New Xperia S update landing in early July to fix NFC issues?

by XB on 17th June 2013

in Firmware, Xperia S

nfc_smarttagsSony Mobile may be planning to release a new firmware update for the Xperia S (LT26i), judging by comments on their support forums. The representative suggests a new update will be landing during week 28 (week commencing 8 July 2013) which will fix a bug that people are having with NFC and beaming content to other phones.

However, what we’re not sure at this stage is if this is an entirely new update after 6.2.B.0.211, which only landed in certain regions. Or whether this is indeed a wider launch for the ‘211’ firmware. We’ll keep you posted.

Xperia S NFC

Via Sony Mobile Talk Forums.

Thanks Deki!

  • MrWest


  • Jaya Sankar Yakkala

    wonder why no one cares abt the actual problem with cam and quick launch button :(

  • Bruno Jorge

    NFC bug,Google Now bug, video recording bug, quick launch bug, jumping from apps to ui bug. Am i forgetting any other bugs!?

  • Andrew D

    Che Cazzo?!?!?!
    I still haven’t gotten the .211 FW…

  • adeceku

    For those who are saying that they will never buy a Sony Smartphone again and are changing to a nexus device, what if the next nexus is made by Sony?

  • Deki

    My NFC is working really fine. On ICS was buggy though… :-)

    But, look on the bright sight, they are fixing issues! They will surely fix the camera bug, since we cannot use the camera anymore with the laggy recording.

  • Sgrattia

    WTF what about the app that runs with lags all the time? Fix that before, WHO cares about NFC

  • i care!

  • FireMax

    Bug of bugs…

  • ravi

    I beleive SONY itself a big bug in the Market…

  • Sami

    There are major other issues! WTF!?!?!?!?

  • yassen

    when the ion???????!!!!!!!

  • Sami

    The Wifi Issue in Syria “Regional Code” issue
    Wifi doesn’t work with GSM
    SO many bugs….
    ICS + Nova Launcher = the best for Sony XS

  • crazy man

    Sony its high time, we are suffering now, we had to wait so long for jb and when we got it guess what..!!! Its full of bugs. Camera, apps, orientation, music player stops suddenly, when we switch to home screen phone starts lagging, keyboard takes too much time to load..!!! Plz help us

  • Rasmi Al Mallah

    But .211 which solved the wifi issue has returned the auto restart issue back :(

  • Alberto Bravo

    please return “Find my Xperia”!

  • sanchezyo

    U can dl it from xda just hit search

  • Kima

    volume up bug…

  • xMelBurNx

    Sony read the coments!nfc isnt the only problem,Google now doesent work,it lags the video recording and everytime i quit from Facebook or YouTube it lags a lot on my homescreem,every time i need to use easy task killer. Then where is stamina mode,please upgraded too,and why dont put the connectiviti enabled with the dualshock 3 without root?:D
    Please heard us and think about a new firmware to fix the bugs that we still has the xperia s

  • disappointed

    My Acro S camera does not even launch half the time. Have to restart phone it to work. Same with walkman, movies, and other third party apps don’t launch.
    phone does not shut down. Have to press volume up and power button to switch it off.
    Phone doesn’t connect to PC in mtp mode although it says it’s connected on phone

  • Cristi13

    Well, google will be dealing with the software.

  • Cristi13


  • Dany

    Perfect. We don’t complain about hardware. In a Xperia Nexus updates will be from Google

  • kl'[piol,ytity

    Lol nexue is Google that make phone with other company examper Asus if it is made by sony people would not buy it

  • nidou bossy

    let’s get Android 4.2

  • raj

    stil no getting ics 6.2.B.0.211

  • Dark Moyan

    That’s my reaction when I was reading this.

  • dispirited

    Sony, are you going to do with the lt28h, are you going to give up ion users? Is this fair to ion users? Please Sony took action, quickly for lt28h update 4.1 (jelly bean). Don’t let us again lose credit for you.

  • Andrie Putra

    there is rumor .. xperia z will launch with original android 4.2 ( nexus style ) without timescape UI from sony

  • Mac

    Try to repair using SUS or PCC or maybe flash tool. Don’t forget 2 back up your data

  • Mac

    2g connectivity is a pain in the a**

  • Ribin Roy

    lol By the end of 2014, I guess!

