Xperia Z ‘Google Edition’ on the horizon?

by XB on 8th June 2013

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Xperia ZRumours this week surfaced that Sony Mobile may be planning to launch a stock Android version of the Xperia Z. We have already seen a ‘Google Edition’ announced for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, so it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to learn of the Nexus treatment for Sony’s flagship too.

Sony has released AOSP projects for a number of its phones including the Xperia S, Xperia Z and Xperia Tablet Z, therefore much of the groundwork has probably already taken place. Both Android Geeks and Android Central have confirmed these reports with their own sources. No release date has been given, but Android Geeks said the handset would be announced in July.

Whilst on paper this sounds like a dream come true for many Xperia fans, we imagine that availability would be limited to the Google Play Store in the United States only. It also may signal a shift away from Nexus devices, but bringing that experience and faster updates to a wider range of handsets.

Would you be interested in a ‘Nexus’ Xperia Z? A stock experience would likely mean that you would forego a number of Sony features including Bravia Engine, Superior Auto in the camera etc but would that bother you? Would the faster software update schedule override all other concerns? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Via Android Geeks and Android Central.

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  • ye

    For me the main loss would be Small apps. Just love them so much.

  • Ritwick Priyadarshi

    I hope they release it outside U.S

  • James

    even if it is only an us exclusive then i’d still try to get one imported to the uk and sell my current xperia z to fund it :D

  • Just read a rumor that this Xperia Z with Nexus Experience will be out with a refreshed Snapdragon 600 SoC instead of the S4 Pro. But take this rumor with a heavy pinch of salt.

  • fuckoffjapdude

    Why bother! The are a lot of aosp roms available on xda. Only dumbass users are going to get this once its released on the market. Anyone agree?

  • xperia

    yeahh! Sony Small Apps, the most unique thing not found on any other phones. :)

  • qwer

    I think if its released everyone can flash its ROM on Any XZ

  • ahomad hosin

    I wish they release google edition of the upcoming romured sony i1 not the old xperia Z

  • Jan Hemphälä

    I want an xperia Google edition! Preferrably the zl but the z will do.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    I always like Xperia UI which is much better than Google Stock so I am NOT really excited.
    Plus loosing Small Apps, Bravia Engine – no way !!

  • Haven’t heard about Samsung pop up play and LG QSlide have you?

  • Khun Ken

    ‘Google Edition’ means that it’ll get android update immediately.
    No more waiting for update!! For me…that is worth enough to buy

  • Fareed Ahmed

    Nope, same hardware apparently. A spec bump is very very unlikely.

  • Fareed Ahmed

    Hopefully chances are the software will be interchangeable, if not XDA developers will find a way ;)

  • Fareed Ahmed

    I’d say that this is a more enthusiast product, hence the exclusivity. Sort of like a trial run. I do see your point though :)

  • Fareed Ahmed

    If you have a Zl, the chances of the software being interchangeable with relative ease is quite high. They are essentially the same device

  • Uqix

    and Walkman too.. I just love the SenseMe and ClearBass in it.

  • paul_cus

    Nah, still going to go with the ZL. I like Sony’s UI.

  • Arokhantos

    Hopefully this also means people that already own xperia z can update it to google edition, htc has say’d they will do this for htc one so, don’t see any reason for sony to allow this also.

  • raj


  • Uqix

    I heard Google will sell this phone for $599 unlocked.

  • Mac

    I want a Honami Nexus with Sony features available n ability 2 remove if I don’t need ’em.

  • P9

    love sony ui best! :)

  • ProWeirdo

    Google Editions, nice, but only in USA.

  • Babylonbwoy

    July announcement for a release in october/november ? That means they’ll release XZ Google Edition and XZ Ultra in H2 ?

    Already have the XZ so we will have the vanilla update at the same moment if this is true…

  • Billy de Fretes

    pop up play? like super video that you can get in play store??

  • Hussain Murtaza Syed

    wait cyanogen does the same thing without charging you a single penny and their rom pretty much makes you’re device look like a stock android phone….and its totally up to the user whether he wants the stock experience or not….anyways the google edition wont support bravia engine,small apps,the cool walkman app and other goodies

  • fry

    actually, there are a ton of third party apps that are similar to small apps
    just search the playstore for ‘floating’

  • afzal zainal

    Prefer current xperia z … Love their ui. Simple yet easy to handle. with stock google edition with no be2, superior auto and other software mades by sony, i just can purchase myself another device called “nexus” that more cheaper compare xpz.

  • fghfgfh

    I still haven’t understood the point of Small Apps. What is the big
    difference between a normal app and a small app? For example what is the
    difference between opening a normal calculator and a slightly smaller
    one? It just makes the environment feel kind of inconsistent.

    actually happened to the Xperia S AOSP? I wouldn’t mind a clean rom
    since the JB update didn’t even bring a better camera or Stamina mode.

  • dev29

    although cyanogenmod its a very nice rom, it always have some bugs, or problems with some libs and hardware,

  • dev29

    small apps? they are good-looking only, but i see them as useless add-ons if i could i´d disable them ._.

