Kaz talks Xperia segmentation and speed of updates [Video]

by XB on 17th June 2013

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Kaz interviewKazuo Hirai, President and CEO of Sony Corporation, recently took the opportunity to answer some community questions on the Signal by Sony YouTube channel. Of interest to us here at Xperia Blog were questions on product segmentation in the Xperia line-up and how the company plans to clearly define the entry, mid and high-end ranges. Another question was targeted at Sony’s slow firmware updates. Click through to hear his thoughts on these issues.

Kaz on Xperia product segmentation

We do plan to make sure that we have a clearly defined line up so what is a premium smartphone, what is mid-line and, in some territories where it is required, what really is an entry-level. [We] want to make sure whether it is features, whether it is design, whether it is connectivity that the consumers really understand what level they are getting in to as they pick and choose between different models that we have.

Kaz on speed of firmware updates

[It] really depends on the model, really depends on the territory, overall what we try to do is make sure that we are covering as many models and as many territories as possible. The realistic scenario is that sometimes we do need to prioritise, but we would like to get it to as many of the phones as possible and to upgrade them as quickly as possible.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Xperia ION users – comment section for you !!

  • dd

    Sony doesn’t eat shit, only uncivilized cavemen like you do.

  • bye sony

    Sony was cornered, could not help but say dirty words

  • fried_egg

    sorry sony but that doesnt wash. you are one step back from the “ultimate” spec, which means you should have a better understanding of the tech than those on the bleeding edge. then you announce the phones 3 months before you release them, and then you are 3 months later than the rest with the o/s upgrades. you just cant say you dont have time when you have 3 points in the process where you are behind the curve so shouldnt be late with the updates.

  • xzzz

    1) “The realistic scenario is that sometimes we do need to prioritise..”

    > the latest is the quickest so people who had the old getting sick and buy the new phone.
    > ION must be the latest or won’t be updated so people buy the new phone with the same screen size.

    2) “..but we would like to get it to as many of the phones as possible and to upgrade them as quickly as possible.”

    old phones gets updated, but the old flagship must be the slowest and buggy-est updates. (i.e. XS)
    > okay there’s a quick update but it still buggy, we must rollin’ out another “small” update to make people excited about how fast the updates is.

    3) “We do plan to make sure that we have a clearly defined line up so what is a premium smartphone, what is mid-line and, in some territories where it is required, what really is an entry-level.”

    but it was too much, i’m sure the ZR will kill the Z, ZL or maybe the SP too.

    hope Sony will understands the people needs, not the company’s. i’m sure when people is happy, the company will happy too.
    keep moving forward!

  • Soroush

    I think you forgot Xperia ion!!! fuck you sony! fuck!
    ion will be my last sony phone!!

  • bimmersonygasm

    Wish I could ask him how he feels about the PS4 E3 meeting now and how he felt about the reception it got. Bet he would 2 step in sheer happiness. Go Kaz!!!

  • Daniel

    Wtf? He is laughing in our faces. Where is update for Ion?

  • Doubleyoupee

    Should’ve asked more direct questions now you had the change…jeez.
    Every CEO would give those answers “we try to get the most” “try to do it as quickly as possible”.

  • Ultiva

    Xperia Z flows baby ;) waiting for updates and 4.2.2 yiihaa

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  • Umad?


  • iPhonerocks!

    Fucking android fagg

  • Babylonbwoy


  • Considered what PS4 just did, that’s one of the dumbest thing anyone has said on this site

  • You should be grateful that they didn’t update Ion yet. The ROM, is the same as the S ROM. Which have some bugs in it. Do you want that?

  • Only if the mobile division can be more like the Playstation division

  • Billy de Fretes

    maybe he’s too happy with PS4 launch, so he forgot xperia ios still not in JB :) with togari and honami, i guess this will be sony mobile era … xperia Z currently win indonesia ICA 2013 award for best design and best performance smartphone (S4 only win most popular)

  • Johannes Otto

    Ion users: calm down a bit. You will get your update, but that’s no excuse to use such language!

  • D

    WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL USING YOUR ion If you hate sony this much, dipshit?!! your post here, makes you a HUGE IDIOT!!!

