New Xperia S Jelly Bean build leaks [6.2.B.0.200]

by XB on 25th May 2013

in Firmware, Xperia S

Xperia S JB Leak 200
A new Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware for the Sony Xperia S (LT26i) has leaked. Build version 6.2.B.0.200 follows on from the last leak, which had build number 6.2.B.0.197. This new ‘200’ leak is also the same version that hit the PTCRB. Hopefully it means that the official version should be hitting handsets very soon.

Bin4ry from xda-developers provided the leaked file, but like before it is only meant for developer (brown) devices. However, if you have an unlocked bootloader you are able to install the firmware using ClockworkMod Recovery. DooMLoRD from xda has been quick to the scene with an Advanced Stock Kernel to download too. Further instructions can be found here.

Xperia S JB Leak 200

Thanks Denis, Milad and Skyend!

  • sen.prv

    Shit. No update still.

  • a

    Leaks Leaks Leaks…sick of it

  • portug2

    We just want the update!!!!

  • Arokhantos

    Sony is late with everything even april fools this year.

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    You had one job Sony, One Job!

  • Juraj Chahine

    My pc companion shows “The announced software update is not yet available to your region or operator. Please check your pc companion for any further update” .

  • Fei Long

    *Throws phone on floor*
    Yaay unlocked bootloader! But I don’t need the update anymore…

  • Yusuf

    It’s only a matter of time!

  • ALFA

    Yusuf, bi sktir git amk! Yav?ak m?s?n nesin olm sen? Dingil! Geçen gün de bi ?eyler z?rvalay?p durdun!

  • Good Guy

    whats new in this version?

  • xperia s

    it will make you stop checking this site

  • ProWeirdo


  • Alex

    New update method form Sony – leaking.

  • Ripper

    OMFG jelly bean leaks!! Isn’t it a news from a year ago???

  • I just want the Stable .FTF file.

  • Deki

    Hope that our wait for the official JB will end soon…

  • “First impressions:There’s some sort of extreme smoothness present here compared to the 6.2.B.0.204 for ion, 6.2.B.0.204 is very laggy while scrolling.
    No Stamina mode”

  • Shillard

    What the hell.. we already got 3 leaked versions of jelly bean for XS, sony shoulda already deploy the update. The 6.2.B.0.200 works great already. Looking forward to official update in next days.. Hopefully…….

  • ManRaj

    This getting funnier + more and more frustrating day by day :-/

  • Frustrated

    WTF is this. Waited n waited and all v get finally is the leaked version? Was holding up to c the good news to officialy update my phone to JB but i guess it’s gonna b late release. I will better move on and install it myself. can someone help me with the links on how to root/unroot xperia s 6.1.A.2.55? And also wish to know if i would have to unroot my phone if i want to install official JB once its available?

  • DoucheyTuesday

    First Dmitry…now Doomlord…this can only mean one thing..the update is coming…… December!

  • DoucheyTuesday

    They had one job and they gave it to Dmitry lol

  • ManRaj

    People At XDA-Developers are saying that this build doesn’t have stamina mode! And no HDR!
    i wasn’t expecting HDR but no Stamina mode thing SUCKS!

  • Invar

    Use english -.-

  • Invar

    HDR is something that I expect from this Jelly Bean. Its the most important thing! Even Xperia J have HDR but of course not Xperia S with 12MPX -.-

  • ManRaj

    No HDR for Xperia S, it was clear from the start, but the last leak was having the option of STAMINA MODE when battery level fell below 15%. So Stamina mode was Expected in this update!

  • Yusuf

    Afraid to say this but Sony’s mobile division might just end up like HTC, a sinking ship.

  • Yusuf

    Just wow

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Use google translate. Oh you’re too lazy? Well, basically he said ‘ Time is never time at all/ you can never ever leave/ without leaving a piece of youth’ …quite lyrical, really, that ALFA.

  • Kev Stadlhofer

    use translator -.-

  • jhjda

    The update will arrive next week (at least the unbranded/world version).

