Xperia UL announced for AU by KDDI in Japan; 5-inch 1080p display, IP58 water resistance; quad-core chipset

by XB on 20th May 2013

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Xperia UL_Press_14Sony Mobile Japan has announced the Xperia UL (SOL22) for Japanese operator AU by KDDI. The handset shares much of its looks with the Xperia A (SO-04E) on NTT DoCoMo. However, the Xperia UL sports a larger display, coming in at 5-inches with 1080p resolution versus the 4.6-inch 720p display of the Xperia A.

Apart from the display, much of the rest of the specs are identical including IP55/IP58 dust and water resistance, a 1.5GHz quad-core chipset (APQ8064), 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage (the Xperia A has 32GB), a 2300mAh battery, 13.1MP Exmor RS sensor with dedicated camera button and VGA front-facing camera.

Other features include Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, LTE, micro SD support, One-Seg and infrared sensor. In terms of dimensions, the Xperia UL measures 135 x 71 x 10.5 mm and weighs 145g. The Sony Xperia UL will be available in three colours (black, white and pink) and launches on Saturday 25 May via AU by KDDI.

Xperia UL promo videos

Xperia UL press photos

Xperia UL Schematic

Xperia UL_Press_1

Xperia UL_Press_2

Xperia UL_Press_3

Xperia UL_Press_4

Xperia UL_Press_5

Xperia UL_Press_6

Xperia UL_Press_7

Xperia UL_Press_8

Xperia UL_Press_9

Xperia UL_Press_10

Xperia UL_Press_11

Xperia UL_Press_12

Xperia UL_Press_13

Xperia UL_Press_14

Xperia UL_Press_15

Xperia UL_Press_16

Xperia UL_Press_17

Xperia UL_Press_18

Xperia UL_Press_19

Via Sony Mobile Japan.

Thanks Ali, Gavin and Skyend!

  • jhjda

    I was ready to say. “yet another Xperia”… But this phone looks AMAZING!

  • very nice

  • nlf

    this phone only for japan au?no internation version

  • John-Mark Christmas

    The front looks real sweet with that Notification light.

  • what are that camera functions? :O love it!

  • Dudeman

    Whatever happened to the rumoured Mediatek processor Xperia? :O

  • Marco Sobrevilla

    I wish they would make a 32GB version for the Europe/Western market.

  • Ali Alkhazal

    yet another Xperia. Nothing actually new :(

  • Ali Alkhazal

    I really want to meet the guy who is making the names of those Xperia Phones -_-

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  • When I read “AU”, I thought Australia. Now I am sad. :c

  • Max

    This phone with S600 at 1.9GHz, a slightly larger battery and 32GB would easily be the best phone on the market. I would honestly rather have this phone than whatever is rumoured for the second half of the year.

  • GeeKLoRD

    Its just an Xperia Z without the glass case OR a ZL with a camera button! -__-

  • xperiafan

    When xperia ion get jellybean update?

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    The Sony S39h or C3 could be the one and possibly for the Chinese Market.

  • Oh come on too many phones, im confused already, the Question is why?

  • Ashli

    VGA front camera became to a fuckin feature;P

  • Dean

    Too many Xperia phones released that look the same with the same features I’m selling my xperia Z coz of. If shit batterv life I bought a galaxy note 2 its way better

  • this is only for japan. and what about samsung ???? using same design for all their smartphone .. samsung release more phone than sony but people always saying sony release to much

  • really? do you really have xperia Z? my xperia z always charging every 11 pm with line, whatsapp, gmail, yahoo, outlook, watch movie when i was on the train , non stop music, real racing and lots of things i do with my xperia z.

  • to many phones? those are for japan only. samsung release more than sony, galaxy fame, grand, mega 5.8 and 6.3, s4,galaxy core,note 8,galaxy win, xcover, pocket, rex

  • That bigger 5″ higher 1080p resolution screen will take much more of a toll on battery life than the Xperia ZR with it’s 4.6 720p version.
    I’m not disappointed at all about no international release,not worth the trade off in my opinion.
    I’d take better battery life anyday.
    Xperia ZR with an extended battery of 3,000+ mah would be a power users dream, the phone will probably have a pretty good battery life to begin with anyway.
    next global 5 inch phone from Sony will blow this out of the water, we just have to wait a couple months………

  • workOnS4

    I agree with you that Sams#it releases more phone but the thing is Samdung provides quick updates and sony doesn’t.. that’s why people say- if you are releasing more phones then maintain support/update pace also.

  • Ziich

    it stil does not change the fact that they release way too many phones with not much difference between them when it come to updates and support we will be the ones to pay

  • because less difference between xperia it makes easier for developer to maintain update. xperia z, zl,zr, ul using same snapdragon and same amount of ram, so when update available , all device will be update in same time.
    it’s like newborn company for sony since they acquired all ericsson shares and until this day, they doing well.

  • Try to count all of Samsung’s, Motorola’s, LG’s, HTC’s carrier variant then you’ll so who have too many phones

  • We don’t care what Shitsung does! We expect better from Sony.