  • Augusta

    I think you’re too much dude. WE ain’t got the issues that MUCH. currently issues thats annoying FullHD rec lags, volume up key stop working sometimes, battery drains too fast. other than that works fine and runs very fast and smooth. try to software ‘repair’ or ‘re-flashing’ your phone *and do clean install*. (i was wondering if you had your phne gt hammered) lol

  • Augusta

    oooo ok around 3 weeks ahead huh. well at least thanks for the quick response i’m sure they’re really trying their best for this handset. anyway heres the main issues SONY’s dudes! :
    1. FullHD recording friggin lags.
    2. volume up key stop working sometimes.
    3. photoshot results a bit purpleish.
    4. battery drains too fast than prev. on ICS.
    5. whatsoever, whatsoever tell me guys..
    k folks happy waiting then..meanwhile enjoy your buggy firmware! lol

  • sfordesign

    that’s good. at least those who buy sony nexus won’t be brutally harassed by sony’s shitty software

  • sfordesign

    where are those who said sony would give us a more bug-free jelly bean after the long wait? good job making yourselves felt better but what about now? any more self comforting comments? :)

  • mat jeng jeng

    If the update is full with bugs. It is better for ion to stay with ics firmware. How ever i wonder how was the samsung’s user can get theire latest firmware even on low spec device.

  • Akshay Gupta

    They have to. HTC One is a serious competition. S4 is for uncivilized animals.

  • Maziar

    211 was only for Iran (middle east) which only fixed the wifi and 3g problem. I think other bugs will be fixed in the upcoming update.

  • hui

    Make bug believe bug ! Sony xperia !

  • 2014, baby…

    @Xperia Blog: He did NOT say “week 28” of 2013… :-)

  • Jhonbert Magana


  • Augusta

    He did say it.

    Johan 7,093

    15. Jun 17, 2013 9:38 AM (in response to NFC problem

    A new software is planned to start rolling out during week 28. Please let me know if any of you still experience any problems after installing the upcoming update.

  • People that are complaining should be happy that at least Sony still care to update the phone to fix bugs. 2011 Xperia ICS rom wasn’t good and when it was released, they just dump it.

  • Bulli

    EDGE does not work: no data transmission when the phone is on EDGE network… any solution to this?

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    So what about Acro S

  • Mac

    NFC is a bit laggy on my Acro S but still works after like 5 sec using smart tags but was much quicker before.
    But my main problem is still the 2g connectivity, then SwiftKey inactive after reboot. Also still reloading home screen very often even if I only use like the Web browser.

  • Rob

    Using the web browser is one of the most memory intense activities you can perform in an Android device. It’s all about giving the user a smooth internet browsing experience so it goes all out when you use the browser.

  • ManRaj

    Okay so i am facing 2g problem too. But when I am in my home town 2g works perfectly fine, where as when I am in some other city, it doesnt work at all. I have no idea about what the fuck is wrong with vodafone and sony. Hahaha.
    Any ways i am porting to 3g Docomo, so I wanted to Ask if any one is facing 3g connectivity or not? (because i haven’t tried it yet!)

  • Rob

    You should be reporting this to Sony rather than this non-affiliated blog..

  • Augusta

    already did, sir..

  • ProWeirdo

    I also have a bug with voice typing. Whenever I try say something it immediately says “sorry, I can’t understand you”.

  • toolazytosign

    B.B.B? (Barbecue battery bug?)

    And they could bring us back the 3D photo mode. It was a little good “detail” (this is only a suggestion)

  • deol275

    Check whether Data Roaming is enabled

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Istanbul, Turkey. I got the update reminder for .200 via PC Companion this morning. Installed it right away. Seems to be working fine so far. Didn’t try photo & video yet.

  • Achiko Kolbaia

    there are one problem too, video at 1980x1080p is very bad,
    Xperia S with Jelly Bean update 6.2.B.0.200 is with a bug.. you know in the video camera is responding badly and takes low fps vids mostly at 1080p :((((

  • Deki

    I’m using 3G connectivity without problems. It’s really cool and fast! :-)

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  • Okazuma

    Anche qui ancora niente… direi per fortuna visto che sn rimasto ad ICS e tutti questi Bugs nn ci sono

  • Nemanja Raškovi?