  • Dhiman Ghosh


  • DoucheyTuesday

    There was no stamina mode in the Xperia T JB update so, er, join the club.

  • tons of patience

  • ManRaj

    That’s what happens when you release too many flagships in a year.
    Nobody is happy, not even Z owners, they are whining about 4.2 .
    T killed S
    Z killed T

  • Goddammit Dmitry.

  • Being pragmatic, it could be a very smart way of getting the firmware out without adding strain to their servers.
    Whether they actually planned it this way or not is a moot point.

  • That’s what the SonyFR that tweeted the last one are saying.
    Make of that what you will.

  • No, no, that feature’s dummied out in this version. It’s only available in the official version.

  • Sure beats the “nevar agin SONY I by Nexus next tiem” crowd

  • That’s a strange question, considering THE LEAK is what the post is about.

  • Deki

    I hope too that from Monday they will start the update for JB. It’s time!

    Can’t wait to see it! The design is awesome!

  • Aizen

    god damn it Dmitry

  • Andrew D

    From Sony To Sorry…..

  • Their evil plan to decrease the load on their servers when the official update comes out. That is if it does! :P

  • Lucian

    This version (.200) does not have stamina mode

  • Rafael

    Well… Sony does have the final build since this week, I’m trying to figure out why JB isn’t released yet.

    Maybe they’re waiting Google to announce 4.3?

    Also, So many leaks, probably XDA will show us the official update (for locked BL devices) before Sony. HAHAHA…

  • jhjda

    Well, I figured it out:
    1) There is written on Sony’s official blog that the update will arrive from the end of May. Next week is the end of May. They would make a huge mistake by delaying it again. They cannot afford to make another mistake.
    2) Sony France knew something, maybe the information they had was wrong (it was released for developer (brown) devices instead of the production devices). They could have messed them up.
    3) They build is already certified and fully functional.
    4) The version number on their website kept changing. (somewhat proof that something’s changing)

  • Lucian

    Well, they did their job really great because Jelly Bean is amazing ;)

    The ones who got .200 working say that it is extremely good, speed in general even better than previous leaked version .197, camera takes much better pictures, battery life is really improved, there is absolutely no lag, 1080p recording is great compared to .197 (it was laggy), small apps work great etc.

    If I give you my opinion, I rather have this update that late compared to previous phones (XT XP etc.) updates that had plenty of bugs from the start.

  • Lucian

    Maybe they are just waiting end of May.. Could be, that they are sticking to their schedule, don’t know..

  • Lucian

    Leaked versions are good, not just for us but also for Sony. They can browse on XDA and see all bugs that users report and correct them before it’s too late.

  • Lucian

    They are not late with XS, it’s officially announced end of May so they have one more week to deliver the update. And they will, because .200 is really good and all the bugs from .197 are gone so there is no reason to delay.

  • Omar

    when it will be available in the Middle east ??

  • Adam

    12 months later… “New Xperia S Jelly Bean build leaks [6.2.Y.0.983] – Sony Mobile says JB update is imminent and will commence from the end of may”

  • Illack

    You’ll have to relock bootloader if you want to update via SUS. Rooting .55 FW is easy, this program on XDA that does it for you ( You’ll have to unlock bootloader as well (look on Sony’s page for that) if you want to keep DRM keys you’ll have to backup a partition in your flash memory (Refer to XDA).

  • Alvin

    Sony should become a XDA member rather than a company, because they like sharing ROMs there very much.
    I am confused why they do so instead of rolling out their official version. There should be some marketing purposes…

  • hahaha

    nice! this means an update soon by.. no not sony but our nice xda devs lol..

  • Deki

    Maybe they are doing something that will improve the JB. It’s stupid just to keep the update…

  • Alvin

    If the ROM does not have any major problems, they should release even with minor those. The only important and the best way is to launch now and roll out bug fix in a short period of time, because no ROM is perfect unless responding to customers’ reports quickly.

