Xperia Z Ultra pencilled in for 13 September launch in UK

by XB on 17th July 2013

in Xperia Z Ultra

XZU_AmazonThe Sony Xperia Z Ultra was expected to launch in mid-September in the UK and thankfully retailers are not disagreeing. Amazon UK has the launch date for the handset at 13 September along with a number of other retailers including Clove and Handtec. So it’s nice to have a date in the diary, but it will be a painful two-month wait for this gorgeous phablet.

By the way, ignore that price from Amazon, we expect it to come in closer to the £600 mark. Amazon still have to iron out a few gremlins on their pre-order page, including the fact that the image is for the Xperia Z rather than the Xperia Z Ultra.


Thanks Izamanaick!

  • Kazuo Sat?

    A bit late……………….
    what happened to Sony announcing new devices closer to release date?

  • So the US will get the ZU in 2014…maybe 2015. -_-

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Any ways, as per the recent marketing strategies adopted frm Sony, It vl be heading to India first :)

  • zercools

    Blame the Carriers

  • Giannis

    xperia z ultra is much adorable…!!!

  • DrKrFfXx

    814 pounds? D:

  • Mohammed Khired

    the photo is not for XZU !

    it’s XZ ..


  • Asa

    Think they dont care that much for a speedy release for phablets because theres less competition. The Honami will most likely have a speedy release.

  • You don’t say…

  • Folk Hellfang

    I’m willing to bet we get an American date that is pretty close to the UK one.

  • Arokhantos
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  • Ba dum tss

    Damn it’s gonna be heavy!

  • Dude…

    Adorable? Hahahahahaha

    Yeah, like, it’s so friggin cute!!!!!!!!
    I totes wanna huggles one!


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  • roeshak

    Sony better not even be considering rolling out this phone widely. It’s not a phone for the many. It could easily soak up huge losses diminishing any profits they’ve accrued from sales of the Z.

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