Xperia P and Xperia go JB update live; firmware build 6.2.A.0.400, kernel 3.0.8

by XB on 24th April 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia go, Xperia P

Xperia P JBThe Sony Xperia P (LT22i) and Xperia go (ST27) Jelly Bean update is already live, with users successfully reporting being able to download and install the new firmware. The Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update brings firmware version 6.2.A.0.400 with a 3.0.8 kernel. Have you managed to download the new update? If so we’d love to hear your initial impressions below.

Xperia P Jelly Bean update

Xperia P JB

Xperia go Jelly Bean update

Xperia go JB

Thanks P!

  • DrazenDodig

    Where is Xperia S? (j/k)

  • Suhaib Haidar

    in the end of May

  • Antonio Rabuzin

    Xperia S after P and GO ….very stupid!!!

  • Mature Xperia S user

    I hope no Xperia S users will rant here. Really want to hear the opinions of XPP users.

  • Giuliano

    WHERE IS 4.2.2 FOR XPERIA Z??? (this was just to give xperia s children a sense of how disturbing they are)

  • pouria-tehran

    dont be sad xperia s user, you wait more and you get 3.4 kernel

  • TrixzD

    Just plugged my Go in and nothing yet.

  • For Malaysia, haven’t got it yet. Although the updates is usually earlier for Asia.

  • 1st try to buy the leader phone of NXT series and sony front phone and didnt get a single update since 9/2012 while ur phone is bugged and laggy then sony keeps delaying ur update and giving it to lower quality phones ,, then talk :))

  • Adrian M

    I have check it and i have no Message for a Update. In Sony PC Companion too :-( I´m from Germany

  • leakey

    you will be the one who nagging about update next year.Then you will feel sad when Sony gives up xperia z users.

  • Gc

    I think UK xperia s user already got JB update..

  • XperiaGo

    Update available in Belgium… downloading software now…

  • Atif

    Just updated my Xperia p to jelly bean 4.1.1 (in uk )

  • Xperia S is at the end of May.

  • Tell us how it is once you have fiddled with it :)

  • Atif

    updating my xperia p to jelly bean update , firmware build 6.2.A.0.400, Kernal 3.0.8…..

  • You will get it.
    Even the HTC One didn’t even get it yet.

  • quan

    Malaysia no see it??

  • Not yet.

  • Sajjad Haider

    Someone please upload the .ftf file for Xperia GO JB.

  • john

    My S had an update a couple of months ago, no bugs to report and it’s only laggy if I use Google Chrome.

  • same… no update yt in Malaysia…

  • I am not an apologist or anything , I am guessing Xperia S is taking longer since it was pre all the office reshuffling of Sony and Ericsson plus the only one besides the SL thats uses the S3? not sure though. Whereas the XP shares its Novathor with many different handsets in the range. Here is hoping now that Sony Mobile division is united, going forward all handsets will have better and faster updates? thats the hope. hahaha

  • ashleygjones2013

    stop complaining we have been waiting ages and been let down alot so stop chucking your toys out of your pram and get a grip S USERS

  • Wahyu Wicaksono

    It has arrived in Indonesia, but I’m still 50% sure of updating it into the latest version

  • Giuliano

    No, by that time I will already have sold my xperia z and bought a new phone with the balance.
    Second, I don’t feel sad for phones.
    Third, should I have something to complain, I’d be doing it in the right place.

  • Naomie
  • quan


  • Giuliano

    See my answer above.
    I will never go crying around for a missing update. Moreover I had an xperia s, nice toy, but now I would better sell it used and by a new one, if you want a good phone.
    Have fun, I’m having fun with my Z right now, I think I’ll sell it soon and take a used htc one.
    then I’ll sell it and I’ll take a new samsung s4.
    and you’ll be still waiting for ICS.
    (fucking children)

  • Just wait. Some countries get it earlier than others.

  • quan

    What time updates in Malaysia???

  • Yusuf

    How’s it?!?!

  • yUlek

    Yeah, because only you were waiting

  • Sony P

    kernel 3.0.8, very stupid SONY

  • Wishmaster

    Is it available in India ?

  • PrAju

    not available in Nepal yet..

  • kunal

    updating from India……….

  • quan

    Ok thx
    How long can updates???

  • Usman

    Nothing in Pakistan Yet

  • Atif

    not done yet…taking long !!

  • xperia go update jellybean?

    xperia go here on saudi arabia?