    There are no problems! :)

  • Udayan

    Any word on the release of the.211 build for Xperia S in India Haven’t got it yet.

  • Tushar Jaiswal

    .200 released in india about 10 days after it was launched so dont expect . 211 to come so early

  • Ameri Asnawi

    How about the Camera, Vol Up button.. :3

  • surethom

    Never mind NFC, give us the update to fix the Horrible stuttering 1080p video recording, it was much better in ICS.

    Typical Sony, Update in April, then May, then the update made some things worse now update in July, how much time does sony need to release a working Update.

  • Kima

    two major problems for me too…

  • ManRaj

    Thanks for your reply :-)

  • ManRaj

    Yea It is enabled
    But there is no roaming at all
    Because both cities are in the same state

  • ffffffffffffffffffff

    i dont care if i get jb updated they all can go fuck themselves

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    Well fuck you too for not respecting other phone user…I am ion user and offended by your bullshitting comments

  • ManRaj

    He said ” A new update is planned to start rolling”
    He never said only for the “NFC issue/bug”.
    Why would sony release an update to fix only one issue i.e. NFC issue?
    Probably they have heard us and will fix all the issues that we are facing.
    Just be patient people.

  • aligamz

    So many overlooked and ridiculous bugs in every firmware release make me think that Sony’s development team is made of chimpanzees.

    And chimpanzees may actually code a lot better.

  • megane198

    Is this a joke? NFC only??? How about trying to take a picture under fluorescent lighting? It’s unusable!

    It’s just one of may issues of Xperia S JB update!

  • Fawaz Kutni

    did’t get JB 211 on XSL
    i live in indonesia

  • Sahil

    in my xperia ion … i have now received the 6.1.E.3.7 ics update …. dont know how much time will jelly bean take to roll out….:(

  • Sand

    Walkman stops suddenly!

  • Sahil

    ion users whats the ics firmware version you have ???… there problems wid the 6.1.E.3.7 ics??… is the latest ics firmware required to be updated to jelly bean?

  • Sand

    Dont forget also Walkman stops playing suddenly.

  • ffffffffffffffffffff

    I’m to an ion user but if i dont have 1080p recording with 12mp camera like xperia s then i dont care no reason to be offended just writing

  • kunal

    Loll.. Dat came to u nw..??? It was already der since last 6 mnths..

  • Ezzaldin

    I upgrade My xperia SL firmware to Jelly Bean, but unfortunately the wireless doesn’t work except if my phone in airplane mode?? and all phones xperia s and xperia sl suffers the same problem in SYRIA and IRAN… So we need update to solve this bug

  • only NFC problem ???

  • the vol up key is becoming very very very very very annoying !

    about the cam….i stopped using that for a long time , becuz it’s usless…

  • Augusta

    Use 3rd party app like “audio manager pro” it covers volume up key when it stop working. It Works for me

  • aligamz

    There’s already a fix for that in FW 6.2.B.0.211

  • SD

    what about fixing wifi restriction in syria ??

  • mk8
  • mk8

    It’s about Stamina mode

  • Mac

    Just a simple stupid question, but I really would like 2 get my smart tags hangin like the one in the picture. Can somebody please give me a hint on were 2 find them?

  • ???Sony

    kanasaiii pok gai Sony. You keep releasing updates for other Xperia phones but not a single damn shit for ION to upgrade Jelly Bean. KANINIABUUU! Imma gonna burn down your HQ~!

    You…will…never…!!! =-=

  • Mahdi

    the big problem is wifi

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  • haskarali

    I UPDted my xperia s to jelly bean now when we wake up from standby i have to click two times power swich to turn on the scean and some times volume up key not wroking till restart again.

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  • Ezzaldin

    I have tried frimware 6.2.B.0.211 but also the same problem and wi-fi doesn’t work

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  • Sahil

    any problems in this version??

  • Martin Ambre

    seriously so many

    Volumekeybug, USB conectivitybug, networkbug, RAMbug, battery drainbug,etc etcbugs

  • Martin Ambre

    How to revert the ICS on my Acro S? I hate this sh*t Sony JB.

  • Kima

    Deki, jel ti stoji mreža na gsm only ili kako?

