Is there a place for a SmartWatch in your gadget portfolio?

by XB on 9th July 2013

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SmartWatch SW2Sony will launch the latest iteration of its SmartWatch concept in the next couple of months, but unlike other competitors this is not a space that Sony has just entered on a whim. Sony’s first offering in this space was LiveView which went on sale in November 2010. This was then followed up by the SmartWatch that launched in April 2012. Sony has seen the value of such a wearable gadget for a while now and since the LiveView launched it has helped create a decent ecosystem of dedicated apps for the accessory.

However, whilst Sony is about to embark on its third-iteration of the device, we were wondering how many of you see this as the future? Have you used a LiveView or SmartWatch or even a competitor product such as the Pebble? Has it become an indispensable part of your life or do you just prefer the simplicity of a normal watch? If it doesn’t attract to you, then what would you like to see in a Sony SmartWatch before you bite? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

  • paul_cus

    I’m still trying to justify having a tablet, so we’ll see about the SmartWatch.

  • Ilya Panasenko

    I’m using current SmartWatch and I really like it. The only problem is the screen, but it’s reportedly fixed in this new one. Lets hope it’s true :)

  • lovebmw

    I find it useless, but if it had a GPS it might have been an independent item.

    Seriously who says, let me check my watch rather than hold your phone and check your email.

    No future for it as it stands right now.

  • solidpig

    I always wear a watch. Having one that’s more than just for looks and time sounds like a good idea to me. I’ve spent a fair bit on a normal, good looking watch before so I wouldn’t mind doing it for this.
    I’ll be watching the SmartWatch closely.

  • Herman

    Yes there is.

    Shouldn’t this be a poll actually?

  • lovebmw

    I would like a poll too

  • the_black_dragon

    Definately there is much use for me! Already using SmartWatch 1 since December last year. And I’m very happy about the new one :)

  • XperiaFan

    With that price?? i dont think so…

  • Feanor

    I have a SmartWatch. I wouldn’t call it ‘indispensable part of my life’ but too me it makes sense; Common watches have no real use nowadays, when there are constantly clocks all around us (plus one in our pocket most of the time on the screen of our mobile phone). They are just jewellery. A smartwatch brings back function to the wrist. It may not be ‘indispensable’ but then again common watches are definitely far less necessary and yet commonplace.
    My only problem is that LiveView and even my SmartWatch were a bit product-design-like. The new SmartWatch 2 seems much more like something you might want to wear and therefore I think far more successful, already from the pics.

  • Feanor

    Common watches are rarely cheaper. Even a Swatch or a G-Shock plays at around this price level. So, I would definitely expect a smartwatch to cost more at least from the cheapest watches.

  • Feanor

    Once you own it, you do find yourself checking your watch for email and sms and the weather, so I don’t get your point. Maybe you’ll need to garb your phone to check Facebook and obviously to answer calls, but I never check sms on my phone whenever I wear my SmartWatch.

  • lovebmw

    Simple, GPS and solar if possible.

  • Michael Hofmann

    I have had both iterations of Sony smart watches, they are very useful its very easy to simply check emails and control music. However there were 3 fundamental flaws 1 the screen (not bright enough or clear a bit of white magic tech wouldn’t go a miss here. it is far to fat and is cumbersome when wearing a jacket for example the clip doesn’t help either. It is also useless at doing things normal watches can telling the time, using as a stopwatch or alarm.

  • lovebmw

    I guess it works for some… Do you have a girl friend? Sorry I just find it so geeky. If there is ever a poll, I wish we can add an age. I think I am too old for this tech.

  • Nick

    Thinking that the XZ for example can handle only 1 bt device simultaneously is kind of not necessary ,since the bt speakers are what i need more ,it should had voice and call controls ..its nice i admit but pricy as well ..not useless /not necessary

  • Chris D

    Pebble yes, Smartwatch, no. See pebble specs and features for all the reasons why.