  • Giuliano

    Thank you :-)
    But I’m not worried about it, I’m just taking the piss out of the average xperia s user

  • Giuliano

    don’t be sad xperia s user, you will never get jelly bean because you’ve been too much of a pain in the ass!

  • Cristian

    nothing in italy…

  • Okazuma

    Scusami hai Xperia P o GO?

  • Is small apps included?

  • DImos

    dont be sad xperia s user ,youve paid only 600 euros and you got “nice” yellow tint, you got ics last you will get jelly bean in june and with 3.4 kernel! :P anyway.. not here to spam.. hope to see the xp users impressions

  • owl

    Just updated! My Go now sports the extremely cool Xperia Z-style booting animation 8)

  • leakey

    we feel sad because we love the things which are in our hands

  • vicky

    dude me too from india,but still nothin

  • smallpro

    How’s the performance of the Project Butter? Do you feel any significant improvement(s) to your device?

  • Okazuma

    We feel sad because we love the things we highly paid….

  • Giuliano

    too many handjobs will make you blind

  • Sheikh Masud

    Downloading the update right now! Excited!

  • Zulugula Mobutu Seseseko

    nothing yet here in ZIMBABWE!

  • Anyone updating from India?

  • U got d update already?

  • ez

    i have x go and unlock without ub

    can i install through sus or ota

  • ez

    i have x go and unlock without ub

    can i install through sus or ota

  • vicky

    dude u got any update???

  • owl

    Homescreen performance is significantly better than ICS, though I would say only roughly on par with the previous GB build that the phone came in with.

  • shaneferns15

    Arent they going to update the kernel to 3.4

  • Not yet dude. Checking evry 5 mins

  • Wher u from? How’s d performance? Small apps included?

  • xperia z

    Wtf sony give me my 4.2 for z

  • xperia z

    Wtf sony give me my 4.2 for z

  • zerocools

    Go to XDA, there’s. bound to be less whining more opinions.

  • owl

    OK quick updates before I snore. I only cover Sony-specific features, other Android 4.1 features will be skipped.

    1. New animation! Boot-up and shutdown speeds are also significantly faster
    2. New homescreen with Butter! Higher framerate than ICS build throughout the entire UI (not just homescreen). Also the new homescreen is similar to the one in Xperia Z. That’s right — you can add/remove homescreens and set which one to jump to when you press home!
    3. New task switcher that is similar to Xperia Z/V/T, minus small apps.
    4. New phone/dialer/messaging apps. White in background. Looks cool but a little out of place with the rest of the (darker) UI.
    5. Notification bar pull down redesign. Now with toggles on top, just like Xperia Z.
    6. App drawer redesign. Now resembles that of Xperia Z.
    7. Stamina/Low-batt modes and Location based Wifi, just like Xperia Z.
    8. The Album/Walkman/Movies apps look a little different. I can’t tell where exactly as I don’t use them a lot.
    9. Camera looks identical. No idea about image quality or performance.
    10. Clock/Alarm app ported from Xperia Z. Now Alarm, World Clock, Stop Watch, Timer all in one app with cool Sony styling. Awesome! Well actually I never really used this app before so I’m not 100% sure if this is new lol!
    11. Both Android Browser and Chrome are available.
    12. New FM Radio with very, very cool animations! Again, this is another app I don’t really use (I use my Smart Bluetooth Headset for radio XD) so I’m not 100% sure if this is new.
    13. Calculator looks a little different. Oh well. 1 + 1 is forever 10. In binary.
    14. New “EA Games” app. You get to try a few EA games for free, including NFS and PvZ.

    Thank you Sony! It’s been worth the wait.

    15. New lockscreen! Identical to the one in Xperia Z!

  • owl

    Whoops. Forgot to say “spoiler alert”.

  • ez

    root without ub (sory typo error :) )

  • ez

    root without ub (sory typo error :) )

  • shaneferns15

    What is ur location

  • Sumit Thukral

    its not available in India yet.. still waiting

  • XXXAndroid Project

    download frimware(CE) from your PC and instal it manual

  • Telmo Viana

    xperia go user from Portugal anda just finished download and install the new fimware :D looks nice :)

  • That’s right, you guys, even Xperia E users get all the goodies with these updates, and the Xperia J got none, stayed with the same old apps, launcher, lockscreen, media apps, bootanimation, etc…. That’s what really pisses me off.

