Are smartphones losing the ‘wow’ factor for you?

by XB on 19th July 2013

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Smartphone WowA recent analyst report from UBS suggest that carriers are seeing fewer and fewer people upgrading their smartphones. The rate at which people upgrade their phone has been on a declining trend over the last few years in the United States. Last year saw the number of people who upgrade actually decline by 9%. UBS is forecasting a decline this year too.

Two reasons are cited for this trend. The first is the obvious point, that smartphone penetration is now pretty high in developed markets, there’s less and less people to upgrade from feature phones. The second point is that as the pace of smartphone innovation slows, there is less impetus for people to upgrade from older smartphones. People are simply not seeing the ‘wow’ factor in the current generation of smartphones to warrant an upgrade.

Smartphone wow factor

Reading the report reminded us of a post we wrote last October, where we posed the question: “Is smartphone technology ‘good enough’ already?” The idea being that given the advancements in smartphone tech, what new features on the horizon will really drive people to upgrade their handsets? For the functions that most consumers use their handset for, are the arguably small incremental upgrades each year enough to persuade people to ditch their older mobiles?

Yes, chipsets will continue to get more powerful with faster processors and more powerful graphics, but outside of the hardcore enthusiasts, who will this really excite? We already have some stunning handsets in the market, the Xperia Z being one of them along with the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5. The tech behind these are becoming powerful enough that these will still be perfectly viable phones in two years time.

This is not the early days of Android, where each iteration of phone brought a tangible improvement to the mobile experience. Android has matured and so has the technology behind it. So the question we are asking you today is, have smartphones lost their lustre?

Are you eagerly awaiting the next best thing in the Xperia or wider smartphone space? Or taking a step back, do you realise that what you have now is indeed good enough for your needs? If so, what will it take for you to be truly excited about smartphones again? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Smartphone Upgrades: Where’s the ‘Wow’ Factor? [Video]

Via Wall Street Journal.

  • the_black_dragon

    My WOW effect gets bigger on every new Sony release :D
    Arc –> S = not bad… finally usable Performance and camera
    S –> Z = WOOW Performance is awesome and new Features are just amazing!
    Z –> Z with honami Rom = OMFG it is an Smartgasm!!!! :D

  • paul_cus

    The wow factor is less the deeper into the year we get. You pretty much know what’s coming at this point and it’s only marginally better than what came out at the beginning of the year. This is why I feel Sony should only focus on one flagship phone a year that they release in the springtime. I won’t be getting the Honami because I already have the ZL and will be waiting on 2014.

  • the_black_dragon

    I have to disagree here for 2013 series…

    if you compare last year of course every new phone was only a small Hardware upgrade and Software almost looked the same with small updates…

    until today i thought it would be the same this year if i compare my Z with Honami gbut now I’m running a Honami Port Custom Rom on my Z and the new Sony Software Generation is just awesome!

    so many Upgrades in so many apps… Contacts, email, Walkman, SMS everything Looks better and is neat! Massive Update in Performance of launcher and Widgets… and an all new Keyboard that is finally perfect now!!! (seems to be a licenced Version of swiftkey with all ist Features)

    in the last years on every Generation it was just an update… but finally you may say “it’s an all new phone”

  • Sandro

    Battery! Please bring us more juice!

  • theindievis

    i was losing the wow feeling (samsung, apple, WP8, nex4)

    but then I saw the Yuga leak, so gorgeous it revived my interest in Sony

    and then it turned out to be WATERPROOF (who would have checked)

    and now the Honami
    Sony’s got me back into it, definitely

    I’m even playing my Vita more now

  • Felix

    Still using my Neo everyday and not considering to upgrade yet. With CM10 the software is up to date, it’s fast enough to use for basic apps like Twitter and Whatsapp, the camera is on par with today’s mid-range phones and the 260ppi screen isn’t that bad either.

  • Lack of form factors…. it kills the interesting differences that devices used to have. Nobody takes risks anymore with form factor, so physical design is practically dead.