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    LiveView was just a novelety toy I put in my drawer after I found out no update would make it useable.
    Today I am wearing SmartWatch every day, then I don’t have to check my Xperia P all the time. The downside is the display, it is not active unless you press the key, and it is a bit dim in sunlight. It look slike SW2 will have a transflective display, this will probably solve both problems for me.
    I am still using a Garmin GPS watch while training, then I can check my workout without pressing any keys in sunlight.

  • Lebron

    I agree with you for the solar! +1 LOVEBMW

  • Feanor

    All gadgets look geeky until they become widespread. Wait until Apple come up with their iWatch and smartwatches will become the new cool. This SmartWatch 2 looks like an attractive wearable on its own right. And the girlfriend comment was a bit off; most people show interest when they realise that this is not a common watch that I wear.

  • zymo

    A smartwatch should be an independent, “standalone” gadget and not just a secondary smartphone display at your wrist. I want an “all-in-one” watch which replaces my Casio Protrek, Garmin Forerunner, Casio CMD-40 (wrist watch with an universal remote!)…….and many more. I need a smartwatch which really deserves to be called “smart”.

  • DrKrFfXx

    Only if it was cheaper.

  • Tony Bze

    I agree with Feanor, the Sony Smart watch is now part of my life routine and since I travel and I am on the road to various part of my country taking picture or busy with other work related issues, I do not have to make myself too obvious when a call or text comes in to the mobile set, I just use the watch to view it, the beauty of it is that I can either make, take or cancel calls, I can go to FB, my Music, and many other things as per the apps that I would like to have and download to it. The only problem I am faced with is the screen, which you cannot read under sunlight. I would hope that the problem would be fixed in this third-iteration as it would not make sense for me to purchase it and it works as the 1st one did, that it cannot be viewed out doors in sunlight. But all in all the Smart Watch is good at what it was meant for.
    The only other problem is that the clip on the Smart Watch 1 is not as useful as one would like easy to break, and no help from Sony to get a new clip for replacement.

  • AA

    No. Maybe when they make the watch thinner and prettier. Make it look like a classy good-looking watch and not just an electronic gadget.

  • Tech Gospel

    This is the 3rd gen as Sony but the 5th A’s a company. The original Bluetooth smartwatches by SonyEricsson were analog/digital hybrids.

    I love my Sony SmartWatch. I can’t wait to upgrade to the new one when it comes out!

  • Angel Morales

    I also own a smartwatch and use it every day with my different color bands that i bought!!! Can’t live without it!

  • Lebron

    Come on ! Star trek was just Sci-Fi …
    Although we are in 2013 companies need money and time to made amazing stuffs !

  • Lebron

    Why it is useless?
    – the bluetooth reduce battery life(even if it’s an BT 3 or 4)
    – there’s no micro sd card to use it as an mp3 with a
    – because there’ll be a SW3

    why SW2 can be useful?
    – discreetly take a look at your notification in a public area
    – stop missing important call when you are taking a shower
    – to attract woman’s attention (they love this kind of stuffs and it can be an icebreaker, true story LOVEBMW)
    – it is more than a watch (can be upgrade)
    – this gadget is supported by developers so useful apps for this SW2

    haters used to criticize the screen and the global appearance etc. of
    LiveView and SW1, sony improves it, so for me it worth it to support
    them to the progress (they need it)

    those who used to say smartphones are useless were the first to by iPhone, SGS# etc…

  • [A]dri[A]n

    I might get one. I’m just not fond of the idea of having to charge my watch Lol

  • Lebron

    LOL finest swiss watches mechanical movement need to be reloaded (automatically or manually). And they represent the state-of-the-art of watchmaking

  • Crispim

    Had it features ANT + (to heart monitor), spleep tracker and activity tracker, would be perfect! Today, however, would not be an attractive gadget for me.