  • Deki

    Pojavljuje se H na mrezu i ima strelke da ide traffic… Koristim Google Chrome, sve je super :)

    Brzinu na speedtest daje 1.5mb download, 0.5 upload :)

  • franklin raj

    atleast SONY is not as before,i am happy they do care for XPERIA S and its Companions.

  • franklin raj

    get a acro s stock ics ftf firmware and flash using flashtool.its easy but google for a simple tutorial :) i am back to ics and happy

  • franklin raj

    SONY if u see this list,the problems in present stock JB are:

  • shaurin

    Still haven’t got jelly bean updated- india, Gujarat!!!

  • Kima

    Meni se pojavljuje G kao gprs, pošto sam stavio mrežu na gsm only da mi štedi bateriju…

  • Augusta

    #1. specifically for volume up key
    #2. it is not the camera. its the photoshot result turns to purple.
    #4. i don’t see theres a problem with HD movies, it runs just fine and smooth.
    #5. also the HD video rec. is absolutely just fine. no lags found.

  • Augusta

    downgrade? not a wise decission sir. well just flash it using flashtool. heres the ftf’s goodluck.

  • franklin raj

    i mean 1080p movies,those movies that worked fine in ics.they play okay but with stuters(choppy).your lucky to not get the full hd recording lag,because all have that problem.for some people its not laggy but very slow it to ics :) or start video recording and move your phone fast and notice

  • Augusta

    READ again what you posted. you said on number 4 and 5 the HD movies lag and HD video recording also lag. well most of users which almost all don’t have problems like you mentioned on number 4&5.

  • franklin raj
  • Augusta

    what to check?? lol dude did you write based on your own experienced with the issues or someone’s elses exp. you’re only confusing people with JB issues that ain’t appropriate. (just a small random issues that might caused by user errors) and nothing deals with the JB update.

  • franklin raj

    chill my friend,all the issues were faced by me except connectivity and i mentioned it.and not a user error,i know to do a clean install

  • Augusta

    lol am chill. so i tell you it is nothing deals with the JB update. check your RAM usage first when you play the HD movies or recording HD video perhaps your on LOW RAM so it lags. (either with low performance in HD games or apps).

  • franklin raj

    free ram was more than 100 mb and i think thats more than enough.maybe i should have formatted the internal storage while flashing ? never the less,i am happy back to ics

  • ayush

    What are u doing sony. In xperia s there is a problen in camera focus, 1.5ghz *2 did not give that much speed than a 1.2 ghz chipset in market,camera takes. Upto 5 sec to start,running on ics while all samsung older phones have jb, u r very slow and less worried

  • Kostas

    ok man keep ypur “superphone ” for yourself here is blog for serious ppl, troolls are not allowed, THIS BUG IS FOR EVERYONE EVEN FOR YOU, YOU CANNOT BE “THE ONE” WHO HAS NOT IT! IF YOUR CAMERA IS SO SMOOTH GIVE US THE WAY TO MAKE OURS TOO AND WE WILL DONATE SOME MONEY TO YOUR JEANIUS!

  • Augusta

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    *its Genius dumbass not Jeanius. lol

  • Martin Ambre

    the multi touch feature when moving on notification’s area isnt working

  • Martin Ambre

    the multi touch feature when moving on notification’s area isnt working
    it used to work on ICS

  • Martin Ambre

    i dont want to wipe my data… why the heck wipe my imp data

  • Martin Ambre

    F*** u Sony

  • Martin Ambre

    did u wipe your data????

    i want it just as it was without lossing apps and data

  • Martin Ambre

    Local Stationary

  • Kostas

    yes i am from Greece ,and here we dont listen to idiots, we just ignore them, especially those who are more stupid than chickens, go and die troll! you are nothing.

  • Augusta

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  • franklin raj

    chill friends,we need a solution for bugs not fights :(

  • franklin raj

    i did,but i am rooted and use titanium backup,so no problems for me

  • franklin raj

    chill my friend SONY is trying to give the bug fixes,i recommend till then stay on ics.after confirmations,move to jb :) like me

  • ManRaj

    I am on 3G now, it works awesome!
    2mbps download, 0.5 mbps upload!

  • Kostas

    didnt say anything about your women so STFU, you are Psychopath!

