Xperia S Jelly Bean update now rolling out [Update]

by XB on 24th May 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia S

Xperia S

The time has come. Sony has stuck to its word and the Xperia S Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update is now rolling out. The Sony Mobile France team just tweeted out the following: “Xperia S: The deployment for 4.1.2 build has just begun for the first builds.” [translated] We don’t know exactly what build this rollout relates to, so please comment below and provide screenshots when you receive the update.

Update: As at 17.00 (BST) there appears to be no sign of the update so far, plus the official Xperia S support page has now reverted back to the last ICS firmware (6.1.A.2.55). Sony Mobile France is adamant that the “deployment is ongoing” and that “many more builds will arrive next week“. We’ll keep everyone posted on further developments.

Thanks Aaron and Francois!

  • fgdsgdfgdfgdfgdf

    First, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Marley28

    Congratulations S Owners! *(^_^)/*

  • Jan

    YES!! i hope ist fcuking awesome :) i flash when some1 will upload it

  • Monkeymanmahjong

    have it here, proximity bug is still present, excellent!!!

  • Massanori Takaki


  • waterfox


  • nick

    Still dont habe mines

  • Putra

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! brb checking…

  • nick

    Still dont have mines yet?????

  • Marley28

    Maybe on selected countries?

  • Soumitra

    still not in india???

  • Jan

    Please upload it asap so every1 can flash diz quickly :) and enjoy this “build” ;)


    The world dont revolve around india.

  • Alan

    Is SL coming out?

  • tibob33

    My French Xperia S still suggest to upgrade to .55

  • How about the ION?

  • fredericcollinss

    anyone have the ftf file for flashing, please upload it….big thanks

  • putra
  • Praise the lords for we have lived up to the day.

  • you have it?
    post some screenshots
    make ftf also if possible

  • Good Guy

    If I update phone (current rom: Leaked JB) with PCC I don’t brick it? Or I have to wait FTF and flash it? :)

  • I’ve just tried it . Nothing

  • Soumitra

    its “doesn’t” not “dont”
    First correct your grammar then come talk to me…. VGF@DE.COM

  • Jan

    its kinda ghost update, everybody talking, nobody seen it. Still, years of wait to the ftf file

  • nice

    have fun! :) I already have the leak jb for weeks.. it’s so nice, smooth, fast and battery frienldy!! ;)

  • Deki

    PC Companion still don’t show the new Jelly Bean update… don’t know why! I have generic unlocked… :(

  • REAPer61616

    Region is one of reasons that you don’t have update yet. :) Be patient. :)

  • burrq

    ouh..thanks abt acro s?

  • Xperia s SA

    please tell me about the additional features esp the walkman, as compared to the the ics

  • It’s*. Don’t try to correct others if you don’t posses the knowledge either. It doesn’t make you look good; just a friendly advice.

  • SxsUser

    I do not believe this is happening. = DD!

  • we need to have patience…. even the ICS update started rolling out in india about one week after it was launched :-)

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  • FINALLY B-) :-P
    that’s all I can say :-P

  • Rich

    Anyone from UK got the update yet? Just tried pc companion and no new update was found?

  • Jerry Berglund

    But how can it bee? The official blog isnt saying this?

  • XSLuser

    Can anyone write the build number for the firmware?? thanks

  • Shahzada Shaheryar

    Finallyy .,,.. well lets hope it works well no our device.

  • Andrew

    Just check a few seconds ago and nothing. Probably by the end of the day or tomorrow.

  • Amit Chopra

    not yet in india:

  • Good Guy
  • Andrew D

    Won’t believe it till I feel it!

  • REAPer61616

    What is SI number for update?? :P

  • Jero

    Xperia S has been probably more talked about than even Xperia Z in the last few months :D well glad it’s finally here after all the frustrating times!

  • Akash Tadmare

    hey french buddies….tell us if u gt this update or not…

  • Rich

    Yea think il just keep checking today and see if it happens.

  • Shai Nagy

    Nothing in my reagion yet…
    but its thrilliing to here good news finally!

  • i n sure this post will get the maximum comments :-P
    thank u SONY…..

  • Ricky Rangire

    Brace Yourself :-)

  • XSLUser

    At Last , any news for Xperia Sl ?

  • Amit Chopra

    not yet in india:

  • Yong Jie Tan

    Shit just got real

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well, as I thought. Nothing yet. So I think someone made a boo-boo again.

  • Bamse


  • amit chopra

    post screenshots if someone updated??

  • See? Sony have kept their words, albeit multiple delays.
    End of June huh?

    Now just have to wait for SL.

  • Jerry Berglund

    It do seems like no one actually got the update. So there is no update right now. I think the French Sony got out a little to early. But do think its is about to happen though. Its the first time they actuall said its rolling out. But as I think a little to early.

  • A Chai Yuth

    wait all year long lolxxxx …….

  • Josh96

    Waiting update for Acro S too. Hope it comes with Google Now.

  • XperiaSLuser

    Can anybody confirm the build number , or, is it just another hoax???

  • Nitin Thasl

    No update yet in india

  • ManRaj

    They Make us feel Excited
    and then they end up in Disappointing us.

    this cycle is going on and on since December Lol!

  • liakou

    much longer if u also owned previous xperia models

  • Moonlight

    Not yet for Russia(((

  • XperiaSLuser

    Is it “yet” for anywhere ????

  • ManRaj

    lol…I had Sony K320I When i was a Kid, Preferred Nokia to Sony After that.
    Xperia S was my First Flagship Ever.

  • picaso

    did anyone get ftf file…?

  • Jerry Berglund

    According to Swedish Sony, there aint any update released yet. And to be frank, do still think you actually can trust them more than Sony Mobile France. Why, well those guys we talk to in sweden is actually the once in a sense that develop the update. And it should be kinda obvious that if anything is rolling out, they should now before france do.

  • Dan Angelo

    it doesn’t show in pc companion.. im from philippines.. :((‘

  • Yes! Only 1 month before s3 will get 4.2.2

  • elmeu coreu

    neither from Spain
    (but making a backup ^^)

  • jag

    Atlast!! No more mad xperia S uSers! Congrats guys!!

    Btw.. Is the update great?

  • vortex0307

    Why say like this? India was a big big market to sony. Please keep your ignorance to yourself.

  • Wishy

    What about Xperia SL??

