Small update (6.1.C.1.111) rolling out for AT&T Xperia ion

by XB on 24th April 2013

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Xperia ion updateA minor firmware update is currently rolling out for AT&T’s Xperia ion (LT28at). Firmware version 6.1.C.1.111 is likely to offer small bug fixes, despite being the first update in months for the handset. As we learned earlier today, the Xperia ion is expected to receive the Jelly Bean update from late May. If you’ve downloaded the update let us know what, if any, changes you’ve noticed.

Xperia ion update

Thanks Mario and Scott!

  • Wolf0491

    I saw it pop up earlier but didn’t work and wasn’t to worried about it since my Z is main phone. But interesting to see ATT actually pushing update lol.

  • Spectre51

    Probably be the last update the LT28at sees since AT&T isn’t releasing JB for it.


    Sony is awesome.

  • Mac

    Why giving it a update working on ICS, when u supposed 2 get the JB update in a month.. ooh yea there’s another way of saying, sry guys you will not receive the 4.1 at all…

  • sfordesign

    the biggest bullshit in years

  • updating now! I hope it fixes all the bugs crawling in my device!

  • Arokhantos

    hope it does bugs are easy way to piss some one off.

  • Are you updating yours? Let me know how it goes!

  • Arokhantos

    Don’t even have one, but have xperia tablet s which had random shutdowns every 4 hours untill 18 april.
    Can see like this tough least don’t have wait 1 month for fixes, tough this could also mean they might delay it further in a month.

  • I updated, but I have no idea what fixes or changes have been made. I don’t frankly care so long as the calling issues have been resolved. Those were by far the worst bugs on the phone.
    Also, AT&T is not rolling out JB for the ion? Is that truly confirmed or just angry people speculating?

  • TechGuyChris

    Please tell me your talking about the issue when you dial a number and it just hangs up immediately. I thought i was the onlyone that had this problem and couldnt find any info about it on the internet

  • Exactly my thought.

  • Michael


  • Chris Martin

    Tell me did u have a bug where u get a text at the same time u get a call and the whole phone would freeze up ? I also had the hangup as soon as I made a call bug as well . I thought it was a bad app I had downloaded ;/

  • Chris Martin

    Tell me did u have a bug where u get a text at the same time u get a call and the whole phone would freeze up ? I also had the hangup as soon as I made a call bug as well . I thought it was a bad app I had downloaded ;/

  • Adrian Alejandre

    Has this update fixed the poor Wi-Fi reception?

  • sonysuck

    what about ion hspa LT28H

  • Dan

    Just finished downloading it from AT&T. It was only a 3 MB download so I would imagine it is mostly bug fixes. Here is hoping for the same thing, that calling issue makes the phone almost unusable sometimes. I am also keeping my fingers crossed that the search button issue is fixed where it would often crash out of search when used. It made that button almost useless.

  • Okazuma

    It’s just a little update to prepare ION to JB

  • I am indeed talking about the hang-up-immediately-after-calling bug. I also just seemed to not receive a lot of calls, people telling me they tried to call multiple times and I never show even one missed call.

  • hyran_hdu

    ?? ??????

  • sonysuckpsycock

    release jellybean now,you stupid sony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • guys if you really want to have a petition for sony to change why not just make a facebook page so that it will be easier to like or more users will “sign in” by liking

  • Arokhantos

    What reason would they have to not release it ?

  • Seikased .

    My heart dropped

  • Spectre51

    Not sure except maybe because they are/have dropped the phone so why work on updates for it. That’s the latest info I have though is that they won’t be releasing it for the ion. Can still use the international LT28i firmware though one its released. Check for info on that if you aren’t familiar with that method.

  • Discoceris

    Apparently there’s a lawsuit filed by ACLU against the big telecoms in the US regarding patch/bug fixes not being released in a timely manner (or not being released at all) which leads to security issues. My speculation is that AT&T isn’t just doing this for Sony, but for all phone makers, in order to preempt this lawsuit.

  • migmig

    BAD support SONY,BAD!

  • iPhone Killer

    After updating, my PC can’t read the internal SD card on my phone, and I can’t connect to Sony PC Companion. :-[

  • dude. i cant connect to sony pc companion either! this is bull shit!

  • kenaxel

    my mobile data is not working after update, anyone knows something?

  • Surya Kanth

    N O !

  • Surya Kanth

    Hope So !

  • I can’t get MMS any longer after this update.

  • Cam

    Battery seems to last longer, but had a problem with the network. ATT had to replace my SIM card. all is good now.

  • brodels

    Idk, I’ve heard from some AT&T employees that it will get JB, and some say they don’t know. If AT&T doesn’t deliver, we can always apply a rom.

  • krishna

    camera is blur after the update

  • Sony Ericsson Never again

    This update is worthless. Phone is more buggier than ever! Not sure if its sony or at&t who are at fault for this terrible update. More dropped calls, UI is still sluggish, phone is overheating like crazy when connected to wifi in a matter of seconds. Can someone enlighten me about the improvements that this update brings if any at all? All in all, this is the final SE phone i will ever purchase. Too many phones, not enough support.

  • Aravind

    I see battery is not lasting more than 12 hrs after this update with minimal data usage and lowest Screen brightness…

  • Steinfeld9

    You have to put in your apn settings again, sake thing happened to me

  • Bon

    Can’t update. “Server not Accessible” keeps on popping out. :( Please help.

  • mink_ooh

    APN settings needs to be re-installed after finishing the update.

  • mink_ooh

    Just updated few hours before my unlocked LT28at from 6.1.C.105 to 6.1.C.111, its still on ICS.
    Changes:- Before updating I was unable to use any of tethering (incl. USB, Hotspot & Bluetooth) & always get an error of connectivity but after updating I checked all of these are working fine (no more connection errors). I was missing this feature too much.. :)

    I’m using my device on Vodafone IN (Delhi/NCR). I was unable to update OTA as it was recommended in update to use the PC Companion. I was trying updating for last 3-4 days, so be patient to update as It consumed 2-3 hours of downloading/preparing/updating & approx 350MB of data for me (slow internet connection at my place sucks). I’m happy about finally updating it… :)

  • nagato

    My Xperia ion lt28at doesn’t play videos anymore”YouTube, album app, etc” after update

  • fuck them

    when this asshole update is lunching fuck u xperia team

  • swaprks

    My camera is giving blur images after updating to the latest version. Has anyone faced this?

  • Anatoli

    i didnt have this after the update but i did have this earlier in, before the update. I just gave them a call, they sent me an RMA # and i just shipped it to them. Im NOT happy with sony support, you have to pay for shipping, they didnt fix it the first time, had to call them about (not overestimating) 15 times before i got their email with RMA # the second times

  • swaprks

    did you find out what was the issue? was it a software problem or a hardware issue?

  • nyo

    Where my 4.1.2 Sony?

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