  • Felix

    That’s the software you’re talking about. You could put the same software on an Xperia S from early 2012 and it will still be working fine. Some people still use a Galaxy S1 from 2010, with Android 4.1 custom ROM running on it. With that setup, the 2010 phone is no worse than today’s lower midrange phones.

  • Feanor

    Sony models have still potential for improvement, so I haven’t lostmy interest. The Honami is shaping to be a big improvement over the Z and likely the next iteration after the Honami will be even better. Looking forward.

  • Boring

    Yes phones are getting boring. We need something revolutionary like no bezels, flexible screens etc. to spark interest. Right now it’s just bigger screens and more cores…

  • Milo Egalo

    It really is the battery that needs improvement!
    And eventually sound improvements!

    I’m using Sony Xperia phones since x10,play, u, S, T and now the Z.

    Better battery in.the Z but still not enough!
    The rest is awesome

  • .
  • Kazuo Sat?

    I think the wow factor is getting smaller as time goes on.
    It is indeed slowing down and maturing, but that’s not really a bad thing.
    There will be new developments in hardware and software going forward.
    It is more about refining and improving than creating new things, although there it is still hugely important to bring new things to the table.
    Optimization of what we already have will become more important as time goes on, Which is what Sony do best.

    I think more emphasis should be placed on the ‘mobile’ part of smartphones e.g. battery life and durability going forward, battery life has taken a nosedive in recent years due to more powerful processors and bigger screen with higher pixel densities.
    5 areas Sony should focus on as the smartphone market matures are:

    1.longer battery life (standby and screen on time) (cough…IGZO displays/bigger batteries/more efficient processors)
    2.durable as possible (water/dust/shock proof), Sony is already leading the way here
    3. ergonomic as possible with minimal bezel like the XZL
    4. Integrate them more with other Sony products such as gaming/music/camera divisions,
    One Sony (already in the works)
    5.Security software and hardware such a fingerprint scanners, It’s about time fingerprint scanners made their way out of japan to the rest of the world.

    That’s just my 2 cents, I hope Honami/ i1 brings us a bit closer to this

  • jake

    Atrix had it 2 years ago…..
    And pin code is enough for security purpose .

  • Kazuo Sat?

    Good to hear, would prefer a darker theme to be honest but if they are all as improved as you say I’m very happy I skipped the Z.
    Cant wait to get Honami!
    can you post some screenshots?

  • nico_31

    Minimize bezels!!!

  • Eurovisionacts

    Nokia 1020 is probably the first WOW phone for the entire year of 2013. And its not even that innovative (yes 41 mp camera is a beast, but rest specs are pretty much inline with 920).

    Honami better be worth the wait. Waterproof / Dustproof / Great Camera Technology WITH android and next gen specs will make it a worthwhile update.

  • Noxius

    what is the smartphone on picture ?

  • Noxius

    on the picture in stopped video :D

  • Mark Finney

    Just like in October I am startled by people’s lack of imagination as to what a smartphone will become. To say we need things like “no bezels” or “sound improvements” is like saying in 1910 that what a car really needed was better wood in its wheels! The smartphone and the tech that will follow allowing ubiquitous, hi-speed, personal connectivity is nothing less than the most important personal tech for this century. And we are barely at the Model T level at the moment.
    Using a good smartphone today is a frustrating exercise in slow, battery hungry, stupid tech. For goodness sake, LinkedIn can’t even remember my password! A link to Facebook from Chrome will try and open the page in the browser rather than run the app – and want the password again.

    When the smartphone isn’t this staggeringly stupid, when it can cope with frequent use for a full day before recharging and when its interface is smarter than being poked with a blunt digit – then we might start to get a taste for what this will mean for mankind. We can start by removing the bezels and making them sound better though.

