Xperia Tablet Z sold out across Europe

by XB on 21st May 2013

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Xperia Tablet Z sold outSony Mobile yesterday announced that the Xperia Tablet Z was available worldwide. This is not strictly true as it is still on pre-order in a number of regions such as the US, where it will go on sale towards the end of the week.

However, the Xperia Tablet Z was available in many regions across Europe, but now appears to have sold out, at least for the Wi-Fi models. This is perhaps no surprise as Sony confirmed it had “received the largest number of pre-orders of any Sony tablet to date.

The stock situation varies across regions. In the UK, both 16GB and 32GB Wi-Fi SKUs are sold out with no option to order at all. People in the UK that pre-ordered from the Sony Store website have started to receive their units today. The only country that has stock of all Wi-Fi models is Spain, whilst Italy has stock of the 16GB Wi-Fi SKU. See the stock situation across the main European markets below.

If you have received your Xperia Tablet Z, we’d love to hear your initial impressions below.

Xperia Tablet Z sold out

Xperia Tablet Z European availability for Wi-Fi models

Belgium – Delivery time: 2 to 3 weeks

Denmark – Available from the end of May

Finland – Available from the end of May

France – Available early June

Germany – Available from the end of May

Italy – 16GB in stock; 32GB SKU delivered in 2 to 3 weeks

Netherlands – Delivery time: 2 to 3 weeks

Norway – Available from the end of May

Portugal – Unavailable

Spain – In Stock

Sweden – Available from the end of May

Switzerland – Available from the end of May

UK – Out of stock

  • Ani

    wow defnitely super device

  • The pathetic cluelessness continues lol. Can you imagine stores not having ten different kinds of Walkman in stock in the 1990s.

  • K

    just received mine today. Xperia Tablet Z – White 32 gb (from The Netherland)

  • Not yet available in the Philippines… waiting…

  • wow dats a good news……they’ll have more jobs on there hands right now

  • Seriously?!?! If something is out of stock, people usually buy a different product…that’s a lot of potential customers Sony is losing.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Com’on SONY don’t tell us that demand is soooo huge – say that its because of low inventory !!

  • Just waiting for mine to arrive. Easily the best tablet on the market. If Sony market this right could be a sure fire hit. They also need to release it in the USA asap! A smaller 8″ version would be amazing!

  • What’s it like? Post your first impressions

  • Arokhantos

    Hope Sony does’t screw up like last time being forced to recall a lot of products due manufacturing issues, like the splash proofing issues xperia tablet s had.

  • P.S

    Received my device this morning. Absolutely stunning, the best tablet on the market. One very happy Xperia Tablet Z customer.

  • K

    First of all, this is my first tablet.(i have played with the galaxy tab 2 and iPad 3 before)
    My first impressions is the tablet looks really good, very thin and low weight, it hold nice in your hands. The battery life is actually pretty good (maybe not the best) but i’m satisfied so far. unlike the Xperia Z, the Tablet Z is ps3 controller ready. There is really not much to complain about this tablet.

    in short awesome tablet :)

  • goldenblls

    It’d better not have. I was hoping to get mine next week, the buggers.

  • goldenblls

    What version did you get?

  • yclept xperia z

    Xperia nonsmokers

  • m sacha

    weird logic there? im in new zealand and just cannot wait for june the 6th, thats when it releases here, if it happens to sell out before i manage to get mine, i wont then go buy a samsung galaxy tab or something else, haha… This is good for Sony!!

  • Psykhe

    The very fact it sold out so fast is a good indicator that people are willing to wait for this one. It got announced around 5 months ago. If people weren’t willing to wait they wouldn’t have bought it in the first place.

  • Got mine today UK 32WiFi fantastic tablet got charging stand looks great as well and saves mucking with flaps.

  • P.S


  • Thanks!
    What did you think of the screen? Colours,contrast and viewing angles etc???

  • cyleo

    I received it today, 16 GB version (no 4G). I’m happy enough to have received the Xperia Z also a couple of months ago and it’s a very nice couple. The screen is absolutly stunning, very sharp and crisp with good viewing angles (not like the Xperia Z). And it’s so thin and light, this is honestly the way to go for 10″ tablets from now on. It’s as snappy as you would expect based on the specs, and it delivers. Just as fast as the Xperia Z (which is plenty fast). The IR blaster is also a very nice feature, it can substitute the more simpler Harmony devices as it has macro support. Also, the Tablet Z has build-in DualShock 3 support, so happy gaming ;) So far a happy customer.

  • Lordblacksuca

    I got mine today, from Japan. It is really AWESOME. very fast, and most important, very nice looking!!!

  • jag

    I want to buy too. Getting so envious with the others who have it.

  • I think mine is on the way. Been saying for ages its the best tablet out there!

  • Guido

    The tablet is a good one, just like their smartphone, the Sony Xperia Z

  • Update about Italy:

    the 16 GB Wifi version is actually Out of Stock

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  • Rob

    For people specifically wanting an Xperia Tablet Z I guess its like your situation. But if its just someone that wants to buy a tablet, any tablet, Sony probably lose a costomer

  • matt

    Got mine yesterday afternoon. Its the most beautiful gadget ever. amazing screen and incredibly thin!! So much better than iPad!

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