New Xperia go update released (6.2.A.1.100)

by XB on 13th June 2013

in Firmware, Xperia go

Xperia go JB 100_2Sony Mobile has now started rolling out the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware update for the Xperia go (ST27i). This is the same update that was released for the Xperia P (LT22i) yesterday. As with the previous firmware (6.2.A.0.400) the kernel remains at version 3.0.8. Let us know what changes you’ve noted in the comments below.

Xperia go JB 100

Xperia go JB 100_2

Thanks Vinod!

  • Denislav Popov

    Sony has released so much updates in last three weeks, it seems they kept their promise.

  • TrixzD

    Am downloading it now :)

  • the_black_dragon

    Go, L, P, SP, S/SL, T, TX, Z
    9 Device Updates (most small things and som,e bigger patches) just during the last seven days! :O Fastest Update Frequency since 2011 Generation when all devices had the same Hardware platform!

    And yeah… all you ion users you will get your update too!!!

  • MrWest

    People ready to complain in 3…2…1…
    But seriously, Sony has made a good job lately, when it comes to updates. People who havn’t gotten their update, just wait.

  • saif

    Update center never automaticall inform me and even refreshing didn’t work. Thanx XB # reliable

  • westberg

    “And yeah… all you ion users you will get your update too!!!”

    When? Only empty promises, so far.

  • Masoud

    Xperia ion 4.1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Synonymous

    Not just ION users. But where the fck is the update for my Xperia V? It is supposed to fix the SOD and walkman app!!! T/TX already received updates to fix there bugs! >:(

  • the_black_dragon

    i never promised anything!

    also XperiaBlog promised nothing

    and XperiaBlog is not responsible to updates

    and Sony will NOT bring it faster just because a lot of People are crying in comments here!

    if you don’t like what sony does: say it here:

  • the_black_dragon

    hmm good question… but… if sony has such a huge Update wave These days, it is likely that V and Ion will get their updates too…

    V is nearly identical to T so it can’t take too Long, as Long the T Update is mostly bugfree…

    Xperia S JB Update has issues with WiFi, GSM and 1080p Video so i think that is the reason they delayed it for Ion and want to fix that first… If Ion users would get the same Update they would start complaining about the issues and we have the same Problems here ^^

  • Lucian

    Sony will probably update all of the phones before they release new ones (looks like it by all the updates lately). And since every new phone will be released with 4.2.2 or 4.3 (hopefully) Sony will get to the top this year.

    In my opinion 2012 NXT series made all this delays because they were released with 2.3 and later Qualcomm wasn’t that speedy with drivers and then all that fuss between SMC Tokyo and SMC Lund and we got to this mess. But it looks like it will be better in future, let’s just hope that ION users will also receive JB soon.

    I am really happy with my XS and love Jelly Bean, small apps are such a time saver for me, everything works better, I just hope that they will speed up 1080p recording. And battery life is much improved in web browsing.

  • jmcomms

    They did a shed load of updates for the 2011 models too – all in close succession.

    For all the moaning about Sony being slow, they were perhaps the only manufacturer to update every single device released in 2011 – bar the Xperia PLAY and that was only because of the new OS messing up the game controller support.

  • Vinicius Hicaro Frederico Abe

    Hello, I’ve tryed it in Brazil, it’s not avaliable yet! Can anyone help me about when it’s gonna roll here? Thanks

  • Lucian

    So we, XS users are test bunnies xD

    In 211 only wi-fi is resolved if I am correct. Some users said that 1080p is set to 18FPS but I have no idea why.. maybe some problems with GPU.. Hope they will fix this :)

    And sure would be nice to receive 4.2.2 on XS. I really don’t “need” it but it just looks cool :) and lockscreen widgets are nice addition.

  • Rafael

    I’m enjoying to see that Sony is supporting all devices, this is true and noticed, a lot of FW update for many models. I’m definitely going to buy a Xperia Tablet Z when released in my county (August), and waiting for a Xperia running with “Snapdragon 800” to replace my Xperia S.

  • Chris

    Cough *Xperia V* cough…

  • bernard

    where is the update for sony xperia sola?

  • AJC

    What about Xperia Advance (st27a)??

  • Karthik Sk

    GOT THE UPDATE….its gone smoother …thee is few visual changes too


    The only thing that pisses off ION users is that all phones SP, P, S, SL, ACRO S, T, TX, L,Z .. Have received their 2nd JB update(fix) n we ion users havent received even a single update! C’mon now that reallu makes us feel ignored

  • MarkLastiwka

    my wife’s go here in canada is still on ICS. Anyone else not get the first JB update?

