Sony Mobile Xperia S support page lists 6.2.A.0.200 Jelly Bean firmware

by XB on 22nd May 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia S

Xperia S JBThe official Sony Mobile support page for the Xperia S has just listed the latest available software as version number 6.2.A.0.200. We understand that the 6.2.X.X.XXX release relates to the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update.

The release date for this firmware is listed as 24 April, which must be a mistake but could be inferring to a 24 May release? Interestingly, the firmware build is different to the one that hit the PTCRB recently (6.2.B.0.200). Hopefully, we hope to hear soon which one is right.

Xperia S JB

Thanks Aaron and Sekhargreen!

  • Alex

    I notice the bit underneath it still hasn’t been updated from the ICS feature set though. Could it be they’ve updated the wrong page?

  • I’m keeping my fingers crossed for releasing on May 24!

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Finally Xperia S will get JB update – hope they offer bug free updates !!

  • xMelBurNx

    Im tired to hear more lies. im waiting from March the jelly bean, and i heard from Sony xperia Rusia that it will be relased at end of June.My question is not when jb for XS.My question is i can still trust to Sony?

  • schickel


  • Ron

    Have Sony confirmed this will be the last update for the Xperia S? Or can we expect 4.2? ;) I remember them saying 2.1 was the final update for the X10 but then they surprised us all with GB

  • Sony Hater

    what they are doing is shoving something half baked in there to shut us up. they shouldn’t have done in the first place promised us a frimware update to keep us waiting since they never did intend to give us an update.

  • EMRE


  • what a confusion of build numbers!
    what about the other with a G, i guess….?

  • Ram

    I guess the guy maintaining the Support Page is also a fed up Xperia S owner ;) venting his frustration in this manner… :D

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim


    Update: Dmitry has been in touch with us to clarify the
    comments made. He wanted to emphasise that his comments were based on
    personal opinion rather than receiving any official word from Sony
    Mobile Russia. Sony Mobile has officially talked about a late May
    release for the Xperia S Jelly Bean release and we have no reason to
    believe there will be any further delay at this stage.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Just putting this here if you’re a bit outdated.

    Update: Dmitry has been in touch with us to clarify the
    comments made. He wanted to emphasise that his comments were based on
    personal opinion rather than receiving any official word from Sony
    Mobile Russia. Sony Mobile has officially talked about a late May
    release for the Xperia S Jelly Bean release and we have no reason to
    believe there will be any further delay at this stage.

  • I think it’s our friend Dmitry up to his tricks again! Poor S owners…they never stood a chance

  • r0

    I am afraid but if the final firmware number is .200 then I’m quite sure that we will not see Stamina Mode – just Extended Battery :/

  • because of a online petition

  • Bro look closely. It says April 24!

  • sadxperia

    I sold my xperia s, bought LG Nexus 4, using JB 4.2.2. U will never regret buying Nexus.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim


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  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    For the people who are outdated with the last thread regarding to this.

    Update: Dmitry has been in touch with us to clarify the
    comments made. He wanted to emphasise that his comments were based on
    personal opinion rather than receiving any official word from Sony
    Mobile Russia. Sony Mobile has officially talked about a late May
    release for the Xperia S Jelly Bean release and we have no reason to
    believe there will be any further delay at this stage.

    So the update will still be in May.
    But damn Sony get your shit together.

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  • AMG38

    i was so fucked up with that XS; Yellow tint Display, very laggy UI on ICS and several bugs, so i bought an XZ ~2 Month ago. Sony promised that JB 4.2.2 would arrive very very soon after releasing, but it wasn’t important for me, BUT THEN

    i unpacked it, turned it on and saw that AWESOME viewing angle /irony off
    and i thougt “God, please, another Display issue ? I already had that yellow tint display on XS and the viewing angle was not good too.. Please, WHY ?

    A few days later, my phone suddenly went to death. It was that sod bug, but fortunately a fix came.

    After shooting many Photos, i compared it with the XS ones and thought:
    “WTF ? It has an 13MP Exmor RS Sensor and why the hell are these pics so bad ?”

    Now 2 months later,
    – the pictures are still not as good as XS’
    – there’s still no 4.2.2 Update for XZ
    – there’s still no 4.1.2 Update for XS

    Do you know what i think ? FU Sony Mobile.
    Buy Sony TVs, buy Sony Players, buy Sony Consoles, buy Sony headphones BUT NEVER BUY SONY SMARTPHONES. (they’re looking good, but that doesn’t matter for me any more)

    Greetz from Germany, sry for that strange english.

  • 2 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Acro fed up S user

    wtf? wat about Xperia Acro S?