  • Cristi13

    Well I don’t what to think about this, but I believe we’re are going to see the wow factor again (notbas often as in the past). As for me, my xperia s is quite, well let’s just say satisfactory, but I think I will upgrade in a few months if the financial situation allows me. But I kinda fear to say here to what I will upgrade, but it will not be a Sony phone (I’m not trying to start a flame war here, I’m just stating my opinion).

  • Ren Lu

    You’re so cool and I agree,

    …Sony used to be an innovator, a trendsetter, but in recent years, it has become a follower, don’t know what’s going on but I still believe and hope one day the great King will return to claim his throne.

  • elmeu coreu

    Are we talking about xperia S flagship upgrade ????

  • the_black_dragon

    of course but anyway you have to see the REAL product… and the product experience will ever be the combination of Hardware (also Quality not just power), Software and Design of both…

    from this Point of view i have a complete own Rating for all big manufacturers:
    Sony: Hardware 4/5, Software 5/5, Hardware Design 4/5, Software Design 4/5 (5/5 with Honami Rom) –> Overall Rating für Xperia Z for me 4/5 and honami will lift it to 5/5
    Samsung: Hardware 5/5, Software 3/5, Hardware Design 2/5, Software Design 2/5
    HTC: Hardware 4/5, Software 5/5, Hardware Design 4/5, Software Design 4/5

  • the_black_dragon
  • jyt

    Don’t forget the huge bezels.

  • xperiance

    Its all about money. If u had it, u will get it. If you dont, just used what u had now until sleep of death come to collect ur soulphone. :-)

  • Helder Rodrigues Lucas

    I have my Xperia S since September 2012, I’ve upgraded from the Xperia Mini St15i. I still remember the moment I grab it and felt the marvelous premium phone! Nowadays, everytime I hold an Xperia Z I feel it big, fragile, expensive, I see a compromise, I feel that its wrong for me to have it! Then I pick up my black Xperia S “and I think to myself, what a wonderful world…”

    Cheers from Portugal

  • John-Mark Christmas

    I always believed that Sony sets the trend when it comes to design(which is the first the the customer sees). They should build on that. Go back to the Arc. revisit that design, but add the illumination bar, with a GREAT camera, and of course, make the bezel as little as possible on a 5″ screen. If the BATTERY LIFE and the performance is stellar with the waterproofing in a aluminum casing, then u have my money. I have the Xperia SL now, expecting the Honami to be my next phone. wanted the ZL, because of the minimum bezel and the illumination bar, but, I think my SL can hold out some more.

  • xadiq

    I completely agree with the points you raised, especially on the battery life part. Sure, it’s easy to charge your phone up which can be done at many places (work, home, car, even at shopping malls), but I feel it’s an unnecessary inconvenience as I’m sure for many people who rely heavily on their phones for work or play, having to charge it up so often.

  • Lambsy

    All smartphones suffer from the iphone syndrome now, which essentially means a few new features but nothing revolutionary! A periodic update and zero wow factor! This dull trend makes no one want to fork out hundreds just for something that’s not too dissimilar from what they already own!

  • ShinOrochix

    Lol yea people are reluctant to upgrade. I still use the Live with Walkman.

  • Jhonbert Magana

    I don’t think no bezels phone will be easy to use. You will always do unintentional touch to its both edges.

  • blurb8

    The problem is sony is just releasing bigger and bigger smartphones. All their ‘little’ smartphones are crap. After all these years the ray is still the best in this size department….tipo? go? Screen resolution sucks! I’d buy a go with a better resolution in a heartbeat!!
    Even HTC sees this with the one mini….hope the roumors of the honami mini are true!

  • I really wonder about this usefulness. Lenovo’s been putting it in their Thinkpads for years now. I have one on my work laptop but I still don’t use it. Just not interesting enough for me to start using. I tried and it’s not perfect yet. Doesn’t always read, etc.

