Do you use Socialife? [Poll]

by XB on 20th June 2013

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SocialifeBack in the Xperia X10 days we put a question to our readers asking who was using the social application Timescape. In the poll, around 80% of over four thousand respondents said that they didn’t use it. Well since then, Sony has replaced Timescape with Socialife. The app is similar in that it allows you to keep track of your Facebook and Twitter feeds along with your favourite websites.

We wanted to put a similar question to our readers – do you use Socialife? Is it one of those apps that you check on a regular basis? If not, what is stopping you? Do you find other social apps better, or are you looking for features that don’t yet exist in Socialife? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Do you use Socialife?

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  • moogoo

    I would use socialife more if it actually refreshed when I told it to. it tends to not refresh, even when I manually push the refresh button. great idea. poor execution.

  • Guest

    I’ve tried it

  • Ali Alkhazal

    It is slow as hell >.<

  • Philip

    the widget doesn’t refresh and the app always crashes.

  • Dakota

    I downloaded the APK to my Ion & Motorola Xoom tablet and it works great, really enjoy it. The APK wouldn’t install onto my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, though >.>

  • Billy de Fretes

    No…, just no

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Yes, but only to post statuses on Facebook and Twitter simultaneously,

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    I didn’t know it existed until now.

  • Anon

    What? Social Life is no way that smooth!

    It’s so unstable and lags like he’ll!

  • sfordesign

    timescape on x10 actually looks gorgeous imo, after x10 looks not much better than a piece of shit… socialife? GIVE ME ION’S JELLY BEAN FIRST!

  • paul_cus

    I use Socialife, or at least try to. I miss Timescape.

  • I use it as my main news/social feed reader on my Tablet Z. Improved a lot in terms of speed with latest versions but does indeed crash or update only at second attempt occasionally.

  • No, I uninstall that mofo with titanium backup the moment i get root access

  • Christian Alfonso Sanchez Mazu

    This app is very slow and does not update, I liked Timescape until it stopped working on my Xperia Ion.

  • Zeke

    Ahwww, bless.
    XPERIA X10 was where I learnt to delete ‘bloatware’ from a rooted phone, so Timescape and Social-whatever were/are first up against the wall. Viva la revolution

  • Norio24

    I think I disabled it right after JB update! I didnt even know that it exists XD

  • Mario

    You know what… Social life is an excellent app.. There’s just one thing – it doesn’t do anything better then the official apps alone. Had it had a really good reader for news and if it would mark articles as read.. And had it not have to open videos in youtube app.. I would have used it.

  • Camilo Uribe

    I Prefer Timescape :

  • RMN ZL

    I used Timescape on my old Xperia Arc and loved it! I was disappointed that it doesn’t work on the ZL and that Socialife isn’t as good… yet. Put in the work to get this app running smoother. It doesn’t do me any good if it doesn’t refresh content automatically or if it crashes all of the time.

  • mode893

    Slow, unintuitive, a pain to use compared to timescape

  • Julio Spinoza

    I am having the same issue, after push the refresh button the widget says “connect to socialife” and I have to enter the app, wait to load and after that wait to the widget to update the info, what a waste of time very slow app most of the times

  • Chee Siong Lee

    In my opinion, its a crap piece of app.

  • hairil

    Yes, but the app is painfully slow to update/refresh. Have to click many times and waited so long. Sometimes either twitter or fb did not appear in timeline

  • Arokhantos

    Never used it when i still had my xperia tablet s, it was slow it was buggy, not mention the facebook app twitter app are better anyway.

  • thelastredshirt

    It’s nice to be able to post to both Facebook and Twitter from one app, but it would be nice if it worked with my SEN account on my Xperia P. Works fine on my Tablet S… when I use it.

  • Lance Teoh

    not event able to install this app in JB, last time when I owned this app in ICS, it just can’t load anything…

  • Mohammad Bader Qawasmeh

    Yes but it must be an option to know the article you already read


    Can you give me the download link for that apk

  • cristian

    im using it all the time , but its very slow and does not update , its kinda annoying even if i update the app nothings changed . and it has always a problem saying that “sorry for the inconvenience etc etc…” :(

  • xperia

    Where is xperia ion jellybean?

