Xperia ion LTE Jelly Bean firmware certified

by XB on 12th July 2013

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Xperia ion LTE JBSony Xperia ion owners of the LTE variant (LT28i) are still waiting for the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware to roll out, despite hitting HSPA+ owners (LT28h) a while back. Well it looks like LTE Xperia ion owners won’t have to wait too much longer as a Jelly Bean build with firmware version 6.2.B.0.211 was certified by the PTCRB earlier this week. Whether Jelly Bean makes it to AT&T Xperia ion owners (LT28at) is another matter entirely. . .

Xperia ion LTE JB

Thanks Bayhas and Silas!

  • nyo

    please come to LT28at

  • akkoFisher

    ATT owners have no idea when their smartphones will upgrade to jelly bean :(

  • Sahil

    Lt28h owners didn’t yet receive the update…it has been more den 15 days..!!!

  • nyo


  • Guest

    Unfortunately, only less than 10% for the LT28H user have received the JB update officially from Sony :(

  • chaud

    Unfortunately, only less than 10% of the LT28H user have received the JB update since 2 weeks ago! :(

  • Mac

    This is BS! My acro s got the .200 update but still no 211. We need a fully working JB! Still having issues with 2G connectivity and the phone beeing just a bit unstable. SwiftKey keyboard inactive after reboot. N so on. Where is the update? What do u Ion users, having JB, think?

  • Hmm

    Yea, we already know that.. Btw why u no use ‘edit’ button?

  • fwuk!

    And we still waiting for our Xperia S .211 update!! aargh…

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    What for? 211 is identical to 200 just for MEA-region. No diff, no bug fixes, I’m waiting with 211 to upgrade

  • alex appu

    i am using LT28h, version 4.0.4 and i didn’t yet receive the update for JB……

  • Michael Lopez

    And this is why I will never buy another att device again. I’ve gone back to unlocked devices with the Xperia Z.

  • Bayhas

    root, and change the region of your phone

  • Herman

    I know it’s frustrating to wait.
    I’ve found a ROM though (in case you’re into it) with AOSP version 4.2.2.
    My Xperia S has never been that fast.
    (wow, I sound like some kind of internet money making marketing guy saying it like that)

    Anyway, AOSP 4.2.2 on the Xpeira S is really worth the hassle. It looks like an honest Play Edition phone now and it feels as new. You’re not getting 4.2.2 on your Xperia S officially, so you may as well put a ROM on it!
    In case you’re interested, I could give you the XDA link to it.

  • Mac

    If it can work on a Acro s I think I will try.

  • Herman

    I’m not sure about that. Only if the Acro S and Xperia S share the exact same processor and everything (because there’s much more to it than just processor) it might work. I know the SL and S are basically the same, but for the Acro S you’ll have to google yourself.

    There is however a Cyanogenmod 4.2.2 version for the Acro S. That’s AOSP based as well.

  • yoooyoo

    Go to youtube.. mobiletipsandtricks channel – ul find how to flash xperia s … worked amazingly for my ion … takes 15 mins after downloading and wont void your warranty too.. so no root required.

  • Mac

    well as much as I know the only differences the acro s got over the xs is sd-card and water resistans. other than that it’s just about the same phone. I got CM10 on my neo but I miss my hdmi. So CM10.1 is not an option for my acro.

  • Rizky Maulana

    HOAX !

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    If they can release JB first for LT28h (all of them) that would be great

  • fwukr!

    But why is the .211 region based, not WORLD GENERIC?? That simply means its not been released yet!
    And Herman down her, WHO said 4.2+ is not being released for the 2012 line-up huh?? Assumptions*2 pfft!

  • Rhinosis


  • Twit Gadget

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  • Martin Ambre

    sony is very slow in releasing updates, make sure u dont promise anything in advance if you cant fulfill it on time

    Acro S is facing hell lots of issues after update
    bluetooth bug included in my list while using LiveView, the device disconnects and the bluetooth is switchoff and never turns ON except for restart

  • Mat Jeng Jeng

    Any chance for ion to get 4.2?