  • When it’s release in Japan, its not Sony who’s going to update the phone, its the carrier. It’s always been like that. Xperia GX and SX for example, its still on ICS.

  • lovebmw

    well, it’s got a camera button

  • It’s a step backwards with vga but the front facing camera is one of the least used features on phones these days, not that big of an issue.
    I almost never use it, only once or twice ever.

  • What’s ‘real racing’? You sit on your phone and your mother gives you a push..obviously that won’t use up the battery at all.

  • lovebmw

    i will wwait for the I1

  • Owned

    Burn you mother father! Lol!

  • Lunkz

    It’s a nice phone, but I don’t like the back of it.

  • Rotha

    VGA front facing camera again!!! with high-end devices?? I don’t know where was the idea come from!!!!

  • Probably the same people who name the Vaio laptops

  • arkantos – troll

    well where is Arkhantos? the sammy boy havent seen his comment yet ,.. :p

  • Ziich

    they all make too many and it is unnecessary when a lot of them are the similar. i don’t mind if they are different but these phones are all too similar. two wrongs do not make a right. just coz others do it does not make it alright.

  • Ziich

    ok why would i buy the ul over the z or zl? it is essentially the same as the z with a vga camera, dedicated camera button and a plastic back.
    what does it offer that the others do not?
    i understand the the z/zl are the high end phones and the l/p midrange
    but where does this fit?

  • rus_media

    Samsung can handle these much phones

  • rus_media

    Obviously from Japan. They can read at least A,B,C,D’s :P

  • f

    No. Xperia SX and GX’s JB is ready.
    Check the Bluetooth certification.

  • Xyor

    You shouldn’t, and you can’t. It’s for au customers.

  • afzal

    Samsung provide fast update due to less make over to makes. Have u seen major different between galaxy ics n jb ?

  • Coollead

    It fits in the “CDMA Phone for the number 3 carrier in Japan” and will not be released anywhere else outside of Japan. Why does that affect you?

  • Coollead

    GX and SX’s Jelly Bean update has already been announced. It’s coming soon.

  • Ziich

    so why not release an xperia z/zl with cdma support?

  • Coollead

    Because neither of them have Japan-specific features. The Japanese Z has the features it needs, but I’m sure AU wanted a non-glass backed phone to offer.

  • This will hardly take any extra recourses to support since it’s basically the same hardware as the Z and the ZL.
    Don’t worry about the amount of phones. Only worry about the amount of different chipsets used.

  • Danzel15

    Not really my cup of tea… I’m more interested for the Sony Honami phone.. Definitely gonna buy it just for the walkman audio chip as I’m a hardcore w-series fan during the ericsson era…

  • Ali Alkhazal

    You are kidding me right? Samsung have much more software integrated features than Sony even of the device have not change since GS3 but it gets updates and more features than what Sony would give. Sony does even have a phone with all of its features combined they always release more than one phone and each has one or two features and the other don’t why did not Sony include it own features on 1 phone?

  • Ali Alkhazal

    BTW, I am Sony Fan and I have been using Sony phones since the Satio and I’m still using it’s own phones even though all of them have not got supported for more than 5 month after their release.

  • same spec, same price, same quality, same market, but diferent case… Diferent name (same ugly name UL, ZL, ZR, Bla…dan bla…bla… ABCDEFTJKHASUGFGEYBF) :v


  • Ziich

    and the japanese zl?

  • afzal

    Fyi iam using sony before it become sony ericsson. If you talking about samsung flagship sony does the same thing to provide a new update and enhanced their entire user xperiance. Upgrading from gb to ics and currently jb you can notice every major update brings more fetures. Keep up with the os num without making totally new user xperiance is a huge leaked of samsung flagship. The different will be noticed on each samsung update are to small. Your can search in youtube and see the different ics to jb upgrade for galaxy note. On the other hands sony brings new layout ui, switching they camera to superior mode, upgrading bravia to bravia 2. You can google it up the changes sony mades starting gb – ics – jb Samsung are doing the same thing abandon old device to recieve latest os update just like what sony did. Its all bizz idealogy. Do you want to give a free updates or you want people buying a new and latest device? Sony already provide a very huge support for 2011 line up. But sadly it will be no higher os then ics for xperia 2011. Some people will get mad but some people will move foward cause nowdays people using they smartphone based on their contract before purchasing a new device. Nokia also do the same footstep announcing officially no more symbian updates. Even out there still lots of people using symbian phone. Dont get confius between os update and apps update ( fix error etc )

  • afzal

    Samsung already follow sony trend releasing galaxy s4 with different spec not all in one device.

    – Galaxy s4 octa eynos
    – galaxy s4 snapdragon
    – galaxy s4 zoom
    – Galaxy s4 mini
    – galaxy s4 active

  • daniel

    Who told you that this a high end device? Its a mid range device. Just like xperia v.

  • AA

    Too many similar phones. I don’t think Japanese market buys that strategy too.

