone would so be mines

  • I think I can past with the mice…! ;)

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Chinese could simply eat all those insects

  • danzel15

    I’m fine with bugs and mice… But not the snakes…. T_T

  • I can tell from the video it was a very cold day there in French…and nobody had gloves to wear ?!?!!?

  • Ryan

    piece of cake!

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  • why only in France :S

  • snakes just make sure their poisoness snakes else its to easy.

  • niel

    hahah….makakakita ka siguro ng tambay na may Xperia Z xD

  • lovebmw

    id do it even if all creatures were substituted by glaxy S4s. id still get a z

  • ?? ?

    I cant, but I agree

  • Ajish

    That’s the spirit

  • hahahaha gr8 :D

  • Kim

    I already have an Xperia Z I don´t need two :-)

  • wwwewew

    i would

  • Xlash Andraid

    I’ve put my hands in more dangerous places. If I lived in France, I’d have a Xperia Z right now.

  • grr

    omg I am so envy right now

  • Alex Ruiz

    I would put my hands in sulfuric acid for one of these.

  • jj

    Just think they are not going to put anything in there that is deadly, so it comes down to personal fear, other than that..GTG!!!

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  • Madsham

    I have my Z………. :-)

  • kinglauryl

    The phone itself has couple of BUGS…….

  • Oh Snake T_T

  • JG

    LOL… tama ka.

  • I think I could do it with the mice and the bugs, but snakes?! No way! I’m guessing they’re not poisonous but who knows.

  • igen

  • i have my one in ma hand…

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