If you bought an Xperia device in 2013, who did you switch from?

by XB on 26th July 2013

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Mobile logosSony Mobile has had significant traction this year with the Xperia Z (and variants), the sleek design combined with great specs and a water resistant chassis has won Sony many new fans. However, whilst we have heard reports of people switching from other manufacturers, such as Samsung, we aren’t sure overall how many current 2013 Xperia owners are Sony loyalists versus how many have come from other brands.

We have created a poll below so please take part if you bought a Sony Xperia device this year. Let us know in the comments below why you switched and whether you would be likely to buy another Sony Xperia handset. If you came from a previous Xperia device, are you likely to continue to buy into the Xperia franchise or do you plan on switching away next time around? We’d love to hear your experiences below.

If you bought an Sony Xperia device in 2013, who did you switch from?

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    from samsung galaxy s2 i9100

  • David Stammerjohann

    I came from the Galaxy Nexus, desiring a phone that could render webpages as fast as my PC and have a better camera. The ZL fits the bill, but there are still things to be desired, especially on the AOSP front.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    I was using the TL and for some time, the Optimus G. It was hard to give up the power of the Optimus G. That thing is BEAST. But I just love the Sony UI and the features it brings with it :)

  • Valentina

    Owned an amazing Xperia Arc from 2011, now I’m a proud Xperia Z owner :)

  • ImAnurag

    from Xperia SL to Xperia Z :)

  • Camel

    Switched from Apple iPhone 4s, use Xperia TX now and coming back to Apple again.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    From an Xperia Sola to Xperia ZL.
    From the first generation Nexus 7 to the Xperia Tablet Z.

  • Andrie Putra

    Im owner sonyericsson phone from t610 ,j200,k510,k600, and then android xperia ray at last sony xperia sp..

  • Arokhantos

    Where is asus :P

  • hairul


  • ???? ?????

    from Samsung to Xperia Z and TX

  • vighnesh kadam

    i was using a shitty micromax a87 ninja 4 before xperia l …fully satisfied with xperia l now ..

  • Frack

    I went from the X10 to the XS, my next phone might be the Honami

  • hairul

    from W705 to Xperia X10 to Xperia Mini Pro to Xperia S to Xperia Z.. :)

  • shanefalco

    x10mini, xperia u and in the future will buy a motorola droid mini!

  • Max

    HTC, had a Sensation previously. So happy with my ZL, better phone, better support, and the 4.3 update is already in the works. So much better than HTC, hate that company.

  • Bill Lockhart

    Nokia 3210 – SE P800 – SE K750i – SE X10i – Xperia T – Xperia Z

  • Hai Long Hoang

    From Sony Ericsson to Sony Xperia to Sony ….. :D

  • Nai

    Xperia x10 mini pro to Xperia ray going to Xperia SP

  • babidi

    The question should be:
    “If you bought an Xperia device in 2012, whom did you switch to?”

  • sahil_00150

    2011 to 2013 till now

    Xperia X8 to Xperia Mini ST15i to Xperia U to Xperia P to Xperia S to HTC One X to Xperia J to T-Mobile Galaxy S2 to Xperia J again to Xperia T and then 9 April 2013 to till now i am with Xperia Z i love XPZ

  • Abhishek

    From sony ericcson w205 in 2009, Sony ericcson Xperia X8 in 2011, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S in 2012, Sony Xperia ION in 2012 to finally the awesome Sony Xperia Z in march, 2013..! Sony has always been my first love..! Proud to own Sony mobiles..!
    – Abhishek

  • Xadiq

    I’m guessing a lot of people switched from a previous Xperia phone to another brand and are currently waiting for that perfect Xperia phone that isn’t too large, too outdated, too expensive, etc. I’m one of them.

  • Marshall

    I have the S3 and will be getting the ZU as soon as it hits Europe.

  • ayuah

    Plz update xperia s to android 4.2.2

  • ayuah

    From I phone 4s to sony Xperia zl

  • Rahul Menon

    W595 then W995 then xperia active now xperia zr .
    Also have Sony vaio T 13
    Planning on getting one of the latest Sony bravia engine t.v.
    M m what else can I get oh yeah the play station.

  • ver jaina

    been loyal Sony Ericsson & Vaio user since 2003..hehe.

    from T-10 to K750i to Xperia X1 to Ray..but skipped the Z line up, bought the Tablet Z instead….bought my Dad ZR to replace his crappy el cheapo Samsung

  • Guest

    W700i – 2006
    W810i – 2007-2011
    Xperia mini – 2011-2013 april
    Now Xperia Z !
    just switching phones !! not my brand :)

  • Xperian

    W700i > W810i > Xperia mini
    Now Xperia Z !
    Just switching phones !! not my brand :)

    Its not easy to switch to another brand once U own a sony phone …
    Only a true sony fan would understand this

  • Purnama

    K310i > K510i > W200i > K550i > Xperia Mini > Xperia P > Xperia ZR (planning)

  • Xperian

    liked the last two words :D

  • Karl Soong

    So do I. Xperia X10? Xperia Play? Xperia Pro? Xperia Arc S? and Xperia V now.

  • Abdullah Robben

    i had sony ericsson s500 and now xperia zl

  • Silverwagon

    T610 > K700i > W800i > W960i > HTC Desire > XS > XZ > XU / i1?

  • Abdullah Robben

    I am just like you


    I have a long history with SONY, i started with a SE W810 then W302 then W995 then the X10, then the PLAY then the ARC then the S and currently the Z, to be honest with you i dont see my self with a different brand always will be SONY


    NOTE 2 -> Xperia Z Ultra

  • benooi

    from Nokia C6-01, Symbian Belle Refresh :) Still working smoothly, just needed a ‘droid.

  • lzmax

    k750-k810-zylo-w8-xperia go soon xperia Honami Or ZU

  • Zeke

    True. Have an XPERIA LT26i and waiting…

  • Nebu

    From Samsung Wave 525 and Nokia 2680.

  • kew

    It was in Indonesia too, and yes it worst

  • cristian

    K750 -> w595 -> x10 mini -> Z . And im planning to buy Z ultra . :3

  • InspectorGadget80

    I switch from Motorola Atrix too XPERIA Go because i hated Motorola back then for not updating their older models.

  • osamaH Al-Amri

    W550i -> C905 -> SATIO -> Arc -> S -> Z

  • Billy de Fretes

    iphone user since iphone 3g until earlier 2013 using iphone 4, when xperia z shows it must be the perfect replacement for my iphone :)

    before iphone i’m loyal sony ericsson owner :)

    t310 -> t610 -> w700 -> w960 -> iphone 3g -> iphone 4 -> xperia z :) probably honami

  • Makiz

    Since 1999 loyal Ericsson – SonyEricsson – Sony
    My first Ericsson phone was T18

  • igel705

    W810i -> W705 -> Xperia Arc -> Honami, when it is as good as it sounds ;-D

    if you know the SONY UI, you won´t miss it again :-) and the SONY-phones are so resistant…my Arc fell down for a million times and still it works :-)

  • guiguilatex

    Xperia X10 -> Honami

  • guiguilatex

    I hope hudge inmprovement in camera

  • P9

    use sony(ericsson) since 2008 till now I’ve got 4, K750i, W350i, W580i, xperia lww

    waiting for its successor (lww) with 2 speakers , walkman chip, water resistance, camerabottom… :)

    love sony the best!

