Sony DK30 Magnetic Charging Dock for Xperia Z Ultra [Video]

by XB on 27th June 2013

in Accessories, Xperia Z Ultra

Sony Magnetic Charging Dock DK30_3Sony Mobile announces a new dock for pretty much every new premium smartphone it releases. The Xperia Z Ultra is no exception to this rule, as Sony will partner it with the Magnetic Charging Dock DK30 for those that do not want to mess around with port covers.

However, you’ll notice that unlike previous docks this one is much smaller. The DK30 dock is also magnetic, ensuring you have no difficulty lining up the pins to the dock.

Another great feature of the DK30 dock is that it comes with two adapters allowing you to use it with or without a case. Those of you who have used previous Sony docks will know how much of a godsend this will be – previous Xperia devices can only be used naked in their respective docks with no wriggle room for the case. The hands on video below gives a nice tour of the DK30 dock.

Sony DK30 Magnetic Charging Dock for Xperia Z Ultra

Sony DK30 Magnetic Charging Dock for Xperia Z Ultra

Sony DK30 Magnetic Charging Dock for Xperia Z Ultra

Sony DK30 Magnetic Charging Dock for Xperia Z Ultra

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Looking at its size – m afraid Xperia Z Ultra will fall down !!

  • jeroen luts

    strange stuff over there! I say no-go. this “magnet” charging is not my thing.. unstable or something.. still has contact points but the magnet should hold it in place, or not….

  • rgsdg

    finally it now includes data connection.
    that’s how you do it sony.

  • jip

    It’s a shame they don’t try to make compatible charging dock … would luve it for my XZ

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  • metcarded

    I love these magnetic type plugs!!! Please Sony make it standard across all your phones from here until the end of time. Microusb is and will always be rubbish. Also make the phone automatically go into wireless USB mode when it is plugged into this port, or when docked.

  • Jimbob

    How does it transfer data if it only has 2 plugs for power?

  • rgsdg

    that’s what the guy on the video said. apparently, he’s wrong. i’m wrong in believing what he said too.

  • Bjohnsto

    Does any body know if that will fit the xpera z and a case (more pacificily a case mate tough case)

  • Sambob

    Wow! 35 quid! Sony are as bad as Apple at gouging extra cash from customers like me, cos I’m a sucker for their lush phones. Got Z Ultra on order atm, but really feeling annoyed at cost of this piece of plastic

  • Ana Heluši?

    Great dock, love it

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