  • Update: Dmitry has been fired.

  • Jens

    Would be a nice birthday present :b

  • ProWeirdo

    Don’t be so sure! It was postponed more than 3 times!

  • raj

    the page clearly shows that sony deliberately push the update to end of may so the customers (us xperia s owner) will have to buy xperia z to enjoy jelly bean in sony phone- thanks to person who made this comment on this blog.

  • Kris

    Anzilleo: We have read your comment, so its not necessary to post it again and again and again. You and Dmitry suck badly :D

  • Juanval-lt26ii

    And for the Xperia SL? When?

  • burrq

    one wise opinion sir, deserve my use dirty marketing

  • Carljn

    Postponed? No. And no promises are made. Sony, and all other OEMs for that matter, are just giving us ETAs. That’s estimations. No precise science and therefore it is subject to change.

  • poop

    No reason to belive? Are you aware of Sonys track record?

  • stuie

    dude, if you read the article it says
    “The release date for this firmware is listed as 24 April, which must be a mistake but could be inferring to a 24 May release?”

    im guessing thats why he says may 24th ;) so BRO, you look closely!

  • azzido

    I found a bug in a date. It should be April 1 when it comes to JB update for XS. The same comes to so called ‘fast update to 4.2.2’ for Xperia Z :/

  • lame

    look closely before you ask others to do so.

  • You know what? It’s completely different update just for some chosen people and has nothing to do with actual JB. Who knows?

  • AA

    That’s deceiving. (I’m talking about Sony’s webpage)

  • Adam

    There is definitely a mistake in the date. The month is correct, however, and the year is confused. It is 2014 instead of 2013.

  • Ali Alkhazal

    are you serious?

  • SonyFan

    u mean the month…
    because it is 2013-04-24

  • Ali Alkhazal

    I found that I’m only Fan to Sony Computer Entertainment. Sony Mobile is piece of shit.

  • Ali Alkhazal

    Xperia V,T,TX does not have stamina mode and Xperia S wont have either

  • ProWeirdo

    They clearly gave the dates. I would even excuse Sony, if they would declare later, but real date.

  • Do I run Sony?

  • GeeKLoRD


  • Lumia

    Jelly Bean for Xperia S doesnt matter to me anymore, im bying a Nokia Lumia 925 when they arrive here in sweden..

  • Mac

    Wait for Honami instead. I mean why win phone?

  • Dude

    No….not 2 days.More like 20 days percisely!

  • Abdulrahman Yousef

    He is joking !

  • Abdulrahman Yousef

    Is it good ?

  • Shai Nagy

    Yes,I wrote it a month ago,sad but true…

  • Lucian

    Basically it was never postponed. Date for xperia S was never announced by sony. The only time they gave it officially was at rollout for xperia P when they said that XS will get it end of May.

  • Lucian

    When they gave dates? I really can’t remember when they gave us date for xperia S.

  • Lucian

    If Qualcomm will be nice enough to give drivers it can happen

  • The Xperia P, Sola and E dual got Battery Stamina Mode. I hope that the S, SL, Ion and Acro S have it too! (Sony Xperia Ion HSPA+ owner here)

  • Lucian

    It is certified by PTCRB so there shouldn’t be any delay

  • Lucian

    But it’s good, it’s like having a new phone ;) And I’m talking about leaked version so when it officially comes it will be even better :)

  • You and Dmitry should get a room…after he’s finished with Fawwaz, of course…or rather after Fawwaz has finished with him!

  • Lucian

    I really don’t know what Sony’s employees are doing.. Remember last month when all of contact support was saying that JB is already out?

  • Lucian

    Sorry, I love nexus 4’s design and software and it works like a charm (really fast) but camera quality is really bad, at least for me..

  • raj


  • Otavio Mazzoni

    All my apps just updated. Is that a signal?

  • raj

    yes it very sad…made me think of not buying sony phone in future just waiting for my contract to over

  • Jv Sykes

    Well, Am waiting for the ”Honami”
    I think it shall be the best ever

  • Arokhantos

    I’m guessing petition to get the update for X10 ?

  • Juraj Chahine

    they actually said that updates for the rest of the phones (S, and others) should be in mid april .. it was the official JB update schedule from sony

  • Lucian

    No, they only said that XP will get it from end of March and XS in subsequent weeks so actual mid april was never stated by Sony. And this info was given on december 2012.

  • ProWeirdo

    Not exact dates, but about like “end of May” [15/05/2013-31/05/2013] , “beggining of April” [01/04/2013-15/04/2013]. I would discuss more and more, but I see no point of it because all the fanboys protecting Sony all the time no matter what happens show their frustration by disliking anything I wrote.

