Sony’s IM750 MHL to HDMI Adapter now available in UK for £29.99

by XB on 17th May 2013

in Accessories

Sony IM750 MHL to HDMI adaptorSony’s MHL to HDMI Adapter (IM750) was first spied at the start of the month, but at the time we had no idea on release date or pricing. Well it looks like the IM750 adaptor is now available on Sony Mobile’s UK website for £29.99. We couldn’t find it in stock on other European Sony Mobile webstores at the time of writing.

The adapter allows you to connect your handset directly to a HDMI-enabled television. It also allows you to control the phone using your TV remote, as long as you have a CEC-enabled television. It’s worth noting that a USB charger is not included and you will need this to power the adaptor.

Sony IM750 MHL to HDMI adaptor

  • a bit expensive no? considering you’ll have to buy a usb charger separately. thank God.for dlna

  • Hugo

    Whats the use of this? I can already do this on my xperia s with a single cable

  • Kaostheory

    Didn’t you get a charger with your phone?

  • xperiasl

    xperia sl updated to 4.1.2 in germany

  • yogi

    u fucker no update at all officially

  • APai

    must be expensive science, that.

  • dude

    Yep…no update whatsoever….
    fucker indeed

  • looking at the design of the charger doubt the phone charger will work. it has a usb connection. not micro usb. at least that’s what it looks like
    edit: I guess the charger will work provided you have. my bad it’s a micro usb port

  • And there’s a good reason this didn’t come in the box with the Xperia T last year? Considering all the bugs it has suffered from (especially post Jelly Bean) this should be offered free to us.

  • Harharichigar

    My thoughts exactly!

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  • It’s also available in Germany in the next days. I knows this because I’am working for a big German reseller called “Expert”….

  • Kaostheory

    You experiencing sod on your T? I have to reset at least a couple of times a week.

  • Kaostheory

    Bought the fosmon for $15 including the hdmi cable.

  • imparanoic

    Dk21dock for xperia t does same . I have tx with dk22, cec tv remote controlling the phone is great

  • Babylonbwoy

    Last Xperia’s doesn’t have a micro HDMI port, only MHL and Sony didn’t include the HDMI cable in the box.

  • thanks for that. i will look into it myself :)

  • Quentin Fagan

    actually, it looks almost identical to an adapter that i’ve been using already and it IS micro usb (it seems they all have micro usb for obvious reasons ;) so you should already have at least one cable.
    also: most tv’s have some usb port for either maintenance or similar which can be used as the power source, so no extra charger needed, just the usb->micro usb cable, this adapter und a hdmi cable.

  • Matt

    The budget £4 MHL connectors for the Galaxy S2 work perfectly with the Z1 and no doubt earlier Sonys

  • imparanoic

    but it has no cec compatible mode, ie, control tablet/phone with TV remote, thus, use as media player, surf net, control entire phone without leaving your sofa, only IM750 can do this

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