    How can you udpate the entire trio Xperia J/V/T then Xperia GO and Xperia E (E has the same SoC and specs as J) and not give us the new goodies?

    Kinda of makes me feel they forgot about Xperia J….

  • TrixzD

    Was just going to ask you about lockscreen but then saw your edit :D Thanks for your information Im still waiting for the update for my Go in U.K

  • itachi

    downloading here in the philippines

  • ez

    anyone know how to update xgo root without ub
    can update via sos or ota?

  • dimos

    Man dont you find it unfair?we (xperia s users) payed more money and they deserved better treatment…but xperia p got the update before xperia s and it will also have STAMINA mode?!? sony are you blind>? you gave p stamina mode while on t/v/tx/ttv/s/acros/ion gave extended standby? are you serious?

  • don’t expect 4.2 on Z before end of summer. this is the sony style you pay for!

  • Ibiki

    Poland-started to download

  • Oh, they did not remove the Android browser?
    That’s good to hear.

  • Oh, they did not remove the Android browser?
    That’s good to hear.

  • Mitu

    Although Sony is really behind Samsung or HTC, when update timing is considered, I really like, what they do to the software. I’ve got an FTF file from XDA and I really like Sony’s updated UI. I’m also kinda impressed with the ClearAudio+. It does significantly boost the music quality indeed :)

    The only thing I don’t like is that the camera icon from the lockscreen turns Camera on and shoots immediatelly. I would prefer it to just launch Camera, while having instant shoot on the physical camera button. But that’s a detail.

  • vicky

    oh gr8…even here nothin,jus checkin every 10 mins..reply me wen u get an update notification :) if i get il let u no dude!!!

  • :)

    No update here in US yet on an international XP…

  • smallpro

    Thanks for your quick review

    Anyway, point 14 was already there when you installed ICS or out of the box feature if I’m not mistaken. In other words, it’s a no-new-feature :P

  • Thanks for sharing this :)


    is there any scientific basis to your arguments abt the hand jobs?

  • I do think there is a setting for the quick launch camera function to just launch it.

  • smallpro
  • Sure no prob

  • smallpro

    A small question, what are the odds of Xperia P getting the 4.2 version??

  • emilis

    still no update in lithuania

  • Anon

    Yer, you can turn that off in the camera settings. QuickLaunch to off.

  • Fcuk! I jus got to know tat camera app isn’t updated! No superior auto mode. Bad Sony!!

  • I guess you would probably be able to change in setting

  • mahi

    downloading update…in india

  • kamesvara

    I just updated my xperia p, I am in Indonesia, it just works absolutely well, album and walkman turns great!

  • Hungary is not available for download :( xperia Go

  • michael


  • Dude im updating now! Check its live in India. Good luck

  • vicky

    still nothin for me.. i had got dis fphone from tat a reason??? :(

  • Yay! Updating now!

  • Mario – Xperia P

    Acabo de conectar mi celular y me salto la actualizacion para Jelly Bean, tengo un Xperia P. Vamos a ver como va…

  • Waiting JB for Brazil…

  • Aaron

    Malaysia Xperia P receiving JB update!

  • Yep.

  • Adrian M

    Update Germany :-)

  • Emilis

    it’s possible, but who knows what sony will do…

  • can you tell me the advantages of a higher kernel version ?

  • Mikki

    where I can download it ? pls

  • Zaman

    Did u get the update?

  • Emilis

    is it in german ?, if I’m living in lithuania ant the language here is old and hard and unpopular does that mean I will have to wait for update longer or the wait is for some other reasons ?

  • Andrew D

    Dude!!! Are You for real? Yous been waiting for ages?

    Strange, cause im sure Xperia S was the first Xperia without Ericsson,… so rethink your statement. And let us Xperia S users complain. At least we were on the market way before the rest came.

  • Sony Hater

    Are you fcukin joking?! XPS users, we are deserving all the goodies BEFORE all of you BUT! These ASSHOLES, DUMBASSES (fcuked up the work/software) did not give our RIGHT, THE RIGHT WE ALREADY (deserved) PAID FOR ! So you’re here standing in front of me and BEGGING for JB?! BEGGING? Really?! We go crazy here and you’re just begging?! Go read some news on “HOW – SONY – Fcuked Up – The Work – Xperia S” on Google!

  • Pur9

    Seeding in INDIA
    i am downloading it right now…..

