Xperia V gets lost at sea; reunited four days later in perfect nick

by XB on 20th June 2013

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Xperia V lost at seaIf there were ever such a thing as a heart-warming story here on Xperia Blog, then this would be it. A Taiwanese student accidentally dropped his Sony Xperia V (LT25i) into the sea whilst on the beach in Penghu Islands last month. Despite fearing the worst, he put up a post on a local forum describing what had happened.

He said the phone had been washed away by some large waves and despite his best efforts he couldn’t find it. He was recording video at the time and the phone continued to record when it hit the waves. The video below has around 30 minutes of footage as the phone is tossed around by waves.

Thankfully, four days later the phone was discovered by some snorkelers who very kindly texted the owner (we’re not sure how they knew which number to contact). Anyway the handset, which is water resistant and IP55/IP57 compliant, was in perfect working order despite being exposed to the rough sea for four days. The water indicator strip on the handset was also completely unmarked.

The story got quite a bit of traction locally and even made it onto Taiwanese news stations. The moral of this story is that Sony makes some great water resistant phones. We’re sure the Xperia V wasn’t designed for such stress-testing, but it’s a big vote of confidence for the build quality of the handset.

Check out video of the Taiwanese news station below along with the Xperia V’s sea adventure. If you find it hard to sleep at night, we recommend you turn up the volume and listen to the soothing section between 3.33 to 7.30.

Thanks Blau!

  • Soroush

    I like software support (fast and bugless update) more than water resistance!! Where is Ion update?!!!

  • Qawi46

    don’t you dare lose it again!!!

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Fairy tale!!
    Keep it up Sony

  • Dustin Tran

    I am asking the same thing too… Waiting too damn long for my Ion :(

    I have been waiting so long that for once in my life, I would like to drop Sony for another brand…

  • SuanSiang

    The snorkeler who discovered the phone is studying in the same college with the phone owner.

  • Knight260

    I love my Xperia V even more after this news :)

  • sony

    Your mistake if go for another brand…sony is the best in the world

  • Herman

    Remember, the IPXX rating that says “Only up to 30 minutes” is just for warranty cases so people can screw you over when you say you’ve held the device under water “just a bit longer than 30 minutes”.

    Sony’s waterproof devices can be under water much longer than just 30 minutes.
    Think about how Sony showed off the Xperia Z at a conference – they put the device in a tank filled with water all day!

  • Hai Long Hoang

    Should I make another story with my Z? :P

  • Deki

    Cool story! So bad that he dropped the phone.

    But, really cool detail that it’s still working after the four days sea washing… :-)

  • adeceku

    You can complain of the updates but you can’t can complain about hardware quality.

  • sony xperia is the best in the world

  • totu

    what a coincidence it started recording jus after being dropped into the water and was recording for 30 minutes (IP55/IP57 limit)

  • Kamil

    he was making a video while the waves took his phone read carefully next time before you post something

  • Dimos

    man its just an update…..i am xperia s user… got jelly bean ? what special happened?
    i will tell you… NOTHING!!!!!! man there are other things that are more important than software updates…. they are just useless.. they dont give you anything in life more than you have……the most important thing is your life.. go out there live your life and one day soon the update will come… dont waste your time with useless things like that……….its not any big deal…no specific changes are made with updates and so….

  • Silas Arentsen

    Sony Xperia V survives 4 days in sea = half life 3 confirmed!
    But on-topic, this is so awesome! Salt water (i guess?) and still survived :D

  • Dakota

    He’s just trying to say that the story seems… fishy ;D

  • 2nd key

    1080p video 30 minutes = 4GB
    android cant have file size larger then 4GB
    i guess you never record long video before .

  • Cristi13

    Besides that tje phone is 4 times smoother than with ics and is also more stable(as it should have been a long time ago),oh and noumerous new fearures i guess nothing changed. Too bad this “useless” update didn’t come earlier, because you know it’s “not a big deal”.

  • john


  • James Earley

    Well done Sony, I would like to think my Xperia Z could stand the same.

  • Farooosi

    Sony Will ALWAYS be the best in the world

  • P9

    any brand here, cool brand there ~for me Sony still be always the best. keep up sony. love u. :)

  • Jonfensu

    “we’re not sure how they knew which number to contact”
    There is an option called “My Number” in Contacts……

  • HardyHarHar

    I understand what he’s trying to say… If the guy was making a video of the waves then where are the freaking waves in that 30minutes video? I say this is just a hoax. While it could indeed be possible for this phone to survive for 4 days underwater it should have been washed out already kilometers away to seabed because of the current or could have been washed ashore by the waves in just hours.

