Sony considering eight-core MediaTek chipset for future phones?

by XB on 3rd July 2013

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Sony MediaTekReports in the Taiwanese media suggest that MediaTek recently introduced a new eight-core chipset to a number of clients recently. Samples of the MT6592 chip apparently went out to a number of manufacturers including Sony, with a view to launching devices with this chipset in early 2014.

The Xperia C was Sony’s first smartphone to utilise a MediaTek quad-core chipset (MT6589). The new 28nm MT6592 chip is rumoured to have a native eight-core processor with clock speeds between 1.7GHz to 2.0GHz. Whilst AnTuTu benchmark scores don’t exceed that of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 chipset, they are pretty good in their own right at 30,000. We’d be surprised if Sony wasn’t looking at what MediaTek had to offer to be honest, especially considering the cheaper prices and Sony’s focus on China.

Via Phone Arena.

  • Moe

    if sony start using this instead of snapdragon, nvidia or exynos chips for flagship phones, i will be leaving sony for something else.

  • sfordesign

    only 8 cores? i just started a company and an 800 cores smartphone will be released soon. you sony samsung htc have a long way to go :)


    honami has barely released and theres already talk about new technology makes the honami seem old :(

  • Asa

    Those chips suck.

    Tegra 3 is an embarrassment to mobile.
    What a let down that was.

  • Nemanja Raškovi?

    BEST WISH SONY!!!! :)

  • Jonn

    nvidia is better than this chip though.

  • Mohammad1233214

    I think the quad core is enough, no need for eight cores

  • Kathryn

    Dude, it’s a budget phone, most probably for China and India to compete other cheap brand such as Micromax, Alcatel, etc. Sony won’t use any chipset for their flagship. Intel mobile chipset is a good option though.

  • yuskhayru

    is this chipset is really good, bad or not bad at all? Who will decide?

  • gfsdfsd

    Good story bro

  • saif

    What’s the problem as long as it works as it should?

  • HardyHarHar

    800 cores? That’s weak! I had already developed a processor having it’s own organic brain made from 3D printing using cloned stem cells from einstein’s brain! It can finish antutu’s benchmarking tool in a blink of an eye and score exceeds infinity.

  • JEp ?

    ….and with lower battery capacity.
    damn I love Sony!

  • JG

    Vey funny!

  • Ray

    Seems old? 8 core but can’t even surpassing snapdragon 800.

  • Silverwagon

    Take it easy guys. Most of us won’t be seeing these MediaTek chips powered phones, just like the Xperia C,
    which is exclusively for the P.R.C. market.

  • DUI

    Sony should create its own chip SoC, like did with PSVita.

  • I don’t think they will use these instead of Snapdragon forever. I’d say they would use it for Chinese phones, or at best some non-flagship device. Just like they used that quad core one for Xperia C.

  • A quad core snapdragon chipset scored higher than an eight core Mediatek one. You decide ;) But it isn’t that bad, not worth a flagship phone though.

  • WishingStar

    Xperia Nagareboshi!!!

  • That’s what ‘she’ said

    That’s what they say when we were transitioning from dual to quad core
    ..and single to dual core as well

  • Sajid

    when are they announcing Honami? Isn’t it supposed to be today?

  • Sander Puus

    this 8-core 2.0GHz phone shall be more powerful than an average gaming pc or laptop then lol

  • Naheru

    It’s a good idea. I don’t understand because Sony asks to other for Chip O.o

    Meanwhile, any news about Honami? It was presented this morning?

  • Gaston

    Will sony ever consider giving the Xperia S a Jellybean firwmare that isn’t a bugged pile of feces?

  • Gaston

    Sony you fucking bitch fix my fucking Xperia S for fucks sake!!!! That’s it no more Shitny for me. My next phone will be Samsung or HTC or Apple or anything but stupid Sony. Hope they bankrupt and rot in hell!!!!!

  • yuskhayru

    owh ic. thanks for your info

  • Lunkz

    Not a good idea, so they have to add the drivers for the chip into the Kernel.
    Many Game Developers must write extra code for there own SoC.

  • Kimi

    Eight core mediatek one scored lower than quad core snapdragon because mediatek just using Cortex A7 and its saving battery were great

  • shibanian tuertuye

  • Ally Sandrana

    Please no exynos

  • razec

    Exactly, I don’t need another unoptimized chip only to hang and crash on my smartphone. It would’ve been great to have an in house chipset if PSM succeeds but god knows how much of a flop it is currently, kinda pointless and a waste of R&D. Just stick with Snapdragon and Mediatek and focus on somewhere else

  • razec

    Neither of you have ever heard of quantum processor >_>

  • JLD

    what a underdeveloped idea!

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