  • don

    Hey guy does jelly update causes phone laggy as it was in ics. Can anyone rate gingerbread vs jelly bean as ics is buggy. I am still using gb so does jb solve all bug of ics? Please guy put some snap shot of jb.

  • Sony Hater

    Shut UP! He did say to you NOTHING! He’s just someone who was betrayed as same as me by Sony! Your XP is NOT a Flagship Smartphone and only therefore you should shut up!

    It does not matter whatever and wherever we say about Sony, is OUR RIGHT! Bcause ALL we wanted was a bug fix and not even exactly JB update, but NOBODY cared about us! The There Buttons at the bottom, they do not work properly, we have expected an update at least for that BUT NO CHANCE! But you’re getting now JB! So just SHUT UP!

  • Kristian Liptak

    Strange, I’m in Slovakia, we should be in the same bracket, and I have the Go update.

  • Sony Hater

    How fcuking ridiculous it is, that XS don’t get it bur P and Go ?! I can’t believe it ! I just can’t !

  • Haker

    You can update it with flashtool ;) u just need ftf

  • Anonymous01

    Already updating, seeding is now live in India. Xperia P

  • PRo

    Can we download android browser from market ? I am unable to find it for Z…..

  • Adrian M

    sure the update is in german. you can choose other languages like english too

  • rohith

    is it over the air? or using pc for update.

  • Cristian

    P… ho appena finito di aggiornare :D

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  • Emilis

    thanks for the info :)

  • uidesigner_sony

    Not exactly what you have expected in this post, but still, it’s about 4.1+…
    It was drawn before official JB’s screenshots were released, so let’s get it started, – time to compare Settings, Lockscreen, themes’ applying…
    Vote, please, lucky guys with Jelly Bean!

  • matteo2292

    updated xperia p in italy

  • matteo2292

    updated xperia p in italy

  • Random

    for those who understand all this better than me, when i should expect to get JB update in lithuania nex day, or nex week ? or when would there be ftf of JB ?

  • Mario

    I’m waiting for JB too in Estonia – usuly the previous updates have been here 1-2 days after release. But I do hope it will be here soon! :D

  • Moad

    Not coming in Saudi Arabia……

  • Seikased .

    Finally! Waiting for Xperia S.

  • why so serious

    Hhhhhhhhhhh uts really ironic that you talj about children while do just like a spoiled children by the way

  • Sheikh Masud

    Is anyone having notification LED problem?

  • Anonymous01

    by P C Companion

  • Anonymous01

    by P C Companion

  • GRed

    Nothing in mexico for P yet….

  • Cristian

    no more flash bug in the camera :D

  • Felipe Pimenta

    The Clock Alarm was already on ICS for S, at least. It got a little updated with the T JB (I’m using a custom ROM, with almost everything ported, so…). Album, Walkman and Movies got updated, but it is mostly under the hood, AFAIK.

  • lol

    Search it on Google or XDA :)

  • Yeah may be tats the reason wait it’ll come.

  • bil

    you can listen to music while taking picture!!!!! let us all rejoice

  • “was the first Xperia without Ericsson” that should be a good enough reason why its bad

  • Oh, now you’re saying that you only wanted a bug fix update and not JB… hypocrites

  • best question on this post ^^

  • Alex Ruiz

    Si lo compraste en Telcel, mejor olvídalo, no llegará. Te recomiendo que le flashees una rom genérica y oficial de Sony. Además de tener el update pronto, te desharás de toda la basura que trae instalada.

  • Dime

    No more sony phone excpet they give it to me for free…

  • Sony Ung

    Using Update Service Pro and now update-ing Xperia GO ><

  • How do i Open my Sd card on Jelly Bean update?? cant seem to open it

  • Guest

    What makes you so special compared to the owners of the previous flagship, Arc/Arc S (during ICS times you guys bitched about “flagship first”), or the next flagship after the XS, T/TX (those guys can argue they deserve the update first too)?

  • hihio

    still no jb in lithuania

  • Sahil

    Updated after the official announcement.. No kernel update that means no small apps camera app is same rest work well

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  • If you got the yellow tint, you should’ve replaced it

  • Dil2abu

    How to port Small Apps in JB for XP?

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  • Jetty

    Hi Xperia Team,

    This update is a thumbs up! basically it seems my Xperia turns to “Xperia Go Z”

    More power to you guys :)

  • Jetty

    Oh and I’m using Xperia Go and I’m from Philippines :)

  • need help

    i’ve rooted my phone..can i get this update??