  • scw

    There were quite a few people who argue that waterproof phone for every day use is pointless, “why would you worry about dropping your phone into the toilet” and stuff like that. The reality is that people drop their phone into water everyday. It is actually a very useful feature. Waterproof has been common feature on Japanese mobile phones for years.

  • dfgest

    you’re wrong. it does not float so it can’t be washed ashore. the most probably thing that would happen is for it to be buried deep into the sand. how it stayed visible on the surface is something we don’t know. it could have been trapped on top of corals.

  • rtertr

    fishy or not. truth is it went down deep under seawater. i’m just wondering why the taiwanese are making a big deal out of it. they should be supporting htc. or are they trying to convince htc to build a water resistant phone?

  • Billy de Fretes

    ok.. i’m gonna throw my xperia z and my girlfriend acro s into the sea and we’re gonna pick it up next year and hopefuly it still works .. it will be legen….. wait for it… dary story for Sony :D

  • Billy de Fretes

    if the V owner recording using 1080p..

  • XYZ

    Erm wait, look at 1min 30sec, the man dipped the Xperia Z in the tank and his water indicator turns pink. Why his Xperia Z is not as water resistant as V?

  • flagshitXS

    haha so Sony makes good hardwares but shity software…. Iam selling my XS…shity battery in JB now

  • APai

    not to forget in most cities in the tropical belt have to deal with 3-4 months of rainy season every year. quite a handy feature – water resistance IMHO

  • Soroush

    You don’t know anything about me and my damned Ion.
    After an official update by Sony companion, Ion camera loos its quality and focus power and thus i can’t capture clear photos!

    I tested all ways and all ROMs and no result seen!Sony Support center said flash old rom and then update again! But did not occur any change!
    Then my last hope is JB driver who maybe resolve my problems!

    Do you really think JB update is nothing?
    I had Xperia X10 and Nexus S and work with all version of android from 1.6 to 4.2.2. Really no difference between ICS and JB?
    I’m waiting for JB update, and if my Ion camera works like its first day, Ill sell it and buy another brand.

    (forgive me for my bad english)

  • Wolf0491

    All I wanna know is how that got such a huge story on the news. Just saying something tragic would have to happen get that long on news around here it seems… Unless it just happen be one of those days lol

  • Wolf0491

    It’s possible that he dropped it and the water caused it start video. Water presses stuff on my screen pretty often. Or does the V have the physical camera buttons? If so that could have been hit on dropping impact or while slinging aroundoin waves and just start the video. This all assumes he had the camera app open when he lost it of course. But just some ways it could have happened maybe?

  • mode893

    That’s my phone, Xperia V! Hardly been making any headlines for the solid device that it is. This may just give it the traction that it sorely needs

  • Dimos

    (what bad english?) anyway…. ive noticed that the camera is shitty on jelly bean on my xperia s..( its maybe my phones fault and not software’s but ive noticed more blurry photos and more shitty night pics from update onwards.)

  • Kaloyskie

    LOL! I just remember. Few days ago a colleague of mine asked me if she can borrow my phone and put it in a glass of water. She said that she just watched it on a morning news. I told her she can if she will give me a couple of bucks. And of course, maybe it’s her urge to put a phone underwater that she agreed. She was nervous at first and I tapped her hand, the phone fell. She shouted and was amazed.

    Easy money. :-)

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  • Um, according to the YouTube video posted, he did. 1080p is one of the options.

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  • AA

    Why should they? Whatever nationality you are, do you only buy products from your country?

  • sailent

    taiwan is a relatively small place compared to the US or whatever country you may be in and i guess not as much happens there. no news is good news? haha

  • Wolf0491

    Good point good point

  • lolsomany

    didn’t xperiablog said last year that xperia v built is among hardest water and dust resistance among ip55/ip57. only ip56/58 can beat that

  • chris

    Proud owner of Xperia V :)

  • hahaha

    It won’t float. Stupid idiot.

  • haha

    You jelous? Buy that shit and test yourself.

  • PsiClone

    Sony — Respect !! _/_

  • Babylonbwoy

    fake story

  • Babylonbwoy

    Nothing to do with jealousy, I own every flagship they released but I don’t think the story is real, plus taïwan tv is known for faking things…

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  • Ana Heluši?


  • Nicolas

    He dropped the phone in the water and it magically starts video recording? Yeah right

  • Nicolas

    He dropped the phone in the water and it magically starts video recording? Yeah right

  • Desmond Toh

    Just share it

  • Dr. Fake

    Wow, you’re actually buying that story, aren’t you?
    Naivety is fascinating. :-)

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  • sony

    No i dont buy

  • Umar Khan

    better yet, you should have asked her to let you touch her boobs for doing that

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