  • funkyfiesta

    from Germany no SUS/PC-C. Update yet

  • naman

    When will the update come to India
    Any ideas? :/

  • SureEye

    i think the people who have it are installing :) but ill make a backup. hopefully i get it tomorrow

  • portug2

    Not yet in portugal

  • Ahmed Ali

    No it hasn’t

  • no one have it yet :-P

  • xperiaion

    when xperia ion LT28h get jelly bean

  • Omar Etman

    u updated?
    post SS plez ::D

  • xperiaion

    please give jelly bean to xperia ion

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  • Verino

    Sony, f*ck you very much for make us wait so long. After so many promises and breaking those same promises I don’t trust any more, and this so fucking late update does not change a thing. My first and last Sony smartphone.

  • Invar

    LoL? He mean that he posted first… ahahahhahaha

  • Kalk177

    I had simply enough waiting for update. Sold my SXS and bought Nexus 4 last Thursday. Never again Sony smartphones.

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  • Evita

    Not yet in Thailand too, maybe it just deploy before rolling out next week. Still keep promise.

  • rvjaywaks

    any confirmation in ACRO S?

  • alan

    Some people getting very annoyed at Sony. Its an update, stop getting your knickers in a twist!

  • Igor Malik

    I think it’s fat trolling from Sony Xperia FR – until now nobody could show a screenshot or confirm that this is the truth

  • Timer714

    But the truth is nobody gets the update yet,right?

  • Omar Etman

    loooooooool :D

  • roeshak

    I’m glad the wait is finally coming to an end but still, there’s no escaping it, Sony failed miserably with support for the S. Something they must endeavour to never repeat.

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  • nevada1

    nope! :(

  • JP_XS

    WHAT???? FINALLY!!! HUHU. It’s just now that u did a great job on part of Xperia S. :D

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  • Jason Wang

    So? I can’t tell the difference anyway :P

  • atmosfear

    Not released in Brazil yet. :(

  • portug2

    tens que operadora?

  • not released in egypt and not in anycountry :((
    what are you doing sony :@ :@

  • kostas

    Not yet in Greece Vodafone

  • WhiteL

    ? ????? ??? sl???

  • Harish

    Didn’t received any updates yet……waiting………

  • DoucheyTuesday


  • Dipish

    YAAAY!!!… Oh wait… I forgot I flashed CM10 months ago… So I guess I don’t care!

  • it looks like someone jump the gun too soon..

  • Hug Yin Wan

    its too late man~

  • APai

    no, he has a point there. S3 will get 4.2.2, meanwhile similar flagship for example T will not get the same software like mobile bravia engine 2 onto Xperia T. sammy gives some of the neat features from 4 to 3. wow, not bad huh ?

  • Vasiliy Trefnyak

    ??? ????? ???????????? ????

  • No yet in Mexico

  • Billy de Fretes

    how about xperia acro s?

  • Doomlord

    fuckkk u sony no update yet next month samsung will get 4.2.2 you cant deserve 4.1

  • Jan

    It’s ‘possess’, not ‘posses’ :-)

  • Jan

    You’re lucky. I had to wait a month for my ICS update; I don’t expect it’ll be faster this time :-/

  • ANGRY RANT!!! need 4.2 on my xperia Z!!!

  • LOL

    If I was you I would hide for the rest of my life. What a fail! Hahaha

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    OMG! What about us Acro S users?!!

  • SXperiaS

    dont cry here it is reserve only for Xperia s and sl users

  • Jan

    imo this is funny for xpeira T owners, they watchin this complaining with ice-cold smile.

    I blame SONY for this ultra-unpatient waiting, and SonyFR of course… If they would not write it would be silent day. But no, they had to write, and now every update junkie waits and searches xda-developers for uploaded ftf.

    What if we have to wait some days more for the file? I DONT WANT TO LIVE ON THIS PLANET ANYMORE


  • SXperiaS


  • tito 24

    I do not believe, but when it comes

  • jag

    Just wait for it.. Maybe they are still uploading it to the web?

  • Jan


  • SXperiaS

    what about xperia sl

  • KinG

    XDA is uploading the FTF file so now what we need to do is ”wait”…

  • arc s :'(

  • chaud

    And ion too.

  • ????

    ??????? ?????? ?????? ??????? :)))

  • and Jason has a point there as well. Sony 4.1.2 doesn’t have much of a difference when you compare it to 4.2.2

  • link?

  • KinG
  • vignesh

    so glad to hear this news

  • michael

    Does anyone really receive the update?

  • KinG

    we still need to wait for few hour for the FTF file…

    this line is need to root to change the CDA number

  • Mat Jeng Jeng

    At last. So what about xperia Ion? LT28

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    And Acro S.

  • KinG

    xperia Ion also in the work form XDA^^

  • Yusuf

    Won’t believe it ’till I see it.

  • Timer714

    It seems nobody confirmed that method

  • KinG

    just try to believe sony for the last chance^^

  • Timer714

    Forget that bro…lol

  • KinG

    yap i know im still waiting also^^really hope its real^^

  • KinG

    guys let us just wait for few hour then we will know its real or fake..

  • portug2

    I will not be at home tonight so i hope, i can have de update when i come…

  • KinG

    all user xperia S and includ me are hopping its real..

  • SxperiaS

    Why are you using my signature? Do you have little imagination?!

  • DrazenDodig

    my S2 is still not updated to 4.1.2…

  • ManRaj

    Sony Make.Believe
    They “Make” the jelly bean update
    and then they make us “Believe” that they have created the update. (by leaking the ROM and Certification and all)
    but they don’t actually give us that Update. :-/
    Shame ON You -Wow !! That Make S.O.N.Y. ;)

  • adz

    sony confirmed its rolling out in france on a online sony chat, ive tried using French firmware but get updated to .55 and then it says no new software available blah blah blah. just need a French user to post ftf.

  • Installed the full french rom and tried PCC again, got notification for .55 update, no JB yet.


  • SXperiaS

    fuck sony dont say anything until its roll out over all…..

  • Timer714

    can’t agree more,S.O.N.Y~~~lol

  • Jan





  • BootedXperiaS

    anyone knows if my unlocked bootloader will allow it to update?

  • primo kaka

    where is update??? when i use pc companion it says you already have latest software? where is F**king jellybean ?? sony i hate this company !! never ever gonna use any sony mobiles !!!

  • Paulo Giraud Ribeiro

    In Brazil with a Xperia S bought in the USA – still nothing to update when PC Companion checks

  • portug2

    In french it’s eequals than in global sony…

  • PowerSonic

    It still is … :)

  • Siestabearisafag

    I;m indisn and I agree with robin ,
    Soumitra you need to Shut your piehole , you stupid dumb retard , go do us all a favour and go di

  • Ahmed Anees

    At last its happening ;)

  • PowerSonic

    Doesnt work anymore..

