Jelly Bean firmware (9.1.C.0.464) certified for Xperia AX, GX and SX

by XB on 15th June 2013

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Japanese 464 JB updateA number of Sony Xperia handsets with Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo will soon be updated to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware. A new firmware build with version number 9.1.C.0.464 has been certified by the PTCRB website for three key models including the Xperia AX (SO-01E), Xperia GX (SO-04D) and Xperia SX (SO-05D).

The 9.1.X.X.XXX build has signified Jelly Bean firmware for western handsets, so we have no reason to believe the same won’t apply here. Hopefully, Japanese users won’t have too long to wait.

Update: We missed this, but the Xperia AX Jelly Bean update started to roll out on DoCoMo earlier in the week.

Japanese 464 JB update



  • Dakota

    All I can say is they better update the Ion first.

  • trnz

    bring update for xperia ion first……..

  • adam

    Lol.. I pity the ion users :P

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    Ion… Ion… Ion…

  • Arsalan

    Mother fuckers u have lost all those users who bought ion…i know they wont be buying sony sets again

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    is there any new ftf bugs fix for LT26i LT26w LT26ii not the 6.2.B.0.211 that ain’t fixed the bugs :-(

  • SonyFan

    You’re wrong…only the people who complain in the world wide web about the updates won’t buy Sony…but the rest….normal people who even dont now what updates are…these are about 80%…the 20% who complain aren’t the majority

  • LOl

    Sony you make updates for all models without Xperia ION? I fuck it and buy S4. cyA

  • mat jeng jeng

    I think u miss smthing sony. one of high end device (ion).

  • Jack

    Mate there are no more bugs. My Xperia S is only on. 200 and I’m not complaining. Stop being a picky girl and be grateful. All I see is your complaints on EVERY SINGLE UPDATE THREAD.

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    am not getting 2G connectivity, and full hd recording lagging on ma acro s

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  • Cristi13

    No, you’re wrong, when sony ericson refused to give the 2.2 (or 2.3 can’t remember) people made a petition and complaining everywhere. Guess what, under all the pressure sony gave the update(after many months though). So stop telling people not to complain and I’m sorry if you cannot see what kind of company sony has become.

  • SonyFan

    No you are wrong

  • sooo..

    u telling me that 80% are sheep like u and rest in this blog who defending Sony hopelessly ?

    thank god , im still a human being !

  • SonyFan

    No…the 80% people are not interessed in- and are not reading blog/news about -smartphone…the 20% are people who read blogs …some of these 20% undeestand that such an update.takes.long to make…and the rest is complainig

  • khalis

    Yeah!!!! great news for my Xperia GX :D

  • Rob

    The Docomo updates for this phone have generally come 7 to 8 days after the certification. Look for this around June 20th Japan time.

  • A Chai Yuth

    at least it is better than last year lolx

  • Kill

    Sony you fucking goats, refresh ion, otherwise you will lose a lot of customers. I do not understand why until now you have not done so. You upgraded a bunch of phones, except the flagship. Brad When I bought the phone thought that Sony is a normal company and you dolpanye Japanese, I am sorry that you did not kill all Americans.

  • You fucked your Ion?

  • How to get the best android apps 2014

  • Jonfensu

    Wow! Seems like after XS users get JB, they bought a X ION, and now they are complaining. l0l

  • Mac

    Hate the 2G problem indeed!

  • Was thinking of either buying the Xperia ION or V myself. Luckily the Xperia SP came out first. I’m pretty sure the new devices starting from Xperia T/V will get better treatment. Just look at the number of updates. Older devices, well not so much.

  • SaLoOoMX

    We still even now no update for acro s in saudi arbia why sony we love u but u not love us

  • nani~nani~

    he F*cked himself w/ his Ion.

  • mat jeng jeng

    With this kind of late update for ion. i want android 5.0 key lime pie for to ion.

  • mau mati ka?


  • TechGuyChris

    is there a root for the Xperia ion to get 4.2.2 jellybean anywhere?

  • WaLu

    U mean the last one, right? :P

  • WaLu

    R u crying? Poor kid. :/

  • WaLu

    Is okay to cry, just make it louder. ;)

  • WaLu

    5.0? LOL.. U don’t get 4.1 yet, probably never get 4.1, dream more kid. :P

  • WaLu

    iON is not a flagship u moron!

  • Mat Jeng Jeng

    who cares, its not a problem for me, why you so serious? hahaha just wanna have fun with that phrase. if they dont release 4.1, i gonna use 2.3 for my phone. hahaha did u believe it? hahahha

  • Jonfesu

    True. From T/TX/V, every Xperia phone share the same architecture KRAIT, So, seems like EVEN the T/TX/V will get Android 5.0 Sorry for XS and etc. users. but those phones will dead with 4.1.2

  • LaceeWearsPrada

    And? What happens if we don’t get the update? :D The nicest pleasure is the Schadenfreude, isn’t it? Congratulations mr. WaLu!

  • we’ll see u next update…

    im sure u will spam as ion users do …

  • WaLu

    LOL.. U r so funny my friend. ;)

  • WaLu

    U’ll keeps spamming, perhaps.. Whatever it is i don’t care. ;)

  • dereknobuyuki

    It’s been recertified another two more times… but hopefully this week =)

  • dereknobuyuki

    This has started rolling out for the GX and SX

  • dereknobuyuki

    Incidentally, this has started rolling out today for the GX/SX

  • dereknobuyuki

    The update has started rolling out for your device!

  • Rob

    Wow, pretty fantastic update

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