  • Wolf0491

    Owned the xperia X1 way back in windows time. Then the X10. Then in between that and my Ion I used the atrix and HTC inspire. Now using xperia Z. Been happiest with my Z. ION was a great phone but I like my waterproof feature haha. May buy honami because my Z back panel coming unglued

  • larry

    LG P500> LG L3> LG L7> Acro S> Xperia Z

    Currently happy and satisfied with 4.2 ^_^

  • Umar Khan

    from Nokia 3310 > Nokia Xperss Music > Samsung Star > Sony X8 > Sony Neo V > Sony SL > Xperia Z (the best)

  • pacm23

    T68i p800 p910I p990 p1i x1 x10 Xperia Z

  • Panda

    Galaxy Proclaim (CDMA) to Xperia E.

  • Jemarhel Supriana

    I agree with you its not easy switching once you own a Sony PHONE….. i wanted to switch when i had my Xperia Mini Pro i wanted to go to Nexus 4 but after the Sony Xperia Z was announced i bought the Sony Xperia Z

    Ericsson GF337
    Sony Ericsson J210i
    Sony Ericsson J300i
    Sony Ericsson K750i
    Sony Ericsson K850i
    Sony Ericsson Satio
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X1
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro
    Sony Xperia Z

    And i’m Sticking with sony…. Hard to move away…… Satisfied

  • Jemarhel Supriana

    Ericsson GF337
    Sony Ericsson J210i
    Sony Ericsson J300i
    Sony Ericsson K750i
    Sony Ericsson K850i
    Sony Ericsson Satio
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X1
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro
    Sony Xperia Z

  • Jemarhel Supriana

    Previous PHONES I OWNED
    Ericsson GF337
    Sony Ericsson J210i
    Sony Ericsson J300i
    Sony Ericsson K750i
    Sony Ericsson K850i
    Sony Ericsson Satio
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X1
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro
    Sony Xperia Z

  • Kazuo Sat?

    Sony (Ericsson) all the way,
    K750i, k800i,P990i, V630i, W880i x2, Satio, Vivaz, X10, Arc S, Xperia S.
    Waiting for Honami now :)

  • Sami Mrabet

    always had Sony Ericsson/ Sony… and always will.. i think

  • Jemarhel Supriana

    Same here all the way back

    Ericsson GF337
    Sony Ericsson J210i
    Sony Ericsson J300i
    Sony Ericsson K750i
    Sony Ericsson K850i
    Sony Ericsson Satio
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X1
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro
    Sony Xperia Z

  • lolsomany

    from W705 to xperia L

  • Jemarhel Supriana

    Same here

    Ericsson GF337
    Sony Ericsson J210i
    Sony Ericsson J300i
    Sony Ericsson K750i
    Sony Ericsson K850i
    Sony Ericsson Satio
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X1
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro
    Sony Xperia Z

  • josesl16

    From Sony Ericsson K800i to Sony Xperia P, so… others. :d

  • guiguilatex

    same for my x10, always fall, never broke

  • RecordingArtistKaeB

    Walkman Flip > Xperia X10> Xperia Arc > Xperia Ion > Xperia ZL > Xperia Z > Xperia i1 when it releases.

    Plus I’ve had: BlackBerry Bold, iPhone 4, HTC Legend (All pieces of shit)


  • Cristi13

    These companies only care about our money, it doesn’t benefit me in any way to be a “loyal” Sony fan, they won’t give me anything for it (only the middle finger probably). There are a lot of things that impress me at Sony (like the PlayStation consoles) but not on their phones

  • Cristi13

    Also xperia blog, you should do a poll “to what manufacturer did you switch” (especially for 2012 series). That would make some heat around here.

  • Mint

    From HTC. My next phone wont be Sony though.

  • Camel

    You’re right, I love almost everthing Sony made except smartphones Btw still waiting for Xperia Play 2 or PlayStation Phone.

  • Gaurav

    Sony W300i >>Arc S>>Xperia S>> Xperia Z…….. I love Sony :-)

  • kgibbs29

    Nokia candy bar style, Sony Ericsson candy bar style, Nokia 6800, Nokia 6600, Motorola candy bar style, Palm Treo 650, Palm Treo 700wx, HTC Evo 4G, HTC EVO 3D and this Sony loyalist (5 TV’s, all A/V equipment, PS1, PS2, 3 PS3, 2 PS4 on pre-order and upgrading to W900 and R550 this holiday season) can finally own a Sony Xperia Z. I was eligible for upgrade with Sprint on Feb. 1st and I waited patiently for the Z to come to the US. Now to get me some Sony branded accessories and await the inevitable price drop during the holiday season on the Tablet Z (already marked down $100 when one buys W series TV).

  • XS user

    Absolutely what I think now

  • Hairil Roslan

    Cybershot k800, arc and now z

  • WidMak

    Switched from HTC Desire. Despite it seemed to be my dream phone upon its release, it ended up being one of my greatest disappointments. Just within a year numerous functions failed to work: first 3,5mm jack said ‘bye-bye’ to me, then the screen got very unresponsive, the battery would never make it to the evening, and finally something went wrong with the mic – people would never hear me during talks. I don’t even mention lack of memory and system updates. Never HTC again.
    My Xperia V is not perfect either, but at least all hardware works.

  • zurggie

    I come from Nexus line (GNex and Nexus S). Why? Because Sony built quality, Good camera, AOSP friendly, use software button.

  • Giannikosmo

    K800i>W302>W395>w995>Aino>X8>Xperia S>Xperia Z and I’m a proud fan of Sony! Sony is the best mobile company! :)

  • ss4451

    xperia x8
    xperia neo v
    samsung galaxy s3
    xperia v

  • ??


  • overjap48

    Xperia p > Xperia sp but if the Xperia zr was available in France, sure I bought it.

  • afzal

    From sony C27 – xperia Z … Oh man… Iam getting old now… :-)

  • ryq24

    Nokia n8 to xperia z!

  • Džabas

    HTC Desire > Xperia T and Nokia 6700 > Xperia SP. No other choice in that range of price/quality if you don’t like samsung.

  • Keendy Chan

    Had iPhone 4 moved to galaxy s3, then had HTC 8X then now got xperia z. Never leaving Sony.

  • Andre Candido

    My first smartphone was a Xperia Neo, Xperia Mini Pro then a> S Xperia Arc> Xperia P> Xperia S> Xperia TX and now have a Xperia Z and my next will be an Xperia sure!

  • nidou bossy

    I’m a previous Sony Xperia owner (59%, 1,041 Votes)

    and i’m a previous and future Sony Xperia OWNER!!!

  • ahomad hosin

    been sony loyal since their first sony ericsson phone ever (almost 13 years) which is T68> P800> S700>M600 >X10 >XS > and waiting for Honami

  • nidou bossy

    yeah! which is the best choice ;)

  • nidou bossy

    just a question!!!

    how do u feel moving from Samsung to Sony?

  • nidou bossy

    sure it is!

    the best tech u can only find in Japan

  • Herman

    Your comment is so relevant to the discussion going on now…

  • nidou bossy

    my first phone i ever owned was SonyEricsson T200, then the Godfather of phones: Nokia 3310 :D
    …then various of phones, like Samsung D500, Nokia 7610, Samsung E900, then back to Sony world with SonyEricsson w960i, then Xperia Ray, Xperia U, Xperia S (to present)

    my next future phone would be either Xperia Z, Z Ultra or Honami ;)

  • nidou bossy

    yeah same here Sony is the best!

  • nidou bossy

    i had w960!

    its a great phone with a real loudspeaker! love it!

  • AsadMulla

    My first Ericsson was PF337 I have counted 25 Ericsson Sony Ericsson handsets owned by myself

  • nidou bossy

    isn’t hot?