  • ciao

    Just reinstalled PC Companion, it’s not even detecting my Xperia S, wth…

  • Siestabearisafag

    what a stupid mofo

  • Siestabearisafag

    then where the fuck is it ?

  • Jimbo

    Haha, Sony trolled you!

  • Siestabearisafag

    lol fuck off, we ain’t getin nothing , ain”t showed up yet

  • Siestabearisafag

    and brazil , who cares about ?

  • Jan


  • ciao

    explain why you should say that please

  • Siestabearisafag

    why the f** did u buy it in the first place a*shol

  • Siestabearisafag

    I beg your pardon dear sir, but I find your lack of patience utterly anserine

  • Siestabearisafag

    the trolls on you idiotic mofo

  • Siestabearisafag

    Its J bean Dum ass

  • PowerSonic

    No. it wont. U will have to relock ur bootloader

  • ciao

    lack of patience? I was wondering why it’s not detecting my phone, not the update. I sorta know it will take some time before the update rolls out in other countries

  • Siestabearisafag

    Oh , I shall promptly apologize then

  • Don’t feed the trolls

  • Shahzada Shaheryar

    As the comments are coming so fast… i like seeing that so many people are using Xperia S ,.,. happy or unhappy is the other part :p

  • Siestabearisafag

    Everyone hates it ,
    ‘you damn retard

  • SSyar

    yeah by seeing your comments on previous posts.,. i can see who is retard :)

  • Bamse


  • is there is anyone now any news about the rolling out ?????

  • Jackie Chan

    I’m an owner of an xs but i dont care for the update as long the things i do with it work. and it works. but watching everyone complain and cry is just a feast :D

  • portug2

    For now i don’t have update…
    I am portuguese

  • Frika6

    No update in South Africa yet. Doesn’t surprise me.

  • The real joke is on Sony, I was going to buy a new phone in march but I decided to hold off on principal till I got JB on my Xperia S since thats what I was promised.

    I was going to resell my XS and buy a XZ, now because it took so long I’m going to use my XS till the bottom drops out and wait and see how Sony deal with updating their newer phones.
    When they clean their act up on the software side I will feel more confident about getting another flagship from them.

    Sony should listen to us, we are their bread and butter and free advertisement for them,
    we are the people who drum up excitement about their new products, yet they forget about us as soon as a new flagship comes out………..

  • adz

    Still nothing in the UK :(

  • Paulo Giraud Ribeiro

    True that. Probably just some random kid who learned a couple of new words ;)

  • KinG

    yap..that what’s i’m thinking changing my xperia S to HTC One the most powerful most unibody and design in the market now^^

  • KinG

    who argee please vote up^^

  • we xperia s users r waiting since two months :p lol

  • SSyar

    well i think you should see it in CHINA :p

  • 11

    ??? ??????? ??? ??? ??????????

  • Lord Scotty

    The phantom update cometh lol

  • Lucian

    What promises?

  • 286

    Nothing in Vietnam :( gonna hate this company :-<

  • ugh, hardware is nice, cant hold a candle to Sony though.
    Software is ugly as fuck……… to each their own I guess

  • Volkan

    check this out! sony’s mind is really messed up reverted the latest update to 6.1.A.2.55 back again :)

  • yeah i saw it what they are fukin doing when it will release :@ :@

  • 286

    wtf@@@@ it’s not funny :((

  • Volkan

    You start laughing at sony’s situation from some point

  • Ecthelion

    Sony changed latest available software on version 6.A.2.55

  • SXperiaS

    what the held they r doing irritating to all xs users

  • XperiaSluser

    I will laugh later but now I am fu*#in PISSED ….. :(

  • Phelipe Lucas

    Nothing in Brazil -_-

  • Siestabearisafag

    Dude skrew brazil

  • elite-star

    A huevo putos peluche en el estuche

  • 286

    April Fool’s Day again? FCUK

  • Siestabearisafag

    et tu foudrais

  • Alex

    Think Sony are taking the piss guys lol they must be laughing at all of us.

  • Bojjat Tiya Pakhi

    If so why this screenshot taken 5 mins ago shows its on 6.1.A.2.55???

  • Siestabearisafag

    Yeah , teaches your lesson don’t it mofo

  • xperia s

    not yet in Inida

  • 286

    me too :(

    hey sony ,where is the respect?!?

  • Siestabearisafag

    lol India ?
    Can’t afford a z , stupid prik

  • SSyar

    go home SONY you are drunk.,.,. even revert the latest firmware to 0.55 on Sony site :p

  • Siestabearisafag

    thinkin too much with you’re lil small brain

  • Siestabearisafag

    Go home your drunk , oh , How original “/

  • Alex

    Haha you are such a loser.

  • XperiaSluser

    F*#k You Sony Pricks, Liars…

  • 286

    lol. You make me feel better :)) Fu$$Fu$$Fu$$Fu$$Fu$$Fu$$Fu$$Fu$$Fu$$Fu$$

  • hmmm

    Jy is ‘n lafaard

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  • Bojjat Tiya Pakhi

    as if your Super Alien brain works way better???? (O.o)

  • Siestabearisafag

    what a comeback , I shall now weep in shame

  • Laceehkah

    -.-‘ Fuckin idiots -.-‘ It still shows 6.2.A.0.200 -.-‘ What are you guys are talking about?!

  • Captain Jack

    u blind?

  • xperia s

    it has changed

  • Dude

    NO it shows .55 – refresh it…. -_-

  • Beniamin Florin Copoiu

    Before thar it was 6.2.B.0.200 now its 6.2.A.0.200

  • 286

    wtf r u tryin to do X( fyck uuuuuu

  • Frika6

    Yup still shows 6.2.A.0.200

  • Dude

    I’ve NEVER seen such a bloody mess in my life before… Is this kind a JOKE? WTF is today? A FOOLS DAY????? Fuck you ShitONY!

  • ptamas88

    they changed it back to .200 again o.O

  • make80

    It shows 6.2.A.0.200 for me now

  • Sony Ki MAa Ki *beep*

    changed from 6.2.a.0.200 to 6.1.a.0.55 now again 6.2.a.0.200


  • xperia s

    ya its some still showing

  • Silas Arentsen

    it is normal now again!

  • Frika6

    Does anyone know if the ftf has been uploaded somewhere…?

  • Joe Merol

    No. There has never been a 6.2.B in the website, check the article from a couple of days ago.

