Xperia ion Jelly Bean update incoming? New firmware certified (6.2.B.0.211)

by XB on 10th June 2013

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Xperia ion JBSony Xperia ion owners are still waiting for the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update, despite it being out for the Xperia S and Xperia acro S. The first Xperia ion Jelly Bean firmware (6.2.B.0.204) was certified in the middle of May and at the time thought it may be out by the end of that month. That didn’t turn out to be true, but we’ve now had a new Jelly Bean firmware certified for the Xperia ion LT28h – build number 6.2.B.0.211 is the same that appeared for the Xperia S recently and apparently brings some bug fixes over the ‘200’ version.

Last week Sony said that more news on the Xperia ion update should be expected this week or next, so hopefully it means that this ‘211’ version will be the one to hit handsets and could appear in under a fortnight. We’ll keep you posted.

Xperia ion JB

Thanks Aaron skyend!

  • ???Sony

    eat my middle finger, Sony.

  • hash

    xperia s new update has the same build number!! O.o

  • michael

    today is monday,wait for more news next week or two? ??????

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  • Dawid Hudziak

    you guys are late with the news! that info was available for a couple of days now. What we expect today is news of that firmware being finally available…

  • farmn

    fucking sony
    you make mi sick

  • syhon

    How come these two phones have same firmware?? There are hardware differences like Xperia S has 3 onscreen capacitive buttons whereas ION has 4 touchscreen buttons!!!

  • dheeraj

    Fake promises by Sony. Quitting Sony permanently gud byye Sony fakeéeeeee people

  • Senay Mehreteab

    waiting for new firmware update Xperia Sssssss………….

  • Nemanja Raškovi?

    FUCK YOU!!!

  • flagshitXS

    because if there is no JB at the end of May for XS….Sony will be fucked hard… they have to released the buggy .200

  • deol275

    I have been a loyal customer of Sony’s for quite a few years….X8, X10, Arc and now Ion. But now im done…no more sony xperia from now…im disgusted with their laid back attitude towards existing customers with previous handsets…they can shove this update up their ass

  • Herman

    After all, they’re essentially the same device but with different looks.

  • ???


  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    I think Ion users better go with ics than a laggy jelly bean like us (Xperia S, SL and Acro S users) with these buggs

    1 Laggy 1080p recording

    2 Super fast battery drain

    3 No 2G Internet Connectivity

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr


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  • Ling Pin

    I found myself loving my Acro S after the update

  • KubsiJack


  • KubsiJack

    $#@$#@^%%$^%$^#@$@$% Same

  • jack

    No one cares. Your x10 got ginger, arc got ics and ion jb. Have some patience or go with nexus from shitty Samsung. You need to be more grateful of what you’re getting

  • Michael Lopez

    What about the LT28at?!

  • Xperia S(hit)

    video reported in youtube…asshole

  • Xperia S(hit)

    dude…not all Xperia S owners got the update…some like still stuck with ICS & sony still refuse 2 give me JB >_>

  • Xperia S(hit)

    ur right…sony r an assholes

  • Van

    Then you’ll lose your finger douchebag!

  • Van

    Releasing an update make you sick?

  • Xperia S(hit)

    available my ass…they announce availability of things & u actually get it like next year

    u c this JB how long been the announcement? & i still got nothing…im starting 2 think its just a lie

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    u check ur self recording a full hd vdo then come back here n let me no wether it was laggy or not

  • Bret Homan

    I’m wondering the same thing, though at this rate I might guess no to a JB update for the carrier version. Seeing as how the bootloader is still not unlockable, the support for the phone is not likely to continue. There’s always rooting it and tossing the international version of the software on your phone.

  • KubsiJack

    I care. Sony failed with customer care.

  • Michael Lopez

    True. And this is why I don’t but carrier phones! I usually buy unlocked…

  • deol275

    Grateful??? The ion(2012) still has’nt received JB…Samsung S2(2011) got JB in April…..I agree samsung is shitty but atleast they have better customer appreciation than Sony.
    P.S. Im never buying a Samsung

  • D J Hilton

    There’s still no sign for Jelly Bean here on Three in the UK for the Xperia S!

  • I read on a forum that AT&T have decided not to update the phone. That’s just what i read though. If that’s true, that really sucks.

