Sony confirms latest Xperia V update fixes ‘Sleep of Death’ issue

by XB on 17th April 2013

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Sony-Xperia-VSony Mobile Denmark has confirmed that the latest firmware update for the Xperia V has finally rectified the long-standing Sleep of Death (SoD) issue, which has plagued the handset since launch. Firmware version 9.1.A.1.140 landed on the Xperia V last week and all owners should make sure they download it as soon as possible.

Comments from users on various forums also confirm that no SoD problems have occurred since the update was installed. Looks like Xperia V owners can finally enjoy a stable handset. Click through for Sony’s statement (translated) on the matter.

Xperia V Sod Fix


Thanks Palle!

  • yuskhanzab

    Brace urself, XS will show no mercy!

  • yuskhanzab

    Brace urself, Xperia S will show no mercy!

  • sfordesign

    and apple-fanboy-style sony fans will defend for sony!

  • Mg

    True shit!

  • release jb updates for XP n XS…

  • lolsomany

    embrace urself, xperia S will show no mercury

  • now I wonder will Xperia S even receive JB update or not :-/

  • It would be great if they could confirm more fixes for xperia s users and xperia tablet s users etc etc. Anyway its great that sony is fixing stuff, hopefully they create less new issues so they can release updates faster.
    Anywah thumb this up so everyone can see petition.

  • it will but probably late, i think the important question is will JB update fix all issues users complained about.
    The issues are really anoying, and the next thing is will future updates come much faster not much can be done this soon about upcomming updates.
    Future updates is different story.

  • I’ve used JB on Xperia J and I was totally disappointed…. ‘project butter’ was no where experienced on Xperia J…. i hope Sony will look forward to it and release JB for XS asap

    now we the users of XS are also getting irritated of posting about XS everywhere :-P

  • Finally! I love you Sony.

  • SonyFan

    @all xperia s user: sony may be release 4.2 for Xperia S…..can remember? Stock Jelly Bean 4.2 on Xperia S ?

  • sfordesign

    are you from mars?

  • Andrew D

    What I don’t understand is this….. They take long with the 4.1 update because they want it to be with no bugs
    But! All I hear is bug fix here and bug fix there. If they’re gonna take long, there should be no bugs to fix! That’s why they take long, no?

  • vittuanyt

    well Xperia J is LOW end phone so what u expect….But still it is suppose to be smooth right!

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  • Spectre51

    May and June

  • Spectre51


  • vortex0307

    Mercury? or u mean mercy? lol

  • Dear raging Xperia S users,

    Please calm your tits down,we also wait for the JellyBean update too,but no need to raging around…

    Xperia ion and Acro S community user…

  • Kaostheory

    Good news, I guess that means the new update for the T will also fix the sod issue.

  • Quark Gluon

    LOL. Failed auto-complete?

  • Ney

    Get Cyanogenmod for god’s sake!

  • MarleyP

    made my day!

  • MarleyP

    Made my Day!

  • please someone teach me how to root xperia s….. I’ve seen 4.2.2 working on XS…. i want it too

  • we are the owners of 2012 flagship device…

    so who u r again ?!

  • some said that jb in Xperia J made the phone fast and smooth

  • 4.2.2 ?!! really? !

  • agree…although im anti-isheep guy snd owner of xperia s

    totally agree !

  • I can’t update to this version both OTA and sony companion

  • yeah check out on youtube

  • Was anyone else surprised how coherent the Bing translations were?

  • So far my finding is that data connection is more stable whereby downloading from Google Play and data usage for third party apps is smoother and more hassle free because re-downloading due to connection issues happens rarely now where it was quite horrible before. Aside from that, swiping between home screens is finally smooth. This is a first since my first Android from Sony. A congratulations to Sony for this feat may even seem condescending lol.

  • Arokhantos

    Just had a sleep of death i’m verry happy xperia tablet s owner *sarcasm*

  • marko bastien

    with this price, the choice become very difficult, I think that I wil wait for the iphone 5s to make a choice…….

  • zim star

    with this price, the choice become very difficult, I think I wil wait for the iphone5s to make a choice , is it tight has the water like the Xperia ZR ?

  • diane

    what is the software called?

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