  • make80

    it was older version a minute ago

  • xperia s

    now pcc is not connecting to server

  • Beniamin Florin Copoiu

    Believe me it was ;)

  • Ecthelion

    Lol, UK site version: 6.A.2.55

    Global English site: 6.2.A.0.200
    OMG Sony !!!!! :-/

  • Joe Merol

    Goddammit Dmitry.

  • Thomas Clarke

    if you refresh it, it has gone back to 6.2.A.0.200

  • 286

    this is the best joke i’ve ever seen. LOL:))

  • Manuel

    lol different countries show different firmware version

  • Ecthelion

    Yea, they changed it now. :) But date still remaining. :D

  • jomiel93

    The Norwegian site states that the newest Android version already is available, which it’s not!

    “The latest Android software version from Sony, including Jelly Bean, is now available for the Xperia ™ smartphone.”

  • dude

    Guys, I think they are still getting ready to make it downloadable from their servers, or whatever. It’s only a matter of hours now.

  • xperia s

    it may be some truth

  • 286

    Please don’t mess with us X(

  • portug2

    I go to the support a minutes ago whit the online chat in portuguese, they say don’t have the date of the update come!

  • Soroush

    Jellybean update rolling out in Iran! Yeaaaah!

    just joking! :D

  • Ecthelion

    Seems, they used some drugs or wtf ??? :D

  • Letz Troll SONY 3:(

    Open Sony Chat Support And Start spamming like this:
    dhfgjzfgj etc……

  • portug2

    You are joking right????

  • portug2


  • xperia s

    still doesn’t show any news for update

  • portug2

    xD very good drugs kkk

  • vivek

    THT page Removed now dafuq >:(

  • portug2

    And talk about google now i am felling good!!!!!

  • portug2

    Hey if you are norwegian tell us if it is some update in sony pc companion or in you mobile!!!!

  • APai

    dude, s2 is a 2 year old device… tell me one sony 2 year old phone which has got 4.1.2 ? at least sammy is giving an update – even if its buggy!

    it’s good to see companies supporting phones beyond the warranty period. sony is pretty open in comparison to samsung – the developer community loves sony more than samsung!

  • 286

    why they don’t change Release date?!?

  • Volkan

    They are making some bla bla changes on the website and fooling us over here…

  • portug2

    They forget maybe xD

  • Joe Merol

    No, it wasn’t. :|
    The 6.2.B.0.200 is the one that was certified. 6.2.A.0.200 is the one they put up in the sonymobile website.
    Look to your right, it’s on the recent articles “Sony Mobile Xperia S support page lists 6.2.A.0.200 Jelly Bean firmware”

  • jomiel93

    Nope, not any update yet! The site have said that the update has been available for a week now, so theres nothing new.

  • funkyfiesta

    Instead of making some properly functioning mobile phones, Sony released tons of Xperias.They nearly blow the whole alphabet (Xperia A-Z). Furthermore, Sony had/has poor displays + this kind of update strategy makes my decision much easier.

  • Sony Dev

    2013: A breaktrough year
    Flagship smartphone Xperia™ Z available now in stores
    Xperia™ Tablet Z globally available from Spring 2013
    Largest marketing campaign to date to support Xperia™ portfolio
    We Finnaly finished the jelly bean update for the Xperia S

  • portug2

    Where did you see this?

  • Sony Dev
  • Sushil

    i dint got ny update yet -_-
    Xperia SL

  • jomiel93

    Just contacted the support on the Norwegian site, here’s what I got: “Unfortunately we have no date on when Jelly Bean comes to the Xperia S in the current situation. Stay tuned for the latest information note on our product blog.”

  • Sony Xperia™

    Breaking news: We Have Released JB for Xperia S on Pluto, In few Years it is “Expected” To Reach Earth. Have Patience Guys…..

  • xperia s


  • rizwan

    It’s my last smartphone from Sony,Now i’m not waiting For any updates b’coz i dnt thnk Sony will Launch Any Updates for Xperia S..Good Bye Sony…Going to buy Samsaung or HTC….

  • portug2


  • Alvin

    Office politics drama should in Sony Office now, where Lund changes to 6.2.A.0.200 while Tokyo changes to 6.1.A.0.55

  • xperia s
  • 286

    would you change your mind if JB will be released in a few seconds ;))

  • xperia s

    its not possible at all

  • 286

    maybe :)) lol

  • Joe Merol

    Come on! The Z firmware launch has 388 comments, surely we can do better than that!

  • xperia s

    lol facebook has already passed 450 comments

  • lastsonyphone

    last phone sony phone Nokia

  • 286

    so, no more JB, no more Sony phone <3. Thanks Sony! Make.beLIEve :)

  • SSyar

    its 0.200 again .,., on Turk, GB, FR site :|

  • xperia s

    “sony make believe” what make believe i dont understand today

  • mountain

    Why? Every samsung firmware makes the phone worse. Ever since I updated my S3 to 4.1, it becomes so laggy, almost unsuable.

  • portug2

    i just say this tonight at 00:00

  • XperiaSluser

    Sony “make.believe” that Sony.Fu*#in.Pricks.liars.Dumfu*#s……. to infinity…

  • portug2
  • Alvin

    and back to .55 again, 2013.4.15
    What are they doing?

  • 286

    i gotta go to sleep, so i have to say this right now :))

  • portug2


  • 286

    wtf @@

  • 286
  • Volkan

    and the date changed to 15 april slowly goes to april’s fool

  • maaz

    i think they r uploading… or trying to do something….:/

  • del_boy

    @SxsUser it isn’t happening… that’s the problem… shame on you SONY! -_-

  • 286

    :)) so i was right! April’s fool again :))

  • Angry costumer

    I fucking want it and I want it know.

  • portug2

    the server is offline for now lets wait to see

  • Volkan

    at least they will officialy announce the april’s fool :)

  • Angry costumer

    I mean now*

  • 286
  • Hivort

    Some ppl go ease with sony saying that they didn’t promise anything, so fu** u sony for not promising and not releasing updates for their phones, I thought I would get the best buying a phone from them, and that’s not what I’ve got

  • jhjda

    I bet this will be the post with the most views/comments.

  • portug2
  • 286

    i think they succeed :)

  • .55 to .200 Pendulam
  • Never again

    First and last Sony smartphone I buy.

  • 286

    <3 go for it <3

  • APai

    dont tell every sony release is bug free!

    my xperia T has these bugs:
    * reboots many times a day randomly, in between a phone call sometimes
    * echo while calling
    * duplicate texts every single time – its so annoying!
    * album photo orientation is driving me mad!

    I dont complain about this in every forum, or every thread. T has recieved 3 fw updates so far. hasnt fixed any of these issues.