  • ShubhsUK

    It’s because Samsung are much bigger than Sony or more specifically Sony Mobile which employ only 7,500 employees globally thus the slow updates in comparison to Samsung who use cheap materials to make cheap phones which they sell for high prices.

  • ShubhsUK

    so you seriously don’t take pictures of yourself, use it for skype or something else important?

  • ShubhsUK

    then why do people rant about Samsung giving quicker and better updates than Sony, the problem isn’t with Sony it’s with the Android ecosystem which is fragmented. That’s why Google IO this year was focused on developers rather than new devices and/or Android 4.3-5.0.

  • ShubhsUK


  • Roy

    I really don’t get Sony’s approach anymore. How’s this phone different from the ZL except for minor details? Is Sony trying to beat the competition by repetition? Granted, it’s a top notch device, but still I’d rather have just Z/ZL (for high ends) and full support for both until Honami comes out and I have to sell the other lung to get mine. Breathing? Eh, who needs it anyways when you can have triluminous + Carl Zeiss xD

  • hamboy

    Why would you take pictures of yourself?

  • Roy

    I feel like I’m hearing of a new Sony launch every month now, regardless of the fact that they are not all global launches and most of these variations will only see Asian markets.

    Here’s my idea: A double-sided Screen phone! Imagine if the Glass back on my Z were also a Screen :O How cool would that be? I can’t think of a practical use for it, nor I think it would be good for battery, but I want it!! Sony should launch that!

  • zam

    Samsung Galaxy S4 (octo)
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Active
    Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8
    Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
    Samsung Galaxy Win
    Samsung Galaxy Star
    Samsung Galaxy Fame
    Samsung Galaxy Ace
    Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
    Samsung Galaxy S3 International
    Samsung Galaxy S3 US versions
    Samsung Galaxy S2 ( lots and lots of versions)
    Samsung Galaxy S
    Samsung Galaxy Grand
    Samsung Galaxy Grand (korean version)
    Samsung Galaxy S Advance
    Samsung Galaxy Note
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2
    And many more phones that Samsungs employees can’t even name

    PS- all samshit phones r exactly d same. normal eye cannot differentiate between thm !!

  • raj

    good phone but runs outdated operating system

  • Roy

    I never really payed any attention to it, but now that you’ve listed it out for us, I agree. Samsung really does have a massive line-up as well. What I find a bit sad is the fact that Sony’s made lots of phones but very different in what they can do and who they catered for, they had personality. Think about the Arc (my old phone), it was for looks driven people, whereas the Play was for gamers. I don’t know who the Neo was for, It was so ugly. >.<
    There was the active for active people… and so forth..
    The 2012 line-up was odd with that bottom part. Odd good? Odd bad? I don't know yet, still deliberating on that.
    This new line up just looks the same thing on different sizes (with some exceptions).
    There's a silver lining though, the Z is a design bull-eye.

  • FlowXT

    Doubt the display here is improved given how washed out it looks next to HTC One

  • Skype on my phone would be a last resort, most people don’t want to see the person on the other end of the phone anyway, Video calling on phones never really took off to a huge degree even though nearly all mid level and higher phones have a front facing camera.
    Only camera I care about it is the main camera, front facing one is an after thought.

  • I mean instead of making too many phones, they should focus on updates because they are unbelievably slow and that make a bad name of Sony

  • Dean

    Yes I do have an xperia z it uses lots of battery browsing the web and takes shit photos in low light using my galaxy note 2 now with s pen to write this lol

  • jag

    It looks like the upgraded version of SX? It does seem look like it

  • afzal

    Easy… It depend on your own tested. :-) but currently ul mades for japan only. UL were are mid range device. I found that all midrange device from sony will had 8gb storage, vga front cam. Different with they high end and flagship offering 16gb storage and front 1.9mp++ cam. :-)

  • You forgot the S3 Mini and S3 Mini Le Fleur

  • Julio Spinoza

    as far I know, only phones with android and other SO than W8

    Serie Galaxy.
    core, tab 3,mega 5.8, mega 6.3, win, star, pocket neo, s4, note 8.0, discover s730g, young, fame, express, xcover, S2 plus, note 10.1, S4

    rex 60, rex 70, rex 80,rex90, s275g, Duos, e3309

    Galaxy S4: Active, zoom, mini
    Galaxy note 3

    samsung is releasing a lot of smartphones, tablets, phablets with or without android, to date, they have released 20 phones, aprox one per week, this is only in 2013, all are different models with different specs and all of them are just the same desing

  • Julio Spinoza

    And I did not mention that all those phones have a lot of different names and specs according to the market, and that is because the Exynos does not support LTE and is very difficult to develope roms and mods




    SONY making bad decisions COUPLE YEARS IN ROW :D

  • Gitarooman

    yeah, this is ZL for the JP market……….

  • Yeah, but this is 2013! VGA front cam?? FFuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUU!!!

  • I was ok with the 8gb internal of the ZR., but the VGA front cam??!! ugh!

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Actually, ZR.

  • KIki

    Will it be released in other countries?

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