US-bound Xperia Z (C6606) camera sample spotted

by XB on 22nd April 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

C6606 SampleMore evidence is emerging of a US release for the Sony Xperia Z. The C6606 model has been spotted on Picasa. This version is likely to support the requisite LTE bands for the North American market. The Xperia ZL that is already out in the US and Canada has model number C6506 and supports LTE bands 1, 2, 4, 5 and 17.

The Exif data from the photo points to the phone running firmware build 10.1.1.B.0.108. Recent rumours pointed to the fact that T-Mobile US is testing the handset, with a T-Mobile branded Xperia Z spied. However. there is no certainty that it plans to release the handset. We’ll bring you more news as we have it.

C6606 Sample

Via Blog of Mobile.

  • I hope it does.

  • Andrew D

    Should I say it?

    Where’s the Xperia S update?!?

  • For those wondering where xperia S update is or xperia P etc its right below here.
    Plz thumb this up so we can have clean discusion without people asking about when update comes.

  • go to hell

  • Take a chill pill :)

  • xperia_z_fanboy

    FYI US folks, Best Buy is selling the C6603 on their online store. i checked this morning and it’s available for purchasing

  • XperiaBlog should troll those *censored* about Jellybean by making a post about Jellybean update has arrived

  • penubag

    Woah wtf, nice catch. How is it possible they are selling it?

  • karam

    maybe camera probem are resolved and image quality are better in the new software

  • Dean

    Sick of these trolls going on about Xperia s updates it has nothing to do with this article fuck off and buy a new phone Sony won’t read your comments

  • xperia_z_fanboy

    i guess the demand for the handset is high enough in the U.S. that best buy had have it in their inventory.

  • Ziich

    the only thing that would make this better is if it comes out already on 4.2.2

  • Sony is already doing that actualy :P

  • Wolf0491

    Time to sell my C6603 lol :-P

  • I clicked, no updates… GTFO!

  • It’s not about chill pill, its annoying seeing you in every thread asking to sign a petition that I will never sign. It’s never going to get near 100,000 supporters, fact.

  • penubag

    But if it’s not officially released in the US, does it mean that best buys got it from a foreign market?

  • 900$ lollllll theyre crazy

  • InspectorGadget80

    Sony is taking too damn long too release their xpreia phone. If they want too compete against the gs iv & htc 1 they have too release it on every carrier or ill loose hope on sony if they dont release their xperia z

  • Xyor

    If they’re going to release a new flagship on summer, then I don’t know if I should purchase the 6606 only for the difference in LTE

  • gunboat_d

    the change petition is a waste of time. it’s not connected to sony in any way whatsoever. what would this do? would the president making a statement about it suddenly force sony to release the update? just stop, you’re like a child asking “are we there yet?”

  • Oh Sony, late to the party, as usual. Sony really needs to release their devices in a much more timely manner if they ever expect to compete in the U.S. Also, it needs to be released on the carriers because no one is gonna pay almost $1000 for a damn phone. Sony really needs to reevaluate their pricing strategy. I love Sony phones, but it’s like Sony is trying to do everything in their power to not compete in the U.S.

  • Your wrong :) even without sony recognizing the petition will sooner or later do something :), see it as a way to assemble an army to unleash on their own forums at sony.
    i can just re direct people that complaining here to the sony forums telling them to take their whine their.
    If you think thats not gonna work well imagine 500 people whining all at the same time over on their forums.
    anyway i’m not expecting atm to reach 100.000 not even in a year.

  • Jefferson Hope

    Fuck off.

  • roeshak

    Disgruntled Xperia S users. You just can’t keep them away. Hope the update lands soon for all our sakes.
    The trouble is, shortly after 4.1 hits the S, 4.2 will hit the Z. I just hope the S users accept that 4.1 is the last stop for the S. Then T users might start their own grumbling because I doubt 4.2 will come to that phone either. The merry-go-round with Sony updates continues.
    Who knows maybe this time next year, it’s Z users who’ll be crying ‘ where is KPL’. Hope not. The best indicator would be how many devices Sony release this year. Too many and I fear the same will happen again.

  • APai

    recent sony cameras seem to have a built in watercolor painting effect filter . amazing, it really looks like a watercolor painting! I love it!

  • Dean

    How mature why don’t you fuck off and stop spamming the site I own an Xperia Z and also soon to own an Xperia SP im not stuck with some shit old phone that has had lots of problems its called an upgrade. Use your head and better yourself.

  • IgotyourbackJH:P

    What about your head? Not everyone can afford to buy a new phone every year…

  • basri

    they all troll paid by Samsung..

  • Giuliano


  • Giuliano



  • Giuliano



  • APai

    they had 2 months to do it. both gs4 as well we htc one are still not there, but due shortly.

    now it looks like blown that situation. one more downer being – they went with s4 pro and not snapdragon 600/ 800. people go by some stupid numbers like “cores” and “megapixels” along with flagship billing. although Z is pretty good, samsung will unleash a torrent of ads once gs4 is around the corner.

  • Andrew D

    No one cares about the comments discussing the article..
    Im making my point, and who ever likes it and reads And appreciates its, fine.
    Those who complain,…..well…Read the main article and your done..

  • Andrew D

    Guess what?
    WE don’t CARE about YOUR sickness!
    Keep it and Shut the hell up about it.,

  • Giuliano

    you’re just spoiling a useful part of the blog, ’cause your behaviour makes impossible to discuss the topic.
    Btw you’re damaging the work of people providing you with news.
    If you believe this is intelligent, then you have serious problems.