  • Billy de Fretes

    you mean sony is danaeris targaryen who try to back to westeros and kick lanister from the thrones ? it seems long way to go :D

  • Tech Gospel

    For as long as I have to charge my phone every night or every other night simply because I use data, I won’t be impressed. Give me 5 days surfing on 3G/LTE/or-whatever-else-comes-next … then we’ll talk.

  • AsadMulla

    £500 for phones now a days. Of course upgrades are down

  • If laptops can have software that ignores accidental tap and palm detection, smartphones probably can as well

  • Not just Atrix, Acer M900 had it 4 years ago

  • Blackberry Z10

  • Izamanaick

    Technically, Joffrey isn’t even a Lannsiter, apart from by blood. Legally he’s a Baratheon but he’s a bastard so he would be Joffrey Waters.

  • kaostheory

    I want night vision rather than having to turn my led on. Also laser measuring along with a radar detector. Time to include vhf radios so I can communicate with friends bike to bike or camping/hiking.

  • kaostheory

    I disagree, battery life is fine for the most part. The issue is charging times. If I could charge anywhere in under a minute I’d be totally fine with the current battery life.

  • Helder Rodrigues Lucas

    I have exactly the same opinion as you..where does a 5 inch screen fit in a daily life with a regular job? Big screens look better on the shelter than in our hand. I want so bad that the Honami mini could have the exact dimensions of the xperia arc!!!

  • Waters? Didn’t you mean Snow?

  • Kazuo Sat?

    charging time has to be reduced too I agree with that but that would be less important if you could go a couple of days without charging your phone, using your phone for intensive things like gaming and watching videos sucks your battery dry pretty quickly.
    I play ingress which uses GPS and my Xperia S struggles to last 2.5 hours from full battery of continuous play even with the screen on its lowest brightness setting.
    regardless of what you use your phone for you can never have too much battery life.
    The one company Sony should maybe look to is Motorola, it brings out a flagship with a huge battery alongside the regular one.
    I wish Sony would have a Z variant with a huge battery 3-3.5k for power users.
    That’s the only thing though they should try and take a lesson from, Motorola has horrible hardware design among other flaws.

  • Kazuo Sat?

    thanks :)

  • Samuel

    Joffrey Hill, technically. The Lannisters are from Casterly Rock which is in the Westerlands, and in the Westerlands, a bastard’s surname is ‘Hill’.

  • paul4id

    Many boring slabs being released. Even on a large device like my Nexus 7 I find text input a chore in comparison to my Xperia Pro. We need an upgraded Xperia Pro II Sony!

  • Jhonbert Magana

    I agree with palm detection, but accidental tap? hmm, how will the phone know if it is accidental? how will you test it as a phone owner. Intentionally tap it and pretend that it’s accidental? xD

  • sfordesign

    my “wow” factor smartphone manufacturer list from lowest to highest: sony, samsung, apple, nokia. this list used to be the opposite for me.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    or not every people have the budget to upgrade their phone every single year? I mean I use a 1 year old Galaxy Nexus (buy it on the bargain, BNIB anyway) and I don’t have the urge to actually upgrade anything near the future. Surely I lurk around the tech webs and phones, because I have great interest on smartphone development, but that doesn’t mean I have or able to spare a budget to afford one. Here, a flagship can give you 6 months of living without actually have to worry about food.

  • Gas_Huffer

    I’m really curious: when did “bezel” become a four-letter word? Why is it all of a sudden necessary to eradicate any trace of a bezel for a phone to get the geek seal of approval? I quite like the bezels on recent Sony devices. They look proportional to the rest of the phone, and thus result in a more aesthetically pleasing device, not to mention they give you something to hold to avoid accidental presses. So I don’t care about bezels, and I don’t have huge hands. Do you just have tiny little hands or something, or what?

  • amt

    Start making them smaller and we’ll see improvement, like Ray or Neo in their time, top spec, affordable, good camera, right size.

  • I might have worded that wrong. But Apple have similar feature on their iPad and iPod touch already. If you have 2 fingers or more on the screen, it doesn’t register the finger that isn’t moving or even if it moves. It only register the first finger that touches the screen.

