Sony widens lead over Apple in Japanese smartphone market

by XB on 13th June 2013

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Xperia JapanSony Mobile’s Japanese smartphone market share has hit a three-year high, widening its lead over Apple. Bloomberg is reporting that Sony has benefited from the company’s new Xperia range as well as discounting from carrier NTT DoCoMo to stimulate sales.

DoCoMo is apparently pushing just two handsets for promotions (we imagine this is the Xperia A and Xperia Z) to stimulate demand over the iPhone, which DoCoMo doesn’t carry. DoCoMo’s strategy is the first time the carrier has focused on “one or two” models, Chief Financial Officer Kazuto Tsubouchi said in an interview earlier in the year.

Researcher BCN says that Sony doubled its shipments in the last four weeks to 36 percent against Apple which had 25 percent in the same period. “Xperia sales are rising thanks to DoCoMo’s” promotion of new smartphones, says Keita Wakabayashi, analyst at Mito Securities based in Tokyo. He went on to say that the handset’s functionality also appeals to Japanese consumers. DoCoMo has sold around 630,000 Sony Xperia Z handsets within two and a half months of its introduction according to the carrier.

Via Bloomberg.

Thanks Derek!

  • mortex

    In fact the second handset being promoted is the Galaxy S4:
    “While other handsets are available in DoCoMo stores, promotions and discounts are targeted at Sony’s Xperia and Samsung Electronics Co.’s flagship Galaxy S4.”

  • NorthWood

    I think Docomo’s “Two-top Campaign” is for Xperia A and Galaxy S4….

  • Ashad Mamood

    Good! I expect Sony to have a great 2013

  • Alexandre

    I know these is not the right topic to ask, but is there any news about bug fixes in xperia tablet S?

  • mountain

    Despite being released 2 months before the rest of the world, my GX is still running ICS, and I doubt that 4.1 will be here any time soon, let alone 4.2. And we are not moaning. We love the phone as it is, fast and stable.

  • Lost
  • scw

    The another phone Docomo is pushing is Samsung Galaxy. On docomo web site Xperia Z is no longer offered.

  • Tangent Lin

    The 2013 devices are update according which better than previous year. Even my Xperia TX and been updated twice. Hope Sony continue keep their hard work and I will continue support your devices as always.

  • Ben-Amie Lim


  • dereknobuyuki

    also, GX with some version of JellyBean was WiFi certified in January.
    In Japan, there’s been a lot of speculation about new firmware for the GX coming soon… (although personally, I think Docomo is probably the reason for delay… the last update for the GX was all docomo stuff the made the GX run really poorly)

    I’m glad Lost found that PTCRB listed update; it wasn’t there a few days ago =)

  • Putra

    CONGRATS! ^o^

  • pitt

    I wish they cared for other markets too…

  • Mandala Eko

    You can download many apps and games here :

  • hamboy

    You know that this isn’t the right god damned place but you went and asked anyway.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    Hope Sony will make the Next Nexus.

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  • Asa

    Well deserved. Though there’s still much work to do for Sony.
    Good for them that Kaz is really turning Sony around.

    I expect the Mobile, Playstation, Media (movie/music/tv) and more divisions to make some good money.

  • disqus_ezw8ncdL9s

    In the US is the Xperia T worth getting? I would like a phone with an FM radio—I’ve been hoping that the Z or ZR would come to AT&T, yet it looks like its either the T or the HTC 1 on AT&T. Unfortunately, I am likely not going to T-mobile.

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  • Richard Paul Francisco

    go sony smash them! finally your learning it the right way. just releasing few phones so they can be updated faster. hope they releases a phone with $125 price but with jelly bean 3.5inches screen 1ghz processor with nice design.

  • Richard Paul Francisco

    wish they would advertise like samsung. flyers everywhere, samsung commercial every minute.

  • aaa

    Japanese don’t like Samsung

  • aaa

    Don’t worry.Japanese don’t like Samsung

  • 123

    Don’t worry.Japanese don’t like Samsung. It’s too ugly.

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  • dereknobuyuki

    You might be interested in this interview with Kaz

    They talk about a lot of things but their different major business units… many are quite profitable (especially Sony’s financial and insurance services) and entertainment (Sony Music, Pictures, etc)… but the electronics unit has been posting major losses for a long time (8 1/2 billion$). It seems like Kaz is doing a great job in turning it around but they have a lot of challenges still yet ahead corporate-culturally, economically, and directly in their business (rivals, products, etc).

  • dereknobuyuki

    A lot of people in the world don’t like Samsung’s mobile phone products but in Japan, they’re still selling a lot of units.

    HTC is struggling despite having a great product and Japanese makers are dying out (I don’t include Sony as a Japanese makers since they are far more global) as several domestic players are dropping out (a major one just sold their mobile business to Lenovo)… As these companies are dying, it further opens up the market for both samsung and sony to increase their market share domestically in my opinion. If HTC would spend a lot more money on marketing and improving their relationship with carriers, they could be there too though, in my opinion.

  • dereknobuyuki

    2 more certifications on June 18th makes it look like they’ve been having some problems… but we should see something by the end of the month =) … i hope

  • Asa

    Thank you for this.

    I know they have a hell lot to do.
    But seeing recent “successes”, they seem to be on the right path.

    The PS4 was priced perfectly and Microsoft’s blunders helped them even more.
    These last weeks Xperiablog has been flooded by software updates.
    Apparently Xperia phones keep selling more and more in any part of the world.

    I just hope they turn around the electronics business aswell, it would be a shame to lose it.

    I kinda trust Kaz though.
    I could never quite trust Stringer..

  • Lizzy

    Great news ! I have a Sony Experia and I am looking for a change I am not sure which one of these operating systems should I go for…Should I stick to Android or not ?

  • Roy RanaDeep

    wait if you can…Sony gonna launch Windows phone this year.

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