  • portug2

    And the joke is in wear
    they still talk about google now and jelly bean x)

  • XperiaSluser

    LOL.. Hilarious.. Jelly bean & google now on 6.1.A.2.55 firmware.I hate them more and more

  • Vikas

    We have made sony mad and confused………………..
    congratulations all !!!!

  • Volkan

    so update will be started releasing from Norway :p

  • portug2

    Maybe :P

  • matiuty

    What about the xperia sl for when you will have your upgrade?
    It will have jelly bean??

  • Volkan

    I guess when the comments are 500 the update will be released :p
    by the way I am not working for the sake of xperia blog ;)

  • Vikas

    All at good time…………..

  • ProWeirdo

    For still not having any notification about Jelly Bean? Thank you

  • vision

    Official france support from on-line chat said that JB is not available now and did not rolled out… They said – End of May

  • portug2

    325 comments the people say when it will be in 500 the update come lets talk xD

  • this blog is made for trolling i guess…

  • portug2 i will go out, but you need to see xD

  • Akshay Karwa

    Hahahahahahahahaha. Get in line buddy. We waited a billion years for it xD

  • 286

    see what?!?

  • XSLguy

    LOL! Has anyone from any country updated it yet? Or the people from Sony smoked some weed & JUST updated their Xperia S’s & tripping on it? :p

  • see the software number…

    they changed it today

  • mack

    Screw this, I’m rolling back to Cupcake!!

  • KinG

    not sony fool the france ppl who fool us few hour ago say xperia s jelly bean start rolling out say JB are not rolling until end of may

  • fuck jelly bean

    Are you fucking kidding me ?

  • Arokhantos

    i would rather have a perfect firmware update without bugs little later then buggy update very early.
    By little later ofcourse i mean 1 month after competition updates like samsung asus etc, not talking about nexus devices obviously.

  • Lucian

    It says stamina mode? so we shall receive it after all of what.. this is weird

  • KinG

    guys i think tonight we all wont get any JB update until the really end of may

  • KinG

    so just give up=(

  • emma

    when will it arrive for 3 network?

  • ptamas88

    stop spamming pls

  • I ate the jelly bean

    Sony is a small eyed retard. Ill eat you up anyday…an obsolete loser…

  • alexsummer

    can today in France on April 1?

  • Alvin

    Sony got hacked?

  • Emmanuel van den Brûle

    It was released in mid september in Belgium, can you beat it ? :p

  • Shabba


  • toby

    she isnt spamming, shes asking just like other people have done.

  • Jeevanjot Singh
    look its gone … its showing old info again …
    “Latest available software: 6.1.A.2.55

    Release date: 2013-04-15”

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  • Joe Merol


  • Felipe Solar

    nothing get…

  • Lambsy

    It isn’t here in the UK yet! So I expect it sometime next month! :-S

  • Pingback: Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean update is out, it was about time | Blog()

  • Saeed

    jb update may be 2013-06-15 as demitry say it before and it s wrong type as 2013-04-15

  • Pingback: Xperia S inizia il Roll Out di Jelly Bean 4.1.2: Francia in prima linea | FrescoWeb()

  • AJ

    HAHAHA! OMG this must be the funniest mess up ever!!! Everyone tryna correct each other but failing themselves. EPIC!
    wait.. let me check if i made any mistake cuz this post seems to be cursed, lol. CHILL OUT GUYS! Keep calm and wait…

  • XperiaSluser

    Sony got Hacked.. :)

  • Pingback: Sony Xperia S: Steht das Jelly Bean-Update kurz bevor? - Smartphone Geeks()

  • Moicanao

    Fire the fucking site administrator!

  • Pingback: Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean now rolling out |

  • adam

    Congrats!! Sony again succeeded in pissing everyone off ..:(

  • APai

    quite true. I hope the S fw is bug free. there’s a lot of people are pretty mad at the delayed release!

  • Pingback: Sony Xperia S gets a new update soon - Phones Review()

  • Osama Bin Laden

    Breaking News !!! Xperia S Jelly Bean was stolen on the way to our phones that’s why we can’t install and they said we will receive till New Year of 2014 !!!

  • Arokhantos

    If their where lot bugs i would see that as legit reason to delay tbh, people get mad getting 4.1.2 then finding out its very broken.
    i atleast would.

  • Arokhantos

    Honestly see that as enough reason to be able release 4.2.2 very soon asswell.
    With exception qualcom devices i guess heared their lot batery life issues in 4.2.2 for some brands which are still on 4.1.2

  • Okazuma

    It’s the old same lie…

  • Carljn

    Has no one heard of partial roll outs? Sony has always used this strategy. Chill out.

  • del_boy

    what does that mean?

  • ??????

    ????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ????? ???????????, ??????? ??? 2012 ????

  • Arokhantos

    Why i have feeling that sony gonna respond soon that sony france twitter got hacked.

  • AlbEagle

    Hahahah i can’t believe this is all happening.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ackording to someone in the swedish Swedroid forum, tells me now, that there is some people in france that been able to update. But so far I dont know if thats true.

  • Carljn

    It means that everyone will not get the update today. A few people get it now. Probably all of them in France. But within a week it should have been pushed out to most countries.

  • Pingback: Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean now rolling out | AIVAnet()

  • name

    We just got trolld by sony… again!

  • Arokhantos

    For people who did’t read update on situation yet its up in article here’s a copy paste for people to lazy to scroll up.

    Update: As at 17.00 (BST) there appears to be no sign of the update so far, plus the official Xperia Ssupport page has now reverted back to the last ICS firmware (6.1.A.2.55). Sony Mobile France is adamant that the “deployment is ongoing” and that “many more builds will arrive next week“. We’ll keep everyone posted on further developments.

  • Arokhantos

    And it seems 4.1.2 might not come afterall and might be delayed for real tough can’t say for sure untill 31 may.
    Guessing internal conflict at sony, or sony france twitter got hacked.

  • Mat Jeng Jeng

    Owhh, The update has been stole buy the alien from mars, but they will give it back to sony maybe next month. So we need to be patient until middle of June. MAKE BELIEVE its guys.

  • raj

    it acutaully 6.1.A.2.45 not 6.1.A.2.55

  • Matthew Ryan


  • Xperia_S_user

    I feel really angry for this >.< Been waiting for a very long time and now still waiting huh? How are you doing business Sony?

  • Jan

    Hey man, dont you remember that always ftf was flooding from first “part” of roll-out? Nobody have this update, they made us confused with these information

  • Arokhantos

    Sony is late this year with april fools

  • noname

    we will never get this update like this..