  • nameofthewind

    ‘Snows’ are for Northerners

  • nameofthewind

    what causes this i the lack of revolutionary features unlike the first iPhone but now all these smartphones are just minimal upgrades, with the same look as its predecessors only larger(androids) and longer(iPhone5) :)) I just have dropped my Jaw somewhere when I saw Z Ultra

  • AbhiD

    what are you even smokin’ ???

    htc one mini(4.3″) has even bigger dimensions than xperia zl(5.0″) !!!

    one mini is the worst example to give of a mini device

  • T.W.G

    Come up with design elements like the clear illumination bar on xperia s, sp etc., make it completely waterproof, give it a dedicated camera button, nice notification illumination light effects, a 5 inch or bigger screen, and a big fat battery that is user replaceable

  • Nate S. Parker

    I totally agree, hopefully Sony will read this!

  • Noxius

    thanks :)

  • wick

    GS4 is not a stunning phone -_-

  • Jo El-Ive

    Huge bezels is ugly, make smartphone look stupid, outdated and undeveloped.

  • Arup

    I have always bought SONY Phones from their early days with Zuma to Symbian and now Android, the reason is quality and design. I find SONY’s waterproof dustproof design for a tool that you carry all over a must. Imagine loosing your phone to moisture if you are caught in rain which happens frequently here in Asia. Overall I am very happy with my latest acquisition namely the ZR. I do have a Nokia Lunia 920 as I wanted to try the Windows phone but I find the ZR to be far better designed and constructed than Nokia. I still have the X10 Mini Pro, the Xperia X8 running here.

  • Ziich

    just because you do not like the phone does not mean that it is not a great phone. i am not a fan of the s4, htc one or iPhone 5 but i would be lying to myself if i did not say that the one or the iphone were not beautiful phones or that the s4 was a good phone

  • roeshak

    That’s precisely why the Lumia 1020 is such a breadth of fresh air. It’s the first smartphone in a long long time that can be legitimately described as revolutionary.

    For far too long, manufacturers have focused on a very small minority of tech enthusiasts and they have allowed the ideas and wishes of this very small but extremely vocal and active minority to influence their thinking.

    It’s for this reason, that HTC finds itself in terminal decline. They above all else have been the guiltiest party. The HTC One, despite receiving rave reviews by the tech sites (part of this small minority) has been the poorest performer out of all the phones released this year.
    Mainstream consumers hear 4mp camera and run for the hills and who can blame them. It’s only a few who play graphics intensive games on their phones, most only have simple games like angry birds, sudoku, and temple run on their devices.

    If HTC’s predicament doesn’t teach them anything then nothing will. The message is simple and clear “stop making devices that excite only a small fraction of the market”

    It really is time to end this ridiculous spec race and start developing technologies that the majority will appreciate and enjoy. Camera tech is always a winner which is why Nokia deserve praise for the 1020. If it wasn’t a WM device, I’d be getting that without any hesitation. I really hope the 1020 is a runaway success, that’ll teach many a few lessons.

    A lot of us purchase expensive phones that have a lot of what we don’t need and little of what we could actually enjoy using and this message needs to go out to the manufacturers.

    They need to start ignoring the tech blogs and sites. You can use the HTC One and Z as a case in point. Sony’s sold far more Z’s than HTC has managed to sell One’s. When you consider that the Z isn’t even on sale in America, you can just see how bad things are for HTC. Don’t forget the Z was roundly criticised and One was regarded as the best thing since sliced bread by these techies.

    All manufacturers (HTC more than others) need to wake up and smell the coffee, tech sites, don’t sell phones. Most of them only have a few thousand people visiting their sites and that’s it.

    If they are going to start making phones that excite again, they need stop making phones for enthusiasts and start making devices for the rest of us.

    They can even start making gaming edition devices that have these hardcore specs but weak on camera (like the HTC One) for the techies if they wish.