  • WTF

    open source for other phone?

  • Sheikh Masud


  • Hari Chava

    Camera flash problem resolved thanks for this. but it used to sip the battery juice, now its drinking. Still the battery backup problem not solved instead it has became worst to the before. and its observed the phone is slower than ICS.

    unsatisfied Xperia P user

  • Guest

    Is there any difference between Xperia P (LT22) and (LT22i) ?

  • afsal

    I don’t get the jelly bean update in my xperia go.. ( in india)

    u got ?

  • afsal

    I don’t get the jelly bean update in my xperia go.. ( in india)

    anyone got ?

  • smallpro

    I’d like to see if SONY can manage to give the 4.2 update to Xperia P earlier than those for Xperia Z and its likes, XD

  • lolsomany

    i think ther reason is screen reso og XE is smaller thus it capable to run more smooth than j so it can receive those goodies without lag

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    Waiting for my ion turn. :)

  • Mumbira

    Yea, you COULD, but you would get a worse display. My Xperia S has the yellow tint too, but if I compare it with the “repaired” devices of my friends mine stands a lot better.

  • Mumbira
  • Not me, my screen is as good as my friends non tinted screen

  • Mumbira

    Yes, theres the issue, the so-called “normal” display’s are worse than the ones with the yellow bars. My white-point is much better than those “normal” ones. Try to compare your’s with those with the yellow bar issue.

    I’d post pictures, but taking pictures of displays for camparing is the foolest thing you could make. :D

  • I really don’t think that has anything to do with screen resolution. Besides it runs perfectly smooth the apps and launcher/lockscreen that were ported from Xperia Z, even with lesser lag than on stock…

    But not all people want to root and flash custom stuff… I’d really like an update. We deserve it.

  • What? That comment hurts my eyes. I’m not begging for anything, we Xperia J owners got Jelly Bean, just nothing new with it, being the same old and stock software that came with ICS.

    I feel sorry for Xperia S users as well, but I wasn’t talking about that. Read, for f…. sake…

  • Mikki
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  • mahi

    check this

  • You sure it’s slower?
    Seems to be a lot faster compare to ICS.

  • TrixzD

    Got my update last night and it also included although it may only be a small problem (I hated it) a way to turn off that stupid battery percentage number in settings.

  • alvin tumang

    no update here in saudi arabia

  • fred 412

    nothing in the uk

  • GOuser

    Any operator? TMN?

  • dimos

    sent it for fixing and they contracted me almost half a month later !!!

  • Anyone suddenly having NFC issues since the JB update?

  • lesasd

    I cant download:( operator tmn

  • yeee! the xperia p screenshot is created by me nice to see it here :D

  • greatwarrior359

    hey when will xperia go update will be available in pakistan………………..

  • Is the camera bug (that takes long to take pictures at night or indoors) already fixed? Also from the Philippines! Mabuhay!

  • Erik Littwin

    On which carrier are you? I’m on Vodafone, but no update :(

  • NFC is not working…at all :C

  • LOL what are the ODDS of getting Xperia S Android 4.2 :P Fuck still doubt that Sony will update XS to Android 4.1.2 or not :P Fucking promise in the news by sony.

  • david vargas

    Sorry For my English. About Browser is laggy when you are searching something, the kernel included, dont has a better sound experience,New phone/dialer, White in background it seems strange. A nice homescreen and Notification bar. You gonna hate me, bur is more faster in GB!!!

  • saim

    When update will be available in Pakistan

  • serkan

    not available in Turkey yet :(((

  • I thing that this is gonna be the last update for xperia p and go, the xperia’s S users will be received more support after this updated and for that reason your get a few late.

  • Markac

    I have updated my Xperia P here in Australia. All okay except the weather service is just a black panel at the moment. NFC did a separate update.

  • MarleyDC

    It’s much faster now than before, but that slow taking pictures at night and indoors are just normal because of the poor low light quality of the camera itself.. (well that’s my opinion) Also from the Philippines. Hello..

  • Leakey


  • But its too long, it takes about 10 seconds with flash. Looking into Xperia Mini, same in ICS, it takes only 5 seconds or less to take a pic with a flash.

  • MarleyDC

    Hmm.. Well Have you tried updating to the new software update? (BTW I’m using an Xperia P and it’s all around good!) Haven’t updated my xperia go though, I think it’s just on ICS versions, the ginger bread camera is just fine indoors..