  • Lucian

    The only info regarding xperia S update was: xperia P will get update from end of March and xperia S will follow in subsequent weeks. So this means nothing that is sure, subsequent weeks might be one, two or 10 for some.

    I’m just saying that they never stated anything sure about XS it was like they were really hardly trying to NOT say anything too sure about update. The only thing they said directly for XS was the latest update on blog and this was end of may..

    So XP got delayed but XS basically didn’t..

  • I’m still waiting for that awesome moment when I open this site and read that the update is rolling out now.

  • The Loyalist

    According to my sources after 4.1.2 it’s EOL for XS, only eventual bug fixes.

  • Love the optimism!! …….

  • whai

    If they can’t copy the release date down correctly I have no confidence in the quality of their software. Imbeciles.

  • ProWeirdo

    Maybe. I remember something like “Xperia P will get Jelly Bean in… following that, Xperia S update (&few other) will rollout at the beggining of April.

  • No it just takes longer to fire up the wifi/3G connection from sleep. Doesn’t close apps or anything useful.

  • Lucian

    This you mean?

    “First up, the upgrade plans* for Xperia T, Xperia TX and Xperia V are progressing as planned – these smartphones will start to receive Jelly Bean during February and March.
    Next up, Xperia P, Xperia J and Xperia go will be upgraded from the end of March. Then Xperia S, Xperia SL, Xperia ion and Xperia acro S will follow in the subsequent weeks.”

  • Hey XB, you should do a poll “are you happy with Sony Mobile’s record of software updating”? Maybe also a follow-up one of whether people will switch from Sony because of their poor show..personally I’m in two minds (after all every manufacturer has its downsides) so it would be good to get some scientific feedback from fellow XB devotees.

  • In igual aparece como 24 de Abril

  • they already did some weeks ago. Just search for it! )

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  • Provide a link or go away..useless idiot

  • “So just go away”. What are you, 5?

  • just go away lol!!!!

  • go a head body…

    god will be with ya…

    and every customer boycott sony , it’s a true victory for us !

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    Hopefully, ion soon! :)

  • Ali Alkhazal

    Stop making rumors them

  • xtar

    You are wrong. I have Xperia Z with me. It’s very useful. It closes most apps and connection when my phone is sleep/locked. It helps. XZ very fast in connecting the wifi, so it’s not a problem.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Glad to know.

  • davo77

    There is an app in play that gives all ‘snapdragon’ processor phones “stamina” like battery life called ‘Snapdragon™ BatteryGuru’ look it up

  • aligamz

    God…not even Sony knows the release date of the update. What a bunch of clowns, this “One Sony” initiative is a fraud.

  • Beatriz Cruz

    I think that april 24th date means that SINCE april the JB update is functional… the mother of questios remainds: WHY havent they released it yet?

  • Someone post info on sonymobile official forum about his talk with customer service regarding jelly bean update. “from the end of June UP UNTIL SEPTEMBER”!

  • Dmitry from Sony

    Release date: 2013-04-24 WTF is that ?

    They cheating them self or something ?

  • Dmitry from Sony

    End of June!
    Slogan must be changed

    SONY make, believe, soon

  • So all this time we waited only for this 6.0.A.0.200? Late april release? You must be joking Sony…shame on u sony

  • Augusta

    the 6.2.A.0.200 firmware means its an Alpha release and ready to be download instead of (6.2.B.0.200) it was Beta released. so please stop whinning and complaining, actually it aint makes you smarter using READ this “we will get JB soonest and very less Bug issues”. its delaying because they we’re working on it to make this firmware stable and perfect. cheers!

  • Augusta

    the 6.2.A.0.200 firmware means its an Alpha release and soon to be ready to be download, instead of (6.2.B.0.200) it was Beta released. so please stop whinning and complaining, actually it aint makes you smarter using READ this “we will get JB soonest and very less Bug issues”. its delaying because they we’re working on it to make this firmware stable and perfect. cheers!

    Note: the Xperia P JB firmware currently 6.2.A.0.400 and has been released. see! you guys understand right.

  • Vikas Meena

    Its by mistake and actual date is 2014-04-24


  • rickiking

    Obviously it’s not April 24. It’s probably May 24, but it could also be June 24 or July 24. :(

  • Kk

    I won’t. Sorry. I love Sony.

  • Akshay

    Was a BB user before I bought the Xperia SL. My first ever Android phone. I was going to buy the Galaxy S3. It was just 5000 RS more expensive here in India. Made the biggest mistake by buying the xSL. First & last Sony for me. My sister who just bought the Galaxy S4 was buying the XZ. I stopped her. Tbh I kind of feel proud xD.