  • Z

    Honami will kill Z and then Honami will killed by future flagship..never ending technology..right??

  • hosam

    when it’s come in middel east ??

  • Anders Trulssen

    SOny you are a bunch of shit bags!! YOu have gone too far by delay and delay the f-in update.. Give us a freaking date!!

  • yuskhayru

    at last..

  • raj

    What? XS is yet to recieve the update?! Thank god i swapped mine for Lumia 920. Oh, just to say.. I m not a troll. I really thought update would have arrived and checked this site.

  • “Next week is the end of May. They would make a huge mistake by delaying it again. They cannot afford to make another mistake.”

    To be honest, at this point they can probably delay the update forever and it won’t change much. Those who care and post passionately about this update are probably lost customers for Sony now. I just laugh when the update is delayed again.

    I hardly use my XS anymore I’ve gone back to my iPhone 4S as my primary device. I finally conceded buying the XS was a mistake, a lesson learned, and I won’t be buying another Xperia phone ever again.

    I’m hoping a kick ass Nexus phone is launched next year by Google and that’s where my money will go. Until then, I can live with the iPhone even though I miss some of the features and apps on Android.

  • Putting XS at the end of the JB rollout roadmap is what makes this feel late for a lot of very angry people. Sony have treated owners of a flagship device with utter disdain. Whereas other OEMs recognise flagship device owners as their most valuable customers willing to pay the highest prices, Sony has given priority updates to those who bought lower cost, lower margin products. Sheer insanity. Unfortunately Sony will only feel the punishment next year when XS customers are due upgrades to new phone.

  • Alex

    Early it was called beta testing.

  • Mim

    For those who still believe in SONY!

    From the beginning, XS had problem (LCD problem, yellow color)

    Then the fixed it!

    One of the most amazing features of XS was fast charging! by upgrading to ICS it just disappeared (Kernel limitation for Voltage)

    All companies support their product at least for 2 years (you can check it)

    But sony… It seems that they are trying to convince us that 4.1 JB is the end of story for XS

    And now, In leak versions (both build 197 and 200) wifi problem in some regions!
    from month to month, time to time, sony just annoyed customers…
    Just one thing to say:
    my next smartphone is not Sony for sure!

  • Carl

    Xperia S is the one that made it and broke it for Sony. When it was launched, it got Sony the recognition and now during its life Sony fails to support the one device that started it all. Hats off to a company that managed to hit the hammer in its on foot, and that too intentionally.

  • Carl
  • Johannes

    My JB-Update for XP was great. I can assure you that waiting is worth it. Sony takes it’s time to provide a stable, feature rich and performant update.

    I hope for you that you don’t have to wait too long anymore.

  • jhjda

    When I went to buy myself a new phone, I narrowed the list down to three devices: Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Sony Xperia S. After some research, I ruled out the Galaxy S2 (display, quite old). The Nexus had its advantages: great software support, maybe better screen (but I was impressed by Xperia S’s screen), better graphics card. The Xperia had higher CPU frequency, better camera and better looks. My first phone was a Sony Ericsson, my last phone was a Sony Ericsson. I was quite happy with them. I trusted the brand so I bought the Xperia S. I can’t say that I regret my decision, because I don’t, but for future I will surely consider buying a Google device.

  • ProWeirdo

    It indeedly is about the leak, but we already had plenty of posts about Jelly Bean, and nothing still happened.

  • Is galaxy music their last year flagship? Don’t think so

  • DoucheyTuesday

    How does Crapple manage to produce bug-free updates without leaking? I think Sony should send Special Agent Dmitry on a fact-finding mission to Cupertino…

  • Lucian

    Bug free? They have the most problems with their firmwares. Last year new major update was so bad and had sooo many bugs..

  • Juraj Chahine

    SonyMobile France on twitter

  • ManRaj

    but there should be a gap , right? Gap of atleast 6 months??

  • Okazuma

    Right but, damn, Xperia Go have it…….a middle/low range device

  • Lucian

    I agree with you on putting flagship device to the end.

