Google press event scheduled for 24 July – Android 4.3 incoming?

by XB on 17th July 2013

in Android

Android-Bot-Logo-1024x768Google has sent out invites to the media for a press event next Wednesday 24 July. The invite is pretty vague with only one line: “Please join us for breakfast with Sundar Pichai“. For those that don’t know, Pichai is in charge of Chrome and Android.

The event which is taking place at 09.00 PT (12.00 EST, 17.00 BST, 18.00 CET) will be live-streamed on YouTube, so we assume it must be a pretty big deal. Mark the date in your diaries, we may finally learn what Google has in store for the next major Android release.


Via The Next Web.

  • dugzino

    Sure hope so! Time for a change :D

  • Izamanaick

    Better not be another version of Jelly Bean.

  • Tushar Jaiswal

    the word “sundar” means “beautiful” in Hindi (India) :-)

  • mark edgar

    does it matter what it is sony will not have it for years

  • Aznev

    I wouldn’t like to breakfast with Sundar Pichai, I would like to breakfast with Android 4.3 (or 5.0 if you let me dream).

  • NERV

    3D UI is awesome Hopefully android 4.3 will add 3D parallax effect.

  • Anon

    Most likely will be Android 4.3, but seeing as though it’s already on the “Pure” GS4 and HTC One, It doesn’t seem like much of an announcement.

    A new live wallpaper, low energy Bluetooth support and a few other minor additions hardly constitute a press event.

    However, seeing as though Sundar Pichai is Senior Vice President of Android, Google Apps and Chrome, it will obviously be Android related.

    Where is 4.2.2 for the Xperia Tablet Z? Certified weeks ago.

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    They should allow Apps to move in SD card support by this version… Also heard its lightr than 4.2.2 So, Sony can look for Sola, U….

  • kiikooo

    I really want a 7 inch Tablet Z

  • Nils Isso

    *HOPE* They release Android 5.0 and 1 hour after they start to rollout it to Xperia Z, Galaxy S4, and HTC One. *End of hope*

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  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    I read your comment,and see your profile picture and instantly thought that your comment is sarcasm lol

  • Christian Maiwald

    Doesn’t matter which name it has.

  • Mark

    I’d like to get 4.2.2. on my Xperia Z at some point first.. It’s still not available for my handset.

  • hocestquisumus

    well, that’s gonna be the ultra.

  • hocestquisumus

    make that one year ;)

  • Phat-t

    I got an unlocked bootloader Z so im not worrying about that :D

  • Sami Mrabet

    Really? i got it almost an month ago..

  • guest

    Nothing in the UK my friend, i have a unbranded Z and still on 434.Sony have forgot about the UK.

  • Sami Mrabet

    to comfort you, its not so much new things.. =)

  • AJ Chotoe

    Having breakfast with some Key Lime pie??

  • Madsham

    I’m across the pond in Eire and have 4.2.2 for nearly a month now,

  • Akshay Ballal

    India seems much ahead of US, UK, Canada in terms of Sony’s products and updates…

  • Anonymous

    Can we expect the upcoming xperia Honami to be equipped with 4.3 the same way the Samsung S4 was equipped with 4.2.2 when it came out??? Only in your dreams…

  • Kathryn

    I want 8 inch with Full HD Triluminos.

  • Varun Bansal

    Sundar Pichai is the head of Chrome and Android department in Google and he is from India ( Indian ) ;)

  • Mac

    at least almost x)

  • josesl16

    Or.. you can just flash ’em. It’s not that hard.

  • Mark Man

    Wait what are you basing that on…?

  • LuigiGuevara

    I have a Xperia Z unlocked but I don’t want to lose the nice drivers camera. That’s the problem

  • LuigiGuevara

    3D parallax effect it’s a Love Wallpaper with that effect dude …

  • Anonymous

    It is not just live wallpaper, look at iOS 7 and PSVita OS for example.

  • Herman

    Come on, Sony’s done a pretty good job at delivering updates after Jelly Bean for the Xperia S had arrived. The Xperia Z got 4.2.2 pretty quickly for example.

  • mark edgar

    really xperia z still not updating, as for other products, tablet s is now a paperweight , xperia s is in stone age,

  • Akshay Ballal

    We had Xperia Z here in March itself and in US and Canada its coming now… My Xperia Z received 4.2.2 update last month… UK is still waiting for this…
    Xperia ZR was launched in India around June 1st half itself…

  • Markac

    Android 4.3 is still Jelly Bean so not really a major release. Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is much more interesting.

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