New Sony C6833 model number appears

by XB on 16th May 2013

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Sony C680X Model NumberA couple of new Sony Xperia model numbers have appeared on the Indonesian Postel website. The model numbers in question are C6802 and C6833. This regulatory website has a 100% record of outing the names of new Sony Xperia handsets, so the listing on Postel looks legit and suggests that they will sit higher than the Xperia Z (C660X).

Of course, it is not the first time we have heard of C6802. We first came across this model number back in the middle of February, where it was running Android 4.2 and sporting a 1080p display, identified through a browser benchmark. Given that the first three digits of each model number is the same, we’d expect this to be same model, although we can’t say for sure as we do not know what the fourth digit of the model number stands for. We’ll bring you more news as we have it.

Sony C680X Model Number

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  • SonyFan

    Sony just do this…and you will get your money

    Sony Xperia i1 (thats something which is realizable)

    -5″X-Reality Trilumnios OLED Full HD Display with Mobile Bravia Engine 2

    -2/4 GB Ram DDR3

    -Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2,3Ghz QuadCore with Adreno 330 supports OpenGL 3.0


    -20 Megapixel Camera with Cybershot Technology and G.Objectiv Cybershot, f/1.8, Carl Zeiss Lens, Xenon Flash -all these with the BIONZ picture processing unit

    -Dedicated Walkman audio chip S-Master MX Digital Amplifier

    -Customizeable Sony UI Launcher

    -IP 55/58


    all these in a compact 131 x 70 x 7

  • hayabusa 1300

    another s4 quad and chinese zte got s800 cpu ,,,
    plz sony we want more latest cpu , gpu and screens

  • We’ve seen model number C683X before a couple of month back. The people at Esato believe it to be the Togari phablet.

  • lovebmw

    I can tell from the numbers the excluded… what’s new?

  • The U.S. model number is not posted on an Indonesian site? What gives? :P

  • Lajos Lengyel

    This should be the 6.x” phablet…

  • lovebmw

    Crap, your right. Lol

  • xperiafan

    If sony really releases this phone,than my whole family would surely by one

    Till now all rumoured specs that came out are the same as yours here,except the dimensions,cus i think that it will be 1 cm thick. But if sony can put all these features in a 7-8 mm hardware then everybody is going to get a Xperia phone!

  • Mac

    I actually think the thickness isn’t that important, but 5inch is a bit 2 much. Maybe without bezels it would be just fine but otherwise 4.55 inch is the best. But well, that’s just me tho. But I also want to add a LED illumination bar into the device, would be cool as f*** as no other water resistant phone has it. N oh don’t forget the IR! B-)

  • that’s good if coming true…but no way the thick is 7 mm. i doubt it because how can 3300 mAh batt and camera sensor with 1/1.6 can fit in chasis. At least maybe 1-1.5 cm ( thicker from xperia ZR)

  • AA

    And an IPS panel for display.

  • I’m from indonesia….
    i love my Xperia Acro S…

  • According to rumors, it will be 10mm thick

  • What else is newer than S800?

  • Ashua

    What are you talking about? the S4 dos not have the s800, it has the s600, and the Sony Honami and Togari will have the S800 come IFA in Berlin this year!

  • tossss

  • or Honami

  • SONY Xperia i1 (i-Wan), thats my brother name :v

  • I’m Xperian
  • kurtdean

    SONY won’t use OLED this year. It’s better if they use SHARP IGZO screen

  • DeLorean75

    I was going for that, but now I’m waiting for the Xperia ZR.

  • mint II maybe :v

  • JG

    Damn great!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!

  • noell

    Indonesian loves to leak their documents… as Indonesian, I feel they Should take pictures as well :)

  • “Trilumnios OLED” no need for this, the purpose of triluminos is making the color like oled :)

  • Paul

    He was most likely speaking of Snapdragon S4, not the samsung phone.

  • ShinOrochiX

    Doubt that.

  • HOP103

    OLED from sony is much greater than IGZO.

  • Ashua

    True I guess, sorry for the confusion :)!

  • alvin

    Why don’t wait i1? I bet you think the i1 is to pricey, right??

  • alvin

    I bet he/she think Snapdragon 1000 already came out…

  • alvin

    According to my sources, and combines them, and with my logic,
    The results :
    – C680X = Honami/i1
    – C683X = Togari/Phablet

    And according to naming those are similar, I bet that both two products will have similar specs and features too…

  • DeLorean75

    5″ I’d too big and 20 Mpixels pointless. Optics are far more important than the number of Mpixels.

  • alvin

    Ok! But it’s probably comes with g series cyber shot optics with Carl Zeiss….

  • Peltruquin

    It’s real and it’s coming check the Snapdragon 800 list of phones :)

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