  • Kostas

    you are right but can you find a way to stop him from writing those things? the guy is psycho!

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  • XperiaBlog

    Okay we’ve cleaned up a few comments here as things are getting personal. Keep things civilised please and on topic.

  • Kostas

    thank you!

  • Augusta

    lol he said thank you lol

  • franklin raj

    did you see the mentioned problems,pls tell sony team to try to fix them,our sincere request.or give a plain stock working jb rom atleast :)

  • Kostas

    of course i reported you! have a nice day!

  • Augusta

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  • Sel

    i have not received new updates!!!! connectivity and battery are major probs!!!

  • Kostas

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  • Kostas

    nope, man i got nervous because you was insisting that the camera lag problem was not present in JB, its a major issue for me , all xperia S users have it, and i get mad when i listen to people saying “everything ok” we was waiting 1 year for a buggy update from Sony, if we start saying “everything ok” they will fix nothing, its redicolous to have a phone with such great MMedia capabilities but so shity firmware that deletes everything! the only reason i got ungry with you was this.

  • Franubis

    Wait, the Vol Up button not responding isn’t a hardware error? I thought mine was broken!

  • Augusta

    Oh BS.. READ again the posting. He said lags on HD (720p) playing movie and HD vid. Recordin. So i said thats ain-t correct. The HD parts just fine and smooth. The issue is n FULL HD (1080p) vid recording. It does lag! But not in HD. u said you looked down my comment histories, so you would’ve seen my post about the Jb issues. And i did write FULL HD sucks. you may also ask people NO ONES ever experiencd with HD (720p) issue. You should noticed this.

  • Kostas

    ok man sorry, i didnt noticed that you said HD, but even HD (720p) is laggy to me, my old xperia arc with cybeshot 2b12 has far better results in 720p, can you read me the results of a HD (720p) video from your camera, the framerate, because mine is under 23. this is unacceptable from a 2core 1.5Ghz phone!

  • Augusta

    HD vid. Recording res. 1280 x 720. Length 00.13. (thirteenSeconds) Size 20Mb. Frame rate 29.66667. Bit rate 11.9 Mbits/sec. Audio AAC sampjl rate 48000 hz , channels Stereo. Thats it.

  • Augusta

    I will when i gt to my computer. Considered it done.

  • Augusta

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    below i’ve posted the HD vid rec. spec results. perhaps you can try to change the video setting, for different results (not sure for better one). change “focus mode setting” to “single autofocus”, image stabilizer set-on”, “photo light-off”, “Scenes-off”. and try to rec. video in good ight condition. (mine is lt26i re-upgraded to firmware 6.2.B.0.211).

  • Peter

    The jelly bean for my SL is perfect. I ask for onething more., lyrics option on WALKMAN. I’ve been trying my best to get somebody to hear this. Please help.

  • Kostas

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    i will try to the settings you mention above to fix framerate, by the way the stereo you mention above is real or just another trick of sony to overvalue the phone specs, i dont understand any difference between 2 channels.

  • franklin raj

    i paid for every feature

  • War11cK

    Keep spamming here and Sony will give a shit?
    Why don’t you tell them in official Sony forum?

  • Augusta

    this is why it’s called Blog sir. like everyone else we may write anything usefulls or deals or craps about Xperia S here (acc. thread titled). I don’t really give a shit if they hears or not. this all updates already fuked up. and why you give a shit of my posting in this ” non official sony blog”?? if you have problems why don’t you tell Sony what you think, like, dislike by yourselves, if not then pls keep silent. theres a tons of postings like this and nothing wrong with that. Ps: already wrote on sony forum and PM the Sony’s rep.

  • Augusta

    anyway they (xperiablog admin) don’t mind we spamming here lol. have a great monday morning..