    But there were so many factors for XS getting update this late.

    First it was Qualcomm. They took just too much time to even give Sony Jelly Bean drivers for Snapdragon S3 so it was automatically scheduled last. (Sony did mistake at the beginning by putting inside Snapdragon S3)
    And second was confusion between their development teams SMC Lund and Tokyo. Basically SMC Tokyo said that SMC Lund should not worry about XS, XL, Acro S, Ion, XP (all 2012 phones except XT XTX), because they will manage all of the updates. They messed up really bad so SMC Lund had to take care of all their problems. Read full story here:
    So in end of January XS had JB 6.2.B.0.68 that had no mobile network and plenty of bugs. SMC Lund now had all of 2012 phones and 2013 phones to update to newer versions. And, I guess, that XP had less work to do so they got the update before XS.

    But all this waiting is really worth because .200 Jelly Bean is really really good ;)

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Must explain why everyone switched from Apple to Sony…oh wait….seriously, those must have been major bugs!.

  • DoucheyTuesday

    Well in that case honesty would be the best policy and they could get Dmitry to tell everyone via twitter that that is what their intention is.

  • ManRaj


  • Alex

    I have Installed firmware, works fine.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Ask them about Map and you’ll see if iphones has no bugs!

  • Not sure if sarcastic or full retard…

  • Lucian

    When they update the last phones (XS and co.) to Jelly Bean, Sony will only grow. They currently can’t update XZ to 4.2.2 because of some policy they have that demands that all phones have to have Jelly Bean 4.1 before further updates. Rumors are flying around that 4.2.2 for XZ is done and just waiting for 4.1 release for XS and co.

    And with upcoming device Xperia i1 aka Honami, Sony will have the best device on market. Judging by specifications it will be outstanding.

  • Lucian

    There were no delays and you have date – end of May and it’s not yet end of May…

  • Volkan

    Screenshots please…

  • Alex

    System info,
    Extended Standby Mode,
    Small Apps,
    Text Selection width magnifying glass,
    Camera can take 1M photo, while you capture a video.

  • Carl

    Hey dumbass, the point being made that a unit with lower specs, is getting the update whilst the owners of a former flagship (read that as Xperia S dumbass) are made to guess and wait for Jelly Bean

  • Deki

    Really nice. I like it! :-)

    Is it stable as a ROM?

    Do you think that there are still more bugs that needs to be repaired?

  • Fuck you motherfucker. Read once more what I wrote. I get that point

  • cross

    bullcrap sony! fuck your company! shut down! yout alk too much about updates! bullshit!

  • burrq

    galaxy music is low specs and not even flagship..but already got jelly bean update..come on sony

  • moodee

    I hope to see the update before I die

  • 5 days.

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    Made my day

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    My next Sony phone will be Honami, but until then I’ll keep my XS. That’s why I’ve been so pacient about this and hopefully JB will be as good as everyone is saying it’s going to be.

  • Guest

    I did not detect any bugs during ~5 hours of using. Very smooth animation everywhere, but sometimes (rarely) happen micro lag at main menu opening or closing.

  • Alex

    I did not detect any bugs during 5 hours of using. Very smooth animation everywhere, but sometimes (rarely) happen micro lag at main menu opening or closing.

  • Vitali

    Is the phone’s performance in games really improved in JB from ICS?

  • Lucian

    And Sony at least admits mistakes. Sony had problems with Xperia S and yellow tint, they replaced or repaired faulty displays. Xperia Tablet S had problems with waterproofing they repaired all of them. I remember once, one Sony laptop had heating issues, they replaced all of them..

    Then Apple. iPhone was loosing signal, they said you hold it wrong
    Maps were heading to wrong directions they said on their website – most advanced maps in the world. People could die in Australia because of Apple Maps because it brought them in the middle of the desert.
    iPhones in general have problems with battery dropping in idle – did they do anything about it?
    etc. etc.

