Xperia L now on sale in parts of Europe

by XB on 13th May 2013

in Xperia L series

Xperia L GermanyThe Sony Xperia L (C210X) is now available to order via the Sony Mobile Store in several European countries including Germany, Netherlands and Sweden. The Xperia L will set you back €299 in Germany, but includes two Smart Tags in the package. The cost is the same in the Netherlands sans the Smart Tags. In Sweden, the Xperia L costs 2,695 Krona.

We expect it to launch in other European countries imminently too. Stock in the UK is expected on Wednesday 15 May. The Sony Xperia L is an entry-level handset with a 4.3-inch FWVGA (480 x 854) SCHOTT display , 1GHz dual-core processor, Adreno 305 graphics , 1GB RAM , 8GB storage, a 1750mAh battery and 8MP Exmor RS camera.

Xperia L Germany

Thanks @wimpiedb!

  • FlowXT

    No value for the money. You can buy a waterproof phone with a 720p display and a 13.1 MP camera (like the T-01D or F-08D) for a lower price. And Made in Japan, not China! Search for unlocked Docomo phones on eBay, you’ll be surprised with the bargains.

  • boosook

    Too much.

  • This phone is too expensive! 300?!
    Nice phones, I wish Sony would release a high end phone with a fingerprint scanner.
    I would buy a Docomo phone but I hear they are really slow at software updates (could be wrong on this)
    I’ve been waiting better part of a year for my XS update so I suppose it wouldn’t be that much of a change!

  • Lunkz

    Fingerprint Scanner for what?

  • unlocking your phone,
    fingerprint scanner on back of phone,
    10x quicker and more secure than other methods.

  • DrazenDodig

    You can already find it for €260 on… it is already good price.

  • notme

    “Experience professional camera Sony technology in a smartphone”, LOL!
    After all those overprocessed watercolor phone cameras that sounds really threatening…

  • galafix

    Wasn’t this supposed to be on sale with the SP way back March? Oh Sony, they might as well change the definition of “soon”. Not to mention a bit pricey, eh?

    Oh, and I know their ain’t a SCHOTT display, but a cover glass.

  • man who takes bgm with him

    you are right, japan-only phones are a mess on update, and there are little choices for japanese customers, and except sony, apple, samsung, lg, i think these native japanese manufacturers are narrow-minded cowards, so are carriers, i think they are to blame for Galápagos syndrome

  • Alvin

    When it Comes to Indonesia? can’t wait any longer….!

  • pratt

    haha professional camera huh.. yeah right, sony.
    I personally don’t give a rat’s a$$ about smartphone cameras, until they can capture stills and videos like my sony hx20v I wouldn’t bother with them.

  • mars

    available for 324 USD unlocked here in India..

  • FlowXT

    They are slow on updates but they have some of the best technology available, including from Sony. Docomo will unveil a Fujitsu phone with a 4.3 inch WhiteMagic display tomorrow, named F-08E.

  • it’s available in Indonesia for 2,900,000 Ruphia

  • it’s available in Indonesia for 2,900,000 Ruphia

  • Varaug

    Both were announced in March buddy…and the SP was only released about 2 weeks back…A simple search on GSMarena or the like would’ve told you as much…Better start checking your facts “soon” before posting silly remarks. Agreed tis a bit pricy but you pay for the brand.. :/

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