Sony drops PlayStation Mobile publisher fee to boost dev support

by XB on 10th May 2013

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PSM GameThe concept of PlayStation Mobile is a good one, curating a collection of good quality games for hardware capable of showing them in the best light. However, the success of PlayStation Mobile has been hindered for a number of reasons including, 1) availability both in terms of devices and regions (PSM is only live in nine countries), 2) no deep integration with PSN and 3) a lack of marketing (or awareness) of new titles.

All of the above reasons ultimately means a lack of content for end users. We can see why developers may not want to invest their efforts into the PSM ecosystem. Sony is looking to address this by dropping the $99 (€80, £65) publisher license fee to kick-start developer support. Whilst the news is a step in the right direction, we still believe that widening the availability across regions also needs to happen quickly to realise the full potential of the venture.

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Good choice

  • Arokhantos

    Playstation mobile is’t even avaible here in holland :(
    I was kindy hoping when i bought xperia tablet s i have this kindy stuff also.
    But damn was i stupid to not research on that first.
    Guess i should’t believe sony either when they come with stuff like this from now on.

  • Illop

    PSM is a novelty.

  • Portugal is waiting!

  • Here in Italy is available but… no killer application or games AAA. If they put a Metal Gear, Tekken, or some famous brand , they will success

  • Jesse Gregory

    Gun Commando is the only decent game there, the rest are junk in my opinion. Installed PSM on my PLAY for about 2 weeks and deleted it. Here s a good move Sony, drop the damn $5 increments when you buy a game. I had $2 and wanted to buy a game that was $3. Sony makes you pay $5 so you then have $7, then if you dont spend it Sony still has your money. Its freaking horse sh!t and robbery of the worst kind. Shame on you $ony.

  • Herman

    I was assuming it would at least be here in the Netherlands.
    Sony shouldn’t just drop the publisher fee. They act like they don’t know what to do.
    Instead they should at least bring it to many more countries. We always get left out.
    And when that doesn’t turn out well, then they could drop those fees.

    Start prioritising, Sony!

  • Arokhantos

    i just hope playstation 4 gets out soon hopefully things will improve after that, i think they been bussy on playstation 4 ever since sony hack.
    Having almost any software developer work on playstation software.

  • What are you? a 9gagger?

  • Caiofmart

    The PSM is not avaliable in my country (Brazil) too, but when i changed my region to US, i have all the games avaliable.

  • LordBattleBeard

    Sony has to ask themselves why a developer would dedicate time and
    resources to their market place when there is already one with a
    substantially bigger audience to target? What does this one offer that
    others do not? The Playstation brand still has some clout with people
    but it doesn’t have the level I think required to push Playstation
    Mobile (as is) on a mass scale.

    Sony should look at investing more of their own time and resources
    before they come to expect it of developers. They should add PS Classics
    currently wasted on the Vita to drum up some initial interest in the
    concept, and obviously they can’t rely on past games forever so they
    should lead by example and launch some new kickass titles themselves.

    I was interested in Playstation Mobile before launch but what I’ve seen thus far does not interest me.

  • jag

    just change the region and you will all have the games you want.

  • jag

    thumbs up to you for understanding. unlike those people who whines and whines like a small kid.

  • Keon Fraites

    I think this is the right move for Sony psm isn’t available in many countries there games are really bad, and it really was just bloat ware on my Xperia S and Z. So moving them to dev support is much better :D on the fact that more work will be to the development and maintainence we’re probably bound to see some improvement in updates :D

  • APai

    it then makes you buy more games , that’s the strategy

  • Billy De Fretes

    I really hope that they will open PlayStation Mobile in indonesia.. It will boost sony smartphone since lots of indonesian people more familiar with PlayStation.

  • GG

    Isnt this the idiot who got ban from XDA?

  • Ryan

    XperiaBlog, here some leak photos of Xperia C C190X. still unknown. Credits to the person who leak this.

    Link :

  • zim star

    Good price! tnks for the article i wish watch the next iphone6 with a good plateforme game :p

  • just change the region

  • Billy De Fretes

    Oh.. Ok

  • Arokhantos
  • Not even close

  • leroy

    Please Sony, enable PSM for The Netherlands.

    We have been waiting for a long time now.

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