  • Martin

    Czech Republic – updated yersteday :-)

  • gettingsickofthis

    Nice to see that sony releases jb archives but NO JELLY BEAN IN FINLAND!?!? DAFUQ SONY?

  • Chrome has always been laggy.
    Use the Android Browser or others instead.

  • Feanor

    P or go?

  • Talat Masood

    Urdu Language was working perfect in ICS on Xperia P but now its gone in JB, really disappointing ….

  • Aamir Saleem

    Talat! Where are you from..??
    There ia no update available in Pakistan yet ?

  • Unfortunately I have to say that speed is still not stellar. Compared to rooted and CPU adjusted ICS it is noticeably slower :( Waiting for rooting options for JB. Another bug that I find irritating is that the Stamina mode wakes the phone up every hour during the night (noticeable bettery train compared to ICS extended standby). Plus the font on Xperia Go screen is in many places poorly readable (ICS was more consistent). Overally improvement but I expected FAR more from this long awaited hype. No “butter” anywhere to be seen.

  • Kashif

    Yap where you from?
    No update in Pakistan yet!

  • -ss-

    3d games now lag in JB, it used to run smooth in ICS on xperia p ! Disappointed wiht this update …

  • usman

    Yes what’s the difference between these?

  • Usman

    Waiting too
    Nothing here

  • Antonio Rabuzin

    And last update for Xperia S i think….

  • jitesh

    i am at indore. Still no update found. running on ICS.

  • LT

    Lithuania – done :)

  • Ibiki

    They are the same thing,sometime people call it LT22i,and sometimes LT22

  • Prince

    I have sony xp , there’s no update yet in the philippines ?.. when can I get it?

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  • Guga Grigolia

    not avialable in Georgia yet :(((

  • owl

    Um, compared to Sony’s stock ICS it’s lightyears ahead. I’m not unlocking bootloader of my Go yet since it’s still under warranty, and even if I am I’m not a fan of overclocking, so for me this update is very good already. Stamina mode doesn’t wake my device up so often, but then again I’m not noticing big battery savings. Maybe half day more, up from 2 days.

    I do agree on the font part. Especially obvious on the date tag from the notification pull down. I guess the designers were torn. Keep the old font and end up using different fonts across different devices, or use the same font over the whole range of products?

    Think of it this way. This update ported almost software features from the Xperia Z to your Xperia Go. Not just a “you want JB I give you JB but with nothing else” update. It’s obvious the people at Sony spent time and effort on this update, making your phone behave that much closer to their current flagship which is 9 months newer, almost 3 times as expensive and running on leading edge hardware. And I have not found any bugs so far. So no, I’m not complaining.

  • Xperia P doesn’t show JB update; says “Your phone is up to date”. –

  • lolb

    Is it released in the UK yet?


  • I’m sorry about yours, I went and replace mine in person at the store i bought. So they just took mine, give me a new one, sat down check the device for a good 10 min

  • vicky

    guys anyone havin prob in loading album in jb????

  • Telmo Viana

    yes, any operator..

  • Hello, i have xperia P and album is no showing any picturs, anyone is having the same problem?

  • well i am a xperia sl user and i understand wat sony did and make my device suffer form heating issues and screen too ,, its the kernel ,, sony did siome work to make battery last longer and that caused something called bottle necking and that cause heat , but though sony need to reprogram the kernel ,, i just hope they did it to jb ,, next thing as i said i am xperia sl my phone didnt get any updates despite the .55 one and that was 8 mb guess or something like that idk .

  • well i am not xperia s user i am xperia sl ! and as i said i suffer A LOT ,, and next to that i didnt get updates but to be fait i got one the .55 one ,, guess u have a phone that beat iphone 5 and almost like s3 and u suffer :)

  • wait what? haha I btw I meant Snapdragon S3 not Galaxy S3. SL is still worlds better than my X10i stuck on Gingerbread. haha

  • Aaron

    Same here, did a repair using PCC and everything is ok.

  • tushar vispute

    Style means SONY!!!

  • tushar vispute

    yup I had…got repaired in PCC. Now solved.

  • I only open settings, apps, all, click in album and clear data and that’s all, everything ok

  • Abdullah Azzam

    I dont know what’s the problem but My Xperia P is not updating to Jelly Bean….!
    So what’s the solution….?