    Come with the update Sony.

  • Exactly What I felt when I bought the Xray and then the XS. :( But I’m still buying Sony mobile cause they are the only one that offer beautiful looking phones.

  • Mac

    If we don’t see the rollout by the end of may. Then I’m afraid GTA V will be available before this! Just lame Sony c’mon

  • Rob

    Yes, because surely its the same people running the site that are coding the software for the phones..

  • chris

    Stamina Mode is s**t I have it on my Xperia P an does nothing, JB on Xperia P is very buggy, photos not showing in Album

  • Xperiasuser

    yeah update available in UK

  • Phobius

    You mean to say that XZ runs Alpha also? Heck maybe most phones run on Alpha?

    XZ -> 10.1.1.A.1.253

    ^ I do think you need to reevaluate what you believe to be true, as it seems this is simply just a version numbering containing alphabetic letters. Might even be related to operator specific software or other unknown differences.

  • surethom

    I have had several tweets from Sony UK over the last 3 months, saying
    1. Update sometime in April
    2. The end of April
    3 Sometime in May
    4. By the end of May.

    No promises were given but from the tweets I had received they gave the impression is was coming a lot earlier.

  • Vikas Meena

    did u try updating ur fone via pc companion

  • I tried on pc companion, no luck

  • Park

    Not yet available in India :(

  • Kima

    How u mean available?

  • Xs

    Did you updated your phone?

  • rizwan

    will Sony Xperia S vl b getting any future Updates or it’s d only last Updates for Sony Xperia S….

  • Alvin

    This is the irresponsible statement and should be deleted because it is unclear whether you can actually update the firmware, or just think the update is available according to the source (website).

  • Alvin

    Must be the last! (although it has not confirmed) because if they continuously support, they shouldn’t have no support for 10 months. I think they roll out a bug-less JB so that they will not spend time on this device.

  • Arn

    Just about the version stated being 6.2.A.0.200. Noone noticed that this is clearly wrong since Xperia P jelly bean ended up being something like 6.2.A.0.400? They are different soc, meaning they most definitively should have different major version numbers?

    Not a single piece of the displayed information seems valid.

  • Herman

    It wasn’t a rumour. It was sarcasm.
    I just love how clever some people are on this blog..

  • Joe Merol

    How is “end of May” “clearly gave the date”?
    Clearly giving a date would be “from April 24th onward”, that’s clearly giving a date. You don’t get voted down because people are fanboys, you get voted down, because you’re dumb.

  • Joe Merol


  • Augusta

    You clearly gt this wrong way. What I meant is the A symbol represented stable firmware version and ready to be use for all users. And B symbol was meant as a beta (which means its still tester ver. And not ready to be release for users yet. Hope you clear about this my friend. Cheers!

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  • dwayne

    2014-04-24 suits better than 2013-05-24


  • Michael Salib

    Anyone got the update???

  • Joe Merol

    I don’t think you know what irony means.

  • Homero Tamez

    pues es la primera vez que escribo pero les comento, acabo de hablar a sony y me comentaron que ningun Xperia S de 2011 y 2012 seran actualizados en mayo ni junio, esta es la respuesta de una persona de service de Sony:

    Samantha: Le informamos Sr Tamez que la versión de Android 4.1 Jelly Bean aún no está disponible para ningún modelo de la gamma Xperia 2011 y 2012, pronto tendremos información referente a fechas y modelos que contarán con dicha actualización por parte de cada uno de los Operadores. Lo invitamos a seguir pendiente de esta actualización por medio de nuestros canales de soporte:

    Vía telefónica: 01-800-000-4722
    Servicio de Chat:
    Servicio de E-mail:
    Blog Oficial

  • FlashExpress
  • r0

    It is Poland. Do You have branded device?

  • post some screenshots when its finished

  • Vikas

    Which country??

  • Yusuf

    Update available – Hong Kong

  • harry

    any screenshots?

  • Harry

    this is FAKE, just checked at XDA

    it says telefonu/trolu = phone/troll :(

  • is it available really or it’s a fake new like the flashexpress photo :O :O :O

  • AMG38

    You made a good decision by stopping your sister buying a Sony phone.