  • LzMaX

    Which regions got this update??? My pc companion don’t show this update

  • westberg

    Ok, if you don`t know why you say: “all you ion users you will get your update too!”. ;o) Romans said: “ei incumbit probatio, qui dicit, non ei, qui negat”.

    Never mind, not your fault indeed.

  • SSSR

    Xperia Ion????????????????????

    No more when you do not buy a phone of this company, as the service is just awful.

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  • Ben-Amie Lim

    yeah right

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  • Charles

    The UI changed like Xperia Z, but still need improve.

  • KubsiJack

    And yeahhhhhhh all you ion user you will get your update too! in next year !!!!

  • TrixzD

    Either I didnt notice it before or it is new but there is now a box around the apps in the app tray

  • afzal zainal

    If all older device getting a latest update, then no one will buying sony latest device. Lol… Nowdays android user are getting insane when it comes to software update topic. Being an android user all i can see they fighting with label, spec and camera performence but do you guys realise all that brand running a same android operating system with only different version. ? Its all about a phone and not about the end of the world. :-)

  • Akshar Patel

    i got update today

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  • MizChiz

    25% More. And my Xperia Go. Officially JellyBean :D Thanks for the Update.

  • MizChiz


  • hayder

    I have xperia go …… Slight change in design & little faster in 6.2.A.1.100 …… But in power management section, estimated standby time stuck on ( 8 Hours ) but the phone is functioning perfectly.

  • Luka

    Same in USA, no JB uet

  • Luka


  • problem

    I’ve got a bug: ‘Error. Camera is not available’ sometimes when I run Quick Launch of camera…Tried to reinstall software by PCC, SUS, Flashtool, reset to defaults and problem doesn’t fix…

  • Allan Rey Aboy

    what’s the difference betwen the firmware 6.2.A.0.400 and the 6.2.A.1.100 for xperia GO?

  • mh

    I installed new software this morning(CROATIA), but the album application still does not work as he should, after some time, shows a black screen, then I’m going to erase the data on the album and the album app is working for some time and then all over again and again, the rest looks ok :)

  • x

    Hi, do you have a problem maybe with a phone when using more apps at once, then somebody call you, and you can’t answer? It’s maybe a problem with not enough ram memory?

  • mee :)

    same problem

  • Ali

    I have the same problem also. The software looks nice but it sucks the hell out of resources and maybe out of ten calls, i can successfully answer one! I’m very frustrated with this phone now

  • Vishal

    Hi after updating the New firmware(6.2.A.1.100) my phone application response time is very slow ,i mean even to get in contacts it takes min 7-8 sec.Its irritating when u need to call or send text.Can u give a solution to this or its normal ???????????????

  • ja

    I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! and i just can’t solve it, pls anyone?

  • fr3ak_84

    This is bullshit, i have installed a 6.2.A.1.100 compilation on my Xperia Go and is worst. The phone is slower, laggs, apps like Internet browsers, Skype, fb and many others closing theyselfs. Games not working, fuck this shit, i’m dissapointed. I was try repair by pc companion & sus but doesn’t work. Factory reset don’t work. This software sucks…

  • djsean

    Hey guys can anyone tell me what is the difference between 6.2.A.0.400 and 6.2.A.1.100.

    Oh and if this new firmware sucks here is a link for 6.2.A.0.400 ( Only for the Xperia Go ) or you can easily find one for your device and flash it via Flashtool

  • Carlox

    hi , unfortunately the update did not fulfill my expectations.

    – I have noticed less fluid compared to previous versions

    – Foto album presents problems

    – Some applications fail

    – Apparently consumes a little more memory and battery

    Many people have the same problems, would appreciate it corrected these problems to continue enjoying our phones SONY

    excuse my English, I speak Spanish.!

  • zuhry

    my go album still blank.

