Sony working on premium Firefox OS handset?

by XB on 9th May 2013

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firefox-phoneSony Mobile has already outlined its intentions to launch entry-level handsets running Mozilla’s Firefox OS. To show its commitment, Sony has already released a beta Firefox OS ROM for the Xperia E. We expect dedicated low-end handsets to launch in 2014, however it appears that Sony may also be planning premium Firefox OS handsets too.

Computer World is reporting that a Mozilla executive has confirmed Sony’s plans for high-end Firefox OS models. Li Gong, Mozilla’s senior vice president for mobile devices said “Sony is known for quality and user experience. So they are targeting for very, very high (end). We are in joint discussions on the kind of device and what’s the product.”

Whilst some may question why Sony would want to commit resources away from Android, Gong believes that Firefox OS can become the third major OS. “I can tell you there will be a third one (mobile OS) and it’s going to be us. Why it’s going to be us? It’s because we are the only company that takes a pure approach. We are entirely open. Not only open source, but open process. No price, no nothing,” Gong said.

How do you feel about this news – are you excited for a high-end Firefox OS smartphone? Or do you think efforts should be focused on Android software support? We’d love to hear your comments below.

Via Computer World.

  • lovebmw

    Just please don’t make the i1 the genny pig

  • koaiho

    firefox os? its interesting, can it be installed on bootloader for android phone?

  • Hannad Ahmed

    If so, there will be war.

  • Guest

    We don’t need a 4th OS. Focus on Android, and Updates!

  • Lunkz

    We don’t need a 4th OS. Focus on Android and Updates, not Firefox OS.

  • aaa

    there is already android? why do why need a new os? android is already free and open.

  • Trey

    If I were Sony, I would get my acts straight on supporting current devices on a longer term with quality than having a new OS board the ship..

  • SonyFan

    Noooooo!!!!! Dont do that…dont waste time on firefox os…focus on android…
    Only do experiments with firefpx os and bring ONLY the goodies to android

  • Guest

    Don’t need another OS? That’s what we said when Google brought out Android. “We already have iOs and Windows CE!”

  • aamwng

    Tbf, Google had been bias against Sony for a long time, even though Sony contribute the most to Android. I mean, the least they can do is let Sony make a nexus device. Also, it’s good to have another OS under your belt in case Samsung monopolize android.

  • Ali Alkhazal

    I trust Mozilla more than Google but Sony it is not the right time for that, the new OS need apps to be popular.

  • just_being_real

    another flop waiting to happen

  • They can’t last forever

  • xperia_s_fan

    why can’t they just focus on creating an update for the Z or the S instead

  • AsadMulla

    “I can tell you there will be a third one”. Windows,Blackberry. what makes them think they can jump to third. Its a long road ahead mate and frankly I think android and iOS are to far ahead

  • xzzz

    sony shall focus to android for mid-high range phones. and firefox for mid-low range phones.

  • king

    Google did ask Sony (Ericsson) to make Nexus, but Sony (Ericsson) rejected. Quite sometimes ago, that was Nexus S era.

  • Sony must think Probability about new OS if they chosse Mozilla OS, they has good path for that. Samsung has Tizen , LG will think about Windows phone , Other Huawei – ZTE were try this OS too

  • Amit18

    Most of the Maemo, Meego & Nokia fans like me would divert to Sony, if they consider Meego’s successor sailfish os rather than firefox. Sony shouldn’t go with Firefox just because Mozilla is bigger name than Jolla. Anyway would like to buy Sailfish device when it will come to India.
    If it will be from Nokia or Sony, it would be a better quality product than what jolla will bring to us.

  • Pingback: Sony ????????????????????? High – end ???? Firefox OS()

  • Mac

    As most of the people says it would be just worse getting new updates on a Sony android phone if there will be Firefox in high end devices. But sh!!the I dunno ;-)

  • davo77

    Quote wikipedia: “HTML5 applications run on Tizen, Firefox OS, webOS and Ubuntu Touch without a browser”. Maybe that’s why Sony wants in on Firefox?

  • pikac

    there was the very popular symbian before

  • Nooooo! If you want to waste time on another OS, let it be Ubuntu Touch! :(

  • raj

    first upgrade xperia s to android 4.2 then waste your money and resources. you haven’t learnt sony how to manage your resources effectively, how you going to manage another os when you cann’t manage one OS

  • i think there will be low-end phones only
    samsung – rex series
    nokia with asha
    and sony with firefox os based phone

    i thinks these comments are miss interpreted

  • Pepsi Boi

    Yeah! Firefox OS fucking sucks

  • Pepsi Boi

    Actually LG has webOS

  • L

    Yeah Sailfish OS will be the perfect match with Sony Xperia.