  • Silver Scythe

    You can root your Xperia phone running JB. I rooted my Xperia P, unlocked the bootloader, flashed a kernel with Clockwork recovery and flashed the cybershot camera mod. Do some searching on the XDA site. experiment a little bit with your phone, and voila, you have a phone running a silky smooth JB OS. I’m never going back to ICS, JB is fantastic.

  • No!

  • Praju

    after updating to jelly bean my xperia p sometimes won’t ring, anyone having the same problem

  • kuldeep kaintura

    mine working fine

  • rob

    No update avail on mine yet

  • kpbird

    Same here I don’t get JB update in my Xperia P in India

  • Well we’ve update my friend’s Xperia Go and still, camera at night with flash takes almost 10 seconds with SCN AUTO, giving me blindness after than looooong flash exposure. But well, all things aside are well done!

    Workaround: Just use Normal Mode, then use Infinity for focus mode. It’ll take at just 4 seconds to take a pic at night with flash.

  • I hope Xperia S complainers have a little more patience to get the best in their hands and keep their mouths shut.

    I’m an S owner and I have no problem for waiting till the end of may or whenever it comes.. the phone still working properly and FAST!

  • Google Video chat quality has also improved significantly. Both frame rate and video quality (particularly color rendering)

  • Still nothing for me :(

  • Amir

    I’m a Mac user. “Sony Bridge for Mac”, can not recognize any update for my Xperia Go! How can I fix this? I tried via a PC too, but the “PC Companion” could not find my phone even!

    p.s. : I updated my Xperia go to 4.0.4 via Sony bridge one month ago.

  • blabla


  • TrixzD

    What country are you in and also is your Go carrier branded by a mobile network.

  • Amir

    I’m in Iran now, but my Xperia Go is not a branded one!
    This update published in some areas? Which?
    Is it any way to change my device country?

  • ankush

    Upgraded my Xperia go to jelly bean and after that my ph gets heat very much when using it. What is the solution guys???? Kindly tell me….

  • TrixzD

    There is one way, you could flash it but this requires some knowledge and certainty that you understand what to do and you will lose your data if you flash it also.You may be better waiting a bit longer until pc companion/bridge for mac shows it in your country.

  • Amir

    Thanks for your recommendation dear TrixzD. I prefer waiting too, but have you any source for this knowledges?

  • TrixzD

    No problem :) and here is a link that explains it all.

  • TrixzD

    No problem :) Here is a link that explains it all and contains everything you need including fw. It is easy once you have read all instructions but only do it if you feel comfortable trying it.

  • Amir

    Thank you TrixzD.

  • TrixzD

    No problem sorry i posted link twice it didnt show first time. Let me know if you try it or not.

  • daniel Blancaflor

    Speed is the same for me, slow at first but soon adjusted. I just hate the new theme of the messages. The walkman also bothers me, when you’re listening to your loudspeaker, it wlll take you 6-7 secs for it to dissapear when your put earphones. Also in oistening to music through headphones, if you would receive a message, the music will stop which is normal but It would take 7 secs of total silence before you hear the messaging tone and another 7 for the music to come back. Again, about the walkman, there seems to ba bug in it, when you pause or play it after or before putting the headphones/earphones, it will just shine ( the album cover) and you have press is 3-5 times before it stsrts playing. That’s all. Overall it’s good. Instagram works fine now

  • rj

    I can’t update here in philippines…please help.

  • DeLorean75

    Still not getting any update for my (unbranded) Xperia P here in Sweden. What’s taking so long? It’s been nine days since the release :-( Definitely not buying Sony ever again. They’re seven months behind other leading manufacturers, and their cameras and displays are getting worse. Sony Ericsson used to be good, but Sony Mobile sucks.

  • Shahab

    I dont get in iran

  • Shahab

    I can’t get jb in iran for X;go

  • PhoenixGFX

    I have an Xperia P phone with 6.1.1.B.1.54 Build Number & 4.0.4 Android version.
    You’ve announced a few days ago that a new version of the Android(4.1 JB) operating system is ready for Xperia P.
    But my phone did not update, I tried the software(PC Companion) & WiFi internet but still not updating. I rooted my phone and I live in Iran.
    Please guide me what is the problem and what to do.

  • chetan acharya

    Hi friends,
    Got the JB update for my xperia P yesterday. I am from india but i got the update after i connected it to pc companion. My device is from france thats why i got the update.