  • Wolf0491

    My Ion works fine with ice cram sandwich and the only thing I wish it had that my Z does is the Google now stuff but that’s not really a big thing. I don’t get why every cries when the things work fine..

  • _l_

    Go out and earn some money and get a new phone! Geez.

  • KubsiJack

    Bugs still there, and never for ion ?

  • Soroush

    They forgot Xperia S too! They forgot all their phones!! They say we want to make bugless roms, and its reason of delay! But after delay and delay and delay, roms are buggy.

  • Soroush

    in his ass!

  • Excuse me but are you from the past? Forgot what? the ROM is already out. All their phones are on JB, wtf are you talking about? The only 2 that aren’t JB is Sola and U.
    How many phones of other OEM are updated to JB? 4? 5?
    Only Xperia S so far have bugs. A new ROM is coming out to fix bugs, at least they still care unlike 2011 Xperia ICS update.
    “They say we want to make bugless roms”… have you checked Samsung’s GS2 JB ROM of how much bug that thing got? That was long ago but they still didn’t make a bug fix yet.

  • KubsiJack

    You are using ion. Not, go out….

  • Said the guy who replied to me first

  • Rob

    No thanks! The PS division has shown its stance on openness when they tried to lock down the PS3 by removing features originally used as selling points.

    The mobile division are actively supporting the developer communities and release code to help make stable third party ROMs early on in the projects.

  • Rob

    Xperia Z was announced in Jan 2013, released in Feb.

  • fried_egg

    x10 and S were not….

  • Rob

    If you want to see the direction the company is heading you should look to its latest products, rather than its old ones.

  • Babylonbwoy

    If you think that they think like that and you still buy their products you are the one to blame…

  • Kean2000

    Google really f*up things with Android since you can`t upgrade from 1 version to another. So it would be fair that when you buy a phone Sony and all other phone manufacturers should specify which is the latest version of Android that you smartphone will be upgraded to

    You should know when you buy an android ICS 4.0 phone that you will NOT get an upgrade to Android 5.0 or even 4.2 so you can compare to others who might offer that upgrade. This would be very important for buyers who could be asked 10$ more for a phone that will receive the next generation Android. i would pay 10$ more if i knew for sure that i will get version 5 of Android.

  • Rob

    But how will the manufacturer know what Google plans to do with Android?

  • fried_egg

    if you want to know if the product will live up to its hype, look at their track record… and when i bought my x10 i remember them saying “we have learnt” and then when i bought my “s” they said, no, we have learnt from that, and then….

  • LancerEX

    IMO, the best year of Sony (or Ericsson) was 2011. All their phones clearly know which segment do they belong to. Not to mention their specs are almost similar meaning creating an update is easier rather than having different types of hardware configuration. I think they should fix their schedule in releasing new phones most especially the mid to higher range, only one flagship, mid and low per year assuming that they all have the updated processors and OS version. :(

  • Arokhantos

    We need actions not words…………

  • Soroush

    do you forget Xperia Play who never updated? it was a simple sample! You really think Sola and U cant support JB?
    my old Nexus S had updated to 4.1.2 about 1 year ago! And now we hear about android 5 or 4.3 and sony doesn’t update his phone to 4.1.2 yet!!

    I don’t think that making a bugless Rom need more than 1 year time!

    I’m not from pas! I’m from real!

  • Kean2000

    they could ask them. do you think Sony is taken by surpise when google releases a new version of Android? they know but they don`t want to commit to upgrades

  • Haven’t heard about PS4 have you? They open it a lot to the developers this time.

  • Sure, why not bring up the past. It’s 2 years ago, are you sure you’re not from the past?

    No, I do think Sola and U can support JB, but their sales weren’t good. So to think from Sony POV, why update phones that barely got any sales?

    Sony did update most of their phone to 4.1.2, and like I asked, how many phones did other OEM udpated to 4.1.2? HTC? 3 – 4. Samsung? 5 – 6. Some Motorola phone are still on Gingerbread, so stop complaining about 1 or 2 Sony phones didn’t get update.

  • Desmont

    Where is my f..cking JB ? for my f..cking ION ????

