Sony releases AOSP for Xperia Z [Video]

by XB on 23rd April 2013

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Xperia Z AOSPSony Mobile has announced that the Xperia Z (C660X) is being treated to some vanilla Android goodness via the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The code has been made available at Sony’s GitHub and the company is encouraging the developer community to get behind the project.

As you’ll note in the video below, a number of features are working including boot, microSD card, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the LED light. Whilst the camera and modem also work internally, these rely on proprietary binaries that are not being published right now.

The Xperia Z is the second Sony Xperia phone to get AOSP support, following the Xperia S last year. However, despite the goodwill from the company, not much has come from the Xperia S AOSP project so far, so we hope the Xperia Z AOSP release fares better.

Via Sony Mobile Blog and Sony Developer World.

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  • Aokde Gharra

    where is Xperia S jellybean!!
    lol i don’t even have an xperia s

  • Even “non-Xperia S” users are also frustrated about this JB issue :P
    Get it now Sony…

  • Just Release Vanilla Android Jellybean For Xperia S Without Any Bug..With Working Camera,Bluetooth,NFC,WiFi And All Everything :-)

  • asgdf

    Good News! Sony is still the most “developer friendly” manufacturer

  • Your not only one waiting for update just be patient or just go to the sony mobile forum instead right here
    I think lot people got tired of these comments.

  • WTF is that Android o_O

  • yeah was thinking the same lol

  • Xyor

    Where is Xperia S’s Jelly bean!!!!!! in order for me to say this, I even ordered a Xperia SL on Amazon

  • Carl-Johan Nilsson

    You’re off-topic. Please stop this nonsense. Sony isn’t going to release it just because you spam it. Certainly not on a site not owned by Sony anyway..

  • Chill Brother..Day Dreaming Is Not A Crime :-D

  • Aokde Gharra

    lol i’m being sarcastic if you didn’t notice :D
    peace :D

  • michael

    I still have no idea what this so called aosp project brings for xperia s.

  • the joke is getting old now.

  • zerocools

    Quick google search shows that Sony released the binaries for 4.2 to get working on the Xperia S but you know people like Frank in the comments just complain all the time.

  • Maxman

    I think it`s very funny though.

  • The Z’ cam should be tested on that version and compared with the default one.

  • i don’t even own a xperia S i own xperia tablet s which locked out of root and bootloader.

  • Golfakias

  • Sigor Belle Yella

    Internal or privat joke of the developers IMO.

  • Alaa

    Sony must upgrade Xperia Z to Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 !

  • Sanyam

    By seeing this…I think the beauty of the device is lost…
    I like it without AOSP

  • salem

    and whats that got us to do?.. the xperia s is still out of date!

  • df

    I just bought the Xperia Z in India. Thank you Sony for being developer friendly. It will benefit me and ultimately Sony.

  • frostyNinja

    No, it’s obnoxious and it fills up the comments section of each and every post on this website with useless and repetitive whining, in the mean time pushing down the actually interesting discussions SOME people try to carry out.

    As for the actual post we’re supposed to be discussing – this is what I love about SONY, their openness towards the community and the acceptance of contribution (which most of the time is nothing but valuable for the software developers over at SONY). Happy to see the AOSP project reach the newly released flagship for this year, a great move if you ask me.

  • Complete waste of time. Nothing came of this when they did the same for the Xperia S.

  • Xyor

    Infinite 2s….lol

  • I think they want to show us that they’re on to something with 4.2.2 and that they didn’t forget about us yet

  • Get out from your day dream and learn to use XDA

  • Anirudh

    Guys bear in mind this is one way of cost cutting too ;) that is they dont pay the developers at sony to do this but the XDA or others so the users can upgrade to 4.2.2 themselves than SONY doing it ,,, smart but good for consumers..

  • WTF… its useless if one xperia type only 1 times to 2 times upgrading android version .. USELESS SONY !!! why you joint with XDA Developer if you still with this project !!

  • AOSP Mod for Xperia S wasn’t successful, Google wanted what Sony brought to the table; but Google wouldn’t agree to a non-Nexus device.

  • This is a kind of marketing, making new customers feel loyalty. However, they cheated Xperia S owners once before.

  • Release…then abandon they did to Xperia S… how “encouraging” …

  • zim star

    i watched this video having xperia is more interesting :p and design made even more boring, i don’t have to wait for the next Galaxy Ace 3.

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  • femie

    Hi…Guys, I owned a Xperia Z which I purchased last March. I LOVE the phone, but I got frustrated by it because its video recording doesn’t work anymore….whenever I tried it- ” unknown error ” appears on the screen. I tried every method the Sony support send me but unfortunately it worked for awhile but then again its back to the same problem again. PLEASE I NEED HELP….. :-(

  • p

    I have the same problem. Still waiting for a solution. Please post something if you find a solution

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