Xperia Tablet S Jelly Bean update now rolling out

by XB on 18th April 2013

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XTS_JB_1Right on cue, the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmware update is now rolling out for the Sony Xperia Tablet S. The update is available across many countries, we have seen reports of people successfully downloading the update from Europe, US, South America and Japan.

The size of the update is just over the 400MB mark and is believed to fix the memory management issues which led to random restarts for some. However, this isn’t mentioned in the official changelog. What you will find mentioned is performance enhancements, the addition of the TV SideView app, camera UI improvements and updated WALKMAN, Album and Movies apps. If you’ve updated to this latest version, let us know your thoughts below.

Xperia Tablet S Jelly Bean update

Xperia Tablet S Jelly Bean update

Thanks Knight260 and Silas!

  • Herman

    Please remove the word “Tablet” in the title.
    It would make me pretty happy already.

  • KiritoX9

    yeah and i’m from libya i don’t think they are going to make it available

  • What about tablet S (not xperia)

  • NikAek

    Under pressure update ,just a little smoother and thats all ,wifi still has issues ,definitely not enough

  • Shayan

    Its a good sign that’s a signal to verify that SONY is gonna launch Jelly Bean update for Xperia S soon… Just eagerly waiting for the update for SONY Xperia S…. Hope they will launch the update of it ASAP

  • Missing jelly bean home launcher.
    Small fonts icons pixelated blurry.
    UI is’t as smooth as i expect feels stuttery tough tablet far more responsive.
    Stock browser app crashes a lot especialy on sony’s own forum over at america it crashes every time if hit reply.
    These are just bugs i found out very quickly after like 15 30 mins.
    Come on sony don’t create new issues…….
    Looks like my petition will keep getting more signatures for looooooooong time.

  • Feanor

    Very first impressions after half an hour of trying out; Google Now is present but Google Voice doesn’t seem to find answers to questions as it does on a Nexus 7. I’ll try again to ask some more questions. The browser is finally much, much faster, what a relief! Best of all; Unlike with Xperia phones, here the stock Android browser is retained and with it also Flash support!!! Hurray!!!
    Some nice detail is also that the Xperia font replaces on the tray clock the previous Roboto one, so it looks now consistent with the clock widget. All in all a very nice update.

  • Herman

    Yeah and I’m from the Netherlands I think you need to be more patient.
    Of course it will be available. Sony just takes the time to optimise it (a bit too much time if you ask me). But it’ll come.

  • Kibhen

    Same banana. Tablet S, Xperia Tablet S

  • That’s Sony not Sony mobile

  • reptile64

    I think they could do better than that, the UI is exactly the same (where is the awesome Xperia Z lockscreen?) not any great features added, I face lots of stuttering issues and laggy performance here and there and finally.. what the #uck happened to the fonds??? The normal sized letters looks so weird ..! What can I say…….? The browsing experience is better thank god and I hope they finally fixed the shut down issue! Sorry for bitching but I expected more after all this delay!

  • Memory management issues probably only partly fixed apps crash a lot especialy browser.
    And old bugs are more common now probably cous apps crash in background.

  • Feanor

    Which fonts are you mentioning? I don’t see any problem. I also don’t face any stutters whatsoever. It’s clearly much smoother than before. The only really annoying bug that I noticed is that the small app version of the remote control crashes as soon as you try to launch it, so it’s now unusable. The full version though still works.

  • Tablet S and Xperia Tablet S are both Sony… Xperia Tablet Z is the first Sony Mobile Tablet

  • Hamza Salau

    It may be late but I have noticed that they have been updating a lot of their devices. I hope that 4.2.2 comes to the xperia z very soon hope that they keep supporting their devices

  • Tablet S and Tablet P were Sony’s first try to go in to the tablet market, ‘Xperia’ Tablet S and Xperia Tablet Z are Sony mobile, hence it holds the Xperia name

  • reptile64

    the fonts of the apps descriptions on Google Play for example! :/

  • I wish people would realise that they are not alone with issues all android devices from sony are broken with tons of bugs. mostly similar to xperia s or their own anoying issues.
    People are trying to report new issues that xperia s might get to.
    Its helps out reporting issues because then can get sony to fix those software issues asap instead off letting them neglect updates.

  • Feanor

    I don’t see any problem in my case… what about the remote control small app? Does it also crash in your case?

  • reptile64

    I haven’t tried it yet, I have to setup my TV and receiver first but I have to go to sleep, I’ll post tomorrow my results from that! :P

  • Feanor

    ?, ??, ??? ?? ??????????? ????? ????? ?? ??????? ??????. ??, ?????????.

  • shubham

    what about the sony tablet s will it also get jelly bean update or not??

  • Scott Morrison

    Just updated.
    Liking most of it, but disappointing as Remote Control not working any more. Crashes every time i try to open it.

  • Chris

    had high hopes for this update, but..

    UI no different, still chugs along
    Chrome still unusable, like wading through rancid treacle
    Remote control mini app doesn’t work any more.
    Store still crashes of trying to update more than about 3 apps at once.
    WiFi STILL disconnecting when screen locks.
    Aaaaand just had my first random reboot.

    Oh well, life goes on!

  • Every time I see the “S” letter i got. happy then i when I see the Word ( Tablet) i got frustrated

  • burrq

    if the “tablet” word is replaced with “acro” should be fine to me…

  • skillbar

    After the update the default camera app got lost and the remote control mini-app doesnt work anymore :( any ideas for these issues? appart from that the Interface runs a bit faster and more stable i think.

    and the homescreen got a new swipe-animation… which Looks, in my opinion, not as good as the ics Animation.