  • Folk Hellfang

    For one thing, the smartwatch 2 is about 10% of the cost of a watch that any respectable man would be seen in polite company with. That being said, I think the sub 200$ price point is awesome and I will definitely be picking one up to go with my Z Ultra. Wile I save up for a Xetum watch that is, lol.

  • Folk Hellfang

    I want a 2mp camera for video calls and all the rest.

  • Nelson

    I want my smart watch and bluetooth headset as one so you don’t need to get your phone to answer a call and you won’t have to plug in your headset in your cp to listen to music. And to add more personalization or theme in smartwatch.

  • Guest

    It would be more useful if the Sony watch was certified with Google wallet and Google wallet stopped dragging their feet with a global release. Paypass on your wrist, How convenient would that be!

    I like the touch to pair functionality of NFC also. it would make it easier if you didn’t have to get your phone out.

    A range of designs would make it more desirable also. Why not go with the Sony XTRUD concept type design? A modular watch for customization.

  • Folk Hellfang

    I’m 40 and I want one. Plus this iteration allows you to use any standard watch band. You could get pretty sexy with that.

  • xperiauser1234

    It would be more useful if the Sony watch was certified with Google wallet and Google wallet stopped dragging their feet with a global release. Paypass on your wrist, How convenient would that be!

    I like the touch to pair functionality of NFC also. it would make it easier if you didn’t have to get your phone out.

    A range of designs would make it more desirable also. Why not go with the Sony XTRUD concept type design? A modular watch for customization…

  • sacrow

    Can we take call from it?
    Is the battery last long enough?
    Is it reasonably priced?
    If yes, I’m sold
    (it would be better if sony add something catchy for marketing purpose)

  • rickiking


  • Evita

    As of now, it still not appeal to me, but become closer and closer. I don’t know maybe next two iterations.

    BT4 LE fully supported, a week of usable per single charge would appreciated.

  • arduino566

    I hope it functions at least as a regular watch (beep/speaker alarm, chrono, countdown, std-alone clock), and all concerns made from MN2 have been heard. I have a smatwatch, it’s kinda fun, useful, but while offline, it does nothing; It’s worthless. I’m a little sad to know that a major reference is a brand new model of the product. BUT, i’m confident that SONY will do a total make-up with this new ‘son’. MAYBE I upgrade my watch later.

  • arduino566

    Totally agree with you :D

  • Exodite

    A smartwatch isn’t for me I’m afraid.

    In comparison my current wristwatch offers me:

    Unlimited battery time.
    Being close to indestructible with its titanium, stainless steel and sapphire glass.
    Timeless design.
    Not annoying people around you and can be left on both at the movies and when taking an exam.

    Personally I find that most of the usage scenarios that a smartwatch can handle that my wristwatch can’t are the exact reasons I got a /smartphone/ in the first place. No additional gadgets required.


  • Olaf Duits

    I would really like this, if it has a Runkeeper app for it!

  • Srijan

    I Own a Smartwatch, and i think its bery imp in day to day life, bt that solely depends on the person and very much on the situation, for me it was totally worth it, and im very happy with it

    Looking forward to the new one, i do plan to buy it soon :-)

  • Victor Ling

    Poll please… YES. I am getting this once released…was really interested in the first and second smartwatch but just never got it…SBH52 as well…

  • josesl16

    Come to think of it though, where would they fit all those panels?

  • lovebmw

    garmin did well with the GPS, Edifice did awesome with the solar… its time for sony to find a way to put them together.

  • Jaywalker

    Nope. Maybe the kids will love it. Too small, too useless, nothing to replace a smartphone with. Time will tell.

  • iHuman

    SmartWatch 2 is just a trash toy. Sony failed to ride the biggest waves of technological innovation in recent decades and will happen again. Wearable tech is the next big thing and when Sony realize, it’ll be too late.

    I dare u guys, keep an eye on the Apple iWatch for example. The new era is coming!