  • AA


  • Joe Merol

    So the above image is very appropriate.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Are you stupid ? Tweet says for french builds… And everybody knows that it can take few days to reach your PCC depending on country…

  • Max

    Hope update will land till the next Thuesday.

  • Volkan

    Dear Sony,

    I upgraded to 2.55 in December or January wtf 15 April means???

    Best Regards,

  • Jan

    Do you think like nobody in france is willing to upload ftf for rest of the world? i think they would do it for us fast, but the truth is that nobody have the update

  • I don’t know why they’re stuck on April (04)..but since earlier it was 24-4 and now its 15-4, im assuming it means 15 june, which would be consistent with the post this blog made likes 2 days ago. In other words let’s wait till 2020

  • Volkan

    It’s impossible such a team finalize an update, one of them says june the other says released in france. such a great team work and coordination!


    majku vam jebem prevaransku

  • Phelipe Lucas

    For belive? Thank you (2)

  • Joe Merol

    389 comments now, haha!

    Suck on that, Xperia Z!

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  • Vikas

    and many of them were about Jellybean For “Xperia S”

  • Pingback: Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean now rolling out | Welcome to My World!()

  • Wax

    Wait for me….
    Au revoir Sony…. Bonjour HTC!

  • Alexey

    good job, a great update, which is not present.

  • Norio24

    OMG! why is that happening ? damn you Slowny damn you !!

  • Norio24


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  • Yusuf

    Just wow. No more Sony.

  • Pingback: ???? ???? ?????? ????? ??????? 4.1.2 ????? Sony Xperia S | ????? ??????? ???????? ?????? ????? –

  • Joe Merol


  • MattGoss

    Sony, fucking porco dio (G.Ramsay).

  • Mohammad Abu Jamous

    Yeeeeeeeeeeesss FINALLY.

  • Sony Fucker!!!

    It will be the first and the last fucking sony phone that i’ve bought .

    Sony is just a sucker and a liar and just want to sell without any customer’s desires

  • Mat Jeng Jeng

    Calarborca carrayo

  • Nasraná Moskva

    Jebem im ja kurva celé apdejty, prejdem radšej na prijebané plastové prešiváky od Samsungu!
    Sony? Not anymore!

  • Pingback: Mobile Tweaks | Xperia S gets an Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update()

  • Silas Arentsen

    My only theory now :p

  • anonymousonymous

    This is shit talk. It feels like I am on a quest of magic beens. No beens to nobody

  • Lefteris Galatas

    Can anyone from SONY tell the truth???????That the update is not ready and WHENEVER it will be ready…THEN she can role it out without telling lies!!!!!

  • Franubis

    What else can I say?

  • Alex

    ????? ?? ??????? ???? ?????????? ?????????? 2013 ????, ???? ???????? ????????? ????? ?????????????.

  • Franubis

    Who keeps messing with the Update page and giving us fake hope?!

  • Suvvey

    Been trying for the last few hours via pc companion but has said no update available. HOWEVER for the last 20 minutes it has said that the update server is unavailable….

    Indication that something is happening or just overload from other frustrated XperiaS owners doing the same????

  • Ralph

    you´re right nobody my friend

  • Franubis

    No changes at Spain. I guess it’s just the server acting retarded.

  • Nowfal

    Been using ONLY Sony Ericsson/Sony Phones since 2007.
    Saga ends with Xperia S.

  • Lefteris Galatas

    Me too says the same thing “the update server is unavailable”(I’m in Greece)

  • Ralph


  • Norio24

    lol 415 comments ! lets make it 800!

  • Lefteris Galatas

    You are right at everything!!!!

  • MattGoss

    I’ve tried to understand what they wrote on the responses in their twitter account, they’re saying that the update today concern only few stock rom devices, all the others will be updated next week.

  • Lefteris Galatas

    What excactly “next week” means???

  • MattGoss

    Next week, from monday to sunday… Don’t ask me, they don’t give any other information.

  • Suvvey

    Still unavailable to me here in UK. But then we are about to start a 3 day Bank Holiday weekend so maybe the turned it off at SonyUK as they went home ;)

  • AMG38

    Even if Sony would make a Device with Stock Android to receive Updates directly from Google, i wouldnt buy it. Sony would find a way to keep Google away updating their Sony Nexus devices, because they would release a newer Nexus device ~4 Month after. Otherwise they couldnt sell their new flagship. Should i say, FRAGSHIP ?!?

  • Kev Stadlhofer

    nope again .55

  • Andrew D

    Didnt they say something about April 24 2013?
    Now it went to April 15 2013

  • chad

    I tried to update my phone using Sony Companion but still no update are Available please till me why???

  • Franubis

    Because the people at Sony are that retarded. There’s no update out yet.

  • Carlo

    This was the unit that put Sony back on the map, after its breakup from Sony Ericsson. After the fiasco Sony has created with the Xperia S, if any of the owners of a Sony Xperia S, buy a unit thinking that Sony have learnt their lessons, and will improve the users deserve to be in a mess, for not learning from the past experiences with Sony.

  • ffffffffffffffffffff

    nokia nokia nokia fuck you sony

  • EmpathXperiaSLEmpathXperiaSL

    Oh i guess Sony Got hacked :O!! The Xperia SL page is gone wtf!!!

  • Frank Benitez

    still no updates for xperia s or sl

  • and there won’t be until end of may

  • AA

    Seriously are those Sony employees on twitter just craving for publicity/attention or what? They should just shut up and do their work. Make the updates come and not just talking about the updates. It’s frustrating and not helping at all.

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    “What news are about Jelly Bean update for Xperia S?”

    Sony Xperia Mexico:
    “It was released for European countries, but gradually will arrive to other regions”

    This is getting confusing. We’re getting real tired of your s**t Sony.

  • Xtr3me

    The cake is a lie !

  • +1

  • Franubis

    “It was released for European countries,…” EHEM?!

    How come I’m at Spain and it ain’t available? And I haven’t seen any European saying they have it either….
    Sony, get your shit together.

  • Pete

    OMG guys I just got Jelly Bean 4.2.2 on my J70i !!! Totally nice, smooth and shit !!! It even made the screen bigger !!! Thanks, Sony, u da 1.

  • Andrew D

    I think next week they’ll come up with a new post saying : End of June!

  • Joe Merol

    Goddammit Dmitry.

  • Joe Merol

    Only the French.
    Smug bastards.

  • Joe Merol

    Must be Dmitry.