  • m

    i didnt know we had that kind of app. i found it in my hidden apps (using Next 3d launcher)

  • Wolf0491

    Is there an I forgot it existed button please?

  • P9

    use browser. :D

  • Andrew Tan

    Flipboard is far better.

  • Matthewkh

    Its slow, It doesnt refresh and I cant choose the content I want to read. Just a random mix of news articles I am not interested in. I dont bother using it and would uninstall it if I could.

  • JEp ?

    because it need to connect with facebook.
    damn, I hate facebook!

  • fried_egg

    with the s getting jb i was expecting to lose timescape, but it was still there, turned off of course. i did reengage “facebook in xperia” but not twitter in x… actually, with jb i wasnt expecting to still have flash as an app… if sony released a phone with the snapdragon800 chip, i bet timescape or sociallife would look wonderful, but as they havent!

  • Faris Fitri

    Nope,the standalone apps for Facebook and G+ work better.

  • Carl

    Good app, well layed out, but needs to be refreshed everytime to see updates unlike Timescape

  • Babylonbwoy

    There is already a ton of this type of socila/feed readers, Sony has to come with something more, I only use it really occasionnally. Login issues too sometimes.

  • roeshak

    Capital NO!!!. One of the reasons why I hate the HTC One so much.
    Aggregating so much info in one place has always been a stupid idea and for HTC to make it so dominant was the very pinnacle of foolishness.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Well I do still use Timescape, because sociallife didnt come with JB-update for Xperia S. But timescape works almost as good though. And timescape is a lot better now than before.

  • Mark

    I gave it a go, but I found it never quite worked. It never refreshed properly, and it was mush easier just to go on the other apps themselves. I could also never get RSS feeds to work. It’s a shame because it is a nice app.

  • athi ban

    No because it’s very slow to pull latest updates especially from Facebook plz fix I love to use it more often than not

  • Lemonwilly

    No cuz it’s fucking broken, despite fifty updates.

  • doministry

    Well I need a full functionality of Facebook and Twitter so Socialife even if beautiful just doesn’t give it. Nice look isn’t everything.

  • fubhknk

    Actually downloaded it few days ago for my xperia S, it’s a bit lagy maybe because it is not the original app,strange they didnt added that app with the JB package…

  • Alex

    I was just going to post something similar – I honestly thought it’d be bundled with JB as I heard Timescape was being phased out

  • lander

    This app is useless. It doesn’t updates well. I prefer the old timescape.

  • Alan Choy

    i use it only for RSS, the fb and twitter part is annoying and useless imo

  • Dakota
  • goldenblls

    I want it to update automatically.

  • Maulana Yusuf

    I uninstalled it, it was quite slow and sometimes i got blank socialife screen

  • Mark Finney

    I guess my operator removed it (Telenor/SE). Never heard of it and it’s not on my Xperia S.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I prefer timescape posting via sony mobile timescape :-)

  • Paul

    I want to use it, but so many times it doesnt work realy good. it does not updated itself or not correct – shit app

  • James Earley

    Performance is awful… Shame as it’s a great idea

  • ayvn

    Do you even Socialife?

  • Karri

    It’s stuttery and the widgets need to be refreshed, but I like the widgets’ layout and the share widget. The app itself is also pleasnt looking enough. To be fair I have Socialife on the far left home pane and I rarely check such networking or news apps anyway.

  • RoRoXZ

    Doesn’t work properly… Otherwise I’d use it.


    Thanks dakota!

  • arduino566

    Sometimes it sucks on Facebook, not showing the timeline accurately. For youtube and status post, it works good.

  • ?????? ??????

    Yes. On my Nexus7

  • dargombes

    i already uninstall it..

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  • Sarath

    How Can I uninstall the socialife app from my xperia
    Plz help me

  • Francisco Fajardo

    Can I get more feeds for twitter?

  • Every non-essential app that’s pre-installed is one too many. It should be left up to the users wether or not they would like to install something like this.

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