Xperia Z Ultra – nice overview video from Sony France

by XB on 13th July 2013

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Xperia ZR French promoWe’ve already seen a number of promotional videos for the Xperia Z Ultra, but given the quality of this four-minute video from the Sony Mobile France team, we thought we’d share. It has some delicious close-ups of the handset/display and is one of the first we’ve seen showing how the handset collaborates with its accessories such as the DK30 magnetic dock and SBH52 Bluetooth headset. It also shows a stylus (pencil) in action for drawing as well as the multitasking capabilities of the Snapdragon 800 chipset. Check it out below.

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    Such a perfect phablet to use while fap- wait what?

  • Asad Ahmed

    I was completely lost in this video :D

  • Wolf0491

    Looks cool but not for me. I feel like I could like it sometimes but it would get in way sometimes I think. Like I sit my Z on table at dinner sometimes and it already takes up to much space so couldn’t imagine this lol.
    Still I watch this and want it :-

  • Folk Hellfang

    Where is DM to handle this guy?

  • Wolf0491

    What does that even mean?

  • faysal

    honami or this.. im having a hard time.

  • Folk Hellfang

    Sorry, I meant Joel.

    Check the comments for the Joke. I wanted a Z, and I was bewitched by the Ultra too lol.

  • ProWeirdo

    Promo: awesome.
    Reality: unexpected crap.

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  • Guest

    me too. have a Z now and having a hard time now deciding whether to get Z Ultra or Honami !!

  • ASDF

    my favourite feature, the hyper sensitive touch panel…

  • Yasahiku Utsuu No

    It’s perfect for watching p- I mean reading the news while showering!

  • No need for a “flap” for headphones jack! that’s pretty awesome!

  • jag

    I’ll just get this ultra maybe..because I do a lot of browsing and watching instead of making calls. I think it’s perfect for me. I dont need the honami anymore. I already bought a nex5 camera and it was a supreme one.

  • AA

    This guy has huge hands.

  • xeres

    No flash :(

  • JG

    I just stared and was awed. But the only problem is that it doesn’t have a flash. It’s either this or the Honami!

  • Drizzle

    That language is so smexy… And of course, the phone too ;)

  • reDalerT

    if you’re having a hard time then go for the phaplet, if y’know what i mean

  • Umad?

    Umadbro? :D

  • Hasnain Maec Abbas

    if it only had a camera flash…will upgrade to honami from my Z

  • ProWeirdo

    No. Is that all you wanted to say?

  • ProWeirdo

    To all these dislikers: Xperia S’s promo looked great, but what did people see later? Yellow tint screen issue solved just in England and Germany + GB instead of stock ICS. Get a life, and stop being raging fanboys because looks like Sony can screw you anytime and you’ll still buy its shit.

  • ProWeirdo

    Dude, do you change your phone just after 6 months?

  • Hasnain Maec Abbas

    as a matter of fact i do really.. i mean here in our country we do not have contracts so every phone we get here is unlocked and u have to pay full price to buy it… the upside is that u can sell it after some time with minor deprecation, over the course of last year i upgraded from Xperia S to Xperia T… and from T to xperia Z…. and last week i sold xperia z and got myself a Z ultra (yes i bought it)…now i am hopeing to sell my nexus 7 and old iphone 4s and adding in the extra cost and getting a honami when it comes here…. as i doubt id want to part ways with z utra after using it for 1 week :)

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