T-Mobile USA teases water resistant phone – Xperia Z to be announced tomorrow?

by XB on 12th June 2013

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T-Mobile Xperia ZWe have been waiting for a long time to hear some concrete news on when the Xperia Z (C660X) may be heading to a US carrier. All of the recent rumours suggest it will happen, with T-Mobile looking like a frontrunner given the leaked images with a T-Mobile branded Xperia Z as well as the FCC documents showing a T-Mobile manual for the device.

Well T-Mobile has just released video teaser asking: What if your smartphone could do this? The description reads: “Video shot with a smartphone…underwater” and shows a man diving into a pool whilst recording video. T-Mobile is promising more details on its Facebook page tomorrow. There’s a good chance it could be the Xperia Z, however equally it could be an announcement for a competitor device such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. We’ll keep you posted.

Via GottabeMobile.

  • Mac

    wtf?! what kinda video is that?

  • Jerry Milktea

    wtf ? :|

  • Wolf0491

    Is that someone’s personal video they are using lol. Seems like my underwater videos with my Z lol.

  • Billy de Fretes

    t mobile should using my personal video with xperia z while in swiming pool :D

  • qwer

    this is too late
    samsung announced S4 Active

  • m


  • Jerry Milktea

    S4 Active is announced only, not offically sold :/

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