  • AsadMulla

    This is a Sony fan site so I think its fair to say most people are sony fans and have been for a while. I think that would through the figures a bit

  • Cp2020

    I’d rather have no phone than a phone that is made by a brand other than SONY.

  • bimmersonygasm

    Obviously, brand loyalty is not an issue with Sony! Keep it up! I am coming from a iPhone to a Z and couldn’t be happier!

  • Dakota

    Motorola Flipout —> Xperia Arc —> Xperia Ion —> Xperia T <3

  • Veeren

    Galaxy S2 > GAlaxy s3 > Xperia Z …

    Starting i was felt some uncomfortable after using Xperia Z for some days I felt Royal holding my Xperia Z… UI is superb nd Sony walkman & Water resistant i lvd it …… Proud to be a Xperia Z owner

  • Luxsaan

    Sony all the way in every gadgets…

    Sony Ericsson K850i > Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S > Sony Xperia Z

  • ar

    K750i->naite->xperia sp. .sp is my 1st android phone. . N I’m very happy with it… Always believed Sony n will believe Sony…..

  • Tangent Lin

    How long did you used Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro before change to Xperia Z? I think when you using Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro you would be suffering rite? haha.. Me from Arc change to TX.. My Arc S make me suffer from the limited amount of memory and CPU..

  • rus_media

    Xperia Arc S> Xperia S> Xperia ZL

  • asian101

    Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Active
    Galaxy Note 1
    Blackberry 9900
    Galaxy Nexus
    Nokia Pureview 808
    Xperia Acro S
    Galaxy Note 2
    and having 2 phones now: Xperia Z and Galaxy S4, and I like both handsets; Xperia Z due to build quality and water resistance, Galaxy S4 due to audiophile sound quality (with a Wolfson DAC, I own some high end phonak and senheisser headesets)

  • Lahiru Dias

    Xperia Of course.

    X10i -> Arc -> S -> Z

  • Khalid

    I was a previous sony ericsson vivaz owner and I am loyal to sony and will be always forever.
    I will buy sony forever but Sony have to improve and develop everytime so Sony gain new and more fans

  • manutd

    k750>k800>k850>satio>xperia s>xperia z now.I miss the old satio,I miss that amazing camera,I miss the cybershot phones and I can’t understand why sony phones from these days are not nr.1 when it came to phot camera on smartphones!come on Sony,make a real camera phone,!

  • Roy

    X10 -> Arc -> Z -> Honami (soon)

  • James Earley

    Xperia Z is my second smart phone, had an Xperia miro before that. Will probably upgrade to Sony’s new flagship after Honami.

  • Mohammad javad

    K770 i > Vivaz > Live With Walkman >>>>> Xperia P

    I am a fan boy of sony and i love it :X

  • Adrian M

    Sony phones are the best, only the update politik coud be better. give the Xperia P Users Android 4.3 ans it is perfect

  • Jemarhel Supriana

    2 year, for sure…. i suffered alot, limited memory, small screen, and when i updated to ICS (android 4.0) it was slow……. I got tired of it but i held on, i wanted to buy the xperia S then i heard tinted screen etc… that i decided to wait. but now i have the Z im happy

  • m sacha

    nexus 4 to xperia z

  • Sola Sucks

    i plan to buy ZR . now using xperia sola… this phone really shitty.. don’t buy it!!

  • Babylonbwoy

    Lots of Sony “loyalists” here (that’s why we are here) poll results will be little bit altered

  • babidi

    W810i will always be better than the current models ^_^

  • faysal

    i know what you mean…. tell you the truth i hated sony back in 2007 and before but when i got a ps3 (gift) i started following sonys news and what not and after reading about how much sony has done in tech world… i was a forever sony fan. got my self a vaio, xperia, handycam, ps3, vita, and planing on buying a bravia soon as well as a NEX camera :)

  • Deki

    Back in the days I had SE w200i, then I got SE k550i and after than I got a gift from a friend – Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. After the phone got so many troubles like battery crash, power button crash I replaced it with my brother’s Huawei Pulse Mini. Then I bought SE Xperia X10i which was a brilliant phone and now I’m proud owner of Sony Xperia S!

    I love the design of Sony mobiles and looking forward to Honami… :-)

  • shayan gozarabadi

    SE W580====>Sony Xperia X8====>Sony Xperia S

  • Micro

    Not easy indeed. I can’t throw away any of them, they all have this “something” in them that makes me love them.

    Try this:
    Sony CMD-5
    Sony J-5
    Sony J-70
    Sony Ericsson K700i
    Sony Ericsson P910i
    Sony Ericsson C902
    Sony Xperia S

    All of them but K700 are still with me, fully operational, still working.. Had to sell the K700, all the others works. Only the CMD-5’s battery died, stays only for several minutes, but hey… anybody remember this one anyway? The first headset with a “blue” liquid cristal display and actually graphical menu? The ostrich with that silly egg? :D

  • AeroMiku

    Previous phones I owned.
    G900 (suffering lags and horrible camera) > Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro (Great phone but suffering low internal memory, RAM and CPU) > Sony Xperia V (Perfect phone for me so far without any problem) and iPhone 5 (Just for developing apps)

  • azzido

    T630 –> K750 –> W980 –> X10 –> Arc S –> S –> Z –> ?

  • Mac

    My first phone was the Samsung SGH-X450 that was the only phone I wanted. Turned out beeing a piece ofshit with no bbluetooth and no IR..
    After that Sony all the way! Long story short:

    Sony Ericsson w810i
    Sony Ericsson w760i
    Sony Ericsson xperia neo
    Sony Xperia Acro S

    Extended version:
    Then I got my all time favorite Sony Ericsson w810i!
    Wish Sony could make a smartphone like that one, Great Music player and amazing Camera in the same product. U don’t see those these days. But unfortunately the screen got fucked up so I got the Sony Ericsson w760i but missed the camera button. But the fastport sucked and I got a new phone 3 times.
    Finally I got my self a smart phone..
    The Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo (hallon) liked very much but memory issues and no good ICS.
    Now I got the Sony Xperia Acro S and like it at every point acept the no good JB 200 version.
    Want a ZL at 4.6″ with water resistance. No ZR cuz lack of mem only 8GB no IR blaster and cheap ass front facing camera.

  • racrepus

    Sony Ericsson T230 – Motorola V220 -SE Z550i – SE C902 -SE X10 – SE Arc S – Sony Acro S

  • hiro

    Sony Ericsson ×2 > Xperia Arc > Xperia Neo > Xperia Z.

    Cannot find anything better so far. I don’t like Toy phone… such as a phone only looks nice but covered by thin and cheap plastic cover…

  • Alvin

    T250i ( never fight me, my best phone ) > W302 ( my second best phone ) > Naite ( I don’t understand why this phone doesn’t want to boot anymore 1 year after bought this) > Xperia mini pro ( now the screen cracks because I accidentally drop it) > Galaxy tab 2 10.1 ( lags everytime I’m every apps, even in lockscreen and homescreen, just used it for 2 months ) > Xperia L ( third best phone I’ve ever had, but it restarts and freezing everytime )

    It’s hard to switch to other manufacturer…

  • Sony Fan

    K810i > Xperia X8 > Xperia Acro S

    Tried other brands.. and Sony doesn’t give me much problems.. so i’ll stay with Sony.. If only they keep their old phones up to date as well.. rather than focusing only on the new ones.. that would be great.. other than that i’m quite satisfied with the durability, softwares and the design of the phone.. plain simple and elegant at the same time.. planning on getting an Xperia Z next! :D

  • Agostino Antonino Coppolino

    Sony Ericsson T610i (2003 – 2007)
    Sony Ericsson K800i (2007 – 2010)
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro (2010-2013)
    Sony Xperia S (2013-……………….)

