Charging Dock DK28 for Xperia ZR

by XB on 18/05/2013

in Accessories, Xperia ZR

Charging Dock DK28_6The upcoming Sony Xperia ZR (C550X) will be getting its own charging dock. The Charging Dock DK28 follows in the footsteps of the DK26 charging dock for the Xperia Z and provides an easy way to charge the device without the need to open fiddly USB port covers.

What we would like to see though is a dock with HDMI functionality, much like the TV Dock for the Xperia T and Xperia TX. This would be eminently more useful to consumers rather than creating separate accessories such as this USB charging dock and the MHL to HDMI (IM750) adaptor that recently went on sale.

Charging Dock DK28 for Xperia AR

Charging Dock DK28 for Xperia AR

Charging Dock DK28 for Xperia AR

Charging Dock DK28 for Xperia AR

Charging Dock DK28 for Xperia AR

Charging Dock DK28 for Xperia AR

  • Cheng

    nice~~ now if Honami also has its own charging dock with sexier design than Z, then im sold..even if it costs 900+ USD (6000 RMB)…

  • raxeteroflondon

    Eminently, not imminently…if only such a product release were imminent!

  • raxeteroflondon

    ‘the best of Sony in a charging dock’?

  • Rene Pedroso

    I think they are pushing the ”One Touch” functionality.

  • dacha

    I’ve read on some swedish sites that DK26 will not charge XZ if connected to computer usb.

  • XperiaBlog


  • raxeteroflondon

    No worries, XB ;)

  • paska

    sony uses bad panels in phone 33% are made in china other is Sharp and sony

  • XperiaFan

    i want a dock like the Xperia Ion dock, with 2 usb, hdmi and charger :D

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Transparent navigation bar.

  • Babylonbwoy

    That’s the case with the XZ dock, was dispointed to not being able to charge it vias usb…

  • MyLive

    Do you mean looks better when position on portrait? Should be eliminated when in landscape IMHO..

  • Camilo Uribe

    Works with Xperia Z ?

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Should be Semi transparent all the time. x) also the notification bar!

  • Mahinthan So

    I will buy this if this comes with out removable micro usb cable..
    My co workers are stealing my cables. I will end up with just dock like a stand

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