    I mean, XZ is awesome Phone (i have one) but these typical Sony problems like cheap LCD panels or the very awesome update politics are the reasons why the XS and XZ are my last Sony phones. Cmon Sony, even the Galaxy S (1) from JUNE 2010 got JB 4.1. I repeat: JUNE 2010 – Jelly fucking Bean 4.1

  • wtf anyone tell me has the update rolled out or not i putted my xperia s on pc and it tell me you have the latest update any one tell me is this comments and news fake or real :@ :@

  • The screenshot is fake.
    No concrete evidence of the update being released so far,
    It’s very close though

  • what about yusuf

  • Babylonbwoy

    It was the same with last (or the one before) XT update, it was on the site days before actual update.Someone at Sony is messing with the site, IM750 adapter was listed at 200 Euros few days ago and before that the link was pointing to Xperia Sola page ! Sent several tweets (to xperia france tweeter) to tell them to correct but no reaction at all.

  • aligamz

    It’s not fake, the site actually shows that info. Why? That’s the real question.

  • joe


  • aligamz

    No confíes en soporte técnico. Para los modelos 2011 tienen razón, ninguno será actualizado a Jelly Bean. En el caso de los modelos 2012, la actualización Jelly Bean ya está disponible para los T, TX, V, P y Go, pero por razones obvias los operadores (Telcel, Movistar, etc.) siempre la liberarán meses después en lo que les meten su bloatware. Si no quieres esperar, googlea un poco y encontrarás la actualización con instrucciones precisas para instalarlo. Es completamente confiable.

  • The PCCompanion screenshot is fake

  • aligamz

    “Alpha” is not the same as “stable”. Check your notes again, bro, you’re only confusing folks around here.

  • rizwan

    My PC COMPANION showing me that my Sony Xperia S is up-to-date after licking many times….bt my phone iz Updated to ICS Verzio….I think it must b a mistake or else Sony Must playing dirty Games vd Us…Didn’t hope such lazyness from Sony…

  • thanks for clearing things up.
    just to summarize for everyone:
    All we can say for sure is the update is on schedule for the end of may.
    The PC Companion screenshot of the 6.2.A.0.200 Jellybean update is fake.
    The information on the Sony website about the update being released on 24/4/13 is a mistake.

  • Augusta

    Alpha is a final release.You’ll see they will release stable firmware like 6.2.A.0.2xx / 6.2.A.0.4xx
    money is on the table ;-)

  • Augusta

    “B” is a beta release for tested firmware, made by developers. “A” Is an Alpha final release made byofficial (SONY) .

  • Homero Tamez

    was me, they told me that xperia’s 2011 & 2012 have to wait late june or july,…


  • homero tamez

    De hecho cuando yo compre mi xperia s la caja decia que el sistema que traia instalado era el 4.0.4 ICS y oh sorpresa cuando lo saque de su caja,.. el equipo estaba con la 2.3 GB,… muy triste la verdad…

    Googleando me encontre con el rom de la 4.0.4 y la instale lo cual me dejo con la revision .45 la cual hasta hace unos dias aun anunciaba su sitio,.. pero dias despues de que le hice el update el pc companion me mando una nueva revision, la .55 la cual instale y era sin publicidad de TELCEL,.. gracias a dios,.. y pues al momento es con la que cuento, con un sistema oficial de sony,… pero la verdad decepcionan mucho con fechas que no cumplen,..


  • aligamz

    Um, no. Just no. Alpha is a stage of development before Beta, not after. “Stable” is also known as final, OEM or Gold, depending on the situation or developer. But not Alpha.

  • aligamz

    Sorry, I meant RTM, not OEM. My bad.

  • aligamz

    Así pasa, pero por lo menos ya tienes la última versión sin mugre de Telcel. Mantente atento los próximos días para la nueva actualización (esperando que Sony cumpla su palabra)

  • SA

    Where is the update?

  • Augusta

    ok then my friend, so just forget about the “alpha ” thing. All I meant was about beta and final release.

  • susanta

    today 24-05-2013 still my xperia didn’t have any update

  • Ali

    Nothing yet in the UK today 24-05!!!

  • drzeljko

    It is end of may and for me-end of sony

  • Omar

    They just put it back to 6.1.A.2.55 :/

  • Ravindran

    Has anyone updated XPS to jellybean? When it will be available in India?

  • Aladin

    One more time, Sony changed the firmware version to 6.1.A.2.55 !

    Go to : and see !

  • matiuty

    What about the xperia sl for when you will have your upgrade?

  • homero tamez

    que verguenza que bajaran de nuevo la version a la .55,………………..


  • Conor

    Confirmed by Sony France, rolling out as of now!

  • r u stupid ? or just trolling ?

  • Mentor Pozhegu

    I am happy for this news but it’s also compare to HTC and Samsung, Sony is just to late with update and the risk for lossing his costumers is just to great

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  • Nicholas Lutterodt

    my sony xperia LT26ii 3G ISNT RESPONDING

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