  • fonts related to homescreen are messed up its probably cous they did’t update that to jelly bean homescreen which is what everyone want.

  • Anon

    Very disappointed. Update seems un-finished and rushed.

    No camera app, no UI improvements, no new wallpapers, no new lockscreen, same keyboard.

    Nothing. What the hell Sony?

  • xperia naming doesn’t matter… Sony Corp build the Xperia Tablet S and sony mobile just worked at some Software stuff (that’s why Album, Walkman etc is in there) but main developement was on Sony Corp side… Tablet S Developement was ONLY sony corp and Sony Mobile was involved in developement for the last Firmware update (r5 and r6)… Xperia Tablet Z was developed by Sony Mobile alone from the beginning until release

  • mickey36736

    Clear data remote control and remote control interface app. And it’s work.

  • mickey36736

    Camera app. You should enable Gallery app. And camera app will appear.

  • AA

    Jesus Christ, I actually misread the title and thought it’s Xperia S getting the update and I actually plugged my XS to my PC only to find a big disappointment

  • Feanor

    It worked, thanks. For me now it’s the perfect update. The browser is much faster, I have noticed no other bugs and now the remote control bug is solved too. I couldn’t hope for more and I don’t see any of the problems that other users face.

  • Feanor

    Clear data from app, reinstall remote control and it works.

  • Benjamin Santiago

    I had no issues with wifi connection so far. Hope it goes for good.

    No major changes. It would be better if the same UI was applied with that of Xperia Z/ZL.

    Work harder SONY.

  • Greetings,
    I just want to be fair , Sony did a very good job with JellyBean update for our xperia tablet s, i dont face any of the problems mentioned here. Its totally i got a new tablet in my hands after the update, very fast , responsive .
    My remote control app also mini working with no problems.
    Web browsing now is like butter smooth , i really enjoying using the stock browser now.
    My camera app working great and i saw a difference in the front camera, its more clear now .Home scrolling and tranistions are very smooth , i noticed that the mini app of poer control changed, looking nice ! Love the new expandable notification panel , expand / shrink working great on notifications.
    I also noticed that after the update the battery seems to drain slower, before charginf yesterday night i had 7 hours screen time , never got this numbers.
    As for Ui improvements , i always liked our Ui, our guest mode, and the toolbar for quick access. I dont care about the home lanucher , you can replace it if you dont like with tons.
    I am a satisfied customer now Sony , thank you for the update.

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  • Open the remote control app (not the mini one) on the menu. Then use some remote you’ve configured (I turned on the tv) and close the application. Then try to open the Mini App Remote (mine was crashing every single time and since I did what I just told you it started to work properly).

  • No need to clear all data, at least not for me. Just open the Remote control app (not the mini app) using the menu. Use one device you’ve previously configured and do one action (I turned on the tv) and then close the app. Then open the Mini App and it shall work (mine started to work and works everytime now when it only crashed since the JB update)

  • Chris

    Thank you, will give that a try

  • reptile64

    If you freeze the Android Gallery app the camera will disappear!

  • If reported issue to some one at sony who is in touch with devs so they can take look at it.
    If you could plz give factory reset without backup a try and report back that be great.
    Just report back directly if had another reboot or every 24 hours you did’t have reboot yet.
    I’ll be here reading about bugs and reporting them to sony asswell.
    Btw their an app called app cache cleaner in play store download that lets you clear all app cache in one go.

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  • Tom


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  • Anon

    Never thought of that, Thanks!

  • Anon

    What’s screen filter?

  • mickey36736
  • blurb8

    Good update so far, browser much improved and it fixed some serious DLNA problem I had

  • Filipe

    Well i got that problem with the remote control app, the solution was to clear the data from the app and it start working again :) i like the new update but i dont see any diferecer in movies walkman etc… But its ok :)

  • king-james

    Is the brightness on the lowest level still so bright? Hope SONY fixed that… Does somebody know that or can check? Will update my tablet soon, it’s charging…

  • idiot

  • SO….



  • Kibhen

    Then I stand corrected. You need not throw invective.

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  • spatch

    I’m from Australia and I downloaded the update right on queue. Major improvements across the board, and considering I just received my Xperia ZL from overseas, I now have Jelly Bean running on both my phone and tablet. Thank you Sony!

  • Andy

    Wi-Fi and Date/Time Setting not working as before 4.1.1

  • Jorge

    I’m from Portugal and I updated mine when it came out 3 days ago, and like before I’m about to crash it against the wall. The biggest issue it has, the wi-fi connection it is not solved. Actually it’s even worse.

    I reseted my router several times and the tablet still can’t connect the way it should… easily.

    I have a Media Center, a Laptop (Vaio) and a smartphone (Xperia) and I don’t have one single problem. With this Tablet…. grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    I’m about to send to repair, and keep sending it until they give my money back. This is frustrating.

  • Before the latest update, the phone worked great. Now I have lots of random reboots or freezes, especially when using wifi :-(

  • daniel

    my remote control isnt working now that I got the update what do I do about that?

  • Barry Herman

    Hi, if I clear data to get my remote mini app working after my upgrade will I have to retrain the main app for my a.v devices?

  • tom

    This update FINALLY fixed my Wi-Fi connection problem.The connection no longer drops requiring me to constantly reconnect it. THANK GOD FINALLY.


    can u please tell me the name of font which uses majority of menus in jb for xperia s

  • porta

    bought new tablet z. Crashed and crashed and crashed again. Camera icon was just a restart button. Sent it back as fast as i could….very poor form Sony.

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