  • Harut Hajin


    Sony CMD J70
    Panasonic GD 93
    Sony Ericsson T610i
    Sony Ericsson K300
    Sony Ericsson K700
    Sony Ericsson W800
    Sony Ericsson W810
    Sony Ericsson K800i
    Sony Ericsson K810i
    Sony Ericsson K850i
    Sony Ericsson G900
    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8
    Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10
    Sony Ericsson XPERIA ARC S
    Sony XPERIA ion
    Sony XPERIA TX
    Sony XPERIA Z

  • Michael Scharfe

    From 2001 to 2013: Ericsson T65 – NEC e616 – SE K750i – Samsung D830 – SE K850i – SE Vivaz – SE Xperia Arc – Samsung Galaxy S2 – Sony Xperia Z! Although I was unfaithful three times, I’ve always came back to Sony and stayed with them. I’m also planning to stay with them in the future. It’s part tradition, nostalgia and because I like their products. I’m just a long time Sony fan. I had a Sony Discman, Sony stereo, Sony Mini Disc Player/Recorder, Sony Blu Ray player, Sony TV, Sony Vaio Laptop, Sony Videocamera. For me, I still like their slogan “It’s a Sony” it still sticks with me and I can relate to it.

  • Tazz

    Ericsson A2618s > Ericsson T20E > Nokia 3410 > Nokia 6100 > Samsung X680 > Nokia 3500C > Samsung Star > HTC Wildfire S > Sony Xperia S

    I’m waiting on Key Lime Pie and the next Nexus device :)

  • Faisal Armand

    This is my history of owning sony phones

    K320i->W380i->K610i->W595i->Hazel->Vivaz->Xperia Arc S->Xperia Z

  • Babylonbwoy

    who remember what is it ?

  • Guest

    Same! I got the PS3 (fat) and I started to actually take notice of Sony in their other sectors!


    PSone with LCD screen combo pack,
    PS2 slimline,

    Sony Ericsson C510,

    PS3 (fat) x2,

    Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro

    Sony Vaio SA,

    PS3 slim,

    Sony Bravia,

    Sony amp,

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro,

    Sony Xperia SP

    Next is PS4 (why I skipped PS3 super slim, something told me to hold on).

    So everything is Sony for me :D

  • James Earley

    Thought I would list my other Sony products: as well as my two Xperia phones I have Sony Bluetooth speaker, headphones, Vaio laptop, PS2 and PS3. I plan on getting a new Sony TV and Cybershot camera and have a PS4 on pre order.

  • jag

    My sony/ sony ericsson phones were:

    Xperia Play
    Xperia Z
    Xperia L

    … I have to buy only xperia L because no more money to buy another xperia Z.. I really miss my Z… But atleast my L is good enough to hold until they release Z Ultra here.

  • coolboyzzzz

    I am switching from Samsung!!!
    And I don’t regret it.. :)

  • Kathryn

    Xperia Mini > Xperia Ray > Xperia Acro S > Xperia TX > Xperia Z.

  • urangsundaasli

    SE T630 > SE K508 > SE K530 > SE T250 (2nd number) > SE W705 > now with Xperia Acro S

  • rigelt

    same for my Xperia S, fell many many times, screen cracked, body broke at volume rocker, whole phone is bent to a slight C because it’s always in my butt pocket when I sit somewhere. But hey – it just works and works. Very happy with the build quality.

  • HJR


  • Bob

    iPhone4 -> XperiaZ -> XperiaZR (after giving the Z to wifey). Both the Z/ZR are water/dust proof.

  • Billy de Fretes

    true.. something that xperia series never had .. i hope honami have all walkman and K series capability so i can enjoy my music just like the good old times :)

  • Naime Shirou

    Nokia 3110c > Nokia E63 > Sony Ericsson W995 > SE VIVAZ > Xperia Ray

  • nidou bossy

    yeah i agree with you, even my xperia S can’t beat w960i in loudspeaker!
    but i love xperia S too :)

  • nidou bossy

    nice that u still keeping all your old SE phones! :)

  • Damodara das

    Xperia X10-> Xperia Pro
    I’m waiting for an xperia pro upgrade. :-)

  • JiaWei

    W980>Samsung Galaxy 3 (Apollo)>Xperia Z :D

  • Belle

    Switched from Nokia to my XS when they stopped supporting Symbian..

  • Vwake Nova

    W700,S500,W800,W810i,W705,Wzylo,Xperia play,Xperia ion,xperia acro s,now Sony xperia z,damm proud i am sony fanboy

  • thiru

    My list
    Xperia Ray
    Xperia z

    Can’t forget my w700 ever and even my friends hold c905, k700 at time, and can’t forget that too

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Sony Ericsson T68i (the very first Sony Ericsson phone)
    Sony Ericsson K850i Cybershot
    Sony Ericsson W300 Walkman
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

    Torn between Sony Xperia Z Ultra or Sony Xperia i1

  • Danny

    K700 > W810i > W705 > Xperia X10 > Xperia Arc S > Xperia P
    Honami Soon!

  • Andres Caballero

    SE T290>SE W580>SE W508>SE SATIO>XPERIA ARC>XPERIA S>XPERIA Z…. people can say whatever they want, but once you touched a Sony you can´t go back!

  • Colby Leong

    First I had the Nokia n95, loved the way it looked, and it had a really good camera, way ahead of its time. After that started failing, around the time the iPhone 4 came out, I convinced my parents to get me the white iPhone 4. I didn’t even have the phone for a year cause someone broke into my locker and took it. So for the past year and a half to two years I had to re-rock my old n95, and Razor, which in turn made me hate the guy who stole my phone even more. Finally I was looking to buy my first new phone, and my brothers joked about getting the Xperia Play, which in turn lead me to the Xperia S, then I saw the Z and bought that instead.
    In the end it only made sense, before I could even play games my older brothers had Sony Products, my first game console when I was 5 was the first playstation. Really it’s the innovation behind Sony throughout the years. From the Walkman to my smartphone and the new PS4.

  • Colby Leong

    A Sony Ericsson box cutter?!

  • Colby Leong

    That is a lot of phones, and a lot of loyalty. Do you keep all your old phones, or sell them off to help pay for the new ones you’re after?

  • Sony Ercisson Energy

    Sony Ericsson K300i
    Sony Ericsson Z550a
    Sony Ericsson W380a
    Sony Ericsson W710
    Sony Ericsson W980
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini PRO
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Active
    Sony Xperia V
    … And i regret NOTHING!

  • Night of Xperia Z

    Sony Ericsson K750i (Take from my mother)>W595i>Stupid Nokia Smartphone(Forgot what name)>Sony Ericsson Xperia Play>Sony Xperia SL> SONY XPERIA Z(BEST PHONE)

  • Night of Xperia Z

    Sony Ericsson K750i (Take from my mom) -> Sony Ericsson W595i -> Stupid Nokia Smartphone(Regret to buy this) -> Sony Ericsson Xperia Play -> Sony Xperia SL

  • LeeRyan Lamborghini Regalado

    from w550i >>k810i>>kita>>x8>>acro S >> then my super XPERIA Z >> COMING UP ??? Z ULTRA OR HONAMI???

  • Mohammad Amin.h

    Hi Sony I Have An XPERIA T

    I love Your Smartphones sony but you don’t lve us and don’t Update Your older phone
    For Example why you don’t support XPERIA T To Android 5?!