    And Samsung is the same. They put a lot of useless s**t on galaxy S4 that 16GB version has only 8GB. Users complain and what do they get – “buy microSD card”..

    Let’s not start with Microsoft. They make Windows 8 without start button, people complain and what do they get- “buy special Microsoft mouse with start button on it”.. what??

  • Shai Nagy

    If si I hope that your very old…lol

  • krokiecik


  • Alex

    I don’t know is it a bug or not, but standard browser don’t use video interpolation in full screen mode. Low resolution videos looking very bad.

  • Vitali


  • what about the use of 3G? i

  • Volkan

    I just could take a look thank you very much Alex.

  • Mac

    Does it mean we never gonna see games like real racing 3 and gta vc in the play store? I mean after I rooted my old neo with cm10 I was able to download real racing 3 and it played quite well when overclocked but my Acro S ain’t even able 2 get it. How come?

  • Carl

    Show’s how slow you are . . . Need 2 posts to understand one

    It takes one to know one. So you should know. FYI, you can go F**K your own mother, something that you’ve been doing for a while now.

    If you can’t get that the jab was meant at Sony, since you took it upon yourself, I guess that you’re one of the abandoned seeds of the Sony partners …

  • Volkan

    Hey guys, I just read the wall of Sony Mobile FR, nobody mentions that they received the update. Somebody says in one week, even somebody mentioned the beginning of June. I just learned it, so I am sharing this for people who continuously check the PC Companion like me ;)

  • Carl

    I won’t be surprised, if Sony discontinue OS support for Xperia S and cancel the JB upgrade plan, similar to what they had done to the Sony Ericsson Play for the ICS update.

    You guys should change the brand of ur phone to “Phoney” since you guys are getting beaten by all. From the looks of it, the Chinese brands do a better job than you guys at updating their OS. . .

  • Cezar


  • Batery :/


    Originally Posted by davidbar93

    Works well so far. First impressions:
    *Launcher is smoother than 197 version
    *Scrolling in Settings menu is smooth ,not laggy like on .197
    *Phone shuts down much faster than before(after 5-6 sec. On 197 after 15-20 sec)
    *Auto scene on camera still has the purple tint on photos. Normal mode captures really good photos
    *No stamina mode ,only Extended Standby Mode
    *No Superior auto mode in camera
    *Phone works a little bit faster in Landscape mode than before

    Thats it for now. Will try it for a day and report back on perfomance again.Well ,I’m using this rom about a day and here is some more feedbacks:
    *Perfomance is great ,very very fast and smooth experience. Like it. Much better than .197
    *Camera works much faster now ,it turns after 2 sec ,very fast. Photos are very cool ,but 1080P video recording still lags.
    *Battery is not good as .197 Fw. There is a huge drain while using the phone ,even after I removed all the bloatware.
    *Contacts app & Phone works now much faster.

    Overall very good perfomance ,very fluid and smooth. I hope that after the official release we will have DooMLoRD’s great kernel and it will improve our XS even more.
    I forgot to say: Antutu score now is 8954(after first boot). On .197 Fw it was 9052 ,but we all know that benchmarks sucks! What important is the overall feel ,And this build is better!”


  • Deki

    Now that’s a great report about the new firmware!

    Can’t wait for the official! :-)

  • what is it: “Auto scene on camera still has the purple tint on photos” can u explain me? and “Phone works a little bit faster in Landscape mode than before? “

  • Andrew D

    Here’s the latest on the internet about the update.

  • Felipe Pimenta

    But there is a 6 month gap lol

  • Felipe Pimenta

    The user reports some tint on the photos with Auto Scene mode. Personally, I don’t have that. The other part says that the phone is now smoother while on landscape than before.

  • Andrew D

    When i opened up the title Xperia S Jelly Bean in the Google bar news, it was just 2 minutes on..

  • Yusuf

    Still have fast charging mate

  • A Chai Yuth

    nice rom , i tried it on my xperia S already , very smooth even after i restored all my user data in to. feel like a boss lolxx . since my jelly bean is rooted , my phone is my toy :)

  • konvit27

    How about the camera quality bro? can you post full res sample shot?

