Sony confirms Jelly Bean rollout for Xperia P, Xperia go and Xperia E dual to take place this week

by XB on 24th April 2013

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Jelly-bean-logoSony Mobile has just confirmed that the Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean firmware update for the Xperia P, Xperia go and Xperia E dual will start this week. As always, the rollout will be phased over the coming weeks.

Sony confirmed a number of new features that the update will bring including newer versions of its Media apps (WALKMAN, Album and Movies), the battery STAMINA mode, easier app tray sorting, a new search function as well as the new launcher allowing for up to seven home screens. We’ll let you know as soon as the updates go live.

Thanks Biggie and mirost1!

  • khalis

    Still waiting for my Xperia GX…. damn you Sony!

  • Xperia S?

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo
  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo


  • Skymareajsosk

    F**K OFF !!
    We’re done waiting for the Xperia S update !!

  • Great!

  • from the end of may!

  • XPERIA S has CM10 and CM10.1 support so pls dont whine, we XPERIA P users can only wait for JB and whine because of no CM support

  • Rochana

    sony jokes
    confirm confirm

  • ffdsfsdfsdfwert

    Xperia S/Ion/AcroS end of May. WHAT THe……………….? SONY, goodbye never again !!!

  • Not even brave enough to write fuck… sad, sad person

  • Skymareajsosk

    Fuck,Happy ?

  • Michael

    Yeah!Keep rolling,baby!

  • What’s everyone mad about? They said that Xperia P, Go, E dual will also receive 4.1.2 update this week
    Edit: now i know why people are mad about, i’ve gone full retard

  • reptile64

    Why so furious?? You miss something important from 4.1 that 4.0 lacks?

  • Fuckingpiceofshit

    And Xperia S in the end of May… FUCK SONY! Anyone that defends Sony at this point are either fanboys or FUCKING RETARDED! BYE BYE SONY!

  • Skymareajsosk

    Google now,
    Project Butter

  • Guest

    I have lost all of my hope for Sony… I was positive all the time but now that they confirmed that XS gets JB from end of May I am just done… It will probably be end of summer until we will get it… Or never.. They will figure out that it just doesn’t work that good and cancel it…

  • Skymareajsosk


  • never sony again

    2 right we payed more than those who brought the go and P so surely paying more should get you better service

  • dHNguyen
  • This is not complete with Frank, where are thou?

  • reptile64

    It’s not so “butter” believe me :P as for Google now it depends in which country you live, here in Greece it’s useless as the only thing it can do is Google search -_-

  • yes, if you are angry, go full

  • You need to ask NTT Docomo for your case

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well I cant defend Sony this time. Those phones Xperia S, Acro S and iON is the phones they kinda forgot. It feels like, I dont know. I am kinda furious, and want to throw shit at their headcourters in Japan or something. Because they treat us like shit.

  • great news…

  • chibi`

    Where is the problem? They announced from the beginning, that P, go & E gets JB before XS…

  • sr

    Thats not the point!

  • -_- but still he bought a more premium phone.

  • ???

    What time our sl?

  • kommon

    sad is happy for deep people

  • Skymareajsosk

    I’ve paid top dollar at its time, its unfair for sony to treat its premium user base as such and plus Google Now works perfectly in my country
    and its completely wrong for Sony to with good mind release such a laggy and buggy ics update which we were stuck with for a year.

  • Wait for naathanS

  • And our xperia S is supposed to be the 2012 Xperia Flagship.
    Fuck you SONY -_-
    I was really waiting for JB but not anymore.

  • I want it so the developer can start their work on the newer 3.4 kernel. I give fuck about the buggy software update that sony has to offer. I’m just bothered about the kernel source code.

  • New Feature
    Project Butter
    Bug Fix etc

  • Apparently the JB update for the Xperia is is going to roll out at the end of May. I wonder if they’re going to keep their word this time

  • John-Mark Christmas

    The way things are going, I have to ask, May of which year? Really disappointed!!! This is how Sony treats a flagship? A FLAGSHIP!!!! giving it the LEAST BIT OF ATTENTION. I can’t find the words to say how I feel about Sony treatment to PREMIUM CLIENTS. This would be my last Sony phone, after 8 years with S.E/Sony. Over and out

  • Sawyer

    What about Google now?

  • linuxx

    Well it’s more butter than 4.0, that’s for sure. Even my old X10 can get JB through xda. True, it may have root and custom ROM, but nevertheless the devs are not the big corporation that Sony is. This is just another drawback that made me decide that the X10 will be the last Sony Ericsson that I buy, at least until they fix their policy of endlessly delaying the release of new firmware.
    Until now, they haven’t done anything to fix it, and they are still behind other companies.
    I’m sorry, since I think they can produce some very nice phones, too bad that the software lacks big time.

  • what abt the wifi direct…wil it work after jb update…..

  • praguzz

    Chill out, You’ll still get the JB Update, While Sola and U users (including me) won’t get it :(

  • Edwin Meester

    On 17-12-2012 confirmed the Xperia P firmware release rolling out at the end of march.
    After that the will start the rollout of the Xperia S. Considering the roll out takes 6 weeks (usually by Sony) you could have know that earliest time would bay half of May. So rolling out at the end of May is not a big deal. Whining in an XPeria P related topic, about no firmware for months is not gone make it happen sooner. While this is not an SONY moderated forum. SO FUCK YOU with your Xperia S Whining. Go cry in the corner. It was always May and it’s still may. And if you believed the non official rumors on the internet you are sad…. Grow up

  • Edwin Meester
  • Any Xperia P users got the update? Please check in and let us know

  • checo79

    this isn’t xperia s news

  • wtf

    Works on almost every phone since 2.3

  • checo79

    not avaible central eurpoe fw version

  • hamed

    How are you sure for kernel 3.0.8?He is a regular user , I do not believe

  • Hope to get it by Friday. Big hope from India.

  • I have just updated my Xperia P one hour ago via PC Companion. I didn’t notice any bugs till now and the camera bug has been fixed.

  • TrixzD

    Does this mean all three phones will receive it at same time or different times for all 3 models.

  • here’s a snapshot

  • Again, Xperia E gets updated media apps and a new launcher, but us Xperia J owners (with the same CPU and specs as E) get old apps and old launcher. F*ck this…

  • Small apps r included?

  • Is this also applicable for the US version of the Xperia E dual (C1604)?

  • XXXAndroid Project

    are you really understand about ICS and JB?????

  • no

  • no

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  • Anon

    Sweet, looks good so far. Love the new media players. Hope that Xperia S cry babies wil get it soon.

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  • Update Avaialble For India Dude :)

  • Pandiarajan Karuppasamy

    I haven’t got any update till now :( My latest PC companion say you’ve the latest android but I’ve ICS.

  • Tano Jesús

    The Xperia s is going to update soon I’m also an Xperia s owner, I just want a less buggy Xperia

  • ProWeirdo


  • ProWeirdo

    But this is XPERIAblog, genius!

  • carl

    please update the xperia tipo dual in jelly bean version

  • ram

    actualy experi tipo is nice but i feel that sony must take it in consideration to give 4.1..s soon s posible and more over some minor problems are that temple run subway surfer are realy experiencing a sluggish way while running!!!!!!!!

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