    We want you that you Update Your T,TX,V To Android 5
    because these phones aren’t very old
    believe me plz
    I can’t Change My Phone after 9 monthes For New Update
    Plz Release More Update For Our Phones
    And Give more Importance to your older phones plz
    I hope You Give Importance To My Words and do a little them
    For Your Older Users
    Good Luck

  • Andrew D

    Xperia S >>>> Oppo Find 5 / Huawei Ascend Mate…

  • Peria

    Xperia X10 Mini (disappointed),
    Xperia Ray (yey!),
    Xperia Z(yey!)


    I have sony Xperia s and now I want to switch to Xperia z not to another brand as Sony have the greatest software not like the other and always in development.

  • twicethepride

    I am used galaxy s1> galaxy note2> now I am waiting new xperia honami. Because of sony’s camera is better than samsung and sony has a water resistant.

  • mnevil

    T630 > W910 > Cedar > Xperia Arc S > Xperia Z

  • Sayantan Guha Roy

    Xperia a big no :D ps : I love sony’s stock rom only <3 ;)

  • EliasAlucard

    2011: Xperia arc, Galaxy S II, Xperia X10i
    2012: Xperia S, Galaxy Tab 8.9
    2013: Galaxy S III (I didn’t actually buy this one, got it as a gift earlier this year)

    Now I’m trying out the Xperia Z, contemplating if I should buy it or just wait for Honami, or buy both the Xperia Z and Honami. I really want the Xperia Z but it has dead pixels, which sucks.

  • David Moslehi

    My history:
    Alcatel OT 300
    Alcatel OT 700
    Sony Ericsson T610
    Sony Ericsson T630
    Sony Ericsson K700
    Sony Ericsson P1i
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X1i
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S
    Sony Xperia T
    Sony Xperia Z

    Sony Xperia Honami is next.

  • David Moslehi

    No dead pixels. I have it now and it is so solid, bright, and amazingly beautiful.

  • Nebu

    1.Nokia 3310 (2000-2006)
    2.Samsung’s old mobile(I don’t know the name)(2003-2006)
    3.Nokia 2680(2007-2008)
    4.Samsung M 620(2008-2010)
    5.Samsung Wave 525(2010-2012)
    6.Samsung Galaxy S2 (2012)
    7.SONY Xperia S(2012).Never leaving SONY!!!

  • EliasAlucard

    Well lucky you. I’ve tried out two Xperia Z this summer, both have had dead pixels. The first one had something like 7-9 dead pixels, and this one has 3 dead pixels. It’s very annoying. Dead pixels aren’t uncommon on Xperia Z devices, though many Xperia Z devices do have fully working pixels as well. At such a high PPI, you can expect some dead pixels. I just hope Sony’s ODMs improve their screen skills with the Triluminos stuff in the upcoming Honami.

  • ProWeirdo

    Huh, W980 –> Xperia X10 –> Xperia S –> probably Honami…

  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    Sony Ericsson – K320 –> W700i –> W810i –> W760i –> T700i –> Xperia Live With Walkman –> Sony – Xperia S –> Xperia Acro S…. Sony Always….. <3

  • LancerEX

    (Excluding non Sony/SE phones) Sony Ericsson K700i > K800i (lost it T_T) > K320i > C510 > Xperia ray > ? torn between SP and ZR? :( ? even though after sales service is terrible here in our country, I’m never leaving Sony for another brand. :)

    Our family has always been a fan of Sony, feature packed, reliable and great design as always! Our 10 year old WEGA just died 32 or 3 weeks ago, never looked at any other brands as replacement, only Sony’s BRAVIA fit perfectly. :>

  • Raphael Deschaepmeester

    SE W595i , Xperia Play and Xperia Z now

  • Kaloyskie

    Xperia go
    Xperia acro s

    I might wait until 2014 flagship. See if there are better features than huge screen and high processors.

  • john

    Once you buy sony…every time sony!!!!

  • rully_hp

    Xperia Arc S
    Xperia S

  • christian miranda

    my previous sony devices… sony ericsson T610i, Z600, Xperia S and now Xperia SP. Now i’m gonna sell my HTC One to buy an Xperia Z. I guess i need the sturdy design more than HTC one’s.

  • christian miranda

    I still remember the voice over of the Ad,… “Sony Ericsson T610i with quickshare, pass it on!” ohh the memories!

  • JunielLover

    Sony Ericsson K800i
    Sony Ericsson K850i
    Sony Ericsson C905/C902
    Sony Ericsson Satio
    Sony Ericsson X10(I love it!)
    Sony Xperia S
    Sony Xperia V


    Sony Xperia Z (I also owned an Samsung S4 LTE)
    the reason I bought 2 is because I wanted to try Samsung… though I like the idea of having faster updates.. I fancy Xperia devices more after using the Samsung… Don’t know why…
    Honami will probably be my next phone and I would like to sell my S4… Don’t know why S4 is so popular… damn…

  • Alex Damer

    W705 -> Xperia PLAY -> Xperia Arc S -> Xperia S -> Now Xperia Z the best of Sony in a Smartphone ;)

  • Xperia u

    I have a Xperia U certainly not on a Samsung because I see an update from January can not be

  • jassim

    I am a sony fan from childhood
    My Sony phones
    Xperia x10 mini
    Xperia mini
    Xperia sola

    My next phone will be
    Xperia honami

  • Godzilla

    My first telephone was Ericsson 868, followed by 10 Nokias up to N8, then switching to the Xperia Arc platform, followed by Arc S, Xperia T and now Xperia TX in 2013. Sony’s Andriod platoform is best to me but I hope it would be more up to date. Thinks like headphones for iPhone should just work out of the box. Xperia TX is fantastic but I would really like a signature power button within easy reach. Lately on the latest firmware on TX SMS to my wife gets delivered to my mother. Akward.. Luckily my mother will switch number.

    My wife was always an Ericsson user up to C902, then switching to iPhone

  • Babylonbwoy

    Nobody ? So not so many old timer!

  • tb77

    But I will probably switch soon to a Nokia 1020 if the next Xperia Z has no better camera and less cpu heat throttling!!!

  • Micro

    *handset*, of course, sorry ;)
    I love my XS Nozomi, if I switch again it will be Honami fore sure – can’t imagine better replacement for the XS

  • EX-Samsungian

    from samsung s2 to xperia zr…coz of the water resistant :D

  • Harut Hajin

    Yes I just SOLD it ,for paying for a new one . Sorry For English

  • guest


  • AsadMulla

    its a charger. I bought one and I never used it.

  • RÅV??

    Sony Phone User… By birth :-P :-D

  • Martin Ambre

    i plan to switch to google nexus

    thanks sony for giving a SHITTY bug Jellybean and no fix since 2 months

  • Chetan Reddy

    sony ericsson w 700i > Sony ericsson cedar > sony ericsson live with walkman > Sony xperia sp

  • HugoMathee

    Cant believe so many people had the Satio, That was probably my worst phone ever, and I love sony

  • faysal

    nice to hear.. forgot to mention bunch of sony headphone i own… always good to be a sony fan :)

  • Jan

    t68 k300 w885 w995 X10 S
    first was Alcatel OT 332, meanwhile i had Nokia 6610, 6680, XDA II, Motorola v547

    My friend brags about his ultra-pixel camera in his HTC One, that he have better camera. His pixels have more light available. Sony, must use better tech otherwise we lose against Nokia and HTC cameraphones.. Sony always had this terrible noise in photos (even SE cybershot) and still today is lot to do on camera, so speed it up to smash the opponents.

    HTC One have great stereo sound also… where in Xperia i can find this?