  • Babylonbwoy

    Common watch have no use nowadays ?! Are you joking ? It’s not only about having time. No need to talk about Rollex and stuff like that but having a good and heavy watch on your wrist it’s a good feeling! At least if you’re a man!
    I can maybe buy smartwatch if they add a 3.5jack to plug earphone. I can’t use SM2 and a BT/NFC earphone at the same time, would be too much.
    I won’t say I will never buy it, but it definitely won’t replace my tradional watches.

  • Lebron

    may be they just don’t want to owe money to Garmin for using their patents…

    whatever, we are not into confidence

  • lovebmw

    The idea of charging your watch is annoying… That’s why this watch thingy won’t do well…. Only few won’t mind.

  • lovebmw

    Let me say it more clearly…its time for sony to find a way to put them together. I hope it registers this time.

  • Brona

    What you are talking about is the feeling. You like the feeling of something heavy, you like the thought of feeling like a man. That may be nice for some but it’s not a function. Most watches doesn’t do more than displaying time, date and maybe water depth or something. I haven’t worn a watch in 15 years since I bought my first cell phone. Many these days (at least sub 35) uses their cell phone to check the time. It has become the new design accessory that people use to express their individuality.

  • Aznev


  • Twit Gadget7

    Nokia Will adopt Android on Q4? :


  • Frode P. Bergsager

    I have no trouble using SM while speaking in a BT handsfree at the same time.

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    You doesn’t sound like a person owning a smartphone yet?
    There are probably still people thinking a remote for TV is useless.

  • Martin Ambre

    Live View is still working for me
    Same fuctionailty as SW1 and SW2

    Waiting for something better or till my Live View is alive

  • RealFanBoy

    Sony said “Make.Believe”

  • Lebron

    of course, but something like this would cost an arm and a leg, and sony can’t bring it like this, the goal of a company is to profit, the best example i can give you is apple from the iPhone 1 and the iPhone 4, they could start with the last one but they wouldn’t make enough profit, just take a look on Shumpeter’s gale

  • Lebron

    Dude if you were a sony investor, may be you would be in the secret, but you don’t!
    If you don’t get why they didn’t it, ask them on twitter or by mail (there is a sony developers forum so investigate)

    You are still in the dark dude since we last spoke.
    Your comments are immature for someone like you i check your FB profile

  • Lebron

    Martin Ambre you are a wise man

  • Lebron

    2010 SE Live View
    2012 Sony SW 1
    2013 Sony SW 2
    2014(or 15) Sony SW 3

    WAKE UP caveman

  • Lebron

    Do you remember phones like nokia 3310 or N series, SE K series etc.

    From 90’s(end) from nowadays battery life has gradually decreased.

    we had to charge our cellular 3 or 4 time a week, now it’s like 1 time or more a day

  • lovebmw

    great i have a stalker now, i hope your a good looking girl!

  • Babylonbwoy

    It’s a lifestyle choice, but don’t say there’s no use of traditional watch. Of course, it’s not only about feeling, I wear them because I need them.

  • Majin Vegeta

    Whatever people say!!!!!!!

    The wearable electronics has become one of the most promising fields in electronics and Sony SmartGlasses is just an awesome idea.×368/xl_sony-glass-patent.jpg

  • paul4id

    I would love one, but not until some radical new battery technology is available. Casio is smart enough for now!

  • Martin Ambre

    recently got a bluetooth bug
    Liveview got diconected and the Bluetooth was switch off, it didnt allow to switch ON until i restarted my fone

    Acro S firmware .211 (full of bugs)
    LiveView Latest Firmware

  • asshole

    Well appl its getting crappy

  • Colby Leong

    I honestly don’t see the smart glasses catching on, and if it does it will take a while for it to gain some traction. I do see it being banned in a lot of places, especially since it can record without others noticing. That means no airports, banks, anywhere with sensitive information, or people who really like their privacy.

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