    For the mainstream, the hardware specs are already more than sufficient, what we need is advancement in other areas, most notably camera technology.

  • Guest

    This reminds me Game of Throne of Facebook, take a look people, it hilarious!

  • Babylonbwoy


  • andy roid

    A lower price for starters! Better camera and need flagship specs in xperia t size phone! Give us some jazzy colours! New walkman phone would pull me away from my xperia T as my last phone was xperia wt19i lww! Truly awsome little phone! Surely sony can find some space in one of these huge phones for 2 pumping speakers to challenge htc boomsound in htc latest handsets!

  • Utsav Shah

    The biggest wow factor i had when i had bought Xperia™ S.

  • cleverthansony

    yes all of perfect thing should be in one phone. 1/1.8 inch camera+hardware music support+design+compact+fast+software

  • maz

    Hey Sony! This! “Sony should only focus on one flagship phone a year that they release in the springtime”

  • P9

    for me, Z mini with high specs, stereo speaker, walkman integrate, camer bottom, cyber-shot, omni balance design, thin as possible, water-resistant, more sony hard ware & software developing with super big battery…. would really a WOW! that’s almost enough for a smartphone. and if that really happen, pls include awesome feature from exact phone feature such like walkman bottom from lww, light effect from u/sp, transparency bar & could touch function from P, small bezel from ZL, … mix them it’s best!!!!
    or just name it xperia X11! ;D

    I JUST looking forward for SONY to do it, & really believe SONY could done it a day. :) love u sony. best! keep up.

  • Google

    Just buy MOTO X

  • spade

    Yep, the most important thing.

  • P9

    even today, sony really not a follower! u should kno even back bottom in android really such a copy from old sony feature phone, lockscreen widget in android 4.2+ also like sony own lockscreen swipe left-right feature, sony media apps follow??? Z lockscreen? or more & more.
    Sony is still the innovator. kno it.!

    just need to make some more better.

  • Elias Fazel

    they should increase people knowledge it causes more dependency of
    people on new techs so they will have plan to upgrade their phone for
    each year
    now almost of people use their smartphones like stupid-phone; calling and texting
    but if they think about new games, new apps, developing and etc they cannot stand on a normal phone and each want better …


    Just this? call it innovation? rr..Really? LOLzzzzz

  • Izamanaick

    It doesn’t matter where the family is from, what matters is where the bastard was born. Take Robert Baratheon for example. His oldest bastard, Mya, was born in Vale and her surname is Stone. Same with his bastard Edric, only he was born in the Stormlands and his surname is Storm. See where I’m headed?

  • what BULLSHIT

  • For $250.. SOLD

  • yea, better someone steals your pin code than your finger

  • roeshak

    Obviously another one from that small minority of enthusiasts lol

  • P9

    ok, I may wrong, sorry bro.
    and we could call creator,starter or else….

  • kaostheory

    Unless I’m hiking, I’m always near a power source, but no matter the life of the battery, I don’t always have the time for charging. Obviously you charge when you sleep but everyone forgets occasionally.

  • Lucian

    Haven’t you heard about Xperia ZR?? It’s 4.6″ but actually smaller than HTC one mini. And compared to HTC it blows it away with it’s specs..

    Even Xperia ZL is smaller than HTC one mini. It you don’t know, ZL is 5″ and one mini is 4.3″..

    And I don’t know why you say Sony is releasing bigger and bigger. Complain about Samsung.. You can’t buy small Samsung with top specs.. But you can with Sony…

  • ryq24

    World economy is not good especially in Europe.! People are holding on to their old phone rather than buy a new one. s4 is a clear example of that. It came out too soon and the new features did not really click with consumers to make them want to replace their old phone.

  • Jhonbert Magana

    You just killed multi touch function with that feature. How about 1 finger accidental touch.?

  • That’s why iPad or iPod touch doesn’t have multi touch, right?