    Maybe Xperia S will not recieve 4.3 but Xpeira T should.

  • Pawel

    Had an iPhone 3G for three years, switched to Xperia Tipo and happy with it :)

  • David Moslehi

    What is your PM- number? Mine is PM-0280. And it uses a Japan Display Inc. LCD panel.

  • SonyFan

    TO ALL XPERIA Z USERS: 4.3 Update will start to roll out Mid September!!!! That info is 100% correct

  • Yaser Rajabi

    Motorola C130 (sold)
    Nokia 2600 (sold)
    SonyEricsson K750 (sold)
    SonyEricsson K800 (lost)
    SonyEricsson C702 (donated)
    SonyEricsson Vivaz Pro (lost)
    SonyEricsson Elm (donated)
    SonyEricsson Xperia X10 (sold)
    SonyEricsson Xperia ArcS (sold)
    Sony Xperia S (current)
    Sony Xperia ZL (next)

  • mickey36736

    I can’t remember name of sony (ericsson) phone. Since I’m used in 2006, but now I’m use SE live with walkman and Xperia tablet s.
    And I’m Thailand.
    Picture take by xperia tablet s.

  • Topher

    W810i > x10 > xtz

  • Daryl Blackburn

    This is my phone ownership history, can you spot 2 critical errors?
    SE t290
    SE K610, SE W910
    SE C905, SE Satio,
    Xperia X1, Xperia X10, iPhone 3G
    Xperia Arc S
    Samsung GS2, Xperia V
    Xperia Z.

  • DeLorean75

    Latest swap: Xperia P to Xperia ZR.

  • Ethan McLads

    2010 IP4
    2011-mid 2013 Samsung GS2, NOTE 1&2
    Mid 2013-onwards Xperia Z, nxt Sony i1 Honami

  • abbas

    i have these phones so far: 1:sonyericsson p990 – 2:samsung omnia i900 3:sony ericsson satio 4:sony ericsson xperia x2 5:sony ericsson xperia arc 6:samsung galaxy s2 7:sony ericsson xperia arc s 8:htc evo3d 9:sony xperia s 10:sony xperia ion 11:sony xperia t and i bought xperia z for my wife .i wanted to buy zl for myself but i wait till my next phone be honami for sure. i love sony very much

  • sanyam

    Cybershot k530i (not sure of the model no.)
    Xperia live
    Xperia neo V
    Xperia Z or honAmi

  • tb77

    Samsung Galaxy 3 -> Xperia Z, next will probably be a Nokia 1020 – seems like there will be no good android camera phone this year

  • Micro

    Imagine for how long I can count on the Sony devices ;]

  • Timur Daulbaev

    Xperia x8 – Xperia arc S – Xperia Ion

  • Mac

    JB fix for XS, Acro S and Ion where are u? Heard something about a NFC bug fix coming some weeks ago..

  • Faisal Jafar

    Sony Ericsson s600
    Sony Ericsson xperia Neo
    Sony xperia ZR

  • DStyle

    My first cellphone was Kyocera. Love it but sadly got stolen. Second phone was Samsung (thought of just giving it a try) but it disappoint me. Broke after just 1 year. Entirely not my fault. It is the built quality that is really bad. 3rd was O2 (hTC device). Not bad for a Windows phone. Was thinking about Sony Ericsson but in the end, didn’t get it. 4th phone, again Samsung (give it another chance). Luckily this time, broke down just after 2 years of usage. Again, built quality issue. I told myself NEVER EVER to buy a Korean product even though they look good. 5th phone, hTC Desire, very good quality (so far the best in quality built I’ve ever used in cellphone). I remember, dropping the phone in the river TWICE and still able to use it for another 4 1/2 more years. Now, since I have my Sony Xperia Z (6th phone), my hTC is being used by my wife (her previous phone, Sony Ericsson). Let see how long my Z will last. Hope it will last before I move to Japan in a couple of years time. :)

  • DStyle

    Samsung and iPhone?

  • Agostino Antonino Coppolino

    Yes, i love it!!! Phones work even old ones :-)

  • Agostino Antonino Coppolino

    Yes! My first camera phone e display coloured… wonderful!

  • ruba

    All my devices and their respective year of purchase:

    Sony Ericsson T610 (2003) –> Sony Ericsson K510 (2006) –> Sony Ericsson K550 (2008) –> Sony Xperia T (2012) –> Honami????

  • Marco Sobrevilla

    I’ve been waiting for Sony to make a 32GB with an SD card slot model and I thought this was going to be it. Early rumors said this one was going to be it but that’s why they call them rumors…
    I’ll be looking into the phone and comparing it against the Droid Maxx but mostly waiting to see how much user memory is available since that’s really the only drawback of user available memory vs announced memory without an SD Card Slot.

  • Azman Saja

    previously owned an Ericsson t1018 and t28 in early 2000s, Sony Ericsson k550i, k700i, w550i during mid 2000s and xperia x10 in late 2000s. now owning & using xperia z under Sony brand. never have thoughts to change phone brand (yet).

  • Micro

    You’re right and your experience makes it true. Not just Korean products, they vary in quality. HTC is making very high quality handsets, nobody can deny it. Nokia had it’s time too, no doubt – now just ruining it putting windows on their really high end hardware. Samsung makes their phones so they make it till the guarantee limit, not any further, because they will release another “cool” one in the meantime – samsung phones are for the teen aged masses, trying to shine for the little while. There is nothing bad about it, it’s just the company’s politics and individual strategy. I personally use Sony products for about 15 years now, and one thing that I never had to worry about was just this – they are not going to break if you treat them with respect. When you buy a Sony product, you feel you drew much money, perhaps more than the product is worth. You just realize with time, it’s cheaper because your one lives while others have to replace. Anyone who had ANY genuine SONY product simply HAVE to admit it – the quality, fitness of their original purpose are PERFECT. Not always the most feature rich, but once made, you can count on them the way they was suppose to work.

    This makes me believe. This makes me feel SAFE when I get one.

    Sony Mobile makes much mistakes, like XS support. I don’t know how to make them understand that their first full branded Nozomi (jap. “hope”) was a real hope and chance to make things right after several serious fails.

    Let’s hope your Z will make it right for you, dude. It should if you take care of it, not trying to sink it regardless of it’s water resistance ;)

  • Samsusucks

    i dropped my xperia S into water accidentally ! so i got a Z and its better :) I’m LOVING IT !

  • Micro

    don’t get me wrong mate, but phone is just a phone. You can’t expect hardware camera quality from the phone, please.. not only because of the lens. If you want a real camera, buy one. Phone will always be just a phone, not the camera. Especially when nokia lies so bad about the sensor the way it is about the 1020. Count of megapixels is not the measure of the quality, especially when it’s physically impossible to be true at all on this size of the sensor (regardless of the camera’s software quality itself, which is undoubtful indeed)

  • Zipo

    X10 to xperia t

  • P9

    . ^,^the vote not really right since most xperiablog.net users mostly xperia fans

  • husam

    you are absolutely right (Y)
    Xperia arc
    Xperia Z

    Honami… soon ;)

  • xzzz

    Nokia 8310 -> Nokia 6070 -> SE W610i -> SE j10i -> SE Xperia Ray -> plan to buy Xperia M / L

  • plekenut

    My journey…..

    Ericsson T28s
    Sony Ericsson T610i
    Sony Ericsson J200i
    Sony Ericsson K610i
    Sony Ericsson W810i
    Sony Ericsson K800
    Sony Ericsson P1
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X1
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
    Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S
    Sony Xperia go
    Sony Xperia Acro S
    Sony Xperia Z

    Damn I’m a Sony (Ericsson) fan boy, eh?