  • SolonorXVI

    When is the ion jelly bean update hitting middle east (Saudi Arabia)? PC companion still is not updating my ion. -sigh-

  • SolonorXVI

    >_< they barely get the jb 4.1 update on the roll, how much more 4.2 -sigh-

  • Joseph Lease

    I have the LT28at… All you have to do is root your phone, then flash over the JellyBean update of the LT28h and exclude bandwidth so you can keep your LTE capability. XDA has very good guides. It was so frustrating but mine works great now!

  • Roby

    Hi, i’m from italy and not yet received JB for my Lt28h :-( when arrive this update?

  • LT28h

    Like most of you guys, I was waiting for Sony Scumbags to release the JB update…I got fed up and i manually flashed it by following the instructions on the following page…
    I hope u guys find it helpful…but be careful

  • zaoan567

  • Ricardo

    My xperia have the bootloader locked and say allowed:No, is the same procedure?

  • Joseph Lease

    Hi Ricardo,

    I know it may be a frustrating situation, but once you learn the steps it is quite easy. I purchased my Xperia ion last July from the Sony Store in New York City and it is an LT28at (with locked bootloader). I now have the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 firmware that was released for the LT28h with my LTE bandwidth still intact. So here is what you have to do…

    STEP 1: ROOT YOUR LT28at (with locked bootloader)

    Use FLASHTOOL64 to root your phone, make sure BackUpRestore & BackUpWizard apps are on your phone. Here is a youtube guide some guy made:

    STEP 2 & 3: FLASH JELLY BEAN 4.1.2 FIRMWARE (Exlude Bandwidth)

    Once your LT28at (with locked bootloader) is rooted. You may now flash the Jelly Bean rom that was made for the LT28h. Here is a flash guide:

    The Jelly Bean 4.1.2 rom would be named ‘LT28h_6.2.B.0.211_FTF.ftf’ and you can find it thru various links. Here is another guide:

    STEP 3: EXCLUDE BANDWIDTH (to keep LTE on your LT28at)

    Make sure that when you are flashing the rom over that you exclude bandwidth so that your LT28at will keep its LTE function. Also once everything is flashed over you must manually input the AT&T APN setting.
    Here is the APN Setting:
    Name: AT&T
    APN: pta
    MMS Proxy:

    MMS Port: 80
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 410

    Authentication Type:
    APN Type: default,admin,fota,mms,supl,hipri
    APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
    APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4/IPv6



  • Lois Bernard

    Flashed following you tube guys directions, lost my LTE, called Sony, not covered if flashed myself. Had to get new handset covered by insurance with 125 deductible. Never will do it myself again, just be patient.

  • Sean


  • Lois Bernard

    still no update for xperia ion ATT, checked this morning.

  • Acid

    Finally…. already came out in Indonesia!

  • Loki

    hello guys i got the update with pc companion but after downloading it then it says checking phone and turn off my phone by itself then it tell me to hold down volume button while connecting the usb but when I do that the computer tell me that usb is not recognized because it was malfunction. Anybody having the same problem and how to fix it. Please respond

  • xperiaion

    sony,my xperia ion volume up does not working after the update.please fix it

  • Lois Bernard

    August 2013 still no upgrade

  • Will

    Compare Xperia ion LT28i to other “Sony Leading Phones” is nothing but a orphan…

  • Jacob

    28i still receives nothing, what take you so long Sony?

  • Lois Bernard

    checked yesterday still no upgrade. Guess they want us to buy the Z. no thanks.

  • Lois Bernard

    I give up. I guess ice cream sandwich will be the end of it for att ion.

  • FXXK

    SONY MOBILE HK Customer Service reply
    Hello, thank you for generous support! Because after system testing, it is difficult to ensure Xperia ion upgraded generous to provide users with the best user experience, so the current models do not provide for the upgrade 4.1.2. Thank you for your generous understanding! Thank you!

  • Christian Alfonso Sanchez Mazu

    WTF!!!! 2 meses y nada que está disponible esta actualización para mi Xperia Ion acá en Colombia.


    Where is the update for my LT28i? [Italy]

  • Lois Bernard

    Wonder if the att update will never happen?

  • Lois Bernard

    sony you forgot my poor ion lte ATT.

  • Larry

    When are they gonna update the firmware to jellybean here in the US thru AT&T? Does anybody know? Thanks.

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