Sony re-opens three stores in the US; introduces new ‘Gallery’ concept

by XB on 17th April 2013

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Sony-Gallery-at-UTCSony USA has announced that it has re-opened three Sony Stores in Miami, San Diego and Orlando. The revamped stores provide a “fresh, modern and immersive experience” according to Sony and brings the total number of remodelled stores in the US to eight.

Sony also announced a new concept called ‘Sony Gallery’, the first of which is opening in San Diego County and more on the horizon (New Jersey and San Francisco galleries will open next month). These Sony Galleries will showcase the company’s best products in a smaller retail footprint.

Sony has 38 stores in total across the US. The news of these refurbishments and new Gallery concept appears to highlight a renewed focus on retail as a showcase of the company’s best technology. Many manufacturers would like to replicate the success Apple has had with its own retail stores. We have heard recently that both HTC and Samsung will be following with their own retail stores to showcase their latest smartphone technology.

What we do find curious though, is that Sony does not explicitly mention whether its Xperia smartphones will be part of its portfolio on show at retail. Now we know that the company isn’t pushing its mobile products very hard in the US, but we’d be surprised if they at least weren’t on show. Here’s the blurb on the new stores:

“Inside, Sony fans will be able to experience all things Sony. From Sony music artists playing over the speakers to Sony Pictures movies playing on the immersive 4K televisions, the full breadth of Sony’s assets can be enjoyed in one great place.

The new design was developed with a focus on the guest experience, and features a light, bright, and flexible store layout that makes it easy for people to test and try their favourite Sony products. The innovative interior walls are moveable and changeable, allowing new colour schemes to be reconfigured to highlight specific products, services, or content.”



Thanks vasan!

  • Schickel

    Sony should better start JB Upgrade for 2012 flagship XPERIA S

  • penubag

    Hopefully this means more Sony in America. I’m sick of seeing Samsung on everything, even Laundry machines!

  • sairan

    and they wont even trademark it

  • I’m more worried about future updates like 5.0 right now seeing how late sony was with jelly bean i expect least jelly bean for some old devices that are having good hardware like xperia s xperia tablet s etc.
    Anyway petition still contineu’ng untill sony releases updates faster these delay’s and month’s waiting for fixes is unacceptable.

  • haha i hate them asswell they actualy pulled some corruption on me, refused to admit that tv i had was broken hiding behind silly technican that kept saying it was’t broken.
    Even tough it was within warranty.
    Their much stuff i can accept but such things i gladly boycot a brand for life for such low action.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Seriously i take one year contracts…
    1. I had a Xperia Arc wiv gingerbread…By the time Arc got ICS i already had a Xperia S
    2. When I had my Xperia S wiv ICS by the time they’ll update it to JellyBean i already have a Xperia Z

    3. I know for sure that when Xperia Z gets key lime or whatever I already hae the next Xperia X or something. :/

  • not everyone is rich. and even so why do you care what are you afraid off ?
    Your making drama about nothing.
    So your actualy saying i take 1 year contracts i don’t want sony to release more then 1 update for a smartphone ?
    Your being really selfish then…….

  • Hannad Ahmed

    I’m sorry I didn’t want to be rude.
    Rich?, ahahahahah XD.
    I’m more broke than a toothfairy in a house full of meth addicts!

    But I´m lucky that my carrier allows you to keep your contract and change your phone every year without paying for the phone..
    I just wanted to point out that it takes too long to update ( imho ) :/

  • AsadMulla

    I’m more broke than a tooth fairy in a house full of meth addicts! Funny.

  • hey galaxy note also not yet get JB officially, don’t u kno? how about it now? @@@ :/

  • i love how americans haveto wait for the XZ when europe got it already- send me ur cash i buy it here for u

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