  • vince_xperiaboy

    I have owned three Sony phones, I just love the product of Sony when it comes to mobile phones and once I tried Xperia I never went to another brand. I’m hoping to see an Xperia Z ish body with xenon flash in the future. Oh it would be the best phone to have =)

    Nokia 3310
    Nokia 3220
    Sony Ericsson W810i
    Samsung Galaxy SL
    Sony Xperia S
    Sony Xperia T
    Sony Xperia Z

  • ChallangetobeAccepted

    I owned only one Sony phone in my live, a Sony Ericsson K750i. It was the worst phone I have ever owned: it feels like it spent more time in repair than in my possession.

    Overall Sony seems to be lacking in quality, despite what people say. In my live I returned only two devices back to the store because they wouldn’t work out of the box. A K750i and a PS Vita (Birthday present for my little cousin, he was devastated) – both manufactured by Sony.

    My parents also bought the Tablet S, it is not a great device. Have an SD slot, but you are only able to access files that you copy over to internal memory (was fixed eventually). Also the updates did not come for long.. it did not see JB which was announced less than a year after its release. Not to speak about the few times when it would not boot at all until you reset the whole device.

    I currently am very interested in the Honami device,but so am I very much put off by my experience with Sony. The only thing premium about their devices seems to be the price, and they get away with it because there was a time when they actually delivered premium quality.

  • ProWeirdo

    Heh, ja mia?em W980, Xperi? X10, i teraz S-k? ;) Pozdro.

  • Micro

    CMD-CD5 kupi?em w 2000 roku ;)
    CMD-CD5 > CMD-J5 > CMD-J70c > K700 > P910 > C902 > Xperia S :)

  • EliasAlucard

    PM-0280 and Sharp display.

  • fs

    zte blade, SE w902, SE W580, SE k750, Ericsson r600, Erisson t28s, Bosch 908

  • Babylonbwoy

    Went to my basement searching for the boxes I still have (those that I hadn’t to cut and return barcode for money back)
    I had few Nokia, Ericsson and Since T68i (Bond Edition Blue/Grey) I stick to SE/Sony.
    First Android was Ray, Last Symbian was Vivaz. My regret was Z1 it was too expensive for me when it was out.
    Bought brand new T68i /[…]/ W800i / W850i / K750/ W910/[…]/ Vivaz / XRay / XS / XT / XZ / XTZ
    Wanted them but didn’t got : M600, P1, CMD-Z1

  • Babylonbwoy

    BTW : remember the external camera article last week ? Told you nothing new from Sony ! ;)

  • Micro

    Ohhh I remember Z1, I wanted it so badly.. :D afaik it was never released in Poland, sadly..
    Impressive collection btw ;)

  • Babylonbwoy

    Forgot to say that I never had to return a mobile to customer service until Xperia Ray (three time and they offered me to exchange it + money to get the T). Design + Fiability + Innovation = Sony!

  • blitz_arc

    Siemen C55
    ->Sony Ericsson k500i
    –> Sony Ericsson k750
    —> Motorola C650
    —-> Nokia 6120
    —–> Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro
    ——> Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
    ——-> SONY XPERIA Z

    Those other non-sony product are decendant from my parents phone.

  • Tenuto99

    I was looking for a new cellphone and was innundated with choices: The Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Blackberry Z10, and Nokia 920 were all full of features and every one of them would have made a fine phone. As a long-time Sony-Ericsson customer, the new Sony phones were interesting but the biggest drawback was Android and Google’s lack of respect for my privacy.

    This last point, Android, was in mind the single most important reason to switch to something else, and the Nokia and Blackberry were intriguing choices. After reading all the reviews and analyzing the phones, I was all set to select the Nokia 920…but for the arrogance of Microsoft.

    Microsoft announced that they were discontinuing support for Windows Phone 8, an OS they introduced only last year. That, along with their refusal to listen to customer feedback on the desktop version of Windows 8 completely turned me off, and now there was no way I was going to buy anything with Windows. So, now I was back to Android despite my privacy concerns about Google.

    I tried really really hard to like the Samsung, but for a $600+ phone, i wanted something that looked it and couldn’t get over the plasticy feeling and cheapness of Samsung’s build quality. Additionally, because of my prior business experience in dealing with Korean companies, I was already deeply suspicious of the Koreans cutting corners in quality.

    Now all my other candidates were eliminated and I went back to Sony to see what they had. One look at the Xperia Z, and I was sold. Others may have better hardware specs, or better software, or better hype (I’m looking at you iPhone), but the Z topped them all in a nice balance between hardware, software, and looks. Best of all, it felt well built and sturdy, yet sophisticated, with blazing fast responsiveness.

    I bought the Z, and whereas before I’d use the phone strictly for communications (phone/messaging), now, for the first time, I am really enjoying using my phone as a complete computing device. My laptop use has dropped to less than 50%.

    Well done Sony!!

  • Tenuto99

    I was looking for a new cellphone and was innundated with choices: The Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Blackberry Z10, and Nokia 920 were all full of features and every one of them would have made a fine phone. As a long-time Sony-Ericsson customer, the new Sony phones were interesting but the biggest drawback was Android and Google’s lack of respect for my privacy.

    This last point, Android, was in mind the single most important reason to switch to something else, and the Nokia and Blackberry were intriguing choices. After reading all the reviews and analyzing the phones, I was all set to select the Nokia 920…but for the arrogance of Microsoft.

    Microsoft announced that they were discontinuing support for Windows Phone 8, an OS they introduced only last year. That, along with their refusal to listen to customer feedback on the desktop version of Windows 8 completely turned me off, and now there was no way I was going to buy anything with Windows. So, now I was back to Android despite my privacy concerns about Google.

    I tried really really hard to like the Samsung, but for a $600+ phone, i wanted something that looked it and couldn’t get over the plasticy feeling and cheapness of Samsung’s build quality. Additionally, because of my prior business experience in dealing with Korean companies, I was already deeply suspicious of the Koreans cutting corners in quality.

    Now all my other candidates were eliminated and I went back to Sony to see what they had. One look at the Xperia Z, and I was sold. Others may have better hardware specs, or better software, or better hype (I’m looking at you iPhone), but the Z topped them all in a nice balance between hardware, software, and looks. Best of all, it felt well built and sturdy, yet sophisticated, with blazing fast responsiveness.

    I bought the Z, and whereas before I’d use the phone strictly for communications (phone/messaging), now, for the first time, I am really enjoying using my phone as a complete computing device. My laptop use has dropped to less than 50%.

    Well done Sony!!

  • Ethan McLads

    Not necessarily sir :)

  • P9

    anyway I’m just an xperia fan too. ;)

  • David Moslehi

    Most probably, that is the problem with Sharp displays. I have had my phone since early February with absolutely no problem whatsoever with the hardware, including the display. There’s been no dead/burnt pixels so far even after very long hours of gaming, browsing, etc sometimes non-stop for several hours.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Wow didn’t know that MS will already drop Win8 Mobile support! What a silly move!

    For privacy you’re right, but they’re all the same, Google, MS or Apple (we can ad FB here despite they have no OS but privacy concern at maxixmum!) are greedy companies all that we can do is being careful with what we share/post/let them access on our devices or on the net.
    Maybe Firefox or Ubuntu Mobile OS will be a good alternative in the future, for now it’s just the beggining.

    Edit : MS isn’t in the poll! Why ?