  • Lumia

    produce a phone with Windows Phone instead.. that market is almost wide open… When u mention Windows Phone, most people Think “Nokia” and i Think that Sony could be the one to give Nokia a good fight there.

  • Som1

    Why? Why only Android? it isn’t good at all.

  • No, it was the Nexus One era ;)

  • Only for their supported devices. ;) Like the Xperia E

  • Arokhantos

    Firefox can’t even make a proper optimised browser yet let alone firefox os.

  • XPS

    NO! let it be VitaOS

  • geoath

    Great news! I love Sony products but i despise Google’s android. They only care about obtaining info and selling it.
    But a sony smartphone with Firefox OS? I’m so buying it! Number of apps will increse eventually.

  • geoath

    Any OS besides android is welcome! Android and google sucks!

  • lovebmw

    Please, do it without effecting android phones! just when sony started getting better, they just had to jump from the roof

  • aamwng

    That was Nexus one. Sony ericsson wanted the Xperia Play to be the “Nexus S”, but Google chose Samsung.

  • Guest

    and Xperia S

  • I’ll be amazed if they launch with only one handset. I’d expect dozens of different launch models all with slightly varying specs, chipsets and names.

  • SonyFan
  • Herman

    Thanks for the link.

    I voted for the HTC One :)

  • No, not the Xperia s

  • SonyFan

    no problem broo

    edit: SXZ still crushes HTC one

  • Herman

    In my opinion not.
    I personally prefer the looks and specs of the HTC One :)

  • Herman

    How funny, though, how some people seem to dislike me for my opinion.
    It’s sad to see how some people here just cannot respect other people’s opinion. Sure, I own an Xperia S now. But that doesn’t mean I only like Sony. I presume I’m not allowed to vote for the HTC One here, just because it’s not from Sony.

    I thought this blog had more mature, respectful people on it though…

  • Babylonbwoy

    Open to try something new but they need to prove me it’s reliable. Time will tell.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Working on Firefox OS doen’t necessary means that Android developement will slow… We have no idea of how they use their developers and how many works on what…

  • Mehdi Solamannejad

    Well, some other people might try like to try something new. It would be like Samsung or HTC, maintaining both Android and WP devices.

  • iliketowritearticles

    Well if you get all butt hurt, stay off the Internet in general. So yeah it’s your opinion, but the people who dislike it can’t have one?

  • Hulk

    In fact M$ is pretty hate Sony.

  • vortex0307

    Nobody asking

  • Arokhantos

    lol just bunch off sony fanboy’s just ignore them.
    their acting like ignorant console fanboy’s

  • Cristian

    This will be my next Xperia phone – assuming they won’t drag it past 2014 with its release.

  • Herman

    For your information, this is a comment section.
    Not a question answering section.

  • AA

    Don’t want Firefox OS. Android is perfectly fine. Besides, does Sony have enough software developers to develop for an OS? They can’t even manage to keep their phones up to date. This is a big NO.

  • rus_media

    This is why they are tired of knowing Android well. See how they suffering from the updates.

  • Ibiki

    HTC HD2

  • goldenblls

    Having another option is always good. Let’s see how it plays out.

  • azzido

    Ubuntu would be much better choice than mozilla crap :/

  • paul4id

    I’d rather they looked into Mer-based Oses such as KDE Plasma Active or Jolla Sailfish. There are quite a few Bay Area incompetents working at Mozilla at the moment IMO.

    Even better, put your resources into making a nice Xperia Pro II, as touch-based keyboards and their flawed “autocomplete” systems are a real pain in the @rse and step backwards from my Xperia Pro.

  • goldenlander

    Interesting. I like the OS concept.

  • NotFox

    I bought a ZTE Open running FireFox OS two months ago. The hardware is about what one would expect for the low price ($80) but frankly, the OS really sucks. Maybe it will be ready for primetime in another year, but I wouldn’t place any bets on it. One would be much better off with a 3 year old iPhone. At least there would be some decent apps available for it.

    The people running Sony have completely lost their minds if they are planning to build a “high end” phone based on this POS operating system. I very much doubt they are that stupid…

  • Lorenz

    I would love the mix of an alternative OS (I don’t really like Android and Google) and the great design and quality, maybe “magic”, of Sony. So many customers in Europe, Asia and other parts of the world are willing to change their mobile OS cause of privacy concerns related to Google, their business politics and the poor design qualities of Android – and M$ WindowsPhone isn’t a real alternative. But, Sony, there should be also some mid-range devices with FFOS. I’m not willing to pay more than 300-400 € for a smartphone but I’m also used to have more technical features than a low-end device can offer. Go on, Sony! I really wish this company all the best.

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