New firmware (9.1.A.1.145) certified for Xperia T/V; Xperia TX gets 9.1.G.0.3

by XB on 27th June 2013

in Firmware, Xperia T, Xperia V

Xperia T 145 updateA new firmware build with version number 9.1.A.1.145 has been certified for the Sony Xperia T (LT30a, LT30p) and the Xperia V (LT25i). The last released firmware was version 9.1.A.1.141, although this only appeared on the Xperia T (the latest Xperia V firmware is 9.1.A.1.140). Either way this looks like a minor Android 4.1.2 release.

The Sony Xperia TX (LT29i) also has a new firmware certified with version number 9.1.G.0.3. The form of this firmware differs from previous releases (9.1.A.X.XXX and 9.1.B.X.XXX) so it could be a specific carrier update, it is not likely to be Android 4.2.2 before anyone gets too excited. We’ll let you know if any of these versions start to roll out.

Xperia T 145 update

Thanks Jan & Silas!

  • yuskhayru

    Brace yourselves, it is not likely to be Android 4.2.2! lol

  • MrWest

    Any news on the Xperia S update coming July? :)

  • Bernardo Casado

    Some days ago I saw a rom based on .142 firmware, could that be possible?? I mean, that firmware hasn’t been released yet, has it?

  • (C):stem

    SONY, wtf?? release Android 4.2 for Xperia T and V, fffuuuuuuuuuuu

    LOL just kidding. Nice to know that our devices are being constantly updated. I’ve read some hope things and SONY maybe give A4.2 soon to some 2012 line devices :D

  • Dafak

    What the fuck is this, we don’t want 4.1 updates give us 4.2.2!!!! Fuck you Sony, I hate you!!!



    My xperia SP disconnects from wifi many times! Does anyone else face this problem too ? Pls respond so i know if i should send it to the store i bought or if its a software problem


  • sony


  • Mercast

    Guys this is not a support forum it’s a fricking blog!
    If you have issues with your device —>

  • Cristi13

    Brace yourselves, the angry people complaining about the ones that complain about sony are coming…

  • lol

    Currently updating my Xperia V

  • lol


  • wai yan minn

    i want xperia tx jelly bean firmware

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  • Babylonbwoy

    I never complained about any update, just a question : XT is supposed to get 4.2.2 ? With all the mess about other devices lately I completly forgot about my T…

  • Apoorv

    For Sony xperia V
    does it have the video call feature???

  • lony

    what is the released date of this firmware?

  • lol

    Shut. Up.

  • Name

    Why cant i get .142 or .145 ? I’m still on .141. PC Companion days my phone is up to date.

  • loney

    That right bro

  • javid

    Bcuse sony deos not roll out them yet in ur country !

    just download rom and flash it via flashtool / its very easy .just some fucking steps ;)


  • javid

    N1 bro

  • akimbometo

    The latest update firmware for xperia V is out! Go check it out! Sadly, i need to charge my battery first before update.

  • lon

    no available update in my xperia v what is the problem?

  • mat jeng jeng

    Is it any possible to xperia ion get 4.2? Ion had a great hardware and i think it could run 4.2 with less problem.

  • xperiaV user


  • cheskacandy

    Sony , I love you…

  • Gip MiLk

    When can we get 9.1.G.0.3 for tx ?

  • Chd

    Hello, can someone plz help me,

    i just bought the xperia V, i like it but only bug is there no WIDGET OVERVIEW on the main screen :( can someone tell me if there is something to be done for.


  • larry

    Holp it’s will release the android 4.3…QQ

  • Martin Ambre

    is this released?

    any one has FTF

  • Elia

    we are waiting for android 4.3 sony.. please consider us!!!

  • Rick N

    I hope sony will give update for xperia V or i’ll be very disappointed since xperia V still have decent specification

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