  • Jepoy

    Hi Kababayan, Any news about Xperia P JB Update? I’m a little bit envy. :(
    -From Jepoy of Laguna

  • Anonymous

    This is Very Bad from Sony. Its been 2 weeks since the updates are rolled out and i am yet to get the update in india. I tried on air, Windows PC companion, MAc Sony bridge and even Sony Update site link.Too Bad


    no update here :( can i do :(


    no update pakistan???

  • From Sony Xperia P :
    Some features added, and gone??? Unlike before on ics, every time i receive MMS or Gmail and Face Book MMS the Led notifier are working, after i update it to Jelly Bean, suddenly stop working?!!! Is this a part of the update? Or a Buggy!!

  • spawn

    But 4.1.2 is to slooow :(
    and battery life is much less…

  • karan shingate

    m not been able to update my phone via pc please help me.. i tried all the ways but cant. now has last updated version i.e. 4.0.2

  • brendan

    I did not get fa’ve unlock and the keyboard in my lock screen cannot key in. E.g. Password cannot key in

  • brendan

    *face unlock

  • Kailas

    same here.. at the end I am getting a message saying “could not download”

  • rico

    would like to ask help, i update xperia go thru PC, at the end it says remove battery, how can I remove it without compromising the water proofing? and the phone doesnt turn on now, what to do next?

  • Badit Labrillaso

    the update via pc/laptop may took long but it’s worth it =)

  • Badit Labrillaso

    like =D

  • hapizie hisyam

    Why i cant open gallery after update? I use xperia go.. Help me anyone

  • thelucky1

    Question / help: I hv mp3 music files in my Xperia Go and Xperia Z. I can see files in Z and can use for ringtones. But for Go, I cannot see the files on File Commander or Astro (No supported files). Can see and play the music in Walkman. 1. How can I see the files ? (stored in SD card). 2. Can music be used as ring tones in Go. Used to be able to do so before upgrade.

  • udhav gawandalkar

    i still have nt got it on my phone can anyone help me out???

  • Dimitris

    One month passed already since the update rolling out and still no update for me… This is simply ridiculous… I’m from Greece with Vodafone as provider, if anyone can help.

  • Still no update :( m from Pakistan…

  • Amar

    I have updated my Xperia go with JB. But after the update I am not able to see the photos in the Album. I can view them form file commander. Can any one help me out.

  • Hasan Shahid

    its already end of May :(

  • Hasan Shahid

    Not yet…. after every 2 hours i check for the update :(
    from the beginning of May now its the end of May
    I contacted Sony customer support and they say it may vary because of the region :(
    No exact date can be given by now :(

  • Amar

    Can you tell me how you did it. I have Xperia go and have the sam e problem.

  • Aamr

    Not working with my Xperia go

  • where u from ?

  • ClaudiaMarques

    Please, can you help me ? You have the original firmware tmn xperia go ? If you have, you can send me the ftf file ? Thanks.

  • Tawseef

    When will Xperia go Jelly Bean available in Mauritius?

  • mahmoud

    thank you

  • mahmoud


  • Káshíf Rawksta

    Hate you sony.. still haven’t got the update in Pakistan!

  • Káshíf Rawksta

    End of june.

  • Káshíf Rawksta

    God knows.

  • Ronak

    I need the download link for Jelly bean update for Xperia P.

  • tcyjohnny

    My unbranded UK Xperia p is still on 4.0.4, SUS, pc companion, and phone via update centre all saying I have latest update! This is driving me nits. The 4.1.2 update are rolling out and I am still on 4.0.4!

  • tcyjohnny

    Meant to say driving me nuts

  • JC Garcia

    Hi! anyone from the Philippines here? I am using Xperia P (LT22i) and I am stuck with 4.0.4 and I’m really trying to update it to 4.2 but it seems that the update is not available at the moment in my country, I already checked for an update via PCC and Update Service and it keeps on telling me that my phone has the current software. Its such a shame because even locally produced phones here are now on Jelly Bean. Can someone help me?

  • carlo

    my phone doesnt load because my pc hangs while im in the 3rd step. how can i fix this? please help.. :(

  • addy

    toooo slow for xperia go

  • evans_01

    guys i just knew lately the update for xperia P to jelly bean, as i go to the update center and to my pc,,, it says your phone is updated,,, hmmmmm,, from Philippines here,,

  • evans_01

    my xperia p is still in ICSe

  • Arslan

    It’s September, and no Jelly Bean update for Pakistan? I try to update using PC comapnion and it says your phone is up to date. Why?

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