  • Maulana Yusuf

    Let’s make a wish that XS/SL/Acro S will get 4.2.2 :-)

  • Micro

    Yeah, well, after a bunch of weeks I have to say it, XS JB is almost perfect (generic si 1270-9981 @ my beautiful Poland). Camera quick launch, purple tint on flash enabled shot and the full HD lag are the issues, true. Stupid STAMINA message is little dumb, while letting your lithum battery reach the 20% limit all the time is not really wise really, such cells are better kept charged so they will live longer. But hey, once you get rid of apps you dont use at all (disable them at apps menu), you have almost the perfect and probably one of the best looking phone ever. No more ringtone change issues, much faster phone overall, no connectivity problems, no NFC problem, no wi-fi problem, no volume up key issue either, walkman app find much more info about the music, I mean more accurately (finds more info/covers than before). While writing this I am watching my lovely Nozomi reaching its 6th full day on one single charge- and yes, I am using it actively. It gets a little warmer sometimes, but I just don’t care, there are 2 power cores- seems it takes the juice when it needs it.

    No .211 update yet, so what? it won’t fix anything since problems it fix doesn’t even hit me.

    Battery stays much longer (ICS’s best was 4,5 day), it feels even smoother, games are GREAT, fast and responsive, 2g/3g works like a charm, what more to want? :)

    OK, the camera issues are a little frustrating, I admit it. don’t know really what it depends on, but I don’t face other problems you are talking about. If Sony fix the camera, my Nozomi will stay with my by the end of my or it’s life. Thus, I’d love stamina and the “superior auto” back.

    Than you Sony, thank you for this handset. I simply LOVE it.

  • nitin

    i am facing many issues after jb update like slow processing, many application is not working, hanging problems, problem in video recordings.

  • Brigant

    We need 6.2.B.0.211 in Central America, thanks!

  • Anatoliy

    No, it won’t get 4.2.2

  • AKshay

    Any news?

  • Alex

    I think it’s true actually …

  • satya

    my friend is supposed to happen slow and steady. Not by producing a shitload of devices you cant even support prop

  • Nabeel Anjum

    Its 12 july and havent got this update yet

  • elmeu coreu

    omg … again same way of working

  • gou

    mid of july and still waiting…

  • Nikodem

    Masz Soft z ko?cówk? 200 jak mniemam, a jaki? Brand czy czysty?

  • xperiapeet

    Fck your xperia z every week.update and S who the… Cares? I will buy a samsung they can update in time… Thx sony -.-

  • Hugo Mario Zuleta

    There IS an option inside that looks up the lyrics using Google, but I believe it shows them in a browser window.

  • Nabeel Anjum

    where is the update, today is the deadline

  • sandy

    lotz of issue,can’t believe how can they release without testing it.
    lotz of bugs r there , plz update soon ..

  • Nabeel Anjum

    they crossed the deadline,,,when this f****king software will release,,,,,

  • KunalS

    No update will come for a long time guys

  • Volkan

    Xperia SL bought from Amazon but is being used in Turkey. I started to have wifi connectivity issue last week in .200. No notification in PCC so I flashed to 211. but still have the wifi issue. So I rolled back to ICS to have a working wifi then after connecting to PCC it notified that 211 is available. Really weird actually !! I thought that might fix the issue but still can not find and connect to wifi networks.

  • onlyme

    cant believe Sony will lie us again. How can be said will update on week 28, ….. now towards week 30 and nobody said anything …not serious…

  • Gc Beray

    I’m als0 having pr0blem with my ph0ne n0t just NFC but als0 my camera, it c0uld n0t take a reac0rd a HD1080p vide0, it hangs… NEED UPDATE IN PHILIPPINES… been waiting f0r the bug fix…..

  • kamran

    When in update my xperia s to jely jaea .200 update my camera didnt work at all

  • Martin Ambre

    kiss my a** sony for such a bug lie

  • Hugo Mario Zuleta

    Could you provide an updated link? This one’s broken. Thanks.

  • KunalS
  • onlyme

    ?????? is this a serious company ?? Who said “week 28” is still a Sony worker ??


  • moh

    in Syria when i updated to jb WiFi don’t work at all what can i do

  • Hugo Mario Zuleta

    Thanks. Yeah, it looks like they’re going to update later. Hopefully they will take their time to fix most bugs and release it in mid August.

  • Hugo Mario Zuleta

    Flash with flashtool and wipe data.

  • Ameri Asnawi

    almost end of july still no fix…

  • KunalS
  • bisho

    “early july” yeah right

  • Z

    So, where is the new update ?

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  • franklin

    wait july is coming right ? SONY TEAM: yeah we said july 2014 :( buggy update

  • newlaunchho

    thanks for sharing your ideas.!Landed New Launch

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