  • Girdala

    ALL CAPS RAGE! lol ;)

  • some users think that sony only has like 1 product on market, and they get priority on anything, fact is their not getting priority on anything they soon find out when succesor comes out for xperia Z

  • it just be half assed update like xperia tablet s without jelly bean homescreen lockscreen etc, an half assed update.
    They might be gone for few weeks then come back to whine again, xperia Z users will be crying soon asswell also.
    Anyway i would link my petition thats for any sony android device but people hate it, because they think its pointless, or because they think if sony release updates faster that we get more broken update.
    The petition is also to fix bugs.
    Anyway i’m gonna take few weeks of spreading petition probably soon see if people that signed petition can take over that job.
    Because i’m not in the mood anyway to spread petition all by my self.

    Anyway just rumour

    That might need quadcore anyway for 5.0 update

  • Giuliano

    U miss one point. I will not go spamming everywhere should my xperia z be late in updates. I’ll better sell it used and buy a new one paying the difference.
    try to understand you are annoying.
    then apologise and shut the fuck up

  • Well you got your wish guess i take few weeks break, it won’t change anything tough their still gonna be people ranting about xperia s update etc and sony being late.
    Kindy getting tired of spreading petition all by my self anyway.

  • Giuliano

    If nobody is helping you, there is a chance you’re doing it wrong.

  • apologise for what ?
    people whining about xperia s updates ?
    You should be asking that at sony not me.

  • Sended out mail asking people for help before, anyway if have any sugestions i’ll consider them.
    Anyway not gonna bother spreading it all by my self anymore.

  • Jefferson Hope

    Why should we shut the fuck up? Did Sony tell us that we won’t give proper after sale support when we bought the xperia s?
    it’s a big cheating and punishable.

  • rwqo ya jma3a fesh eshe mstahel ere fek o fyo 3la sho btt5nj3o

  • Giuliano

    punishable? how? by making this blog unreadable? When God was giving intelligence away, you were queueing for the loo, right?

  • Then fuck off on the proper Sony complaints site. This isn’t a Sony site! Xperia S update will be out within 2 weeks. Just be patient

  • Giuliano

    you are disturbing and annoying others with off topic requests for a nobody-give-a-shit-about survey. That’s why you’ve got to apologise the admins of this blog for having been such a pain in the ass. Then go and complain with sony in the appropriate places.
    Clear enough?

  • thepanttherlady

    I’ve been reading that for T-Mobile and AT&T the C6602 version is better to use. Sooooo confused now. :/

  • xperia_z_fanboy

    I believe the C6603 and C6602 supports T-Mobile and AT&T carriers for the U.S. but both of those models have its limitations(4G or LTE are not compatible) since here in the united states carrier spectrum are configured really weird. There is a model C6606 that is coming out soon(i heard May) that is intended to support U.S carriers and should be compatible with LTE and 4G bands as well. The C6606 is what i’m waiting for and is the only reason why i havent jumped on the Xperia Z that bestbuy is selling.

  • xperia_z_fanboy

    they probably have. But since it’s bestbuy it’s probably better to buy from them than from foreign stores. they usually give out warranties and insurance when you purchase from them..just incase you break your phone and have to return and get a replacement for it.

  • Andrew D

    From all these comments,.. Number me the ones talking about the topic..
    Go ahead,. i dare ya.

  • Giuliano

    That’s the point, well done.
    Reading something useful in this post is difficult, thanks to idiots going OT.
    So intelligent people who could write something interesting and in topic just avoids to.
    Now, did you understand how stupid is your behaviour?

  • thepanttherlady

    Thank you for the quick response. While I’ve also heard rumors that T-Mobile is testing the C6606, there is no guarantee they’ll carry it. Additionally, I want the purple version and with the way T-Mobile is currently not offering all color options with their releases.

    From what I’ve been reading, neither the C6602 or C6603 versions would work with T-Mobile’s LTE (not released in my area anyway at this time). The C6602 does work on bands my previous phones have worked on and commenters from other blogs/articles have suggested this is the better choice. Either way, I think I’ll just buy the Nexus 4 while I await the *hopeful* release of the C6606.

    Thanks again!

  • Andrew D

    Still you didn’t get it, did ya?

    Nobody cares about the topic…. Get it through your head.

    Most people don’t care about the Xperia Z… most people have the Xperia S and etc…

  • Giuliano

    Ok, so you can’t get it.
    I understand it, some people are gifted, others are not.
    You are not.
    If you want to speak of something, you speak about the topic of the article, else, if you want to chat, go find a friend.
    You are off topic, that means you are inappropriate.
    If you don’t understand it, you have nothing more than fresh air between your ears.

  • penubag

    you have a point but I can get the Z international for $600 instead of $900 from bestbuys. No warranty is worth $300

  • I don’t have to apoligize to them heck they linked my petition before but miss advertised it as xperia tablet s petition, maybe their the one’s that should apoligize to me.
    But honestly tough i could’t give a fuck about that right now anymore.

  • Dean

    What are you? 12 years old grow up the Xperia s trolls can piss off the sane people and Sony don’t give a shit about Xperia s

  • Lahme


  • asdg

    “Within 2 weeks” LOL! No..

  • Spectre51

    Talk to the carriers then. They are the ones that either pass on the device (idiots at AT&T) or pick it up then delay it for their “testing”, locking down and loading of bloatware. This phone would have already been released in the US if it weren’t for the carriers.

  • Xperia


  • PlayStation 4.

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