  • suraj

    I,am,sony Xperia s user and still I can’t update my phone to,latest jellybean update,and sony recently approved its new firmware and ready to,launch in next 2 weeks,I am very much disappointed with sony that they are not concentrateing on providing jellybean update to the end users.

  • sfordesign

    be grateful of the bugs you are having too :)

  • sfordesign

    “first get Ion’s update then think of getting something new” –> right on your face, you shameful sony

  • saf

    ion is buggy with random black screen, false specs (camera) and bad battery perf.

  • ken axel

    shittie at&t, since beginning delayed updates even more… still hope it comes

  • ken axel

    if U knew it before why didnt u tell moron..!

    I, actually, really appreciate all the information these pps update almost everyday..!

  • ken axel

    that was on the third…! read again!

  • Dawid Hudziak

    eat shit and die hahaha

  • jjfujj

    Hope SONY don’t break your word, otherwise to fuck you again

  • Daniel

    Yeah, jelly bean for ION is incoming from March and still isn’t here

  • nohope

    I hate you, SONY. Lt28h waited so long haven’t wait until 4.1 jelly
    bean. You again in us these SONY fans. So disappointed with SONY.

  • ????


  • ambei

    I hope that SONY can abide by your promise

  • Pulkit

    I’m frustrated………

  • Ngoc Phan

    Is this another lie?

  • Nemanja Raškovi?

    He is stupid man!!! SONY late with updates but his the BEST COMPANY!!! THANKS SONY!!!

  • michael

    then a whole week has passed and still no news, makes my balls ache anyhow!!

  • kalyan

    does anyone know when is the JB update going to land in India!!!
    For Xperia S!!!!

  • Daniel

    Sony: we’re on it ..more news in the next year or two

  • yetone

    I swear never to buy SONY products, his mama of, ion it is not
    updated yet. fuck

  • mare

    FUCK YOU SONY!!!!! I want JB on my ION!!!!!!

  • mat jeng jeng

    Show us then! Asshole!!!!!

  • Kiran

    Hey Sony…Are you Sure Jelly Bean for Xperia ION rolling started???

  • Nemanja Raškovi?

    You are wrong my friend has Xperia S and all on moble is ok!!!

  • kumbangdesa

    Already unlocked the boot loader and install leak JB 6.2.B.0.204 fw for my ion. I’m tired to wait official release from Sony.

  • redX

    I think Sony is afraid to update ION, cause they know if they update ION, we will not buy their other new phones, cause ION have best screen among their new phones Z, ZL, SP etc..

  • ????????

    It looks like, that when they’ll update to JB, It will be already Android 5. It looks like that until than we will be already with another phone and up with another company.

  • Rahul Bihola

    M still waiting for JB on my xperia ION. Any news about this?

  • Rpk

    All the time they are certificating new firmware but never released one.Worst service after sales.I mean i know it’s take some time to create a rom and testing,but how much time they need to launch a bug free Rom??They are updating Xperia P,J,S,SL but not’s seems like those phone owner pay for their device and we just take Ion from street without paying anything(for free).Screw you Sony.Not to mention but Other manufacturer updating their device in time.
    When ever you came to this site all the crap about xperia Z,smart watch and other useless things.Not even one word about releasing date/time of JB for Ion.Totally disgusting.

  • Ion

    I agree with you man…these guys at sony are worthless pieces of sh*t…incompetant and irresponsible

  • Khuziyaki Kazuya

    JB UPDATE FOR ION????? WHEN???? WHERE???? i never choose SONY Product again in my whole life

  • zakir

    jack…no jackass

  • Nandakishore Roy

    I had connected my xperia ion via pc companion and it shown that an update is available for your device and i had done it , the update was successful message is shown but am not experiencing any changes in my device and the build no is the same which was shown earlier..
    what should i do to get the new jelly bean update for my device

    guys please give me a reply

  • almeladze

    Amen to that! The worst thing you can do in my book is lie to me and string me along. If I knew the update would take 6 months of waiting, i would have send it my phone for service back in late Jan, early Feb. Instead I waited through the incremental deadlines and still have nothing. Started hating Sony in about April. Had my eyes on Z but screw it. SamDung or not, dollar to dollar and power to power Samdung still beats everyone these days. Sometimes you go with majority and against your own wishes, just to make life easier. I thin I am there… To answer Jack, be grateful for what?

  • bruno

    fuck that shit, i want my update

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