  • ReiX

    Plumber help,Sony is leaking again, no update again

  • XperiaSluser

    I’m tired of all these leaks.If Sony doesn’t wants to give the update, just say it.I will move on to some alternative .. Pissed off… again.

  • I have to ask, is Quick Launch working as fast as its Gingerbread days?
    Because it doesn’t work that well on ICS.

  • Sure, you can live with an iPhone, but can you really call it living?

  • But it DID leak, that’s why I’m not really sure what you’re asking.

  • Alvin

    This clearly shows Sony is not willing to roll out the update, rather than slow in finishing it. Let’s see if it is delayed (according to what they said the end of May).

    Maybe, as someone said, Sony considers the bandwidth problem. Hope it will be true.

  • Dhiman Ghosh

    Does it have Superior Auto?

  • Jhonbert Magana

    What’s your point? Xperia J is a low end phone and already got Jellybean.

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  • Dude

    Well…Just will buy Galaxy S4…it galasyastic!

  • Silas Arentsen

    You are so right! My Xperia T JB update was very buggy and still have bugs after 2/3 updates nearly. Hope they do this better !

  • Adam not sure if u can just flash this file on on Xperia s n it will work

  • ptamas88

    Flash this firmware ROM only on developer (Brown) device strictly !!!!!!!!!!

    Don’t try to flash it on Locked Bootloader devices.

  • Guest

    Oh dear! You can’t live without your precious little iPhone? Sucks to be you.
    Before anyone accuses me of bashing iSheeps, I own an iPad and I like it. But fanboys really get on my nerves.

  • sonny_mv

    STAMINA Mode is in this build, I installed it and here it is called “Extended Standby Mode”:

    Look Here

    “Battery STAMINA Mode builds on the same technology as Extended Standby Mode, which is available in some Sony smartphones released last year. ” from

    It’s almost the same function as Stamina Mode in New Xperia Z Devices (e.g. Stop Data/WIFI transfer, blocks background activities when display is off after 1 minute)

    See Image

  • I know we complain on here about all the delays,
    considering that it will probably be our last update if there still is some bugs left to be ironed out I think they should take the time necessary to fix them.
    Imagine the shitstorm that it would cause if after all this time they release a version with some glaring flaws?

  • SonySucks

    I fear that there might never be an official jelly bean update for Xperia S/Sl from Sony.Thanks for Xperia S(hit) Sony,,,

  • Alvin

    NO ONE can release a ROM totally bug free! They can only have a ROM with 99.9% alright, and they will have to respond customers’ reports quickly to create another bug-free firmware.

    If Sony thinks they have to release a firmware with 0 bugs, it is impossible and they are not experienced engineers. Besides, the firmware will never be released.

    If you learn programs, you will realize no softwares or firmwares can be totally bug-free.

    So, if the firmware has only one or two bugs and not affect the use, roll it out! and move towards a better one with responding to other bugs that have not to be expected.

  • Goko

    Whennn update Ion ???

  • rus_media

    They took almost 8 moths for XS :S

  • I know that it cant be released 100% bug free, that’s why I said ‘glaring flaws’ as in bug that effect user experience or performance in a noticeable way

  • KinG

    SUS have new version but no update yet!!

  • cezar

    uhm, .png to .jpg fail. once more:

  • unlockedbootloader

    Is it pre rooted like the .197 leak?i flashed using cwm and lost root though it works alot better than .197.everything’s buttery smooth.:)

  • I really hope I can still root my XS after the update to JB
    (locked BL)

  • Arokhantos

    Why convert that at all :P

  • Alex

    Autofocus is faster, improved video stabilization. Photo quality is same as in ICS, not bad for me.

  • can u tell what fonts did u used ?

  • KinG

    those unfamous brand like huawei also get update to 4.2 JB today!!SONY!! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!

  • Its getting embarrassing at this stage………..

