Xperia Z now on sale from T-Mobile USA

by XB on 16th July 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

T-Mobile Xperia ZThe Sony Xperia Z (C6606) is now on sale through T-Mobile in the United States. The Xperia Z has been available to buy directly through Sony since last week, but now users can purchase via a T-Mobile store or website.

The T-Mobile website allows you to add either a black or purple Xperia Z to your cart with a $99.99 down payment and two-year contract ($20 per month). If you don’t fancy being tied in, you can just go for the phone itself for $579.99. A limited time offer bundles in a free wireless speaker too.

T-Mobile Xperia Z

  • pol

    who cares about USA? and shitty T-Mobile

  • Cp2020

    Well….good for You people of America. Now U got both : guns and a great smartphone. Don’t let anyone take that away from You.

  • USAhere

    We already had this great smartphone in America, it’s just available from t
    mobile now. Btw America had the first modern day smartphone, the world is just now catching up.

  • cp2020

    Yes I know u had it before, should’ve worded it differently…u have to admit tho, XPERIA Z is nothing like your first modern day smartphone, is it?

  • Sami Mrabet


  • [A]dri[A]n

    This would be awesome if it was available on AT&T as well -.- All exclusivity does is limit the impact a phone can have. I don’t understand why a manufacturer would limit their potential sales? Oh Sony…

  • crazychef

    Easy answer to your comment. Remember when the Ion and Xperia T came out? how much publicity did you see from at&t? I remember seeing nothing, nada. Maybe this way Tmobile will push phone maybe not. the truth is that yes sony lacks in time from presentation to selling but it ‘s working on it. and as for at&t it focus right now is the S4 active. An ugly imitation of the Xperia Z water and dust proofing.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    They should at least sell an unlocked American variant that you could use on AT&T :/

  • cachanilla86

    Unfortunately, the C6606 it’s being sold ONLY for T-Mobile, so If I buy it I can’t use it here on Mexico. The 6602 It’s OK, but I wanted the 4G Z, not the ZL :(

  • It’s not always about the manufacturer, the carriers can decide not to carry devices and do so all the time.

  • sfordesign

    one year ago att got ion, but so many complaint how horrible it is (laggy + unacceptably short battery life), xperia t did better but didn’t sell well enough, so att ditched sony at least for now.

  • pol

    you mean Canadians and Mexicans? and Brazilians, Argentinians etc.? why would they?


    America SUCKS! Who’s with me?

  • YourDad

    At least Samsung, Apple and HTC care… and Fanboy like you are always drag Sony down.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Ask Trayvon Martin…

  • goldenblls

    $20 a month? That sounds dead cheap but how much data does that get you?

  • goldenblls

    Jesus there are some really poor comments in this thread. Some people really need to calm down.

  • Justin Foster

    it’s $20/month added to whichever data plan you choose. So, the standard $50 plan for unlimited everything and first 500MB of 4G data will be $70/month until you pay off the phone.

  • bimmersonygasm

    Will this work with AT&T LTE unlocked? Really need to know

  • Close enough with both the ZL and the unlocked Z with HSPA+… I really doubt the market for an unlocked, full price Z with LTE is so high in the US that it actually warrants the availability…

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