  • RealSonyFanboy

    It would be very good if sony make and launch PlayStation Phone (e.g., smartphone that runs Orbis OS and comes with detachable dualshock controlle)

  • nice

    my wow phone was Xperia Arc.I had a Nokia XpressMusic 5800 as a ‘smartphone’ but it was pretty buggy and not functiong like an iPhone for example.

  • Izamanaick

    Touch Block. Nuff said.

  • D72

    The next wow effect will be, when I leave Android and go for WP8. Don’t get me wrong, I like Android, but I’ve been playing with my friends Nokia 925 and it is is so fresh, fluid and reactiv. And of course, you don’t have to wait months for your vendor to update to the newest version of OS….

  • azzido

    I think that there is nothing that can be invented and attract the people once again that much. People are getting bored with Android and wants to try something new like Windows Phone, iOS or firefox maybe. I think it is because of 2 factors:

    1. Google’s slow down with Android development (next OS updates do not brings revolutionary changes, sometimes brings step behind like lack of support of Adobe Flash).

    2. Manufacturers like Sony do not tend to even try to change its Android UI / overlay and even if changing the phone it still seems the same… Moreover when it comes to Sony it suffers innovation in dedicated apps for Xperia range only (one new app like find My Xperia doesn’t make spring). Sony UI is still the same as years ago, there are only some small changes always and worse, the newest OS update like 4.2.2 lags on current newest flagship device – Xperia Z. This for sure is not what people expect.

    There are no any significant changes unfortunately. There are almost no any changes with camera lens, it is still too small, the quality is almost the same with any new flagship. There is only marketing that it will WOOW! you with picture quality, 13MPx, 20MPx, 40MPx, HDR, whatever… and the quality is still the same as on Xperia X10 or almost the same… Sony suffers the screen quality often and do not want to change it. I think that if they would bring OLED to Xperia range it would be some change that would attract people once again. Only faster processors and bigger screen soon do not do its job as current ones are fast / big enough and almost reach its limit (like 5 inch for flagship device is enough), bigger is just unwieldy…

    And Sony UI? I am not saying it is bad but still the same… the same animations, the same app panel, almost all the same…

  • azzido

    I wish if Sony could bring us Playstation phone:
    – 5 inch 1080p Trilominos display
    – newest Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset like snap 800
    – 3GB RAM (for the future)
    – Playstation Orbis OS instead of Android
    – dedicated buttons like in PS Vita (Vita is too outdated for me in terms of hardware, games doesn’t look too good)

    or at least give us new, updated PS Vita 2 with GAMES! If it would come with newer, fastest hardware I would buy it.

  • Jason

    OMG! thx u for dis comment, for me and many people, it’s so fockin truuuuuuueeeeee man

  • Helder Rodrigues Lucas

    We don´t have Xperia ZR in Portugal, neither ZL, only the Z…i’m a big fan of Sony and I am very pleased with Honami specs!! Let´s see how “swordish” it is…

  • Aslan

    I support your opinion but i think VitaOS is more convenient for mobile platform.

  • Twit Gadget

    Google vs Microsoft, who is better : goo .gl/08KdBF

  • Twit Gadget

    Nokia Lumia 920 vs Nokia Lumia 1020 : goo .gl/kl9iN

  • Emanuel Mc Person

    How about a 5000mAh battery smartphone? wouldn’t that be revolutionary and feasible???

  • Raf

    Dont worry, Orbis OS and Vita OS both are FreeBSD.

  • karthik

    maybe in future smartphones will have gans to cool them


    custom liquid cooling!

  • Chos?n

    This is ‘wow’: Ubuntu Edge

  • Kazuo Sat?

    Thanks for this, Very interesting

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Then, not ideal for multi-touch devices.

  • Jhonbert Magana

    I agree with all but the OLED part. I don’t know why but Sony’s screen or HTC’s produce more realistic picture than SAMOLED display. It looks cartoonish, at least for me.

  • Shubham Mutreja

    i use mini pro!!!sk17i

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