  • Rafael

    At this momento I’m starting to think about “throw my phone” on the wall and “gonna buy a fuckin nexus” hahahah…

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  • Franubis


  • Joe Merol

    Ahahaha very nice.

  • Pete

    Here’s my screenshot of JB 4.2.2 on my J70. So happy!

  • Pete

    Seriously, though. Sony, WTF? How did you like almost falling into oblivion last year with NXT-line failing and the T barely making notice of its existence? Cause you’re heading there again, you know. And this time there will be none of us to drag yo lazy sorry ass up again!

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  • Ziich

    well may isnt over just yet

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  • Pingback: Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean now rolling out | Jessica Simpson()

  • Pingback: La actualización del Xperia S a android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean ya está en marcha()

  • Jason Wang

    In other news, my Xperia SP just got a new update 12.0.A.1.257 I feel your pain guys. My Neo V had laggy ics and no jb.

  • I’m questioning whether anyone in France has received it yet either based on two Android forums I follow with French users.

  • Avery Navas

    Oh God… I was so happy when I read this at work, then came to my home and read the update… This sucks… I really want a nexus device…. Most likely to get this update on 1st half of june, like Sony Brazil said…

  • jag

    wow! a staggering 450 comments!

  • Pingback: Sony Xperia S finally receiving Jelly Bean update | John Ryan Lee()

  • Engg123

    when wil xperial SL receive the jellybean treatment

  • ReiX

    lol… year 2020, android v8.0 is coming out and for Sony, Jellybean update is still rolling out

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  • Vikas
  • Vorse Williams

    So which is easier to believe:
    (1) Alien Life
    (2) UFOs
    (3) Bigfoot
    (4) Loch Ness Monster
    (5) Yeti
    (6) Unicorns
    (7) Sony Xperia S JB Update


  • Vikas

    I can not believe anything other than Jellybean for Xperia S….

    Rest of others (UPOs, Alien Life, Bigfoot, Unicorn etc etc) are conspiring to delay the jellybean for xperia S……….. but i am with sony and i believe that fighting all the odds sony will bring it to us before the end of universe.

  • susant


  • Vikas


  • susant

    he he he

  • suchaloser

    Xperia S JellyBean now TROLLING out.

  • Just don’ t stop kicking into them. They should know we are very angry and hate how they treat with their customers

  • ManRaj

    They Must be laughing their asses off at the Sony Headquarters! Well Played Sony.

  • Look at the latest forbes article. Im not that sure who is laughing

  • ManRaj

    I read that last night. I know they are fucked up but they are trying to take their minds off that topic and trying to laugh by making fool of us. Lol!

  • :))

  • ManRaj

    Is there anyway to make them pay for all this shit?
    online petition or something?
    we are a lot of people here…we can do something if there is a way to do it

  • xperia s

    still no one has got JB even after so many hrs

  • xperia s

    its look like they will start from Monday

  • ManRaj

    I am just waiting till August, my phone’s warranty period is expiring in August. I’ll root it after that, no more waiting for official shit.

  • sony trolls

    fuck sony…

  • Mistah Green

    Well Said :)

  • Jero

    What annoys me even more is that Xperia P was updated so seamlessly after the announcement was made and we’ve already been made to wait for an extra month. Feels like I’ve spent the extra bucks for absolutely nothing. Pathetic service. I wouldn’t even have wanted the jelly bean update if there weren’t so many bugs in ICS. Someone could possibly write a touching novel out of the mess we’ve been made to experience. Never a Sony phone again perhaps! Thank you so much, Sony.

  • Vorse Williams

    Just in case heads at Sony do read this, those of you who are leaving Sony, which brand will you head to?

  • Jero

    Nokia perhaps

  • ManRaj

    Nokia, me too.
    i think Windows Phone has a brighter future than Android and iOS

  • Franubis

    Nokia or Samsung.

  • Victor

    are we fu**ed up really ????

  • xperia s

    now already 24 hrs has passed its any has got JB update????

  • Invar


  • xperia s

    some words has misplaced by u “Are u” it should be SONY FR

  • phantom_p

    Motorola most likely. Don’t like touchwiz & plastic, Windows phone is just too plain for my liking.

  • Jason Testro

    I am haveing in Spain to I was told by a girl orange that the update Mit not even come to Spain

  • Franubis

    You serious? Goddamnit. I have tried to contact @SonyMobileEs at Twitter but no response yet…

    ¿En serio? Joer. He intentado contactar con @SonyMobileEs desde Twitter y no responden…

  • adam

    Alain Philippe: For french users, JB is available for the xperia s, yes

    adam: according to a few french users they havent

    adam: really confused

    Alain Philippe: for unbranded phone only yes

    adam: do you have any clue when uk unbranded will ?

    adam: or if i flash a french unbranded firmware will i get jelly bean?

    Alain Philippe: no, its depend the dpy of the phone, our update center can view that

    adam: can i flash if someone uploads ftf file ?

    adam: the you have the current build number for the jelly bean ?

  • adam

    bonjour à tous les Français le cas échéant! lol Quelqu’un at-il la mise à jour jelly bean pour xperia s? si quelqu’un veut s’il vous plaît télécharger ftf quelque part pour nous à télécharger, merci!
    lets see if we get response now lol

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  • Motorola: Razr MAXX HD or whatever replaces it, long batter life, light skin, durable enough.

  • Pingback: Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean now rolling out | Backlink Energiser()

  • Oh God, why ?

  • Pingback: ????? ???? Sony Xperia S ??????? 4.1.2 ???? ??? ?????? | ?????? ????? ? ???????()

  • damnusony

    Yes, we can all try not to repeat our mistake of buying a Sony smartphone next time..

  • RON

    I have tweeted Sony Xperia GB about this whole issue, no response yet. Wonder if we’ll get one!

  • Good, the more we question them and vent our frustration on their twitter, Facebook email,blog and other official channels the less likely they are to repeat this shit again!
    we have been promised this from Sony and employees representing Sony since March,
    We expect better from Sony!

  • xperia s

    did u get any reply ??

  • xperia s

    even samsung as given JB for Galaxy music also just some hrs ago

  • mountain

    I unfortunately have 1 single bug: not being able to end call.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Still nothing for you guys in france?

  • xperiasl

    This sentences means that it’s already done. But it needs time to reach us(earth). Goodluck sony we wait…

  • marwan

    xperia s users
    we are geting fucked every day by sony

  • Vikas

    Sony is on a mission to ensure that ” nobody dies virgin”. and hence, they are comming out with new ways to f**k up every single customer.

  • Eugene

    What about a buggy update as late as possible? :) That’s Sony’s policies.