  • Jose Leeroy O. Padernilla

    Yes after update, my xperia P to a new Firmware on Xperia service center, the new firmare 6.2.A.1.100, I experienced that, there is slight smooth improvement, the log has gone on the dial pad, but!! I notice that my battery hours had decrease , and the camera has slightly log and sometimes there is a green dash lines, sometimes it turning to black but it doesn’t affect the captured picture, not satisfied I hope the next update will be fix it all of the issues, good luck!!!!
    Thanks!!!! God bless

  • saim

    Fuck you sony xperia go hang in call.,.?… Fuck

  • saim

    What the fuck sony I think Samsung is far,faaaarr better then you…….. New jellybean sucks on Xperia go….. Viber not working hangs when there is phone call…. Fix it please….. And when you create updates first check you firmwares then give updates to us…… Bitches

  • punkd007

    I’m from Belgium and got the update months ago.

    Last month i got the new JB update for my Xperia GO.

    But I saw somewhere that there would come another update wich bring you “my xperia”.

    This is a security app that wil track your phone if you lose it.

    Can someone conifirm that?

  • besher

    ???? ?????? ?????? ?? ????? ????????? ??????? ?????? ??????

  • salman

    i hav updated my xperia go to jellybean 4.1.2 nd i have a problem reciveing and making calls pls help!!

  • balsy

    can u please teach me the process in updating my xperia go?im having a hardtime here!! thanks

  • ?????

    When we will have this firmware in Greece?

  • sateshwar raj

    hi I just did a update today. what a load of rubbish … I still cant type text messages properly keeps opening different applications …. you would think sony would have tried it before … shame on sony ..I think they should recall all these phones ..and give the customers a better replacement phone asap or return their money …..

  • sateshwar raj

    releasing updates is not keeping the promises …the fixing the problems with the updates is keeping the problem …sony can release one hundred updates in a week …but it is pretty useless if it doesn’t solves the issues…or has more problems than before

  • sateshwar raj

    if a phone cannot the basic things it is supposed to do then is a load of f”king bullshit ….sony can release as many new phones …or sponsorships.. but it doesn’t f’king help me if my phone doesn’t work

  • Noel

    why my data mobile did not work after I upgrade to 4.1.2 JELLY BEAN???

  • Noel

    why my data mobile did not eork after i upgrade to 4.1.2 JELLY BEAN???

  • Noel

    i cannot use my mobile data? why? why? why?

  • andrea

    can you use with JB offline voice sms command?

  • sukayna

    im having the same problem…

  • fucksony

    Did update and phone works like one from 1995… sony is CRAP..

  • Anolirdoive Baruti

    My youtube don’t work

  • D

    I updated my firmware and I’m satisfied with it, at least for now. It didn’t get slower, and all apps work well. I hope it stays like this.

  • ricardo

    how can I change the color of my walkman?

  • Derry Gunz Murengezi

    hi frnd this kind of problem came when you update your phone and you don’t reset so try to reset it

  • Ebrahim Ramadan

    when i tried to update i got the message ”This application cannot be installed.please try again later”. please help.

  • sonyxperia

    what type of reset? hard reset?

  • Jovy

    Hello Sony. After updating the latest software for Sony Xperia Go, my phone became MORE slower. You told us to keep our phone updated so it can work more smoothly, but no, you’re definitely wrong. I can’t even send a text without getting annoyed by it’s slow response. I need to wait up to at least 3-5seconds before I can type a single letter. Seriously? What the hell is wrong with you? If you can’t fix this problem in a week, then I will definitely, and will NEVER recommend any of your products. Magaling lang kayo mag-advertise! Karmahin sana kayo. Masyado kayong magulang. Nakakainis! Wala kaming magawa dahil nabayaran na namin kayo pero sana, lahat kayo, lahat ng empleyado niyo na hindi kami inaasikaso, hinaharap, yung mga may-ari at yung mga nagbebenta ng products niyo na nanloloko, karmahin sana kayo! KARMAHIN SANA KAYO! Ang sarap niyo isumpa. Hindi ako mayaman na tao pero pinilit ko gumawa ng paraan para makabili ng SONY XPERIA GO DAHIL NANIWALA AKO NA MAGANDA YUNG PRODUKYO NIYO, pero hindi! PERWISYO KAYO! Nakakaubos kayo ng pasensya! GAWAN NIYO YAN NG PARAAN! HINDI KO MAGAMIT YUNG CELLPHONE NG DAHIL SA KATANGAHAN NIYO! BADTRIP!!! LAHAT KAYO NA HINDI SASAGOT SA MGA MESSAGES NAMIN, KARMAHIN SANA KAYO!!!!!!

  • ahmad

    download link?
    thanx alot

  • Gokul jayaraj

    will there be any update for xperia go after this one 6.2.A.1.100?

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