Small Apps ported to Xperia NovaThor devices

by XB on 16th April 2013

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Small Apps NovaThorOne of the neat features of the latest Sony Xperia software is the addition of Small Apps. These are bite-sized apps that overlay all parts of the UI including menu settings. You can use apps like a calculator, timer, notes and voice recorder. The number of Small App support is growing all the time and is a great addition to Sony’s library.

Owners of the Sony Xperia P, Xperia U, Xperia sola and Xperia go will be glad to hear that there is now a Small Apps mod. It allows users running Ice Cream Sandwich to adopt the new task switcher and Small Apps. Details on the mod can be found here and installed via Recovery.

Thanks Andrew!

  • SonyFan

    Hope that comes with JB on xperia s too

  • I don’t see the point of this, except maybe on Xperia P

    I was an owner of a Sony Xperia U, now I own a Sony Xperia Z, and to be honest, I dont think that small-apps on the U makes any sense at all, because the small-apps on the Z are small. They’re almost smaller than the screen of the U.

    Unless you have fingers tiny as babyfingers, then this is useless…

  • AsadMulla

    Nice to have even if its never used its still there

  • drad

    hopes jb comes to xps soon..

  • kedar

    Sony please try jb for sola.

  • sony mobile please make jelly bean for Xperia sola like Xperia p and go.

  • small app is useless with small screen, I don’t need it. It’s useful as long as it’s a big scrn.

  • APai

    i do agree, but at least sony is trying. multi window would be useful on a large device like Z

  • Leo

    From some source, that small app will not be included on Xperia P JB.

  • SonyFan

    I said xperia S

  • Isn’t this a mod? I don’t think Sony has anything to do with this….

  • kust0r

    waiting for the SP and L review…

  • we xperia S and SL didnt get JB yet and u are asking for sola !XD
    u made my day bro :D

  • APai

    true. it slipped my mind. the ports are just mods for the smaller devices.

    however, my point was mainly about the small apps on larger screens like Z or the slightly smaller T. a multi window appraoch on Z would be greatly helpful

  • Oh, yeah. Totally. I love them on my Z. I don’t use them as often as i thought I would, but it is great to have the option

  • Nischal

    It’s good

  • Mostafa Wahied

    What if i have Xperia Sola and running JB ?

  • naman

    what about sony xperia J ??

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