  • Mithfalath

    I posted this comment the moment XB posted this news, so I thought that it is really rolling out.. but then it’s not so.. if you think that I’m insulting XS owners, well I’m NOT! BTW this is Marley28

  • kazu

    why does anyone still waiting on sony that keeps messing with their customers’ heads? just move on n stop buying xperias. i don’t think any mobile company will realize the importance of their software updates if people don’t stop buying their products and forced to restructure their priority or to be shut down permanently

  • Arokhantos

    Yep very possible but lets not hope they do that this time, i known they did with xperia tablet s.

  • Arokhantos

    They will be even more mad if they find any anoying bugs in it after its release, with such long wait everyone expect 0% bugs

  • Sony Fucker!!!

    it’s our fault to believe in sony’s motto: make believe .

    but sony it’s not the way to thanks your customers because of their trust in sony

  • Pingback: Xperia S kona?no dobija Jelly Bean | Srbodroid()

  • ProWeirdo

    Aigh, relax! Even when they posted this info people had no notification about Jelly Bean in programs like PC Companion.

  • Dhiman Ghosh

    Good one :-)

  • Ron

    No, no reply, doubt I will get one to be honest!

  • I do believe “tryna” is not a word.

  • APai

    :) but i think 0% bugs is unrealistic!

  • APai

    woah! never heard of that one!

    PS: actually, now that you mentioned it, I remember the same bug used to be there in older handsets and a quick search yields that it kind of affects phones across the board even iphones. the fundamental phone function. anyways – phones are complicated beasts these days!

  • adam

    anybody got in in france yet??

  • shivang

    Yes there is no update showing yet……

  • achielosophy

    As soon as an Xperia Z – level phone comes out from Samsung, im moving on. For now, i will settle with SONY’s BS.
    got tired defending the brand.

  • XperiaSluser

    Rot in Hell Sony. Make.Suffer

  • alexander_sirakov

    Samsung S4 ???

  • achielosophy

    is it waterproof?

  • govind h

    sony is a liar. no update even after two days of news.very worst news for s owners.

  • adam

    Sony better be giving some news tomorrow .

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  • Jhonbert Magana

    S4 Active.

  • Arokhantos

    On my nexus 7 i yet have to find bugs and these devices are usualy more buggy due the fact that their the first to get an update.

  • burrq

    i think xperia z will get the same fate as xperia s and other flagships..For xperia Z users, get ready for super long next update..shame on you sony..shame on learnt nothing on how to treat your customers well especially us, the flagship customers. You lost our trust and “sony make believe” is only the myth..

  • Volkan

    Hey guys, I just read the wall of Sony Mobile FR, nobody mentions that they received the update. Somebody says in one week, even somebody mentioned the beginning of June. I just learned it, so I am sharing this for people who continuously check the PC Companion like me ;)

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  • APai

    sometimes i think going for a nexus device is the best thing to do. the next tablet/ phone will probably be a nexus for me

  • xperiasluser

    now it is the last week of may still no update

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  • SonySucks

    Fuck this shit. Will wait till 31st before switching to Nexus 4.

  • Arokhantos

    random reboots are unacceptable, what during calls even if sometimes wtf sony shame on you…………

  • Davide

    Right….is really amazing .. they treat us like idiots …I will not buy something of sony … never again

  • K

    Sony Xperia DE @ sonyxperiade 2h

    @chrisgoerge This was unfortunately a hoax colleagues. The upgrade is not yet available. [CS]

  • Gc

    Ka start pa naman yung release… Hindi naman kayo maka antay… nag simula na nag release sa France.

  • Adrian pundriyan

    Does the “s” in Xperia s means “sucks”……… And “l” means long-waiting

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  • APai

    it doesn’t happen too often, but when it does, it’s frustrating

  • Arokhantos

    I understand, i actualy end up re producing the issues quite easy when i have them, then it becomes extremely anoying which why i’m verry anoyed with sony.
    All i wan’t them to do is fix their stuff, release honami and kick samsung’s ass.

  • SonyShitsperia

    Breaking News: Sorry but the JB for Xperia S update in Pluto will be delayed until the next term but that will be again delayed for up to ten years, hang on in there guys!

  • ayiayiayi

    I am actually starting to believe more in unicorns. Sony as a successful phone maker? Naah.

  • no

    Congrats to all us Xperia S users. Fuck all happened…

  • mich

    hey how come my sony companion says that my xperia s is at it’s latest update, but it still ice cream sandwich you LIER! where is the promise 4.1 jellybean

  • Muhhamad

    fuck you sony eat my shit!

  • for SL? When???

  • Sarab

    We waited 6 months a week is nothing just wait

  • Ahmed
  • elmeu coreu


  • elmeu coreu


  • elmeu coreu

    now rolling out in spaaaaaiiiin

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  • hotz79

    Rolling out in Romania with SEUS

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  • ras

    this must do a great job of increasing searches for the company, it’s terrible.

  • TheTeaser

    Guys some people in countries like UK India Dubai got the update for Xperia S but I didn’t so it’s mean that Some people got it be patience.

  • xperia active

    When will jelly bean come to mine xperia active

  • Sara Simon

    the update is out in slovenia. europe yeahhhh :)))

  • Ahmed


  • Ninad Vichare.

    really is there any jelly bean update for sony xperia s or not

  • Walker

    Hi ,
    anybody know when or if the JB update will be rolling out in South Africa?????

  • mikenosh

    mine done via pc companion….great.

  • Egloten

    F^@k Sony…my first and last Sony mobile

  • peach

    i just got the update for the JB version very recently and i tried to update my phone and I’m always getting stuck and can not get to move on to the 3rd(?) step which is update. i wonder if it’s just problem with reconnecting my phone to the computer or i just can’t update it due to location. i’m from the philippines. have you updated your versions yet? thank you.

  • Alexandrion

    I just got the update..well i am not really pleased with the new look but it seems like the phone is working better

  • Dritan Bejtja

    Xperia S Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update CONFIRMED OTA in ALBANIA

  • Shaun

    When will the new JB software be available in South Africa for the xperia s

  • Mert Ustun

    Just downloaded 4.1.2 Android and the battery running out really fast. Anybody has got the same problem? and any suggestions to find a solution. Thanks

  • Sara Simon

    might be the google stuff issue.. disable google now or google + in settings. for me the phone stay on for 2 days and 10 hours and 9 %. regular use…

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  • Cold Zero

    the update is here and it is sucking :((((((((((((((((((

  • Cold Zero

    there is a problem when recording videos

    And some has wierd problem just go to youtube!!

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