New firmware (9.1.B.1.67) released for Xperia TX owners

by XB on 8th June 2013

in Firmware, Xperia T

wpid-Screenshot_2013-06-06-18-10-31.pngSony Mobile has started to roll out new firmware for the Xperia TX (LT29i).  The Android 4.1.2 update most likely introduces software optimisations and bug fixes.  If you’ve installed the new update, let us know how you’re getting on below.


TX Update

Thanks ameinmdy, mk10r and Naail!

  • KubsiJack

    2 days ago :D

  • lord

    what is the changes pls ?!

  • Lee Yang

    when you are playing music, the lockscreen now shows the artist name in bold on the left of the song title….that is the only thing that I have noticed.

  • gfd

    ‘New firmware (…) cerfified for Xperia X, Y, Z…etc. Where is new firmware for very buggy JB on Xperia P????

  • Nguyen Eazy

    now that’s weird, cos My TX was like that since the 4.1 update months ago

  • XperiaIonUser

    y not for Xperia ION !!! Y sony y???

  • Gallardo994

    Xperia S still has terrible firmware. Thanks. Sony is a crap.

  • KubsiJack

    Next week, bravoooo

  • Naail Zahid

    Welcome Xperiablog. The changes are mostly bug fixes like a strange bug that affected the “Xperia” logo light to stay lit despite the screen being locked.
    Also camera loads faster.

  • Tom

    I am a TX user. The new update brings nothing new.

  • ak

    im on .411 n im facing this problem ,,when screen goes off wifi disconnects …is this problem solved in this update???let me know reply

  • hello world

    I still have not received the new firmware update

  • LaceeWearsPrada

    The wifi turns off because the extended battery mode is on ;)

  • Lucian

    You registered just to post this? You should look a bit in older posts and you will see that new firmware with bug fixes is already confirmed and will arrive week 23-24..

    Some people will never be thankful..

  • Gallardo994

    oh yeah, no features, which are even on some low-end smartphones. + This 4.1 manages to lag heavier than 4.0. Cyanogenmod 10 is a way better than THIS.

  • DoucheyTuesday

    If you go to settings > about phone, under ‘build number’ you will see an interesting new series of letters and numbers.

  • Lucian

    In my opinion they released buggy .200 for XS just to keep their word and you, ION users will get direct .211 with fixed bugs next week. Don’t know which is better though, get update early and wait for fixes or get update a bit later with those bugs fixed :)

  • Josh96

    Acro S JB is great. Don’t know what’s the problem with S JB.

  • Jeff Teh Quan

    why xperia ion no yet get jelly bean?

  • Lucian

    You got new lockscreen, new launcher, small apps, new Sony apps (phone, messages, album, movies, walkman (new sound enhancements) etc.), notification toggles, extended standby mode, myXperia, Xperia Link, new camera (better scene recognition, picture effects, preview, faster auto focus, ability to capture photos while recording etc.), clearphase, magnifier for text selection etc. etc.

    And yes, while we didn’t get stamina (I guess you speak about Xperia P) we got small apps while Xperia P didn’t.

    Can’t you be just glad that they are at least working on improving?

  • Gallardo994

    lockscreen is available for 4.0, same as launcher (which works a way slower than 4.0 one), phone, messages, album, movies, walkman (which bugs all the way), new sound enchancements. Extended standby mode does nothing, myXperia is useless, Xperia Link is useless, camera works even worse (especially fullhd recording), photos whilre recording are terrible, toggles are available for 4.0 too, same with magnifier. What else?

  • Lucian

    Most of users will not do that, so speaking generally, all of the features I said are new in Jelly Bean.

  • Gallardo994

    those features are terribly made. That’s the fact, visit some XDA forums.

  • Lucian

    Most users don’t have any problems except fullHD recording.

  • Lucian

    I am visiting XDA and most users are happy with it. Most complained is fullHD recording, 2G and Wi-Fi and these will be improved with .211

    I really don’t know what features are terribly made? I don’t understand how more than 90% of people are happy with Jelly Bean (some don’t even mind laggy fullHD recording) if it’s sooo bad like you say

  • Fizh

    I still didn’t get the update.
    From Malaysia.

  • Phat

    Will this release solve battery level issue on TX running ICS? My TX always dies even when at above 10% left.

  • Tangent Lin

    try continue using in a week and full charge your phone while it’s almost empty.. this maybe because of the change of kernal from ICS to JB.. i also faced before.

  • MK10®

    bugs fixed, nothing new.. :P

  • Lemuel Aduca

    yeah,that’s true, many xperia user are happy with JB, when i’m using ICS, my RAM is only 686mb,,, but now 821mb, more faster and great camera.

  • Remy

    Feel very smooth and responsive now.. Good update

  • spiraboo

    ever since I got this update the phone has been detecting my phone charm (that is plugged onto the headphone jack) as headphones and hence I’m permanently in headphone mode… Never used to do that previously.

  • Wahedur Rahman Taufique

    I m upgraded new firmware for lt92i. but now i can;t connect with WiFi . what can i do now. i m do nothing without Wifi

  • Jasnie Abas

    My xperia tx same like death phone without wifi after update JB. Time to change. Suck.

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