  • darksun

    when sony will release official update???anybody has idea for sony xperia s????

  • XperiaS

    Having brought the Sony flagship model Xperia S…. we are treated worse then cheap chinese model company handsets. Even they are getting updated to 4.2 whereas we are still struck at 4.0.4

  • Joe Merol

    Dude, he was taking a shot at the iPhone, he says you may be able to live with an iPhone, but that’s not really living.
    Learn to read, you dumb chimp.

  • Joe Merol

    At least a year, even iTards have that.

  • Joe Merol

    Why can’t people read?
    “Battery STAMINA Mode builds on the same technology as Extended Standby Mode, which is available in some Sony smartphones released last year. ”

    You wrote this yourself, it says right there that Stamina is BUILT ON EXTENDED STANDBY, they are not the same thing.

  • p-47

    You can use voodoo ota

  • The people responsible for these updates should be forced to read every last one of our comments

  • Thanks :)

  • KinG


  • Mac

    Must be kidding, It’s been 3 days, we want news!

  • cezar

    i’ve uploaded png with transparent background (it’s my forum signature), the site converted it to jpg :)

  • cezar

    Clarendon and ITC Avant Garde Gothic Book

  • Arokhantos

    host it on instead then post link in comment box will do same without converting it.

  • cezar

    weren’t sure if the site supports bbcode or html, here’s the link if you want ^^

  • Lucian

    For me in ICS .55 it works really good.. People that have leaked JB .200 say that camera is faster in general but don’t know about quick launch..

  • Arokhantos

    Wrong link

  • cezar
  • ProWeirdo

    I made a mistake, I meant will this release officially?

  • rom

    Intersting …Sony know what people think about sony products ?
    I expect outstanding support from sony …and now what ? I have S and Ion on ICS…in 2012
    Keep believe…..
    Btw tnx sony I will not buy your Tablet……
    No more belive ….

  • Carl

    And now the Xperia E Dual get JB, but the S has to continue to this BS

  • Joe Merol

    They don’t really manage bug-free updates at all, the users are just so enamored with their iThings they tend not to make big deals out of it. Either that, or Apple tells them the bug is how it should be and they accept it as fact (“You’re holding it wrong”, anyone?)

  • Tomáš

    I have xperia s too and i am exhausted by the waiting for that update, present version of firmware in sony is not good, many bugs. But i hope this update will be much better, when they let us waiting for that long.

  • A Chai Yuth

    no dear , only scene recognition

  • A Chai Yuth

    for me, it is simple , same as ICS as alex has mentioned , just abit better in details. this photo is shot in normal mode because it can give ur photo more details than auto-scene

  • hatesony

    It hasn’t released yet :(

  • konvit27

    tnx bro. yeah normal mode is better. been using this mode with iso 100 in optimal lighting for best detail. hope it serves better in the update. kudos!

  • Guest

    One last question, does the homescreen still lags when the cosmic flow (live wallpaper) is used? it used to lag in the ics version.

  • konvit27

    One last question, does the homescreen still lags when the cosmic flow (live wallpaper) is used? it used to lag in the ics version.

  • Samsung fan boy

    Fail sony, your 6months late. even the sg2 got jelly bean b4 you

  • Samsung fan boy

    Sony or Samsung???

  • Sand

    3G is fine since .197 build.

  • Andrew D

    My Black List for Devices
    1. iPhone
    2. Sony

  • djsilentg

    Is the sg2 jelly bean update good thou ? Or does the update make the phone sluggish

  • A Chai Yuth

    ^^ u welcome , i think jb or ics the ui not so different , just performance improve :)

  • A Chai Yuth

    no lag ,but live wallpaper really consume much battery , and i think it will lag when the home screen full of widgets lolx ,

  • eric


  • sasdf

    y the battery drops from 15% to 1% suddenly this a bug in jb

  • disqus_ckr7qVZNP0

    it is terrible

  • Chong Loh

    this build disabled my location service on Google map showing the attached error, even when i had activated all my location setting, please help.

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