Sony SmartWatch 2 now due w/c 9 September in UK

by XB on 9th July 2013

in Accessories

SW2Looks like Sony’s UK distributors made a mistake on the launch date for Sony’s SmartWatch 2 (SW2). We previously reported that the SmartWatch 2 was due to launch at some point next week. However retailers Clove and Handtec are now reporting that the SmartWatch 2 is now expected during week commencing 9 September.

This means nearly a two-month longer wait for those that were expecting it to arrive imminently. The SW2 launch is likely to tie in with the release of the Xperia Z Ultra and SBH52 Bluetooth headset, which are also due in mid-September. The Sony SmartWatch 2 has a 1.6 inch (220 x 176 pixel) display, NFC for easy pairing, IP57 water resistance and a customised Android UI. Sony also allows the SmartWatch to be personalised with any standard 24mm wristband.

Via Android Central.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Doesnt matter, nobody gonna buy it anyways!!

  • dm

    Who cares ??

  • lovebmw

    i barely remember to charge my phone at night, now i have to worry about two things to charge? and lets be honest here, at least if it had a GPS in it, i could have used it for running and syn with my phone when i get back home. POINTLESS DEVICE

  • rus_media

    Due is sony’s best friend

  • Lebron

    Seriously in which planet do you live lovebmw? Sorry but you just step over the stupidity line (you are not the only one but just the greatest).
    You want to add “a GPS in it” !! God forgive him please

    Firstly => more you add technology “in it”, more money you will add to buy “it”

    Secondly => with a GPS, apps etc. it will cook your wrist like a chicken wing (don’t tell me that you had never touched your smartphone when the GPS is switched on?) and a low temperature GPS is $$$$$$ !

    Finally => Man you are a freak ! i can’t disrespect you more than you disrespect yourself, you can write (congratulations) but can you read? because here’s all you need to know like the battery time (

    why should you write about what you don’t know?
    Just ask question when you don’t understand a goddam thing!

    It’s easy to denigrate, but it is easier to shut the f*** up when you can’t do better than what has been done.

    Sorry if my English is bad i’m not an English-speaking.

  • Lebron


  • lovebmw

    i guess you have never heard of a Garmin watch, and two good luck charging that watch ever 3 – 4 days lol… and English classes please should be a the first thing your list.

    at the end of the day, as much as you want to defend that product, it’s a FAIL product, and if it had a GPS at least you could have used it for sports proposes! lol

    either way it won’t matter, NO ONE IS GOING TO BUY IT, except you. i was just tryig to make desirable at least for runners or bike riders! as for now, only james bond is interested in it lol

  • lovebmw

    no you are wrong, there is one “lebron” that is inline for such fail product…

  • mountain

    Thats exactly what I said when the first iphone was launched.

  • Ana Heluši?

    yep losers like you won’t buy it

  • Ana Heluši?

    your mom??

  • Lebron

    lol monkey boy, i don’t need English class to be understood, espicially to read your comment and get that your stupidity is astounding.
    Can you speak an other language than English? (forget Ggle translate)

    I’m not defending that product, I’m defending engineers’ work from your idiocy.
    And have you seen the price o a Garmin watch

    LOVEBMW you can win the DUMBEST HUMAN award, please read my first answer one more time, i can believe that a such brainless person was born! if i were your parent i may **ll myself… Do you know the link between microwave and sinusoidal? No at first do you what a sinusoidal is and what people used to say about it (about smartphones too)? and is link in our way of life!
    Where are you from?

    Tell me that you woke up from a 10000 year coma, you are the EPICEST FAIL ever of humanity history.

    A. Einstein, B. Franklin, Galilee, Aristote… will wake up from dead just to slap your donkey face !!
    + we are in a capitalist society !(do i explain you what it’s about?)

    There is no word to express how brainless you are!
    I have mercy upon You LOVEBMW

    i talk enough, i tried to bring you to the light but there is no light in darkness.

  • lovebmw

    whatever makes you happy… just let me know how you like the watch when you get it! and i wish you luck and some manners. thanks and salam

  • Lebron

    What make me happy (and your fathers too) is you get an Economics science, computing and History degree in industry.

    I have ever been so serious

    In future respect someone’s work and jut say “if it had a GPS in it, i could have used it for running and syn with my phone when i get back home”

  • lovebmw

    It is my opinion, if you want to cry about go ahead. If it has gps it would have had a chance to do… I expect it to discontinued soon…. And brainless engineers can work somewhere else. You can’t accept no for an answer. Not my problem.

  • HardyHarHar

    Never realized lebron james is a sony ambassador?

  • Lebron

    lovebmw if you were cast in Dumb and Dumber you would be Lloyd and Harry at the same time!

  • Lebron

    lol its just Lebron, james is not a sony ambassador

  • sasindu

    if ur saleing that call me 0717677345

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