Sony SBH50 Stereo Bluetooth Headset now available

by XB on 14th June 2013

in Accessories

SBH50 headset in stockSony’s new Stereo Bluetooth Headset SBH50 is now in stock directly via the Sony Mobile website. Stock appears to be limited though as last night both black and white colours were available, however this morning the black version went out of stock. The white headset is available for £59/€69 across Europe right now.

The SBH50 headset has a 128 x 36 pixel OLED display and features Bluetooth 3.0, a built-in FM radio and 115 mAh battery capable of eight hours talk time. Like other recent Sony accessories, the SBH50 has NFC capability to easily pair with an Xperia smartphone.

SBH50 headset in stock

  • dereknobuyuki

    I wonder if this one supports Japanese, Chinese, and Korean characters (assuming content is properly encoded as UTF8) since some versions of previous Sony bluetooth headset devices mangled characters unless you specifically got one for Asia.

    I’d definitely consider buying this especially if I know it won’t “mojibake” mangle characters.
    Anyone have any experience with this product and non-ascii characters?

  • qwer

    black: out of stock

  • Babylonbwoy

    Only 69Euro, if I knew that when bought SBH20 two weeks ago for 49euro I would wait for SBH50. They have a one month return policy, I’ll try to change mine for this one.

  • osin17

    I bought one there’s 2 days ago… Waiting for it. I will post a short review

  • ali

    Just bough black sbh50 from uk mobile store for £57.95

  • Surendar Thambu

    When Dose it launches in India. Because i booked one and waiting for it a long time almost a months.

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