  • Soroush

    the past is a part of life! sony dont change anything!
    Yes! Sony doesn’t think to Sola and U buyers! but they thought Sony will thinks to their!
    samsung and HTC use Touchwiz and Sens, no ugly and useless Sony interface and update their phones too faster than Sony!
    Nexus S,Galaxy nexus, S II, SIII, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Note 1, Note 2, Ace 2, Tab 2 and many other device!!!!
    what do u know about Motorola? RAZR M, RAZR HD,MAXX, MAXX HD, XOOM and … are updated!!!

    then , Stop supporting sony and let them answer users!

  • Rob

    As they claimed they would the PS3.. I’ll hold my applause until I see some actual results of their statements.

    That being said, I’m totally buying a PS4 regardless :)

  • Rob

    Yeah, bet they haven’t tried that one :P

  • xzzz

    yeah, just blame me because i’m planning to buy xperia L. the 1st reason i’ll buy it is because the price and features. others are too overpriced.
    but, i’m still waiting for L updates that had major bugs.

  • “samsung and HTC use Touchwiz and Sens, no ugly and useless Sony interface and update their phones too faster than Sony” May I ask why are you still here then?
    Well, you keep sticking to the past and dwell in it while I look into the present and the future.

    Xperia S, SL, acro S, Go, P, T, TX, V, GX, SX, TL, J, L, E, E Dual, Tablet S are updated!!!
    The only one left is Ion and that’s it

  • They already stated that game developers are able to publish their own content without any hassle like the PS3 did, that’s one big positive news from it.

  • Soroush

    I’m here, because I haven’t money to buy another phone!
    Yes, They update S,SL,Acro S, P and Go! But after one year! I said you that we are hearing about new android version, but Sony is updating to 4.1.2 yet and even no 4.2.2!!!!!

    I bought Xperia ion and when I updated it to 4.0.4 using Sony companion, Ion camera lose its quality and focus power!!!
    and now, I have a phone with 12 MP camera who cant capture a clear photo!! its so funny! don’t it?
    its about one year that I’m waiting for jb update, maybe it resolve my problem!! maybe!!
    Sony products beautiful and powerful phones, but never supports customers! never!
    another example! I have Sony Smartwatch! one month ago, Sony release new update to resolve bugs! but now, I have a smartwatch that is full of bugs!! you can read comment about it in Play store!!!!

  • If you got that while updating, you should’ve either, re flash it (repair) or ask Sony support center or check XDA.

    There is a solution to that problem, look it up.

    Sure they never supports the customer, that’s why the won XDA’s OEM of the year for being better than other company. That’s why they let us unlock the bootloader, that’s why they have alpha/beta ROM to test. They NEVER supports the customers…

    Sure they don’t support much for the average Joe, but if you are an average Joe, you shouldn’t be worry about updating in the first place. The non-average Joe should at least know how to root & flash.

    What is this SmartWatch bugs that you speak of? I don’t know any of them so tell me.

  • Soroush

    I reflash Stock ROMs and flash all other ROMs, only little change in quality occurred!
    Sony Support center said reflash older rom, and then update again! no change seen! some other body have this problem and no one can help us!
    XDA? I read XDA forums every day! but I don’t find any answer!
    rooting and flashing are too easy! I changed too many roms, locking boot loader, unlocking it, rooting, unrooting, flash camera mods via CWM and…! my final hope is JB drivers of camera! maybe flash leaked JB rom(204) tonight!

    And about Smartwatch, Messaging and Missed call apps don’t work! when I receive new message or have missed call, no notification show on watch! when I touch answer button on watch, it dont work!

  • From reading the support forum, some people got theirs fixed by doing that. If not, I am sorry for yours. Let me ask you this, if you know how to root & flash, why not install a camera mod? That might be a way to fix it, it is a mod from a developer. That said, Sony aren’t the best at software, that’s why they work with the developers.

    I read the comments for the SmartWatch, it seem like it’s the software of the apps that’s causing you and the others problem. Not the watch itself but i could be wrong since I don’t have a SmartWatch.

  • Soroush

    I said that flash camera mods, Cybershot and others, but only little change in quality.
    If sony is not powerful in software, its better to use pure android on his device and does not maked problem for customers.

    About smartwatch!Yes, its form software of the apps, but the apps are sony products! We are waiting for new update, maybe it can resolve problems.

    Sony just think about power and appearance of devices.

  • Didn’t see that bit.

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