  • Hussain Murtaza Syed

    not always,since most high-end phones (with the same specs as the Z) already have stable cyanogenmod running on them,so drivers and libs wont be the issue and as you’re getting something free rather then spending top dollar for the same thing…i think the bugs will be quite forgettable plus for me aosp or aokp get boring very fast and sticking with the original ui is a better option for me (just my opinion) although im always into changing launchers and that kinda stuff

  • You mean the app that was made after it? Can Small Apps open multiple apps at the same time? I think not. That’s what good about QSlide, you’re not restricted to 1 app like Small Apps and for Samsung, you got multiple window app

  • There is already AOSP support for Xperia Z on github by Sony. The only thing holding them back is Qualcomm who refuses to release the drivers.

  • RoRoXZ

    Xperia Z is one of the closest to stock Android out of the big boys. Besides that, Sony’s Walkman, Album app are something I love and wouldn’t want to exchange for Android’s stock apps. Xperia’s UI is one of the best looking as well in my opinion and for a slightly smoother phone and quicker updates I’ll give a NO for the Google edition.

  • sfordesign

    haha look at those narrow minds disliking your comment. just don’t argue with them :)

  • APai

    I’m tired of waiting for the updates, i wouldn’t mind the plain vanilla android for sure! my next phone will be a nexus experience for sure

  • APai

    yeah, it does seem unlikely, no one changes spec midway. they might as well create some buzz around a new hardware!

  • pongnamu

    I will surely lovely!

  • roeshak

    To be honest, the only thing that perks my interest is Honami.
    Not interested in nexus experience for S4, HTC One or even Z. These phones are about to be relegated to the 2nd division if Honami’s specs turn out to be true.

  • Jan Hemphälä

    Is the same valid for the HW? I want it to support swedish 4G frequencies.

  • dftw

    no so useful. many are attracted to nexus phones because of the price. i doubt if xperia z can match the price of true nexus devices. there might be benefits in the software updating but that’s not that big of a concern for most smartphone buyers i reckon.

  • dftw

    samsung is rumored to be doing that. they plan to have the snapdragon 800 on their galaxy s4.

  • budss

    Losing bravia engine? No way! Even Sony’ Xperia S screen with bravia engine feels much more comfortable than the over saturated Amoled.

  • Fareed Ahmed

    Pretty sure it’s going to be released as a 4G device, not 100% but again even if it isn’t a don’t think this would be much of of an issue

  • Paul

    You are calling me a dumbass? Because i would like timely updates that work out of the box? Without having to do “workarounds” of non-working features? Without having to flash some rom which i have to find on my own in the first place?

  • APai

    only samsung could pull it off perhaps. they already have 2 different SoCs for S4. upgrading the US one will probably keep S4 competitive till S5 comes out next year

  • Felipe Pimenta

    You are typing a document, and constatly needs to make some simple accounts. Instead of going to home screen, opening calc then doing the calc, go back to editor and put result, why not make it directly without leaving? Or you are talking to someone in a foreign language, and needs to know one word. Open translator, translate and type right away, without needing to open the Translator app. Or, you are talking to someone and wants to browse a site while that. Opens the chat, and then read while the other person types…

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    I want to sympathize with you, but you’re acting like it’s rocket science to flash a ROM. Or maybe it is as difficult as you say for you, in which case, that qualifier might be adequate for you.

  • YESSS.

  • Steven Z

    It will probably cost >$500 so no, not interested.

  • Dark Moyan

    Never, Stock Android is not for me. I love sony cuz the features it comes with like UI, BRAVIA Engine, Album, Walkman etc.

  • Dark Moyan

    I use small apps everyday and it really easy and simple to use. once you use it then then you will konw.

  • Dark Moyan

    Yeah :D

  • loco_loco

    Xperia Nexus Z.

  • Widget

    Unlock Bootloader Allowed… ;)

  • Rob

    I’m still amazed that Samsung manages to sell the same device with different SoC’s.. And nobody’s complaining about it (well… much)

  • Klyptian

    yeah! I wont buy this definitely. I want only Sonyness!

  • Paul

    I am sorry to disappoint you. If i’m able to mod frameworks and apks to my liking, i doubt that flashing ROMs is difficult for me.

    Maybe you should turn on your brain cells and re-read my comment. I stated that i’d like things to work out of the box, without lifting a finger.

  • Edward Richmond

    Wow, great news! Im looking forward to flash it. I think, that shortly after the release, ROM will be available for a download somewhere… :-) Of course with unlocked bootloader. I dont use SONY preinstalled stuff anyway. Its useless, its slowing the phone down, you just cant uninstall that garbage. Maybe Bravia engine is pretty nice feature, and camera software, but “You cant always get, what you want”
    Mick Jagger… LOL

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  • LiterofCola

    I’m all over this

  • Kaloyskie

    To answer your question about Stamina Mode on our phones:

    Confirmed by a Sony Mod


    10. Jun 17, 2013 2:05 PM (in response to de-es)Re: Xperia S JB Stamina Mode notification when battery is low (bug)
    This have now been checked and the phone is not supposed to have STAMINA mode, unfortunately the wordings are wrong and this will be changed.

    What do you say on this?

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