  • Ethan McLads

    i’m not a Sony fan. I’m from Nokia/IP/Samsung world… i mean “was”. but not necessarily a Sony fan. I’m beginning to explore Sony. Recently bought Xperia Z and i’m quite happy with it… so far.

  • EowynCarter

    I have quite a few sony stuff, my first 3 non smartphone where sony’s. Then HTC, geeksphone, sony again, now google nexus 4.

    Sola have good hardware, could have fit my need. If not for the bugs, and the lack of bugfixes. I was seriously disappointed.

    I don’t need something overpowerfull, i need a phone with some not outdated android version, that just works.

  • surethom

    You need another option I have a Sony & will not buy one again.

  • Arne Schram

    Why ? because you had to wait for a update ?

  • as

    I am going to get a Samsung if Sony doesn’t wake the fuck up and fix all the bugs in the jelly bean software for Xperia S.

  • SSyar

    K300>K750>K700>G705>X10>XNeo>XS all time Sony

  • Micro

    you just made the point :D
    +1 with love dude :D

  • Bro Steve

    News of Gadget and technology (July 29, 2013) : goo .gl/HYZAby


  • b9876

    SE T68i > Nokia 6260 > Nokia 6120c > HTC G1 > ZTE Blade > SE Xperia Arc S > Galaxy Nexus…

    Yes, you can switch ;). Althrough I’m thinking about getting Honami for Xmas.

  • sevenchris77

    n 3250>n 5610> n81> wt19i>xperia arc s > finally the best phone ever, XPERIA Z
    if nokia using android i`ll go to nokia, but nokia seems don`t like with android, and i choose sony for the best brand coz android :D

  • glein

    Sony Ericsson Vivaz > Nokia 701 FP2 > Xperia SP

    I wanted to switch to a more up-to-date device, because my 701, while being a decent device – especially after the overclock it received from nokia, would either run out of ram or would get extremely slow or tedious to use at times. It also was running out of app support, my friends had already switched to either iOS or Android so I had to make a choice, and chose the SP.

  • Xperian

    totally agreed :) Its 2 mp cam is just amazing , equivalent to a 5mp camera of the present generation.
    Rock solid build !!
    And yeah , the legendary walkman sound…
    The classics never die…

  • Xperian

    ha ha … awesome :) my first sony gadget was a discman in 2003… Then a sony music system at home, A W360 cybershot , PS3 , and 4 sony phones…
    This brand has life in it …

  • Xperian

    Whats your comparison between these two phones…. anything to highlight ?Honestly I feel the camera firmware is comparatively better in S4 though both of them use the same exmorRS sensor manufactured by sony .

  • Xperian

    agreed ! I still preserve all my phones…. my 810i still works !

  • Rune G

    HTC Legend > Galaxy Nexus

    Now I have the Xperia V.

    Will switch back to a nexus device if Sony doesn’t update the jellybean on Xperia V, or releases some code for making it AOSP. Then I’ll definitely consider Sony again.

  • Herman

    It looks like you’ve got the yellow tint issue..!
    I didn’t know that was still going around.

    And it reminded me of how I had to send my Xperia S in for repairs for over 2 months. And I was so excited about finally having a new phone…

  • Micro

    no mate, it’s not the tint issue ;) I’ts because I had a polarizing filter attached to the lens, so highly glossy CMD5’s screen don’t reflect the flash on the photo and became kinda invisible ;)

    Nozomi is perfectly fine ;) it’s just a side effect of using that filter :P

  • JunielLover

    Really? I like the quality of the photos better on the Xperia Z than the S4 for less effort… I’m not saying this because I am biased. For example, Superior Auto is much more dynamic compare to Auto mode on the S4.. I can take night photography (The moon for example), both on their Auto modes and I get lots more details on the Xperia Z compare to the S4,. The videos quality is smoother on the S4 but when you move the cameras a lot you would prefer Sony’s Video stabilization tools… But here is the lacking bit. Xperia Z can only take 1 MP picture while taking a video(Sony ate the other 12)… but the S4 has so much more features than the Sony and simply couldn’t keep up.

    I like Super Amoled in dark places and Xperia Z in the daylight (lol). They both have ups and downs…. I just don’t know why everyone is saying S4 is better by miles ahead. The only thing sony is lacking is those innovative(Gimmicky) features, the processor(no difference really) and software updates(Quick)..

    Sony is for Enthusiast while Samsung is for Nerds (I’m both :))..

  • Brendan Mold

    Definitely agree, once you go Sony, there’s just something that keeps you loyal and wanting more. Started with an Xperia Ray, got an Xperia U for my wife and just dropped some cash on the Xperia SX. Well worth it. Hopefully there will be an Xperia Ray 3 someday.

  • APai

    “discontinuing support for Windows Phone 8”
    woah! again ? they did that with 7/7.5. and they accuse android of fragmentation ? ludicrous.

  • Colby Leong

    So what happens when honami comes out, are you planning on grabbing that?

  • Cheezea

    Sony +/- Ericsson all the way!
    T10>T20>t28>a1018>t310>z600>k500>k510>k550>Elm>xperia mini>xperia U>xperia L

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Sony Ericsson T230
    Sony Ericsson T290
    Sony Ericsson J210
    Sony Ericsson J230
    Sony Ericsson K110
    Sony Ericsson Greenheart Naite
    and currently using a Red Xperia Ray!

    I’m looking forward to buying a new Xperia soon :D

    Some people call me a die hard Sony fanboy, sometimes even blind in the love for Sony, but all I got to say is they never ‘Xperienced’ the best there is in the tech world! :D

  • I currently own a Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray and probably will not purchase another Sony. Nothing I’ve seen from Sony in the past few years matches what Sony and Ericsson pulled off in 2011. My Xperia Ray has fallen on the ground multiple times and continues to hum along happily because of the excellent materials used and the exceptional build quality. The screen is absolutely gorgeous and the viewing angles are above what I’ve seen for more recent releases. I like the what Sony has been trying to accomplish this year in bringing the hallmarks of Japanese phones (IP55, IP57 and IP58 compliance) to the world. I just can’t get behind them when such features are kept for the expensive, high-end phones. I don’t have over $500.00 to drop on a phone of that caliber. If I did, I’d put it towards a mid-range smartphone and a digital camera.

  • mrx7

    R380 sharkfin ph
    Xperia x1
    Xperia z

    Can anyone remember the phone sony released round the time of the 388 a phone.slightly smaller than 688



  • Jim

    K750i>W890i>W705i>W595i>Aino(U10i)>Xperia Mini Pro(SK17i)>Xperia P(LT22i)

    I support this company and I’m really satisfied of their products all these years from 2006 till today.

  • derick

    I had a galaxy s4, htc one, but I went with the xperia z. The only thing I would improve would be the battery and would love to see more updates. Granted I have the t-mobile variant.

  • Xperian

    Agreed ,,,The stabilization and auto mode works a wonder.. But take a pic of both and try zooming … The level of noise increases or is seen very early compared to S4 … S4 has a lil edge in presenting detail…. i was actually disappointed that sony lenses work better in non sony phones :P
    And about the gimmicks ! most of sammy’s customers fall for it… But sony is class :) It just says simplicity is the ultimate sophistication… Ppl who know about it dont need an explanation …

  • JunielLover

    Yes and that as well… it has better quality when you Zoom the image on the S4!

  • Prasad Chandramohanan

    Sony Ericsson w200i – Sony Ericsson xperia x10 – Sony xperia Z

  • Pafik. Val.

    Now I have Sony Xperia Z Tablet, i’m switching from Tablet Acer A510.

  • kojima

    nokia > japanese keitai toshiba > samsung > iphone > xperia z white!

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